Year: 2017

08 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 0

County Government of Nandi

Medical Education for Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education, Khawaja Salman Rafique presided over a meeting at Civil Secretariat, today which discussed in detail the matters for constitution of a committee.

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The Highest Glory of the Citizen’s Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of Civil Government with the pronciples of Humanity.

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16 Jan
By: Evans Sirma 0


Nandi Deputy Governor Dominic Biwott has expressed concern over the low number of registered voters in the County. The Deputy Governor noted that there are only 147,000 people in Nandi with Identity Cards but not registered as voters.

Speaking to the Press today, Biwott said that registration as a voter is important in the process of governance not only as a constitutional right but also as an opportunity to choose a leader.

“It would be unfortunate if those eligible as voters do not register. Out of those we meet in meetings while asking for votes approximately 35 percent may not be voters. We need to have numbers as a county,” said Biwott.

The deputy county boss said the county government will do everything within its means to support IEBC in promoting citizen engagement in voter registration.

“As a County Government, we shall support sensitization programmes on the need to register as voters,” he added.

“The political environment in the Country is a game of numbers which determines resource allocation and the community’s voice at the national level. Let us turn out in numbers and register as voters. Only then can we exercise our civic duties,” concluded Biwott.

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16 Jan
By: Evans Sirma 0


Nandi Governor Dr Cleophas Lagat on Sunday marked the new by officially opening a water project in Mosop constituency.

Governor Lagat said the Tuiyobei Water Project in Kurgung/Surungai ward will save residents the hustle of searching for this essential commodity.

“We promised and now we are delivering. A lot of people will benefit from this project and will ensure residents get acess to clean and safe water for use,”said Lagat who was flanked by eight MCAs.

The County boss said provision of clean water remains a priority for his government.

“My government has prioritized the provision of water, when we took over in 2013 only 13 per cent of Nandi County residents had piped water in their homes currently we are at 39 per cent,” Lagat pointed out.
The governor called on area leaders to support his development projects instead of criticising him every time.

Lagat at the same time urged residents to re-elect him in the coming general elections.

He said he has kicked off a program that will see him visit all the 30 wards in the county to inspect development projects initiated under his administration and interact with wananchi.

“I will kick-off a program that will see me and other county officees visit all the wards where we open completed projects and launch others” the governor added.
Earlier Governor Lagat had hosted more than 5,000 people from across the county in his Kurgung home to usher in the new year in an elaborate ceremony that was laso attended by eigth MCAs.

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