Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Welcome to the department of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries.

This is literally the sector that is being depended upon the by the nearly million populace within our county.

Therefore there is a need to put together our efforts in ensuring that we attain a food secure county and by extension reaping the benefits of our farming activities.

As the accounting officer this very important sector, I wish to assure the public and of my unmeasured commitment in ensuring that all our objectives  in the sector are met.

We will tirelessly work to ensure that we meet our targets across all the value chains and empower our farmers by providing efficient and quality service delivery which shall remain our clarion call in my department.

As a county that is famed with high volumes of milk production, we will soon be officially launching the subsidized Artificial Insemination program having inseminators who will be deployed to each ward and to Dairy Cooperative societies in the county and facilitating them with motorcycles that will be an efficient means of traversing their areas of coverage.

The main objective of the Subsidized AI program is to ensure that we raise at least 120,000 high quality breed of heifers by the end our county’s first breeding phase

which is expected to elapse by the year 2020 and thus increasing our milk productivity.

I urge all dairy farmers to take advantage of this great offer by the county government of Nandi.

We are also  scaling up the fight against Livestock and Crop diseases by offering periodic vaccination against notifyable diseases such as Anthrax, Black Quarter etc. and provision of Pesticides that will continue mitigate against Fall Army Worm which has already been reported in various parts of the county.


  • Grace Jesang

    Iam a post graduate in Riftvalley Technical Training institute and reguesting for an internship in this field,i will be greatful to do the work with you under no supervision,thanks.

    • 2:39 pm - August 8, 2018

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    • Kipsaro Boit

      Hello Grace,

      We appreciate your interest in serving Nandi as an intern. Feel free to apply through

      All the best.

      • 5:39 am - August 14, 2018

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  • Olive Chekorir Sugut

    This platform is really nice,
    Keep it up Jonathan Misoi and Benard Lagat,Comrades!

    • 4:10 pm - November 14, 2019

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  • Hillary Chepkoi

    I cant seem to find information on bee keeping here. Where can I get some? I have been struggling for a while now and I need a hands on person to advice me. The information I am getting on google are not region specific and can thus be misleading, the hives I have have no bees save for 1 out of 5. How do I go about it?

    • 12:17 am - February 5, 2020

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    • Evans Sirma

      Hello Hillary, thanks for contacting the county government of Nandi. Please call us on 1548

      • 11:07 am - February 21, 2020

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