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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 12

Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Sanitation

The Department of Lands, Environment and natural resources is an important department whose mandate revolves around capitalization of land, environmental conservation and proper utilization of natural resources. Nandi County is rich in all these aspects. My focus is on enhancing the departments mandate as outlined in the Governor’s manifesto.

Water provision remains my top agenda going forward and it is for this reason that my Department will carry out mapping of all water resources within Nandi County.

We will develop a Nandi County Water Provision Master Plan that will guide identification and building of viable water projects.

This will improve access to portable and clean water to the residents of Nandi County from the current 26% to 40% by 2022.

I will further liaise with the National Government to speed up the construction of

Keben water project that when complete, will serve the residents of Nandi Hills and Kapsabet.

For our environment, we will work towards increasing the forest cover from the current 24% to 30% by 2022.

This will be achieved through promotion of community tree nurseries that are owned by own Youth, Women and People with disabilities.

I endeavor to promote participatory forest management which ensures community involvement in the management of forests within Nandi County and the accruing benefits.

My department will work hand in hand with farmers to ensure that we put up a County Tree Nursery Management Centre that will train farmers on better tree management techniques.

My department has recognized the need of partnering with other stakeholders and development partners for effective service delivery and so far, we have a number of partners who include Water Sector Trust Fund, Food and Agriculture Organization, European Union, Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme among others.

In partnership with the County Assembly, I intend to develop a legislation that will guide and address matters of environment, water, climate change; physical planning and land issues Most of the urban areas in the County are unplanned and thuds will spearhead the formulation of Nandi County Spatial Plan to guide developments.

The department will ensure proper planning of Mosoroit, Kaptumo, Chemundu, Kabiyet, Chepsonoi, Maraba, kobujoi and Kaiboi among others.

To address the plight of squatters, I will soon commence the survey and titling of Tartar Farms, Kapsabet Swahili village, Kiboswa Trading centre, Romorio Farm,Kipkaren Sallient(Laboret), Orkokit farm and Kiptegat farm.

Going forward, justice for the Talai, Terik and other communities affected by historical land injustices must be achieved.

SOLOMON KIPKOSGEI MANG’IRA is currently pursuing a PhD (Environmental Education) at Kenyatta University.

Mang’ira has a Masters of Philosophy in Environmental Law from University, and a Bachelor of Laws Degree LLB where he specialized in Civil, Criminal, and Conveyancing at Marthrad University India.

He also holds a Bachelor of Social Legislation from Maratwatha University India having specialized in Legal Writing History of Laws, Jurisprudence of Law Sociology of Law.

He has Post Graduate Diploma in Education Moi University and a Senior Secondary Certificate Examination part-2 Punjab School Education Board India.


Mang’ira sat for his KCSE at Lumakanda Boys High School.


In his lifetime, Mang’ira has worked as a Senior Administrative Assistant and Internal Part-time lecturer at Moi University.

At the same time, Mang’ira participated in the Moi University Annual International Conference Committee as a member in charge of publicity.

He has also worked as an Outreach officer at Moi University and as an Editorial board member- Kenya African Students Association India and Sri-Lanka.

He was also appointed as a lecturer at Mount Kenya University’s School of Business and Assistant Lecturer at Eldoret Polytechnic.

At the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK). Mang’ira worked as a Registration Officer in charge of Aldai Constituency where he was in charge recruiting, training, supervising, publicity, and data collating.

He also worked as a Presiding officer and Assistant Registration Officer for ECK.

Mang’ira is a Member of the Vice Chancellors Forum dealing with Community Environment.

He is also a member of the Church Commission of Kenya and Anglican Church Synod Diocese of Eldoret.

‘’If you want to change the results then change the methodology’’

We have had many achievements since I joined the strong team led by CECM Lands, Environment and Natural Resources supported by directors from Water, Environment, Planning and Survey and other support staff.

The department has had a number of milestones including acquisition of title deeds for parcels of land hosting The Kapsabet Referral Hospital, The Governor’s Office currently under construction and the Department of Land, Environment and Natural Resources.

Provision of clean and adequate water remains a priority and it is for this reason that we have development partners including Water Sector Trust Fund who have supported a number of projects including Kimg’oror, Cheptil, Kimatkei, Kobujoi and Lelmokwo. The County currently pays 10% upfront of

the project to the sector to ensure consistency and the County has already paid Kshs. 27 million towards the same.

The multibillion Keben Dam Water Supply project will soon start and it is to benefit over 50,000 households mainly in Nandi hills and Kapsabet towns including the surrounding neighborhoods along the distribution lines.

The department has also partnered with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with an aim of developing a 10 year Spatial Plan aimed at balancing development across the County.

County Government of Nandi fully supports the process of historical Land Injustice and is ready to ensure that justice prevails to all those who are affected and will follow the normal court process even if it means involving the African Courts and International courts. Over 400 cases have been reported in Nandi since 1895-2010 and National Lands Commission has 40 cases from Nandi.

With the continuous emerging issues of land, World Bank has set aside Kshs. 400 million for the construction of a high court and other court offices.

The department has a County Environment Committee in place whose mandate include being responsible for proper management of the environment within the county, develop a county strategic environmental action plan every 5 years and to also prepare state of the environment report after every 2 years.

We are committed to transforming Nandi.


To ensure sustainable utilization of the County’s Land resources and healthy environment for the current and future generations


To promote sustainable Land Management, participatory forest management, enhanced environmental conservation and provision of clean water.


  1. Promote sustainable Land management and ensure clean and healthy environment for Nandi County.
  2. Provide clean piped water for residents of Nandi County.
  3. Increase forest cover of 19% to 30% within the next 10 years.
  4. Promote sustainable utilization of Land resources.
  5. Promote environmental awareness and civic education I Nandi County.
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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 2


MESHACK KIPKORIR MALAKWEN holds a Master Degree in Business Administration, Strategic management from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Malakwen also holds a Bachelers Degree in Agricultural Education and Extension from Egerton University  and holds a Diplomer in Management

He began his academic life at St. Joseph’s High, Kitale and Koyo Primary School.

Malakwen has worked in the Tea industry as a Senior Manager for a period of 18 years at Eastern Produce LTD EPK, Tea Board of Kenya and Koisagat Tea Company LTD where he carried tea management practices to achieve optimum production and market, made collaborative approach with stakeholders to ensure crop production reached highest quality to meet the competitive market demands.

He also prepared the Annual Budget, ensured all operations work within the budget and liased with Tea Research Foundation of Kenya on the new technological approaches to improve the tea yield and quality.

As one of the best achievements, Malakwen worked as a Coordinator, Agricultural Intervention in the fight against HIV/AIDS project by Eastern Produce (K) Ltd. and National AIDS Control Council (NACC).

In community mobilization, he carried out agricultural field days for farmers on establishment of self-sustaining communities in food security and social economic development.

Malakwen was part of the team of Sireet Tea company that received the President’s Commendation for being the best Tea Company in 2009 having been the leading tax payer.

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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 0

Economic Planning


He is currently pursuing a PhD in Supply Chain Management at JKUAT.

He holds a Master of Business Management Degree (Purchasing and Supplies Option) from Moi University, and Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Management Option) from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.

At the Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT), Sambu attained an International Computer Driving License (ICDL).


Sambu was also educated at Uasin Gishu High School and Testimony Primary School-Eldoret for his KCSE and KCPE respectively.

In the academia, Sambu has published an MBM Thesis (Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Their Impact on Performance of Learning Institutions in the North Rift Region, Kenya), Moi University.

He has also published a journal on Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Perfomance of Learning Institutions, Effects of Green Packaging on Business Performance in the Manufacturing in Nairobi County, Kenya.

He has worked at JKUAT -Eldoret CBD Campus and University of Eldoret- Main Campus and Town Campus as a lecturer.


As a lecturer, Sambu taught Business Courses, developed teaching and learning materials, setting, invigilating and marking CATs, assignments and University examinations.

Sambu has also worked as a General Manager K.A.G.E Ltd.

He is a Member Kenya Institute of Supplies Management.

This is a department in the Finance and Economic Planning docket in the County. It consists of TWO distinct units, namely, Budget and Planning. We are in the process of setting up a third unit, the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit for improved performance and achieving results. The overriding M&E goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.

Our main objective as a Department of Economic Planning is to strengthen the Planning function.


  • Budget Section


Budgeting is a process informed by major planning components all geared towards reviewing and evaluating budgetary performance for prudent financial management and governance processes.

The annual budgets are derived from the strategic objectives and guidelines under Vision 2030 guided by the Counties’ own Sectoral plans, CIDP, Annual Development Plans, County Budget Review and Outlook Paper and the County Fiscal Strategies. Having all these documents in place helps in coming up with realistic Budgets.

The budget section has realized several



  1. Generation of budget preparation guidelines to all the County Departments;
  2. Preparation and availing to the County Assembly for adoption the Annual Development Plans;
  3. Formulation and presentation of the County Budget Review and Outlook Papers;
  4. Development and presentation for adoption of the County Fiscal Strategy Papers;
  5. Preparation and Consolidation of all the Departmental Budget Estimates and presentation of the same to the County Assembly for approval;
  6. Preparation of the County Budget Appropriation Bills for approval by the County Assembly and later assent by the Governor;
  7. Preparation of Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements of Accounts and Reports including cash flows and embracing the use of Integrated Financial Management Information System.


Currently, the sub sector has been able to meet the timelines as required by the relevant financial Acts and regulations in submission of the various planning documents and reports.


  • Economic Planning Section


This sub sector is responsible for analyzing, formulating and overseeing management of fiscal, monetary and financial sector policies and other economic policies. It also undertakes the preparation and monitoring of the county budget, monitoring and evaluation of development projects, as well as take leadership role in coordinating preparation of key economic plans.



  1. Coordinated the preparation of Nandi CIDP 2018-2022.
  2. It also coordinated the preparation and implementation of the Nandi CIDP 2013-2017,
  3. Coordinated preparation of twelve departmental Strategic Plans  for the period 2014-2018,
  4. prepared and submitted to the county assembly four  County Annual Development Plans (CADP’s),
  5. Prepared and submitted to the County Assembly three  County Fiscal Strategy Papers,
  6. Provided support to the county KNBS office in the preparation of the County Statistical Abstract (2015) and
  7. Provided technical support to departments in preparation of their work plans and budgets and in the implementation of their programmes, projects and policies.





In the county, the sub sector is mandated with providing leadership, coordination and setting up mechanisms for tracking implementation progress of the county development programs and projects outlined in the County Integrated Development Plan. It further prepares the County Annual Progress Reports that evaluate performance against benchmarks and targets that are set for each year for various sectors in the CIDP. The report provides important feedback to policy makers and the general public on the county government’s performance progress towards achieving various economic and social developmental policies and programmes. It consequently ensures equitable, effective and efficient resource allocation and utilization in a transparent and accountable manner.

Our main objective as a Department of Economic Planning is to strengthen the Planning function. To achieve this, the following strategies will be implemented:

  1. Enhancing implementation of the County integrated Development Plan;
  2. Aligning county expenditure to available income;
  3. Rationalizing the expenditure;
  4. Developing Departmental Plans of Operation;
  5. Developing Individual Performance Plans;
  6. Establishing a Performance Management System;
  7. Establishing Performance Contracting;
  8. Establishing effective coordination mechanisms on CIDP implementation;
  9. Implementing the Monitoring Plan of the CIDP;
  10. Evaluating the CIDP programme;
  11. Engendering the participation of partners and stakeholders in the implementation process.
  12. Organizing and conducting surveys on basic county specific data
  13. Promoting equity in resource distribution
  14. Strengthening the linkage between Planning and Budgeting
  15. Establishing an M&E framework in the county
  16. Institutionalizing the culture of accountability
  17. Building the capacity of the department; proper structure, facilitation, staff.


To provide overall leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization, management and accountability for quality public service delivery


Strengthened planning and budgeting processes and enhanced policy formulation for effective monitoring and implementation of public resources.


A leading sector in public finance management, economic policy formulation and coordination of development.

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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 9

Education, Research and Vocational Training


1 28 October, 2019 Kaptumo/ KaboiKaboiKipkenyo Chief’s Office9.00am
KaptumoKaptumo Community Hall2.00pm
2 29th October, 2019 Koyo/ NdurioKapkoleiKapkolei Dispensary9.00am
NdurioNdurio Chief’s Office2.00pm
KoyoKoyo Chief’s Office9.00am
KapsaosKapsaos Chief’s Office2.00pm
3 30th October,2019 KobujoiKibwareng’Kibwareng’ Chief’s Camp9.00am
ChebilatResio Health Centre9.00am
KesogonKesogon Dispensary1.00pm
4 31st October, 2019 Kemeloi/ MarabaKemeloiKemeloi Chief’s Office9.00am
MarabaKongoro Centre12noon
5 1st November, 2019 KabwarengKemeloiKorgor Cattle Dip9.00am
BonjogeBonjoge Market2.00pm
6 4th November,2019 TerikKapseng’ereKapseng’ere Primary9.00am
KapkererKapkerer PAG12noon
KesengeiKapkures Chief’s Office (Kapsamoch)2.00pm
1 28th October,2019 TinderetKamelilTaptengelei Centre9.00am
MeteiteiMeteitei Centre9.00am
TachasisTachasis Dip9.00am
29th October, 2019 ChemamulChemamul Dispensary9.00am
TinderetChief’s Office9.00am
ChepkemelChief’s Office9.00am
2 30th October, 2019 Songhor/ SobaSobaSoba River H.C9.00am
KapkitonyKapkulumben Centre9.00am
31st October, 2019 SonghorTaunet Dispensary9.00am
KabutieKabutie Centre9.00am
KabirerKapkechui Centre9.00am
KameliloChief’s Office9.00am
Kabolebo/kaplelachKabolebo Coperative society9.00am
3 1st November, 2019Chemelil/ChemaseChemelilChief’s Office9.00am
ChemaseChief’s Office9.00am
4 4th November, 2019 KapsimotwoKapsimotwoUnderit Chief’s office9.00am
ChepsireSDA Church9.00am
TemsoACK Church /Tank9.00am
ChebarusChebarus Catholic Church9.00am
128th October 2019Nandi HillsNandi HillsKipsamo AIC Church9.00am
KosoiywoSinendet Centre12 Noon
Ol’lesosKoilotKoilot Chief’s Office9.00am
SochoiSochoi Chief’s Office12 Noon
KapchoruaAinapngetunyLabuiywo Show Map9.00am
KapkorosKapkoros Dispensary12 Noon
ChepkunyukChepkunyukChepkunyuk Centre9.00am
TartarNdubusat Dispensary9.00am
229th October 2019Nandi HillsChemomiSoiyet Centre9.00am
KaplelmetKaplelmet AIC Church12 Noon
Ol’lessosLessosMogoon Social Hall9.00am
ChepkunyukLelwakLelwak Chief’s Office12 Noon
SiretCheptabach Dispensary12 Noon
MogobichKipkeigei Centre9.00 Am
KibabetKipkoror Dispensary12 Noon
KapchoruaSirwaSirwa Dispensary9.00 Am
330th October,2019 Nandi HillsChebarusKipkimba Dip9.00 Am
CheptililikKamagei Centre9.00 Am
KipsebwoKipsebwo Centre12 Noon
ChepkunyukSiwoSiwo Centre9.00 Am
TaitoTaito Centre9.00 Am
CheboinKaptuma Primary12 Noon
1 28th October, 2019 ChepkumiaChepkumiaChepkumia Centre9.00am
2 29th October, 2019 KapkanganiKapkanganiChepsonoi Market9.00am
3 30th October, 2019 KapsabetKapsabetShowground9.00am
KimindaCheindoi Dispensary9.00am
KamoboChepkinoiyo centre2.00pm
4 31st October, 2019 KilibwoniKipsigak
KabirirsangKipture Dispensary9.00am
1st November,2019 Arwos
KilibwoniKilibwoni Centre1.00pm
Terige/Songoliet/LolminingaiSongoliet Centre9.00am
1 28th October, 2019 KabiyetKabiyetKabiyet Social Hall9.00am
LolkeringetLolkeringet Centre9.00am
KamasiaKapkagaron Trading Centre2.00pm
2 29th October, 2019 Sang’alo/KebulonikKebulonikSang’alo Centre9.00am
Sang’aloKipsamoite Centre12 noon
Corner Bar2.00pm
3 30th October, 2019 ChepterwaiKipngororKipngoror Shopping Centre9.00am
ChepterwaiChepterwai Do’s Office9.00am
SoiminingSoimining Centre12noon
KamasaiKamasai Health Centre2.00pm
4 31st October, 2019 Kurgung/SurungaiKoisolik/ RubetTuiyobei Dip9.00am
Kurgung’Kurgung’ Social Hall2.00pm
KamungeiKamungei Centre9.00am
KaptichSing’ore Centre12noon
Surungai/Kapter/KoibanTulwo Trading Centre2.00pm
5 1st November, 2019 KipkarenLaboretWard Admins Office9.00am
KipkarenGenesis Grounds9.00am
SaroraKipyeshi Centre2.00pm
ChepkemelChepkemel Health Centre2.00pm
6 4th November, 2019 NdalatNdalatKamulat Primary9.00am
KapkatetKapkatet Chief’s Office9.00am
KabiemitKabiemit Centre2.00pm
Ndalat Gaa (Scheme)Ndalat Centre2.00pm
7 5th November, 2019 KabisagaKabisagaEisero Centre9.00am
Cheptil Centre2.00pm
SigotChepkatet Dispensary9.00am
1 28th October,2019 Lelmokwo/NgechekMutwotMutwot Chief’s Camp9.00am
BiribirietBiribiriet Chief’s Camp9.00am
LelmokwoLelmokwo Chief’s Camp 2.00pm
ItigoItigo Chief’s Camp2.00 pm
29th October,2019 Ngechek LocationNgechek Centre9.00am
KiptuiyaKiptuiyaDanger Zamani9.00am
KapchoruaKechire PAG2.00pm
KaptobongenKaptobongen PAG2.00pm
2 30thOctober, 2019 Kaptel/ KamoiywoKombeChomisia Centre9.00am
KaptelKaptel Chief’s Office9.00am
KapsisiywaKapsisiywa Chief’s Office2.00pm
KamoiywoSaniak Chief’s Office2. 00pm
3 31st October, 2019 KosiraiKokwetKokwet Centre9.00am
MategetMateget chief’s office9.00 am
KosiraiBelekenya Centre2.00pm
ChepteritChepterit Chief’s Office2.00pm
KaptildilKaptildil Chief’s Office9.00pm
Chemundu/Kapng’etunyChemunduChemundu Chief’s Camp 9.00am
Kapng’etunyCheplengu Dispensary2.00pm


  1. Current Fees structure
  2. Letter from the area Chief/Ass.Chief
  3. Parents’ ID
  4. Death certificate( where applicable)
  5. Birth Certificate


The department of education has completed the disbursement of Ksh 60 million in form of bursaries to over 6000 needy students. The beneficiaries include: students in universities, vocational training centres (VTC’S,) high schools and special needs students. The process of disbursement was arrived at through public participation with Consultations from administrative officers at grassroots level so as to identify the needy students who really deserved these bursaries


The department initiated an ECDE project that will see 60 centres constructed across the county each ward being allocated 2 centres. The placement of these ECDE centres was again achieved through public participation where there was need to identify areas that lack ECDE facilities yet they have a considerable population of children and also reduce the amount of distance walked by these children to access the existing ECDE centres


The department of Education and Vocational Training has 13 VTCs across the county with a total of 117 instructors. The county government is planning to hire more instructors so as to reduce instructor trainee ratio significantly. The county government in partnership with Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) has acquired over 300 computers with servers. This partnership will see the CfSK install these computers in all the computer labs in the Vocational Training Centres (VTCs).

The county government also supports the VTCs by providing subsidized youth polytechnic tuition fee (SYPT) of Ksh15, 000 per trainee per year.


Other Key Milestones

The establishment of the Proposed Koitalel University which is a Constituent College of Nairobi University. The County has obtained two parcels of land within Nandi-hills and Chesumei Sub-counties where the main campus and one of the campuses for the proposed University will sit respectively.

The Department of Education and Vocational Training is aspiring to take the County Government of Nandi to greater heights in service delivery as far as matters education are concerned. As a department we have laid out plans that will see all our aspirations attained within a stipulated time. Education being a crucial component in our society, I am passionate about ensuring that we really improve it in our county. The department is focusing on improving the standard of early childhood education, vocational training centres and assisting the needy students through bursaries and scholarships.

To education in ECDE,the department is going to ensure that pupils in our centres get access to modern learning classrooms across the county. We have also entered into an agreement with the Kenya Literature Bureau [KLB] to supply our pupils with books so that the foundation of a reading culture is established at initial stages of education. In fact we have started construction of the first 60 centres in this financial year 2017/2018.In the next financial year, my ministry targets to employ some more ECDE teachers and in future improve their terms of service.

When it comes to Vocational Training, the department intends to equip our vocational training centres so that such centres can be fully operational. We recently launched a program that aims at equipping all fourteen centres with computers, courtesy of Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK). We therefore encourage our youths to enroll for courses in these training centres so as to attain relevant skills.

We have also realized that, in our county we have a number of needy students who require support for them to continue with education. For that reason the department is going an extra mile into looking for alternative ways of sourcing for more funds for the same, as we noted that the bursary allocation is not enough.

Finally, I ask for all the stakeholders of education to work harmoniously with us so that as a county, we shine in education.

GRACE SUGUT is pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Educational Communication and Technology at Moi University.

Sugut holds Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Egerton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Government & Linguistics from the University of Nairobi.

She went Moi Girls High School, Eldoret, Loreto High school, Matunda and Hill School, Eldoret.

An enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience in training and administration, Sugut earned a Vice Chair position for the Nandi County Public Service Board, where she served wholeheartedly before her new appointment.

Prior to joining the county government, Sugut was a Senior Lecturer at Ol’lessos Technical Institute and HOD at the Guidance & Counselling Department where she coordinated prevention of Alcohol & Drug Abuse and HIV/ AIDS.

At Mosoriot Teachers College, Sugut lectured English and Communication Skills, coordinated arts and drama activities, did student evaluation, their assessments and was the debate club patron.

She also taught English and Literature at Kilibwoni Boys High School.

The Department of Education and Vocational Training has the overall responsibility of overseeing pre-primary, home craft centres, child care facilities and Vocational Training. Its mandate is basically to execute the devolved function of education as captured in the Constitution of 2010.

In its endeavor to actualize this mandate, the department is currently undertaking a massive project of constructing 60 ECDE Centres across the county (2 per ward). The construction is done by VTCs under the supervision of public works. The completion of this project and other subsequent projects will herald in Nandi County a consistent development of quality infrastructure for our institutions. It is also expected to improve on the learning environment and eventually the quality of education given to our children. After this, the department intends to provide teaching and learning materials to these centres to make teaching and learning easy and enjoyable.

For teaching to be effective, adequate qualified teachers must be available in our institutions. The department will make all possible efforts to address this issue and with the available resources we will endeavor to have the minimum required number of teachers for each centre.


On the side of Vocational Training, the department has plans and arrangements in the next financial year that will drastically change the concept of vocational training. Apart from facilitating the institutions in terms of purchase of tools and critical equipment for training, we want to focus on linking up these centres with other stakeholders in this sector to provide internship for trainees. This will provide the requisite impetus and motivation to our trainees that there is hope after their training. We expect to have further consultative discussions with more of these stakeholders.

The department also expects to look into the possibility of creating centres of specialization by allowing the centres to identify courses for specialization (the legal implication not withstanding). This arrangement will make it easy and cheap for the department to provide facilities and instructors to these institutions.

Through the Nandi County Education Fund Act, 2016, the department is mandated to give bursaries to needy students. In the financial year 2017/2018, the department disbursed bursaries amounting to Ksh. 60,000,000 to 6434 beneficiaries. We realize that these amounts are not adequate compared to the number of applicants (12410). The department hopes that in future it can get more money for this purpose.

Finally, education is critical in the county’s economic development, therefore, there is need for maximum cooperation from the Nandi County citizens. The residents of this county should trust and support the county government of Nandi in its efforts to transform education in tandem with the transformative agenda of the*Tuga Tai* Manifesto.



The mandate of Education, Research and Vocational Training Department is to execute the devolved functions related to county pre-primary education, village polytechnics, home craft centres and child care facilities as per requirements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.


To create a conducive learning environment that will equip .learners with desired values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and competencies in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and embrace research.


To provide quality education and training to the people of Nandi that makes learners creative and innovative.


The department proposes three major strategic thrusts:-

  • To expand access to educational .opportunities particularly in basic education (ECDE) and Vocational Training.
  • To improve the quality of education at all levels.
  • To improve educational framework and expand capacities for effective delivery and management of educational services.


  • Transparency and accountability
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Quality service delivery
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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 0

Cooperative Development

Mr. Wilson Kipsigei Lelei is currently pursuing MBA (Strategic Management) at Moi
University, a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Nairobi. A
certified ISO22000:2005 lead auditor, also trained in; Food safety management systems,
Management Development Skills, Enterprise Risk Management, Finance for non-finance
managers, Basic occupational safety and health, and Occupational First Aid.
He went to Kapsabet Boys High school and Kabolebo Primary School.

Lelei has done a research report on the effects of inoculation and nitrogen added nutrient
application on nodulation and growth of cowpea –Kenkunde 1 variety- used as vegetable.
As a Field Officer at Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd; Tinderet Tea Estate (1989) Limited and
Changoi & Lelsa Tea Farm, Lelei Assisted the Manager in the general supervision and direction of all field operations, planted and maintained young tea as per the Agency guidelines in bringing young teas into bearing, planned and executed the timing and harvesting of good quality Greenleaf among other operations. He has also worked as Small Holders Coordinator and a Management Trainee in the named factories.

Other responsibilities;
Was BoM Chair Changoi Primary, BoG member Tinderet Secondary, SMC Chairperson
Tinderet Primary, BoG member Fr. Boyle Kabolebo Secondary School, Environmental Officer
in charge of Tinderet WTK small holders’ issues, Rainforest Alliance Officer, Project
Coordinator Rift Valley Agriculture & Veterinary UoN students Organization (RAVUSO)
among other responsibilities.

Cooperative enterprises are based on ethics, values and a set of seven fundamental principles that keep people, rather than profit, at the center of their business. Cooperatives can be a self-help tool for people to create their own economic opportunities through the power of the collective and pull themselves out of poverty. They re-invest in the communities, in which they operate, securing not only the livelihood of their members but also increasing the wealth of the community as a whole.

The 2017 international cooperative day focused on inclusion under the theme “cooperative ensures no one is left behind “which compliments the priority theme of the 2017 high level political forum in UN Headquarters in New York for

sustainable development eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in the changing world.

Cooperative model provides a solution of income inequality for it contains aspects of sustainable at its core and is based on ethical values and principles. The open membership model offers access to wealth creation and poverty reduction because cooperative are people centered, they do not perpetrate, nor accelerate capital concentration and they distribute wealth in a more fair way.

H.E the Governor Nandi County leads from the front and wants to drive the economy of the county through cooperatives. Top of his priority is to construct a milk processing plant through Nandi County Dairy cooperative union. This will not only improve milk prices for the farmers but also create wealth through employment opportunities and various business that follows the industry.   Maize mill is next on the queue. This will not only add value to maize activity in the county but its by-products will form part of the materials for animals’ feeds.

Since co-operative follows where activities are,   other agricultural activities, co-operative thrives include: – coffee, sugarcane, Tea and urban Sacco’s which caters for the salaried community

Co-operative movement currently have posted a combined turnover of Kshs 1.2 billion, share capital of Kshs 1.9 billion and membership of 65 000 approximately. This excludes the country wide urban Sacco’s e.g. Ukulima, Shirika, Magereza ,Police, Stima  etc who are working in the county.

The vision 2030 agenda for sustainable development is well underway and cooperative business model remain one of the best kept secrets in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) tool box and ensure no one is left behind

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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 11

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  1. BENADATTE JEPTOO MISOI holds an MBA in Strategic Management from Moi University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi.

Dr. Tiony is an accomplished professional, trainer, consultant, manager and community resource person, with demonstrable leadership and management.

She has extensive knowledge and capacity in Strategic management, livestock health, Co-operate governance and Community development.

Dr. Tiony aims at providing strategic leadership in Agriculture, livestock health, Production and research, Community service and collaborations with local and international partners.

She is an alumnus of Kapsabet Girls High School and Kilibwoni Primary School

She has previously worked in private practice as a Livestock Consultant for Kaptich Vetinery Centre, Cross World Africa and Sharon Liveon Foundation.

In April 2015, Dr. Tiony was appointed to the board of Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Centre (KAGRC), a State Corporation in the department of livestock.

She has also served as the District Veterinary Officer in charge of former Nandi Central District.

Welcome to the department of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries.

This is literally the sector that is being depended upon the by the nearly million populace within our county.

Therefore there is a need to put together our efforts in ensuring that we attain a food secure county and by extension reaping the benefits of our farming activities.

As the accounting officer this very important sector, I wish to assure the public and of my unmeasured commitment in ensuring that all our objectives  in the sector are met.

We will tirelessly work to ensure that we meet our targets across all the value chains and empower our farmers by providing efficient and quality service delivery which shall remain our clarion call in my department.

As a county that is famed with high volumes of milk production, we will soon be officially launching the subsidized Artificial Insemination program having inseminators who will be deployed to each ward and to Dairy Cooperative societies in the county and facilitating them with motorcycles that will be an efficient means of traversing their areas of coverage.

The main objective of the Subsidized AI program is to ensure that we raise at least 120,000 high quality breed of heifers by the end our county’s first breeding phase

which is expected to elapse by the year 2020 and thus increasing our milk productivity.

I urge all dairy farmers to take advantage of this great offer by the county government of Nandi.

We are also  scaling up the fight against Livestock and Crop diseases by offering periodic vaccination against notifyable diseases such as Anthrax, Black Quarter etc. and provision of Pesticides that will continue mitigate against Fall Army Worm which has already been reported in various parts of the county.

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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 27

Public Service

Its absolute opportunity to serve the public and  ensure H.E Governors Stephen Sang Agenda  for transformation is achieved, through proper Management and  Coordination. As the Chief Officer for Public Service, I am honoured to be building on our County’s commitment to deliver core value. I am also pleased to lead a department that is firmly dedicated to support and honour the staff welfare of this great County.

Together with the stakeholders, we are committed to transform the department, to Enhance and simplify the existing complex procedures by introducing new technologies in all county operations so as to have timely access of information and swift service delivery the people of Nandi County deserve.

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27 Jun
By: Evans Sirma 0


I would  like to take this opportunity  to thank the Almighty for giving  this position to serve the public and to ensure  proper management ,coordination and timely service delivery so as to ensure that the H.E Governor’s transformation agenda  is achieved.


Throughout my career path   I have achieved several awards where  I have administratively performed tasks  with absolute diligence and by the TUGA TAI administration giving me this  role to spearhead the department of administration and Devolved Units ,  which constitutes 10 departments,this really shows the trust they have in me in service  delivery to the citizens of Nandi .

Administration Unit  for the County Government   plays the critical role in  management of the county Affairs  its actually the “CPU” of the County  and all other departments are dependent of the Administration  Department.


My  focus  will be on Customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Work Environment. We will also put measures in place for prevention and eradication of corruption in the Department.

Teamwork  with my fellow  colleagues and staff  will ease my capability  to perform promptly to the  task ahead of me as your Chief Officer because I believe   by the revolutionary leader John Dickinson  in July 1768 whom  he said,  “ Together we stand   divided we fall.

Scolastica J. Tuwei is Master of Education from Kisii University and a Bachelor of Education, Arts, from Moi University.

She is a dynamic and goal-oriented person with self-determination focused on quality end products that meet organizational set objective, having worked at Kisii University as an Administrator during her Master’s degree program.

In her initial studies, Tuwei attended Kapnyeberai Secondary School and ACK Tegat Primary.

After graduating at Kericho Teachers Training College , she worked as a teacher at Kapsile Primary, Chemartim Primary, Fr. Khun Academu and Keteng Primary.

Tuwei, in her career path, has been awarded several awards including Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Kisii University, and officiated the Nandi County Music Festival official, Rift Valley Regional Music Festival official, Nakuru Region Music Festival and the Eldoret Campus Cultural Day at Kisii University.

She also facilitated the Women Empowerment and enhancement training, Pastors Enhancement Training Programme at Kisii University

She is a Women Empowerment Specialist for Kericho And Kisumu Counties.

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