Month: March 2016

23 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 5


Theme: Water and Jobs
To us, water provision is catalyst for social and economic growth.


H.E. Dr. Cleophas Lagat,
Governor, Nandi County.

This year’s World Water Day celebrations are particularly significant to our County. The occasion fits well into our vision of providing clean, affordable and
sustainable water to residents.
The slogan, “Better Water, Better Jobs”, speaks for the strategic vision of my government. We have pursued the provision of clean, piped water with the aim of transforming lives through economic activities that are essential for changing lives.
Water is the essential building block of life. It is more than just essential to quench thirst or protect health. Water is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic, social and human development.
I am glad that my government took the water supply initiative a notch higher. I am more delighted that we shall sustain it.
Our hands are firmly on the deck and our feet on the saddle as we endeavour to beat datelines in the provision of this crucial commodity to homesteads.
In Nandi County, we are cognizant of the fact that water generates economic benefit and contributes to social development. Water helps in the environmental conservation. Water for all is achievable.
We are determined to transform our towns into modern, attractive and functional urban areas with assured security, water, good transport network and proper planning and housing.
My county government is thus committed to the following:
i. Increasing financial resources for implementing water and sanitation programmes;
ii. Developing markets for investments in the water and sanitation sectors;
iii. Mobilising increased donor and other financing for water and sanitation initiatives.
Today’s celebrations have coincided with the commissioning of Kimaren water project, a significant development in our water provision road map.
First and foremost, this water will ensure 24 hours of portable water supply to the residents of Kimaren and adjacent villages. The Ram Pump technology at play in this project is cost-effective, requires limited maintenance and is durable. It uses hydro power to pump over 175,000 litres per day. This piped water will result in good sanitation, improvement of hygiene, reduced cases of water borne diseases and diversification in investment.
Additionally, we have at least four projects going on in each of the 30 wards in the county. The projects are in advanced stages of completion. When ready, our piped water intake will rise from the current 39 per cent to 50 per cent. This will have massive impacts on the socio-economic status of our county.
The provision of water is therefore an inspirational subject for all residents to focus on transforming their lives for the good of our county.
I want to thank our partners in the water sector for their moral and material support, particularly the Water Services Trust Fund, Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme (LVEMP), Lake Victoria South Water Services Board, SNV Netherlands, World Vision and Lake Basin Development Authority. These partners have given us both financial and technical support for improved access to clean water.
I have great confidence that the partnerships will result in adequate provision of affordable water for our people, given the massive outlay required in these water projects.
As we toil, we can all have the satisfaction of knowing that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Water.



H.E Dominic Biwott
Deputy Governor, Nandi County

Working to ensure all our water towers are protected.

The World Water Day is a very special day to us as a government because we are not only joining the rest of the world in celebrating the numerous strides realised in managing world’s number one resource – Water – but also using this day to reflect on our endeavours to provide clean water for every resident of our beloved county.
Our county is strategically located on the highlands of the Great Rift Valley, which is the bladder of many rivers that serve the famous Lake Victoria and the River Nile. Cognizant of this natural endowment, we as a county government have since the inception of our devolved unit moved to protect all springs that serve as the sources of these rivers.
With a forest cover currently standing at 19 per cent, our county is second nationally after Nyeri. We are working tirelessly to achieve a 30-40 per cent forest cover as envisaged in our county integrated development plan (CIDP), and thus making a huge contribution to the national target of 10 per cent forest cover as contained in the vision 2030 blueprint.We have therefore been funding a tree plantation exercise, with more than one million indigenous trees having been earmarked for plantation within the next one year. This will go a long way in ensuring that all our water towers are fully protected. These activities go hand in hand with job creation for our people, in line with the World Water Day 2016 theme of “Water and Jobs”. Our bid to provide clean water for every household within the county and to protect springs have automatically created hundreds of jobs to our youth.
Amid a number of challenges though, the county government of Nandi is working round the clock with its residents in providing adequate knowledge on the protection of wetlands and avoidance of cultivation along riparian areas.

3Dr John Kipkorir Chumo
CEC for Lands, Environment and Natural Resources, Nandi County


Almost 1.5 billion people in the world today work in water related sectors. Nearly all jobs depend on water and the people who ensure its safe delivery. It is on this premise that this year’s World Water Day theme focuses on “Water and Jobs”, For instance,  how water quantity and quality can change workers’ lives and livelihoods, and even transform economies and societies.
As the world celebrates this year’s World Water Day, the Nandi County Department of Lands, Environment and Natural Resources joins likeminded organisations and individuals in appreciating the contribution of this priceless commodity to economic growth, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

The provision of clean and portable water is devolved to the counties. The County Government of Nandi, through the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), prioritised the provision of safe and portable water to the residents. This led to the development of a five-year water and sanitation strategic plan (2015-2019) with the support of SNV-Netherlands.
The department has continued to allocate resources every financial year, helping to increase water access from 13 per cent to about 39 per cent in the last three years, hence creating additional water related jobs.The department continues to work closely with other partners, including Water Services Trust Fund and Lake Victoria North Water Services Board among others in the provision portable water.
Notable challenges that hamper safe delivery of this resource include insufficient financial resources, wetlands and catchment degradation, environmental pollution and climate change among others.
The department is in the process of developing a County Water Bill, which will address the management of water resources in the County. I hereby encourage all of us to work closely in ensuring the safe provision and delivery of water in order to create better jobs.
God bless Kenya, God bless Nandi County.



Mr. Anthony Kiboy
Managing Director


The Managing Director, KANAWASCO Kapsabet Nandi Water and Sanitation Company (KANAWASCO) was incorporated in December 2006 under the Company Act, Cap 286 of the Laws of Kenya. Following the implementation of the new constitution, Kapsabet scheme, which was rehabilitated in 2012, was merged with Nandi Hills scheme that had been constructed in 1948. The connections rose from 624 in 2009 before augmentation of Kapsabet water supply and merger of the two towns, to current 3445. The storage was enhanced from 945m3 to 1995m3.
KANAWASCO, whose mandate is to effectively and efficiently provide quality and affordable water, is governed by board of directors,whose membership is drawn from the stakeholders. The business is run by the corporate management team headed by the managing director. Storage capacity was enhanced to a total of 1995m3. This has enabled us to serve our consumers much more effectively. However, there is an increasing need to continuously enhance our coverage in order to be in tandem with the rising number of consumers. The growing demand is occasioned by urbanisation in both towns.

Target for Financial Year 2015/16
• Reduction of non-revenue water
from 46 per cent to 20 per cent.
• Rehabilitation of old lines in both
Kapsabet and Nandi Hills.

• Upgrading of the Billing Software.
• Construction of a modern sanitation facility at Nandi

Long Term Objectives
• Explore the possibility of developing a gravity

Partnership with the County Government

The County Government of Nandi is the majority shareholder of the company, and as per its responsibility,offered a subsidy in the financial year 2015/16. The subsidy has gone a long way in streamlining the operations and bailing out the company by paying the electricity bills, which are usually too high.Through this partnership, KANAWASCO will receive a supply of over 1000 meters to enhance revenue collection and reduce on the non-revenue water (NRW). On behalf of the company, we appreciate this gesture and hope to scale it further in order to explore the possibility of getting gravity water from Keben dam.

Our Capacity
Following the rehabilitation of Kapsabet scheme, our scheme that is far more cost-effective compared to pumping schemes.

• Reducing non-revenue water to manageable levels.
• Failure by some of our esteemed customers to meet their obligation by paying their bills in time and avoid accruing of arrears.
• High cost of pumping makes it difficult for the
company to break even.
• Overhauling of Nandi Hills infrastructure that was
built in 1948.


PROJECT 1PROJECT 1: Sarora Water Project A pupil of St Thomas Kapkoros Primary school in Kurgung/ Surungai Ward, Mosop Sub-county, sips water from one of the project by the county Government
2016. The Sarora 100,000 litres water tank project funded by the county serves the Kaiboi, Sarora and Kurgung water lines. The county also renovated the 90,000 cubic-litre water tank that was built in 1978 but had broken down. The project has seen several schools, cattle dips and dairy farmers’ co- operative benefit from the water that flows with the aid of gravity from two Kipkoros water springs.


PROJECT 2PROJECT 2: Mungara/Kapsato water project: A woman fetches water at a tap in Kabisaga centre, Kabisaga Ward, Mosop Sub-county. The 50,000-litre water tank was built in 2014/2015. It supplies water to 50 households, two schools (primary and a secondary school) with a population of 550 pupils, a dispensary, a church and a cattle dip at the Kabisaga centre.

PROJECT 3PROJECT 3: Kinoinoi water project: The 50,000 litre tank built with the financial support of the county government had initially been constructed using Constituency Development Fund (CDF), but had stalled. The project serves 40 households and
schools. The county also equipped the water pump- house located at the water source.

Some water Projects by Sub-County
PROJECT 4PROJECT 4: Kaptendon water project: The county supported the residents in Kiptuiya by giving 2,000 water pipes covering 11kilometres. This has seen an estimated 600 households gain access to water. Some of the schools that have benefited include the Tuloi primary and secondary schools, Mwein and Kechere primary and secondary schools.
PROJECT 5PROJECT 5: Kapkangani water tank project at Kiborgok Girls Secondary School which was funded by the county government. It serves the school and 40 households.


PROJECT 6PROJECT 6: Kapkaititon water project, Chepkunyuk ward, Nandi Hills Sub County: This is set to serve 3000 families in the Kapkembur, Siret, Chepsetai and Kaptuma, Cheptabach and Chebinyiny villages. The county has constructed some for the tanks, but intends to construct six water tanks, each with a storage capacity of 100,000 cubic litres.

PROJECT 7PROJECT 7: Lelwak B water projects, Chepkunyuk ward, Nandi Hills Sub County The 100,000 cubic-metre water storage tank is under construction and is expected to be in operation from next month. It will serve 500 homesteads spread in Lelwak, Himaki, Tikitiyon, Nduroto, Kapchereren and Kipkoror villages.


PROJECT 8PROJECT 8: Temso water project, Kapsimotwo ward, Tinderet Sub County The 100,000-litre water tank constructed in the financial year 2014/15 serves 1000 families in Chebilat, Kaplamaywo, Kimaran, Kapsile and Temso villages.

KIPTEGAPROJECT 9: Kiptegaa water project, Kapsimotwo ward, Tinderet Sub-County Through the county’s support, two tanks, each with the capacity to store 100,000 litres, will serve 5,000 families spread in Kabarer, Kapsaito, Owiro A, Iboi, Kimwoki, Kiptuikeiny and Kamegunyei villages in Tinderet Sub-County.

PROJECT 10PROJECT 10: Asurur water project, Kobujoi ward, Aldai SubCounty The ram pump installed by the county government has seen 1000 families in various villages that include Ariok, Kipsiis, Chepkoiyo and Samitui, Chepturer, Kabanga, Chepkisingin.

PROJECT 11PROJECT 11: Atebwet water project in Kobujoi ward, Aldai Sub-County. The county has announced plans to construct a 100,000 litre water tank at AIC Chepkebuge secondary school that will serve the school, a primary school, Chebangang, Sakamon, Kibekelek and Tolilo villages. The project is projected to serve 3,000 families.



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22 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Kiptum blasted to victory in 1:05.30 at the scenic and vast tea plantation beating Isaac Kipkoech to second in 1:05.35 as Daniel Kiprotich closed the podium in 1:06.3.

LAGOS marathon winner Abraham Kiptum, the man who caused a stir on social media after overpowering Nigerians in a Lagos race, Kiptum on Sunday won the inaugural Nandi Tea Half Marathon in the Nandi Hills.

Kiptum blasted to victory in 1:05.30 at the scenic and vast tea plantation beating Isaac Kipkoech to second in 1:05.35 as Daniel Kiprotich closed the podium in 1:06.3.

Shadrack Korir settled for fourth in 1:06.20 followed by Amos Kiplagat (1:06.25), Daniel Kiptoo (1:06.40), Joseph Lagat (1:06.45), Kenneth Kimathi (1:07.20), Mathew Kemboi (1:07.42) and Tony Lingangoi who closed the top ten in 1:07.48.

It was a mouth-watering battle for the top duo who commanded the race imediately after the two kilometre mark.

At the 5km mark in Namgoi, Kiptum and Kipkoech, who were 100m head of the second pack of athletes, ran shoulder to shoulder upping their pace as they climbed the undulating course.

It was at the 20km point when Kiptum’s endurance aided him into widening the gap as his opponent gasped for air.

Kiptum entered the tea plantation greeted by hundreds of spectators alongside the course in the cool and wet climate which offered a spectacular view as he entered the Nandi Tea stadium for the victory.

“I was calculating my moves and working on how to floor my opponent since we ran side by side from the start. Eventually I engaged my final gear towards the finish point as we climbed the hill. He was exhausted and I ran on to my victory,”said Kiptum.

The 2009 world cross country junior bronze medallist Jackline Chepng’eno shook off stiff competition to emerge the winner in the women’s category.

She breasted the tape in 1:14.30 edging out Jane Jelagat (1:14.53) and Edith Jelimo (1:15.48) respectively.

Violah Jepchumba (1:15.51), Vivian Kiplagat (1:16.04), Lilian Chemweno (1:17.43), Violah Jepkemoi (1:18.12), Jane Moraa (1:18.35), Emily Rotich (1:19.15) and Purity Kimetto (1:19.32) followed in that order.
Chepng’eno who was placed fourth at the 6km mark behind a leading pack upped her pace and overtook the commanders at the 7km mark and never looked back.

“The course was very hard but I managed to control my moves.It has so many hills and you can easily lose hope if your endurance is not strong,” Chepngeno said.
The athlete, who secured a silver medal in 3000m at the world Youth championships in Italy, said she is preparing for the Rio Olympics

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22 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Some Rift Valley MPs and senators allied to URP have declared their loyalty to Deputy President William Ruto following Jubilee’s victory in the Kericho by-election.

On Saturday political leaders from Nandi led by Governor Cleophas Lagat publicly declared their support and loyalty to the DP, saying they will not be swayed to abandon Jubilee.

Lagat spoke during a prize giving day at Kapsabet Girls High School.

Nandi Woman representative Zipporah Kering and Aldai MP Cornelly Serem have also declared their loyalty to the DP.

Ruto has been in Eldoret for the last five days and sources say most governors and MPs in the region have been visiting his home at Sugoi to pledge their support for the DP.

But Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and his Nandi Hills counterpart Alfred Keter have avoided engaging in most functions where other Jubilee politicians have been present.

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22 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Kipkimba water tank in Nandi Hills Sub-County is a project constructed by the County Government of Nandi and is to serve over 600 residents including Kipkimba Primary school and the entire community.

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18 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Lawyers for Nandi County  have started analysing evidence of torture incidents for a possible lawsuit against the British government.

The claims, ranging from forced detention, rape and killings to land grabbing may yet again force the UK, Kenya’s former coloniser, into a tight corner for its past misdeeds.

On Thursday, lead lawyer Karim Khan told reporters the analysis will determine whether the county government should sue for compensation or abandon the matter altogether.

“I am not assuming anything yet but the decision we take will be informed by the evidence at hand,” Mr Khan told journalists at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi.

“But we don’t want to give false expectations to the people of Nandi County…this is going to be a long process and we will be guided by the evidence.

“My role will be to try and get evidence in terms of testimonies, records and documents and I will give my advice based on the evidence I have.”

The announcement means that a team of lawyers under Mr Khan will review available records and continue to collect testimonies from people in Nandi who claim they were mistreated by British colonialists.

“The Nandi people feel, as a community, that they suffered and continue to suffer the effects of colonialism up to now, Nandi Governor Cleophas Lagat said.

The British government has tried to detach itself from blame for past injustices during their colonial time in Kenya.


In 2014, the UK government issued an official blanket regret after a group of Mau Mau survivors sued it for compensation.

And while the Mau Mau were finally paid in an out-of court settlement, more groups in Kericho and Nandi counties have emerged to accuse the British of committing atrocities.

“The fact that one gets compensation for one car crash doesn’t mean they can’t get compensation in another crash, Mr Khan said, referring to the previous payment to the Mau Mau.

Mr Khan is representing both counties, but Dr Lagat argued that Nandi County is pursuing specific issues that the Nandi people suffered.

“We will not, as Nandi County, accept a blanket apology because what we are asking for is specific,” he argued.

Specifically, the Nandi claim British colonialists murdered their leaders such as Koitalel arap Samoei, detained others, forcibly acquired their land during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway and disrupted their way of life.

Dr Lagat, who says the case has the blessings of the county assembly, has previously offered the British a chance to reconcile with the Nandi by building an educational institution and naming it under one of the fallen Nandi elders.

On Thursday, he told reporters the offer is only one of the options but Nandi County officials will rely on advice from lawyers after reviewing evidence.

“If they (British) want the case to be settled out of court, that is something that we will look at but they must accept (responsibility).

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16 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Speaker of the County Assembly Hon. Edwin Cheluget
Leader of Majority Hon. Julius Menjo
Leader of Minority Hon. Eliud Kingo
Majority and Minority Whips
Chairpersons of various Assembly Committees
County Executive Committee Members
Chairman, Kaburwo Council of Elders Mr. Benjamin Kitur
Leaders from Religious, Business, Sports and other Sectors
Invited guests
Members of the Fourth Estate
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good afternoon.

Mr. Speaker,
Firstly, I call for one minute silence in honour of our departed Deputy Speaker and MCA of Lelmokwo/Ngechek ward, Hon. Hesbon Kiprop Metto……. Thank you.

Mr. Speaker,

It is with great honor and humility for me to address this special sitting of Nandi County Assembly. First and foremost, I give special praise to the Almighty God for continuing to preserve and pour His bountiful favor on our people and its leadership.
I also express my endless gratitude to the people of Nandi for giving me the opportunity to serve. This is a sacred honor and trust that I swore as Governor to always uphold.

Honourable Members,

I note with appreciation the role of the County Assembly in hastening development of the County. You have complimented our work and service delivery through legislations that guide the formulation of enabling policies crucial for the execution of development programmes.

Mr. Speaker,

The system of Devolution is anchored on Chapter 11 Article 174 to 200 which envisage that decisions made must ensure equitable distribution of resources and efficient delivery of service.
Devolution gives an opportunity to citizens to participate in governance and this Assembly forms an integral part for public participation through representation. It is for this reason that we are elected and appointed to provide leadership and steer progress in the society.

Mr. Speaker,
My administration has always sought to engage with this Honourable Assembly in the formulation, regulation and execution of policies and programmes. AS a government we are founded on the premise of regular consultations, periodic reviews and prudent management of public resources that have been entrusted on us. It is my sincere hope that the synergy displayed by the assembly and the executive will result in enhanced service delivery, rapid development and satisfaction of the electorate. Consequently, it is my hope that the cooperation and harmonious working relations between this Assembly and the Executive will be sustained in order to maximize benefits for our people.
It is my desire that each member of this Honorable Assembly shall listen more keenly to the concerns and issues that rank high in the priority list of citizens and come up with bills that seek to solve the many challenges that confront our people daily. As leaders, let us think about putting water in people’s homes, providing markets for farm produce and looking for funds to educate every child who deserve to be in school.
In the performance of your oversight role, each Honorable Member and the Assembly as a whole must make follow up of the funds appropriated to ensure accountability and fidelity to budgetary allocations.

Mr. Speaker,
Our development agenda is anchored on five key instruments. Namely; The Constitution of Kenya 2010, my election manifesto, Jubilee Manifesto, County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) and of course the County Government Act 2012 which empowers, defines functions and responsibilities of the County governments.

Mr. Speaker sir,
Allow me to now highlight and outline my County Government’s scores of successes. We remain committed to providing affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for all. It is for this reason that my government acquired six state of the art ambulances for timely response to medical emergencies and referrals. Our free ambulance services has had tremendous impact on the lives of far flung rural communities. In particular, infant and maternal deaths have reduced significantly. More women are now giving birth in our health facilities than it was before. I am happy that citizens have made good use of these ambulances since acquisition. In order to mitigate the shortage of accommodation and ensure proximate residence for our health staff, we have completed the construction of thirty units of staff houses at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital. As a result of this intervention, thirty families are adequately housed within the referral hospital. Additionally, we have installed theatre equipments at Meteitei Sub-County Hospital, this has alleviated the suffering of patients who used to travel long distances for simple surgical operations. We have ensured adequate and steady supply of drugs to all our 146 health facilities. Furthermore, we are now constructing a new mortuary at Nandi Hills County Hospital. In the meantime, we have advertised tenders for construction, renovation and general improvement of health facilities in all the thirty wards.

Honourable members,
In collaboration with the National Government’s Medical Equipment Scheme (MES), we are currently installing Digital X-ray, Medical Imaging and Ultra Sound equipment as well as Sterilization equipment at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital. Maternity Wing, Laboratories, New-Born Unit, Surgical and General wards are now well furnished and offer efficient service to patients. We have absorbed more than hundred medical personnel who were previously employed contract through the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) and we will soon recruit more to meet the requisite human resource needs of the department.. All these interventions are aimed at taking healthcare services closer to the people.

Honorable members,
Agriculture remains the backbone of our County’s economy and social security. We pride ourselves in producing quality tea, milk, maize, sugarcane and coffee and have recently diversified to aquaculture and horticulture. In order to enhance agricultural production and maximize on our potential, we have rehabilitated 142 cattle dips and supplied start-up acaricides to reduce incidences of tick borne diseases. We have also conducted training for Dip Management Committees on modern animal husbandry practices.
Kaimosi Agricultural Training College is currently undertaking major overhaul in both curriculum and infrastructure to meet latest standards of agribusiness training. We have acquired a complete Hay making unit for both commercial activities and farmers’ training. We have also renovated a dairy unit and planted an additional 20 acres of tea to boost revenue. I call on farmers from our County to take advantage of these training opportunities in order to improve their productivity.
Other than scaling up our extension services, we have set aside K.Shs 15 million for subsidized Artificial Insemination programme to be rolled out soon. This will have a significant bearing on milk production in the near future. We also have continuous vaccination of livestock to control diseases and cushion farmers from losses brought forth by diseases.

Honorable members,
Our efforts to project Nandi as an investment destination of choice are fast bearing fruits. Our long term plan is to package our county as a foremost investment hub. We have therefore put in place a raft of measures to create a conducive investment climate that will attract and retain investment.
In the years under review, my government organized a most successful investment conference that brought together businessmen, media and political leaders, actuarial scientists, players in insurance industry, the academia and financial institutions. During the event, we showcased our investment potential to all and sundry.

Mr. Speaker,
It is as a result of the investment conference that Masinde Muliro University have set up a Kapsabet campus. Similarly, MediHeal Group of Hospitals are injecting over 1.2 billion shillings towards the construction of a modern hospital in Kapsabet town whereas DL Koisagat have finalized plans to build a purple tea factory at Kaptel at a cost of 1 billion shillings. The ground breaking ceremony will be held soon. Monalisa and Montezuma are now putting up a 50 million shillings facility at Kapsabet town. These measures among others are ways in which my government has designed to increase revenue, create employment and hence reduce poverty incidences in our county.

Honorable members,
The North Rift Economic Bloc (NOREB) which brings together the 8 counties of the North Rift has limitless investment potential. The bloc has identified Nandi County as a suitable location for installation of Milk Processing plant owing to our milk production capacity, I urge you to support this vision, by passing requisite bills that will go a long way in actualizing this dream.

Honorable members,
As a way of catalyzing sustainable development across the county we have embarked on a major roads construction program that involves expansion, grading, leveling, drainage, gravelling, compacting and culvert installation. Previously, my government had relied heavily on contracted works to improve and upgrade infrastructure. However, in this year, we opted to acquire equipment at a cost of K.shs 200 million through the department of Roads and Infrastructure. I am convinced that this departure from the preceding practice of using contractors is convenient, effective and time saving.
My government has acquired four additional graders, one excavator, 4 tipper lorries, 2 rollers and one back hoe. This has had huge impact on our roads. I wish to thank you honorable members for endorsing this plan. In order, to enhance this fully fledged mechanical unit, I will soon be seeking your approval to acquire more equipment as follows; 1 low loader, 1 Fuel truck, 2 Supervision vehicles, 1 water bowser , culverting balloons, 6 graders, 2 excavators, 2 back hoes and 2 bulldozers.

Mr. Speaker,
Pursuant to what I have elaborated, we shall be establishing four operation bases across the County for security of equipment, convenience and comfort of the staff. When this is done, our work output will be at its finest.
I am confident that the acquisition of this equipment coupled with prudent management will go a long way in offering a lasting solution to the problems we have experienced in the transport sector. In this regard, I appeal for your patience as we work on a program and a road map to improve all roads in the 30 wards of our County. Expect rapid results with a positive impact on the lives of our people in this new engagement
I am proud to report to this Honourable Assembly that my government has successfully completed the tarmacking of four kilometers at Kapsabet and Nandi hills towns, this upgrade of streets in urban areas to bitumen standard will be accelerated to cover more areas. In the same vein ladies and gentlemen five major reinforced concrete bridges, one foot bridge and a bus park at Ollessos town have been constructed. All these ensure prompt delivery of fresh farm produce, open up business opportunities and increase mobility of human beings. Additionally, my government has installed solar lights in various trading centres across the county. Other than being affordable, this facility is convenient in improving security, attracts businesses to operate for longer hours and requires no maintenance.

Honorable members,
County Public Service Board is established under section 56 article 235 of the Constitution of Kenya. Their roles are to identify, vet, recruit and deploy competent and qualified staff for the county. Since inception, the Nandi County Board has recruited 1057 employees which include 824 ECDE caregivers. We have 1082 seconded staff under the devolved functions. Furthermore, we inherited employees from the defunct Nandi County Council, Kapsabet Municipal Council and Nandi Hills Town Council. Cumulatively, our total work force as a county stands at 2320 employees. The Board is currently working on harmonization of skills of service for the staff, to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.
Honorable members,
Over the years we have strived to stimulate the county economy by focusing on infrastructural development, prioritizing the welfare of the people and shielding the poor from over taxation. You play a critical and pivotal role in advancing policies and strategies to grow enterprise, create jobs and ensure prosperity for all. One indicator of growth in our County’s economy is the fact that our Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) have gone up from K.Shs 132, 376, 395 million in 2013-2014 to KShs 209,774,762 million in 2014-2015, representing 58% increase. This tremendous rise in internally generated revenue has been occasioned by the adoption of automated revenue collection system, decentralization of revenue collection centers, introduction of monthly PSV operation stickers, formation of revenue inspection teams together with staff training and capacity building. This will seal all loopholes and leakages in revenues leading to sustained growth in revenue pool. As you are aware, we have requested this August Assembly to consider and debate on our County Supplementary budget proposal to enable our County meet the emerging realities of this year’s financial appropriation.
I urge Honourable Members to expedite the passage of the amended budgetary estimates so as to enable us pay and fund contingencies in particular pay outstanding monies owed to women, youth and people with disabilities who were contracted to construct ECD centres and cattle dips. Our development towards this end is hinged on this budget before you.

Mr. Speaker,
This annual briefing on my stewardship accords me an opportunity to expound on our score card of progress thus far. Our county would thrive well if we placed education of our children in the apex of our priorities. It is instructive to note that notable developments worth reporting have been made in the education department. Namely, the employment of 824 Early Childhood Education caregivers, therefore lifting a huge burden in the form of levies from the shoulders of struggling parents and giving our young children equitable access to pre-primary education. This has also ensured retention of these young children in school and hence promotion of quality teaching. Construction of over one hundred ECDE centers is ongoing across the county and some for instance Kapngombe, Kapkilel, Mosobecho, Kapkelele, Kapsasur and Chepsangor are complete and are now in use. The rest are in various stages of construction and will be ready by May 2016 as stated in the Contract documents.
Our youth play crucial roles in the development of our society. The policy thrust of my government is to strive to equip all young people with life skills so as to produce high caliber manpower able to fit into the world of work and participate positively in our transformative agenda. It is for this reason that we are constructing new youth polytechnics, we have disbursed seventeen million shillings to various polytechnics to compliment tuition fees for our youth and furthermore we are constructing new workshops at Serem, Sirwa-Yala, Meteitei, Kipsebwo, Kurgung and Sigilai Youth Polytechnics. Our intention is to make these Vocational training centres attractive to many unskilled youth thereby giving them expertise needed in the job market.
The Nandi County Education Fund Act 2014 was recommended for amendment by the controller of Budget to conform to Constitution of Kenya 2010, Public Finance Management Act 2012 and other existing legislations. The amendment bill is currently before this Honourable Assembly and I urge to accelerate its passage so that needy students can access the bursary kitty. When the bill is operational, K.Shs 60 million will be available for this noble course.

Mr. Speaker.
My county government has made great strides in provision of clean, piped water to homesteads. We have recorded tremendous success in improving access to this service. Currently, we have at least four projects going on in each of the thirty wards in the county. The projects are in advanced stages of completion and when ready, our piped water intake will rise from the current 17% to 37%. This will have massive impacts on the socio-economic status of our county. The huge Kimaren water project that uses Ram Pump technology from New Zealand will be commissioned next week. Other than the cost of setting up this water supply technology, operation and maintenance is convenient to the consumers. This project will serve over 1,000 households of Kimaren, samitui, Chepturer, Ariok, Kipsiis, Kapchemochei, Kipkonga, Kabianga, Chepkisingiin and Chepkoiyo villages.
I want to thank our partners in the water sector for their moral and material support particularly; Water Services Trust Fund, Lake Victoria North water Services Board, Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme (LVEMP), Lake Victoria South Water Services Board, , SNV Netherlands, World Vision and Lake Basin Development Authority. These partners have given us both financial and technical support for improved access to clean water and I sincerely appreciate their efforts. . I have great confidence that the partnership will result in adequate provision of affordable water for our people.
Similarly, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has offered to support our County in the upgrade and digitalization of our lands registry for ease of access to land records. When this is done, Nandi County will have a model, state-of-the-art registry, open to all at a click of a button. This will be a turning point in land management and record keeping
Additionally, Nandi County residents have for a long time been without title deeds for their land. My County government has since assuming office been able to physically plan, survey, sub-divide and prepare 21,000 title deeds ready for issuance soon. Residents of Chebarus A, Koibarak B, Chemursoi, Legemet, Kamwega and Bonjoge new scheme will be issued with the titles shortly. These documents are very critical to our people as they will have sanctity of land ownership and will use the same as collateral and therefore access bank loans and thus improve their economic fortunes.
Other partners working with my government include GIZ in energy saving and solar lighting and Kenya Water Towers Authority whose efforts is to champion for climate change resilience for sustained environmental protection are fast bearing fruits.

Mr. Speaker,
Tourism presents great opportunities for our people owing to the huge potential in this sector. Our county is strategically perched in the North Rift Tourism Circuit that brings together eight counties. In our County however, we have our own Nandi Tourism circuit that stretches from Chepkiit water falls to the East to Bonjoge game reserve to the west. This is a route that is yet to be tapped and this explains why as a county we are using many resources to brand and market our County as an investment destination. We have already identified 66 tourist sites and working in partnership with the private players, we are developing these sites to meet International standards. This is aimed at diversifying the revenue source of the County as well as creating employment and investment opportunities for all those willing to seize the opportunities that abound in this sector.
Ladies and gentlemen, under my administration, the year 2016 holds great promise for all people of Nandi County through improved access to basic commodities and greater attention to positive infrastructure development as a precursor to the turn-around that our County desires.

Honourable Members,
As a County, we are scaling up our efforts to improve sports facilities so as to make our county a hub of sports, recreation and innovation and hence cement our stake as the Source of Champions. This has been reinforced by the fact Nandi County has from time immemorial been regarded as the traditional home of sportsmen and women. However, the discovery, development and nurturing of talents is a huge investment. It calls for improvement of standards of coaching, modern facilities and financial support to harness talents from the grassroots. Our athletes are our brand ambassadors and therefore require sustainable support to realize their potential.
I therefore call upon you Honourable Members to come up with policies and legislations that will enable us support the growth and maturity of talents in our county. Kipchoge Keino stadium is in its second phase of construction so is the Nandi Hills stadium. Furthermore, we have identified several schools as our talent development centres for instance Kosirai Girls’ School for incubation of volleyball players.
It is worth noting that sports have shaped the history of this County from the days of the legendary Kipchoge Keino to the now sensational “YouTube” athlete JuliusYego and the Marathon great, Eliud Kipchoge for his latest exploits in winning 2016 world Marathon Majors. Their talents have strategically placed our in the world map.
The County Assembly of Nandi passed a motion urging the County Government of Nandi to pursue the matter of historical injustices that the Nandi people suffered in the hands of British colonialist. In the motion which was tabled in the assembly by Kaptel/ Kamoiywo Ward member of county assembly Hon. Amos Korir, it was noted that for more than 100 years the Nandi people whose leader Koitalel Arap Samoei together with his entire cabinet of advisors as well as warriors were brutally murdered in 19th Oct 1905 have been living in abject poverty.
However, through the constitution of Kenya 2010, the Nandi people now have unprecedented opportunity to pursue justice not only in local and international courts but also in Independent Constitutional Commissions especially the National Lands Commission.
Article 40 of the constitution provides for the protection of rights to property. However there is a proviso in article 40 Cap (6) which states that the rights under this article do not extend to any property that has been found to have been unlawfully acquired. It is our strong believe that the land which belonged to the Nandi people and which was forcefully taken by the British settlers was indeed unlawfully acquired and as such the protection of rights to property do not extend to such lands.
Article 174 of the constitution enumerates the objects of devolution. Sub article (e) provides that one such object is to protect and promote the interest and rights of minority and marginalized communities. Sub article (g) provides that devolution ensures equitable sharing of national and local resources throughout Kenya. It is in this regard that the government of Nandi County following the passage of the motion in the county assembly has resolved to facilitate the process of seeking justice for the Nandi people who have suffered continued marginalization due to the fact that the colonialists took away their ancestral land, banished them to uninhabitable portion of their land and forcibly occupied their fertile arable land.
Consequently I have formed a committee bringing together elders, professionals and researchers who will work with a secretariat made up of lawyers from Nandi County to spearhead the process of collecting evidence in preparation for filling a case in the United Kingdom court in pursuit of justice for the Nandi people. Among the counts which we intent to present in court are; Murder, Torture, forceful eviction, forcible transfer of population and occupation, Destruction of property and persecution.

Honorable Members,
Going forward, my government shall be engaging lawyers of international repute with high experience on both criminal, constitutional and land matters to ensure that the intended suit is successful. To firm up our case we shall be relying on precedence among them the Mau Mau case against the British Government, the Endorois case against the Kenyan government that was filed at the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Aborigenes case against the Government of Australia. We have a water tight case in the offing.

As we collectively face the challenge to make Nandi County a better place to live in, we must recognize our strength in diversity. A common County identity where everybody counts. I shall run an open government of inclusion that will bring everybody on board irrespective of age, gender, tribe or Status; as long as you reside in Nandi County we will make Nandi your safe home. Let us march towards prosperity in unison and in the pursuit of progressive ideals for a brighter future.
On the same note, I wish to singularly invite you to the inaugural Nandi Tea- Sameer/ Nandi County half marathon to be held on Sunday, 20th March 2016. The event will kick off at Namgoi and end at Nandi Tea’s Kapsiwon primary school grounds. Please come participate in this sports event whose theme is “Nurturing Champions at the Source”. Several prizes will be won in this competition.

With those few remarks, I wish you all God’s abundant blessings during the forthcoming Easter holidays.

Thank you for your attention.


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15 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Nandi County is situated in the fertile western highlands of Kenya and has a land area of 22884.4 Kms square. It is mostly hilly, has deep loam soils and high annual rainfall of between 1500mm and 2500mm , a combination of factors that makes routine road maintenance critical. Nandi County has an estimated population of over 900,000 (2016), 90% of which is rural. With a high population density of 400 persons per square km the county requires a good transport network to enable residents to carry out their economic activities. The main economic activities are agriculture, livestock, dairy, transport and commerce underlining the need for a good transport network.

The County Government of Nandi recognizes the vital role that a good transport network will play in promoting economic growth and has since 2013 continued to place great emphasis on the development of the sector. This position is supported by popular public view that consistently places roads (transport network) among the top two agenda in all public participation forums.

The county Government of Nandi has devoted substantial resources to transport and infrastructure and in return has realized a great improvement in the transport infrastructure network, chiefly roads.

In 2013/2014 financial year the County devoted Kshs 400m to the development and improvement of transport infrastructure. This amount was raised in financial year 2013/2014 to Kshs 550M and further to Kshs 600M in the 2015/2016. The proposed transport infrastructure budget for 2016/2017 is Ksh 800M.

In 2013/2014 the County Government of Nandi maintained and improved 450km of earth road . This was raised to over 600KM in 2014/2015 , while ongoing programs for 2015/2016 the County Government is on course to complete maintenance and improvement of over 800Km of earth road.

Furthermore, the County government of Nandi has completed 5Km of urban tarmac roads in Kapsabet and Nandi Hills towns, a bus-park in Lessos urban center and 5 reinforced concrete bridges as well as 25 vented drift culvert crossings across the County. The County has also installed a total of 40 street and public area lighting in major urban centers.

In February 2016 the County Government of Nandi acquired 4 graders, 2excavators , 2 rollers and 4, 25ton tipper lorries construction equipment at a cost of Kshs 200M . This is with the aim of enabling County Government to carry out more road maintenance and improvement works more cheaply and to allow quick response to emergency works. The machines are already operational and over 200km of road has been graded while gravelling will soon follow.

The future of this sector is bright in Nandi County and we can confidently say devolution is just what was needed for local transport infrastructure (roads). The total length of newly opened roads currently stands at over 200Km.

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09 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


H.E the Governor Dr. Cleophas Lagat with his Deputy Hon. Dominic Biwott commissioning a road grading, graveling and compacting exercise in Ngechek/Lelmokwo ward, Chesumei Sub County. More than 190KM in Mosop Sub County have been graded so far.

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07 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


Retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi addressing worshippers at A .I.C Kapsabet station in an official groundbreaking ceremony of a new church expected to accomodate 4,000 worshippers. Speaking during the function, Moi urged the worshippers to shun from corruption terming it un ethical.

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03 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0


The Nandi Tea/ Sameer Africa Group in collaboration with County Government of Nandi is organizing a marathon to take place on the 20th of March 2016.The Half Marathon is scheduled to start at Kapsabet town and end at Nandi Hills town’s Kapsiwon Grounds. Established in 2015 under the guidance of Sameer Africa Group Chairman Naushad Merali, this Marathon will henceforth be an annual event, supporting the construction of a 26,000 seater stadium in Nandi Hills. The foundation station for the Nandi Hills Stadium will also be laid on that same day.
The proposed theme for the event is “Nurturing future Champions through Tea” and its objectives are as follows:
To create opportunity for the world champions to interact with the community while mentoring young athletes.
To unlock the sports and cultural tourism within Nandi County.
To appreciate the rich agro-tourism potential that Nandi County presents.
It will consist of individual runners, walkers, family runs and Corporate teams i.e Half-marathon (21km)for Men and Women, Corporate races(5Km), School race(6km), Persons with Disabilities(2Km) and Executive races(2Km).
Sameer Africa Group will sponsor the Nandi Tea Marathon in 2017, with a Sh10million grant showing their commitment to the cause. “We have had discussions with the Nandi County Government and it is with this that we announce a sponsorship of Sh10million for the Nandi Tea Marathon in next year’s calendar and all their future events” says the group Chairman, Naushad Merali. Sameer Africa Group announced the construction of a stadium in Nandi Hills as one way of supporting the development of Sports in the county and Kenya as a whole. He signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nandi County Governor, Dr. Cleophas Lagat, on the construction of the stadium and the marathon event. The construction of the 26,000 seater stadium, is estimated to cost Sh.60 million and expected to start in January next year. Merali added that the stadium facility will go a long way in helping tap sporting talent, not only in athletics but also other disciplines like football and netball within the cosmopolitan tea estates. While applauding the country’s sportsmen for putting Kenya on the world map, Merali paid tribute to the National Olympic Committee of Kenya Chairperson, Kipchoge Keino, for his contribution to the country’s sporting talent. He reiterated his support for the country’s athletics, which he says dates back to 2001 when they sponsored the Athletics Kenya Cross Country series through the Ever ready batteries brand, With this, they also managed to sponsor the team to the World Athletics Championships in Edmonton, Canada. Merali said that Kenyan youth have the capacity to earn the country billions of shillings through sports but many do not have access to stadiums for effective and regular training. Sameer Group also said that they will employ local and foreign coaches to identify and develop athletics talent in the country.
The winner for the 21 Km race is to receive a cash price of Kshs 500,00. Registration is on-going at Nandi Tea shop, Nandi County Sports office, AK office in Eldoret and County Sports office in Elgeyo Marakwet, rates being 300/- for the 21km race and 5000/- per group team.

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