Month: July 2017

11 Jul
By: Evans Sirma 0


Residents of Tindiret sub county now want the national government to clarify why Chiefs and their Assistants are currently collecting people’s identity card details across the region.

The Chiefs and their Assistants had allegedly been instructed to collect the details of potential beneficiaries of relief food but the residents read mischief in the whole exercise.

The residents argue that other parts of the country is currently faced with drought and famine and not the entire Tindiret, adding that the government cannot purport to be supporting just a section of the people within the community.

The residents have petitioned the government to come clear on where they are taking the details which they have already taken and warned the locals to be careful about giving their ID card details to the administrators.

The residents have called on members of the County Assembly, National Assembly and the incoming Governor to step in and shed light on the matter, saying they should clarify whether the move is genuine or not to ensure the locals don’t miss out on something beneficial.

However, a Chief from Tindiret sub county who sought anonymity confirmed that administrators in the area are indeed collecting identification details of residents but noted that the move has no political or sinister motive.

He added that the exercise is being conducted everywhere in the county, stating that they had been instructed to check on the most vulnerable families in the area who should be given relief food.

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10 Jul
By: Evans Sirma 1


The County government of Nandi in collaboration with Nandi Agricultural Stakeholders Forum have the pleasure to invite you to the annual field day exhibition to be held at Kaimosi ATC on Tuesday , 11th of July 2017. The theme of the field day is ‘’ promoting Agro –Technological Adoption towards Food Security and Wealth Creation’’ The event will begin at 10.00am and end at 5.00pm.


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10 Jul
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The Chief Justice Hon David Maraga,
Presiding Judge, Hon Kanyi Kimondo
Senior Magistrate Hon. Dolphina Alego,
County Commissioner,
All the elected leaders present,
Court Users Committee (CUC),
All protocols observed,
Good afternoon!
It gives me great pleasure to join you during this auspicious occasion. The establishment of High Court in Nandi County is a milestone for the residents of this County who yearn for expanded access to justice. Since 1970 when Kapsabet Law Courts was established by the then Chief Justice His Lordship M.K Mwendwa no other court has been established since then. Consequently, this has impeded access to justice to our residents and a backlog of cases has considerably increased.
As the first governor of this County it has been my dream to see that justice delivery is brought closer to my people and access to higher judicial jurisdiction is established. It is on this premise that my government has donated parcels of land for the establishment of the High Court in Kapsabet and other courts in Kabiyet, Songhor and Kaptumo.
We have done our part and I would want to urge the Judiciary to secure these parcels and fence them. We have allocated these lands for public through the due processes of law and we therefore request the Judiciary to set aside adequate financial resources for infrastructural development and the deployment of more officers to these courts.
Our Judiciary has undergone a significant transformation and I applaud the Chief Justice Hon David Maraga for his visionary and transformative agenda. I have gone through your document on Sustaining Judiciary Transformation (SJT) – A service delivery Agenda 2017 -2021, where you intend to establish at least a High Court in all the 47 counties so as to expedite the delivery of justice. Nandi County was listed among the nine Counties that had no High court and I am glad today we are joining the rest of other 38 Counties with our own High Court.
At this juncture I would like to recognize Senior Principal Magistrate Hon. Dolphina Alego and her team who have tirelessly and diligently worked round the clock to ensure that this dream becomes a reality. We appreciate your efforts and passion to serve and support the Nandi residents, continue with the same spirit. I also extend my gratitude to the World Bank who are funding this project.
Furthermore, I commend the cordial relationship that exists between my government and the Judiciary here in Kapsabet. It is through this collaboration that we have experienced meaningful progress in our County.
Illegal manufacture and consumption of liquor remains a big challenge in our County. We continue to lose immense resources and many lives from alcohol related cases. Reports reveal that in Kapsabet Law courts at least over Ksh. 2million of fines are collected on monthly basis translating to a total Ksh. 24million of fines yearly. It is my hope that with the establishment of the High court in Kapsabet and the corporation of other stakeholders including the corrective services we will find a better solution to this problem.
As I conclude ladies and gentlemen, our constitution is anchored on the premises that the rule of law must be adhered to at all the times, I therefore I urge everybody especially during this electioneering period to observe and respect the rule of the law irrespective of your status.
May God Bless you,
May God Bless Nandi,
Thank you.

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10 Jul
By: Evans Sirma 0


Nandi residents have received the news to establish a High Court by the Judiciary after 47 years of waiting with a relief. The County has been operating with one Court, Kapsabet Law Court since it is establishment in 1970 by the then Chief Justice His Lordship M.K Mwendwa.

Speaking when he officially received documents of title by Nandi County governor HE Dr. Cleophas Lagat, Justice David Maraga, Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court expressed his gratitude to the County government of Nandi for the gesture, noting that the establishment of the Court was done in accordance with the High Court Act which mandates every County to have it is own High Court, adding that they will establish more courts at the Sub County level in the County and particularly Songhor in Tindiret Sub County , Kaptumo in Aldai Sub County and Kabiyet in Mosop Sub County where the County government have donated the parcels of land.

Further, Hon. Maraga revealed that funds totaling to Ksh. 367million meant for project were ready and infrastructural development would commence in January next year once the tendering process is finalized, ‘’ The construction of Nandi High Court will begin next year, we already have funds and the procurement process is in progress and will end by December’’ added CJ Maraga.

On his part Nandi County government HE Dr. Cleophas has welcomed the move to establish the Court, noting that it has been his dream to see that the Justice delivery is brought closer to the residents, ’As the first governor of this County it has been my dream to see that Justice delivery is brought closer to my people and access to higher Judicial jurisdiction’’ he added.

Additionally, governor Lagat said that the establishment of the Court was a relief to the residents as it would ease backlog of cases which had considerably increased and enhance access to justice.

According to a recent report illegal manufacture and consumption of liquor remains a bigger challenge in the County. The reports further reveals that the County continues to lose immense resources and lives from alcohol related cases. In Kapsabet Laws at least Ksh. 2million of fines is collected monthly totaling to Ksh. 24million of fines yearly.

Moreover, Lagat has expressed optimism with the establishment of the Court and called on all the stakeholders to join hands in eradicating the problem,’’ It is my hope that with the establishment of the High court in Kapsabet and with the corporation of other stakeholders including the corrective services we will find a better solution to this problem’’ added Lagat. Present also during the event were Presiding Judge Hon Kanyi Kimondo, SPM Hon Dolphina Alego, County Commissioner Mrs Lucy Mulili, County Officials , Court Users Committee (CUC) among others.

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10 Jul
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Nandi County governor HE Dr. Cleophas Lagat has flagged off Kenya under 18 Team who are going to represent the Country in the upcoming 2017 IAAF under 18 Championships to be held on 12th to 16th of July 2017 at Sports Centre Kasarani. The event will be the first of its kind to be held on the African soil.

Lagat called on the team to give their best in the competitions, citing some of the sports stars in the field that have emerge through the IAAF Youth championships, ‘’ History has proved that U18 IAAF championships that best sportsmen and sportswomen have emerged, for instance Eliud Kipchoge, Consenslus Kipruto,Usain Bolt, Mercy Cherono among others. I urge all the athletes who will participate to take the competition seriously, this can be a stepping stone to brighter future’’ added Lagat.
Reports reveal that Nandi County has an approximate of 36% in total of the medal standing the Country has ever achieved. In the recent Rio Olympics Nandi county contributed to a third of the medals achieved.

Nandi County is famous for it is prowess in athletics, popularly known as the Source of Champions. Lagat said that the County pride itself for having pioneered the first athletes the likes of the legendary Kipchoge Keino , former and reigning athletes like Pamela Jelimio, Wlifred Bungei, Eliud Kipchoge, Consenslus Kipruto among others.

Additionally, he expressed government support to the athletes in the County citing the ongoing construction of the two stadia namely in Nandi Hills and Kipchoge Keino stadium in Kapsabet .

On his part Team’s Marketing Manager Joseph Lagat applauded the County government for the establishment of the facilities, adding that the completion of the stadia which especially Kapsabet stadium which has been designed to the International Standards, will promote the sport and enable Kenya host international competition in future.

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