Month: October 2016

31 Oct
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Atleast 1700 residents from Tindiret and Samitui in Nandi County have received land titles after waiting for 50 years.The residents who have been anxiously waiting for the documents could not hide their joy as Land CS Prof Jacob Kaimenyi officially handed over to them.

Speaking when he presided over the issuance of the title deeds at Mberere and later at Samitui in Aldai Nandi County, Kaimenyi praised the Jubilee government for fulfilling its pledge to issue Kenyans with the land title deeds, ‘’It was the target of the Jubilee government in 2013 that by 2017 we will have issued 3million title deeds and at the moment we have issued a total of 2.4 million’’ he added.

At the same time Prof Kaimenyi has urged Nandi residents to collect over 33,000 of 42,000 land titles issued, which he said have been lying at the lands registry in Kapsabet since 2013.

Moreover, he has urged those who were issued with the title deeds not to sell their land but instead utilize it for production and to venture into business by using land as collateral to seek funds from financial institutions,sentiments echoed by several leaders present during the function led by Nandi County deputy governor Dominic Biwott, area MP Hon Julius Melli, Aldai MP Hon Cornelius Serem and County CEC in charge of Lands Dr John Chumo.

On the breadth the leaders have expressed their gratitude to the National government for waiving fees previously charged on the issuance of the title deeds, further rallying the residents
to go and collect their ready land titles.

On his part Chairman Land Commission Prof Mohammed Swazuri has issued a stern warning against land grabbers in the County to voluntarily surrender any public land in their possession before a three – day thorough audit on all alleged stolen land in the County commencing on 17th to 19th of November this year by his office in conjunction with Nandi County government.

Sentiments that were strongly backed by his boss Prof Kaimenyi who has cautioned those who are fond of stealing public land including schools, churches, hospitals and markets to cease forthwith , ‘’ I warn those individuals who have grabbed any public land and any individual harbouring similar ill intentions to return back those land before we catch up with them’’ he added.

The directive comes following an outcry by County leaders led by Nandi governor Dr Cleophas Lagat and his deputy Dominic Biwott in the wake of increasing cases of land grabbing in the County especially in institutions of learning and other public lands.

Speaking at the function Biwott has called on the Swazuri led Commission to immediately intervene in the latest shocking revelation of private developer who has laid claim of a 2 acre piece of land at Kapsabet Boys high school and another who is claiming ownership of half of Kapsabet town. “In Tindiret another private developer has also grabbed 15 acres of Soisitet primary school and in Kapsabet Showground we have received claims of somebody who is trying to encroach our land”, decried Biwott.

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21 Oct
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Kapsabet and Nandi Hills towns are set to benefit from the last mile power connectivity, this according to Nandi County governor Dr Cleophas Lagat. The initiative which has so far benefitted rural areas and major towns in the Country including the neighbouring Eldoret town in Uasin Gishu County, is expected to boost the economy and open up more businesses in the two major urban centres in Nandi County once installed, ‘’ We have held talks with the CS for Energy Hon Charles Keter on lighting up Kapsabet and Nandi Hills towns, and I want to report back that this will be done soon’’ added Lagat.

The news comes as a relief especially to the residents and the business community, who have been forced to operate their businesses within the normal working hours for security reasons. Similarly, governor Lagat has praised investors in the County for exuding confidence by investing in the two towns as witnessed by the booming enterprises and mushrooming high – rise commercial buildings, noting that the development was an indicator that indeed devolution was working in Nandi County, ‘’ I am happy that Kapsabet town, the once sleeping giant is now on its feet courtesy of devolution’’ he added. Further, Lagat has assured his support to any entrepreneur who wish to venture in the County.

Additionally, the Nandi County government in conjunction with the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology is planning to install Local Area Network (LAN) and to increase fibre optic cable connectivity to boost communication networks and businesses in the County, added Lagat.

Speaking during Mashujaa day celebration held at Kapsabet Showground, Lagat, who was accompanied by his deputy governor Dominic Biwott and his County Executive Members, used the opportunity to recognize and celebrate renowned heroes and heroines in the County, led by the athletes who have continuously posted outstanding performance both in the international and regional competitions and thus placing the County as the best Sports – tourism destination, ‘’As we mark this day I cannot forget to mention our heroes and heroines; our sportsmen and sportswomen who continue to put our Country and County in the global map, we salute you all! you are our Mashujaa’’ he added

On his part deputy governor Dominic Biwott praised the athletes for the great milestone achievements, adding that a major celebration befitting the athletes will be held in their honour.

Other heroes and heroines that were recognized during the occasion were Koitalel Samoei, the great legendary leader who liberated the Nandi community from the British colonial government, famous political and religious leaders like the late Bishop Alexander Muge, Jean Marie Seroney, Jelagat Mutai among others.Institutions of learning that have excelled in academics and sports namely Kapsabet Boys High school and East and Central Africa volleyball champions Kosirai girls received special mention.

And as the Country heads to the next year’s general election, governor Lagat and his deputy set to assure the residents that they will not renege on their pre –election pledges, citing the development record they have set three and half years they have been in power, among them initiation and completion of various projects in the County. Notably, construction of staff units at Kapsabet County Referral hospital, revival of cattle dips, revamping of Kaimosi ATC, unveiling of subsisized AI services, revamping of Kaimosi ATC, opening up and grading of feeder roads, purchase of specialized treatment equipment, construction of two stadia of Kipchoge Keino in Kapsabet and Nandi Hills, construction and employment of ECDE centres and caregivers, adoption of an automated revenue system, completion of various water projects, and the purchase of firefighting engines.

At the same time the two County leaders lashed at some of the gubernatorial aspirants whom they said had to developmental agenda for the residents, further urging the residents to vote them a second term to fully accomplish their mandate.The day’s celebrations was attended by hundredths of residents among other guest.

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21 Oct
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Fellow Kenyans and residents of Nandi County, I am greatly honoured to join you as we celebrate and commemorate Mashujaa day. This day reminds us of the struggles and efforts made by our fellow countrymen, who sacrificed their lives and efforts for the prosperity of this nation. It is indeed a great honour to our great forefathers who fought tirelessly and fearlessly to liberate us from the yoke of colonialism namely; Jomo Kenyatta and patriotic contemporaries and later Bishop Alexander Muge, Jean Marie Seroney and Jelagat Mutai who kept the torch of freedom burning.
For Nandi County, it is special day since we are privileged to be part of the history of the liberation struggle in our Country. It is through our renowned and great Nandi leader Koitalel arap Samoei that our County lives to be remembered in the annals of history. Nandi people suffered in the hands of the British colonialist, many were tortured, deported, maimed and killed, their property destroyed, all for the sake of our freedom. It is in this regard, that my Administration is pursuing to address the issue of historical injustices meted on them. As we speak the process has kicked off and we have hired the best legal minds to pursue this issue to the best of its conclusion. We are optimistic that in the end justice will be served for these heinous atrocities and injustices that our people underwent.
Ladies and gentlemen,
As we mark this day, I cannot forget to mention our modern day heroes and heroines; our sportsmen and sportswomen who continue to put our Country and County in the global map. First, I take this opportunity to congratulate all our athletes who performed well in recent Rio Olympics 2016 and Chicago Marathon, namely Jemimah Sumgong, Eliud Kipchoge, Consenslus Kipruto, You tube athlete Julius Yego and Abel Kirui, Dickson Chumba respectively, among many others. We are extremely proud of your achievements and for hoisting our national flag high. Their achievements are indeed a testimony to the fact that Nandi County is the Source of Champions. Similarly, we are greatful to be home of world famous champions, like Kipchoge Keino, Pamela Jelimo, Wilfred Bungei, Janet Jepkosgei, Wilson Kipketer, Naftali Bon, Teclar Chemwabai, Priscah Jeptoo among others; congratulations all for keeping our County’s glory as the Source of Champions, you will always remain our mashujaas.
And to all our unsung heroes and heroines, our parents who struggle to meet schools fees for their children, our great businessmen and businesswomen who struggle to sustain our economy, to our farmers who feed us, doctors who save our lives, our gallant soldiers and police officers who have put their lives in the fore to protect this country, and all Kenyans who struggle everyday to make ends meet, we salute you all!
My fellow Citizens
As we mark four years since the inception of devolution, may I express my gratitude to you, the residents of this great County for your prayers and continued support to the entire leadership. Despite the challenges which have always stood on our way, we have remained steadfast and determined to accomplish our goals. I am happy to report that devolution in Nandi County is in the right direction. My Government has been on a steady and meaningful transformative agenda to change and improve the lives of our residents. As you are aware, two months ago a team from Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) led by its Chair Mr Micah Cheserem, visited our County on a fact – finding mission and to check on the progress of devolution. The report by the commission did underscore the great developments and the positive impact that our great County is undergoing. I share the findings of the report and I assure Nandi County residents that the report captures the real situation of our County. Moving forward, I have no doubt that we are going to implement all our pre- election pledges and goals as contained in Nandi County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) before the next general election.
Ladies and gentlemen,
May I now highlight my Administration achievement for the past three and half years,
On agriculture which is the backbone of our economy and source of livelihood, My Government has committed to ensure that the sector remains a top priority. To this far, we have renovated and revived several cattle dips across the County as part of our measures to keep livestock diseases at bay. Through the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, a routine vaccination and diseases surveillance is being conducted to prevent and control the spread of these diseases. Further, in an effort to improve our breeds and increase milk production we have rolled out subsidized AI services for our farmers. We have purchased 10 Doper rams to upgrade the breed of the local sheep. To commercialize poultry, we have purchased 10 incubators which have since been distributed to various groups including Women, Youth and People Living with Disabilities in the County. And to ensure food security in our County, we have embarked on boosting the production of other crops like bananas, macadamia, potatoes and avocados.
Additionally, we are reviving the coffee sector by distributing over 140, 000 seedlings of coffee to various coffee cooperatives in the County. This initiative is geared towards increasing the production of coffee berries, as a foundation for setting up coffee milling plant in the County.
Further, we have devoted resources to revamp Kaimosi Agricultural Training Centre to transform the institution into a modern centre for training for our farmers in the latest agri –business technology and practises. Moreover, we have also operationalized the four ShoMap markets namely; Kibyok, Labuiywo, Kaptumo and Serem. I urge our farmers to utilize these facilities to market their agricultural produce.
Provision of good and quality Health services to the residents have tremendously improved. So far, we have managed to accommodate atleast 40 staff members within Kapsabet County Referral Hospital after the completion of the construction of staff housing units. Additionally, our response to emergencies has greatly been boosted after we acquired state – of – the – art ambulances. Consequently, there has been remarkable reduction in maternal and child mortality rates. At this, juncture may I extend my appreciation to the First Lady Mama Margaret Kenyatta for her campaign to end child mortality and to ensure safe delivery by expectant mothers in this Country. Nandi is greatful to be a beneficiary of one of the beyond Zero mobile clinics.
Further, My Government has undertaken an initiative to construct 20 maternity wings across the County. These maternity units are in various stages of completion and soon they will be operational. With the collaboration of National government Medical Equipment Scheme (MES) we have acquired specialized medical equipment like MRI, Digital X – Rays, Medical Imaging and Ultra Sound, Which are being installed at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital and Nandi Hills County hospital. Together with this intervention, we have ensured that medical drugs are availed in all our 148 health facilities across the County.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Education remains a key and integral requisite for our socio – economic transformation and development. It is for this reason that My Government has been keen to ensure the sector got all the necessary support. It is worth mentioning that we have constructed 20 vocational training centres, six twin workshops and 118 Early Childhood Development and Education centres (ECDE). In addition, we have employed over 824 ECDE caregivers and 33 polytechnic instructors. We are in the process of employing more caregivers so that all our children can have a good foundation in their learning.
Following the enactment of the Nandi County Education Fund (NACEF), disbursement of bursaries to needy students is set to begin. Already, the disbursement committee has been identified and I urge all the residents of Nandi County to fully participate in the identification of the beneficiaries of the Fund.
I am also happy to report that Nandi County will finally have its first public University, Koitalel Samoei University of Nandi. Already, a tender advertisement inviting bidders for the construction of the infrastructural facilities for the University at Nandi Hills has been issued. A precise date for the laying of the foundation stone by President Uhuru Kenyatta will be communicated soon. I urge the residents of Nandi to grab the opportunities and potentials that the institution will provide.
Fellow Residents,
Provision of clean and safe water remains the top priority of My Administration. So far we have successfully completed 80 out of 150 water projects we are undertaking across the County. We have also installed a new technology of Ramp Pump at Kimaren and Mosoriot. The technology is imported from New Zealand and is the only one in our County and Africa. It is cost effective since it is not powered by electricity or fuel. We are making arrangements to avail more of these Ramp Pumps to many areas of our County to boost water supply to our homes.
Land is an important asset and more importantly a basic need that we all require to invest. It is for this reason that My Government in conjunction with the National government have issued tittle deeds to our residents who have been searching for these valid documents in vain for long. We are not going to relent in this endeavour until all our residents get land ownership documents.
In addition, we are now finalizing on establishing a major dumpsite in Kapsabet town. This will go a long way in easing the perennial drainage issues that have bedevilled the town. Plans are underway to modernize the water supply and sanitation for Kapsabet and its environs.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As you are aware, proper infrastructural development is an ingredient for any meaningful development in promoting economic growth. My Administration has purchased road construction and maintenance machinery. We have opened up and graded over 2000km of feeder roads, of these 1500km have been gravelled.
Further, we have also purchased two state -of – the -art fire fighting engines, which have significantly enhanced our response to fire accidents and reduced possible damages to our properties and losses to the business community.
We are glad to report the increase in investor confidence in Kapsabet and Nandi Hills towns in the past three and half years. This positive development is witnessed through the mushrooming of many high – rise commercial buildings and the booming enterprises. These, my fellow residents are the fruits of devolution. I assure the entrepreneurs in this County of my total support in their endeavours.
To enhance and promote the business community, we are soon integrating technology to tap into the vast growing global village market. In this regard, the two major towns of Nandi Hills and Kapsabet have been connected to the fibre – optic cable. We are also collaborating with the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology to install Local Area Networks (LAN) in other parts of our County.
For efficiency and effectiveness in our revenue collection, we have adopted an automated revenue system, thus becoming one of the few Counties to embrace the technology. In addition, we have also automated acquisition of trading licenses. These are the great measures we have bolstered to enhance and make our County an investment destination hub for our investors.
Nandi County continue to dominate the world sphere of sports, both in the field and track competition courtesy of our sons and daughters, who have never disappointed us. As earlier mentioned, we pride ourselves in their achievements and for making our County to be known in the world. Our efforts to position and brand Nandi County as the top Sports Tourism destination in the global map, has been made easier by our athletes who continue to market us abroad.
We are proud to be naturally endowed with the best altitudes for athletics training and environment, and I welcome athletes from other parts of this Country and abroad who wish to come and train here. As a government, we are committed in supporting our athletes. My Administration is constructing two training facilities to nurture and support our sportsmen and sportswomen namely; Kipchoge Keino Stadium in Kapsabet which is at its second phase of construction and Nandi Hills Stadium. Upon completion, we expect that the stadia will be equipped with the modern training facilities.
At this juncture, allow me to recognize and extend my sincere appreciation to our esteemed partners in the sector, who have always been supportive to our athletes through organizing of annual marathons. Notably, Sameer Group of Companies (Nandi Tea Limited), KASS Media Group and Ndalat Gaa Cross Country organizers. I invite other partners to emulate them and join us in this journey to position and cement our County’s tittle as the SOURCE OF CHAMPIONS.
As I conclude, I take this opportunity on behalf of the County leadership, the residents and all the education stakeholders in our County to wish all our form four and standard eight candidates’ success in their forthcoming exams!

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21 Oct
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Residents of Nandi today thronged Koitalel samoei Mausoleum in Nandi Hills town to commemorate the death of Nandi legendary leader Koitalel Arap Samoei who was brutally killed by the British.

The residents led by Nandi County governor Dr Cleophas Lagat honoured Koitalel in a colourful celebrations .
Koitalel Arap Samoei was killed in 19th October 1905 .

It was colour and pomp at the event held outside Koitalel musoleum as traditional prayers and dances that brought together the Nandi community were held during the ceremony.

Nandi county governor Dr Cleophas Lagat said that his government is pursuing the British government for compensation for the atrocities they committed.Adding that the County has already constituted a legal team to represent Nandi community at the international courts.

Nandi county attorney Mr George Tarus said that the marking of 111 years since the brutal killing of Koitalel Samoei is very significant because the Nandi community resisted the British for 11years.

Kipchoge chomu , Koitalel Samoei grandson said that the Talai community were tortured, forcefully evicted from their land, killed and lost their property, and therefore they should be compensated just like the Maumau. Chomu wondered why the British government were selective in their compensation.Adding that that Mashujaa day would not be complete without honouring Koitalel arap samoei, “The history of this country is distorted because much focus has been given to heroes who fought for independence at the expense of those who resisted the establishment of colonial rule in Kenya” he added.

He urged the government to remember the suffering of Nandi people through Koitalel samoei and his lineage. Reiterating all will not be well until the British government compensates them for suffering that they were subjected to including murder, rape and deportation.
Citing the longest political detainee Mr Barsian arap Manyei who was detained for 40years(1922-1967).The celebration of Koitalel Samoei comes day ahead of Mashujaa day celebration.Koitalel is considered as a great heroe and legendary leader among the Nandi community, famous for his prophecies and for leading the longest reistance against the British colonial government.

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21 Oct
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Residents of Ndalat ward yesterday had an opportunity to interact and ask questions pertaining the various projects undertaken by the county government of Nandi.

Led by County boss Dr. Lagat and his deputy Dominic Biwott, wananchi asked questions that the County had done.
Also present were all county ministers and chief officers

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06 Oct
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Nandi County has been identified by Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) as the suitable County to implement its programme. In a survey conducted this year in three Counties Kiambu, Bungoma and Nandi on ‘’Gender Assessment of dairy value chains’’, Nandi emerged as the most viable of the three Counties.

The project dubbed ‘’ Enable Women to benefit more equally from agri –food value chain’’ is a three year programme funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency(SIDA), implemented in eight countries in Africa; Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda and Tunisia.
Speaking at the launch of the programme at Kapsabet, FAO representative in Kenya Dr Gabriel Rugalema said that the project intends to support women in the County by enhancing agri- food systems which are more Inclusive, efficient and addresses gender inequalities and thereby contributing to increased food security in the Country. Further, Rugalema expressed his desire to closely work with the County‘s Administration to ensure that the project’s goals were realized.

On her part CEC Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mrs Mary Ng’elechei thanked the organization for choosing Nandi County to carry out the project, ‘’As a County we feel happy and privileged to spearhead this project and we would like to extend our appreciation to FAO for choosing Nandi in the entire Country to conduct this programme’’ added Ng’elechei.

The minister also reiterated government’s support towards the project, while noting the positive impact the project will bring to several women in the County, including promoting family businesses and women – led enterprises.
In addition, Ng’elechei has called farmers in the County and particularly women to utilize on the three year window of opportunity offered by FAO to improve their incomes and nutrition in their households.

The project, she added, will be implemented through Cooperatives and Groups with Lessos Dairy Cooperative already identified to kick off the programme.

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05 Oct
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The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) officers managing South Nandi forest in Nandi County have been accused of colluding with loggers to harvest forest illegally.

The accusation comes at a time when the County officials with the help of members of the public arrested a logger with timber in Chepkongen near Kamaindi in Kobujoi, Aldai Sub County.

Making the accusations, CEC Environment, Water & Natural Resources Dr. John Kipkorir Chumo claimed that unscrupulous KFS officials were colluding with influential timber merchants to deplete the environment.

He particularly lamented that the forest cover was being depleted each day due to the haphazard harvesting of trees from the local forest, saying this will impact negatively on the environment.

While noting that the current trend was worrying, Dr. Chumo threatened to stop cooperating with the KFS officials in the area and demanded for their transfer.

“The officers continue to collude with timber merchants by selling indigenous trees at a cost of Shs. 16,000 per tree. This trend will lead to forest depletion and drying of water sources in the area if the situation is not arrested. Over 100 indigenous trees have been cut down in South Nandi forest and this is unacceptable”, warned Dr. Chumo.

Dr. Chumo thanked the public for providing the information.

The County Executive also asked the national government to fully devolve forestry functions to counties for better management.

“Devolving forestry functions will ensure that Kenya Forest service supports County Governments in identifying forest potential while enhancing individual and institutional capacities of the county governments through capacity building to enable them develop and manage the local resources”, added Dr. Chumo.

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