Month: September 2016

22 Sep
By: Evans Sirma 0


A team from Kaiboi Technical Institute demonstrating to CEC Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mrs Mary Ng’elechei on how a banana ripening box works.The innovation which is a product of the institution, invented by Steve Simotwo, who is a student at the institution, has the capacity of ripening bananas within 3 days using organic gas called ethylene.The hormone is produced by ripe passion fruits that makes banana ripening process fast, safe and healthy for human consumption.The box which has a capacity to store 300-400 pieces of bananas is designed to modify conditions for ripening by increasing the temperatures and optimizing the use of ethylene gas.

Speaking in her office, when she received the guests Ng’elechei said that she was impressed by the innovation in the sector, adding that the County through department will consult with other departments to ensure that the technology penentrates the market.

According to the marketing officer in charge of the technology Mr Peter Bor the innovation has health benefits, cost effective and best for farmers since it doesn’t use any chemicals, electricity and shortens the ripening period thus increasing the sales.

The team had paid a courtesy visit to the department earlier today.

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22 Sep
By: Evans Sirma 5


Over Ksh 100 million of funds allocated for bursaries to needy students in County are now ready for disbursement, this according to Nandi County governor HE Dr Cleophas Lagat.
Lagat has refuted the claims of lost funds has previously alluded , adding that delays in the disbursement of the bursaries were occasioned by lack of regulation as stipulated under the law, ‘’I want to assure the residents of this County that there is no money that has been lost, we were unable to disburse the bursaries for financial year 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 since there were regulations in place’’

The County government of Nandi through the Public Service Board has advertised for the position of the Chairperson, County Education Fund as mandated by the law and who will be one of the signatory to the kitty. The development comes following the gazettement of the laws passed by the County Assembly of Nandi regulating the funds, paving way for the approval of the regulations by the Cabinet earlier this month. The process of recruiting the chairperson is set be completed by next on Friday and immediately the process of identifying the beneficiaries will commence, added Dr Lagat, ‘’we have advertised for the post of the chairperson for the Fund and by next week on Friday we will be done and immediately the process of identifying the beneficiaries will kick off’’ he added.

Further, the governor has assured the residents that he will ensure that process will be transparent and that the selection of the beneficiaries will be done by the community themselves as opposed to the previous way where names are forwarded to the County to identify the beneficiaries, ‘’ I want to assure our residents that this time round the selection of the students to who will benefit from the fund will not be done here in Kapsabet has it has been, instead the community will be the one to identify them’’ added Lagat.

Moreover, Dr Lagat has said the funds will be allocated to all needy students with those in colleges and Universities getting 30% of the fund, Youth Polythenics 30%, Special needs 10%, secondary schools 30%.

The announcement on the unveiling of the funds comes as a relief to many needy families whom they have waiting for the disbursement of the funds, after the process was halted in since 2014 due to lack of regulations to guide the funds.

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