I would  like to take this opportunity  to thank the Almighty for giving  this position to serve the public and to ensure  proper management ,coordination and timely service delivery so as to ensure that the H.E Governor’s transformation agenda  is achieved.


Throughout my career path   I have achieved several awards where  I have administratively performed tasks  with absolute diligence and by the TUGA TAI administration giving me this  role to spearhead the department of administration and Devolved Units ,  which constitutes 10 departments,this really shows the trust they have in me in service  delivery to the citizens of Nandi .

Administration Unit  for the County Government   plays the critical role in  management of the county Affairs  its actually the “CPU” of the County  and all other departments are dependent of the Administration  Department.


My  focus  will be on Customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Work Environment. We will also put measures in place for prevention and eradication of corruption in the Department.

Teamwork  with my fellow  colleagues and staff  will ease my capability  to perform promptly to the  task ahead of me as your Chief Officer because I believe   by the revolutionary leader John Dickinson  in July 1768 whom  he said,  “ Together we stand   divided we fall.

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