Economic Planning

Economic Planning


He is currently pursuing a PhD in Supply Chain Management at JKUAT.

He holds a Master of Business Management Degree (Purchasing and Supplies Option) from Moi University, and Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Management Option) from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.

At the Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT), Sambu attained an International Computer Driving License (ICDL).


Sambu was also educated at Uasin Gishu High School and Testimony Primary School-Eldoret for his KCSE and KCPE respectively.

In the academia, Sambu has published an MBM Thesis (Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Their Impact on Performance of Learning Institutions in the North Rift Region, Kenya), Moi University.

He has also published a journal on Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Perfomance of Learning Institutions, Effects of Green Packaging on Business Performance in the Manufacturing in Nairobi County, Kenya.

He has worked at JKUAT -Eldoret CBD Campus and University of Eldoret- Main Campus and Town Campus as a lecturer.


As a lecturer, Sambu taught Business Courses, developed teaching and learning materials, setting, invigilating and marking CATs, assignments and University examinations.

Sambu has also worked as a General Manager K.A.G.E Ltd.

He is a Member Kenya Institute of Supplies Management.

This is a department in the Finance and Economic Planning docket in the County. It consists of TWO distinct units, namely, Budget and Planning. We are in the process of setting up a third unit, the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit for improved performance and achieving results. The overriding M&E goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.

Our main objective as a Department of Economic Planning is to strengthen the Planning function.


  • Budget Section


Budgeting is a process informed by major planning components all geared towards reviewing and evaluating budgetary performance for prudent financial management and governance processes.

The annual budgets are derived from the strategic objectives and guidelines under Vision 2030 guided by the Counties’ own Sectoral plans, CIDP, Annual Development Plans, County Budget Review and Outlook Paper and the County Fiscal Strategies. Having all these documents in place helps in coming up with realistic Budgets.

The budget section has realized several



  1. Generation of budget preparation guidelines to all the County Departments;
  2. Preparation and availing to the County Assembly for adoption the Annual Development Plans;
  3. Formulation and presentation of the County Budget Review and Outlook Papers;
  4. Development and presentation for adoption of the County Fiscal Strategy Papers;
  5. Preparation and Consolidation of all the Departmental Budget Estimates and presentation of the same to the County Assembly for approval;
  6. Preparation of the County Budget Appropriation Bills for approval by the County Assembly and later assent by the Governor;
  7. Preparation of Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements of Accounts and Reports including cash flows and embracing the use of Integrated Financial Management Information System.


Currently, the sub sector has been able to meet the timelines as required by the relevant financial Acts and regulations in submission of the various planning documents and reports.


  • Economic Planning Section


This sub sector is responsible for analyzing, formulating and overseeing management of fiscal, monetary and financial sector policies and other economic policies. It also undertakes the preparation and monitoring of the county budget, monitoring and evaluation of development projects, as well as take leadership role in coordinating preparation of key economic plans.



  1. Coordinated the preparation of Nandi CIDP 2018-2022.
  2. It also coordinated the preparation and implementation of the Nandi CIDP 2013-2017,
  3. Coordinated preparation of twelve departmental Strategic Plans  for the period 2014-2018,
  4. prepared and submitted to the county assembly four  County Annual Development Plans (CADP’s),
  5. Prepared and submitted to the County Assembly three  County Fiscal Strategy Papers,
  6. Provided support to the county KNBS office in the preparation of the County Statistical Abstract (2015) and
  7. Provided technical support to departments in preparation of their work plans and budgets and in the implementation of their programmes, projects and policies.





In the county, the sub sector is mandated with providing leadership, coordination and setting up mechanisms for tracking implementation progress of the county development programs and projects outlined in the County Integrated Development Plan. It further prepares the County Annual Progress Reports that evaluate performance against benchmarks and targets that are set for each year for various sectors in the CIDP. The report provides important feedback to policy makers and the general public on the county government’s performance progress towards achieving various economic and social developmental policies and programmes. It consequently ensures equitable, effective and efficient resource allocation and utilization in a transparent and accountable manner.

Our main objective as a Department of Economic Planning is to strengthen the Planning function. To achieve this, the following strategies will be implemented:

  1. Enhancing implementation of the County integrated Development Plan;
  2. Aligning county expenditure to available income;
  3. Rationalizing the expenditure;
  4. Developing Departmental Plans of Operation;
  5. Developing Individual Performance Plans;
  6. Establishing a Performance Management System;
  7. Establishing Performance Contracting;
  8. Establishing effective coordination mechanisms on CIDP implementation;
  9. Implementing the Monitoring Plan of the CIDP;
  10. Evaluating the CIDP programme;
  11. Engendering the participation of partners and stakeholders in the implementation process.
  12. Organizing and conducting surveys on basic county specific data
  13. Promoting equity in resource distribution
  14. Strengthening the linkage between Planning and Budgeting
  15. Establishing an M&E framework in the county
  16. Institutionalizing the culture of accountability
  17. Building the capacity of the department; proper structure, facilitation, staff.


To provide overall leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization, management and accountability for quality public service delivery


Strengthened planning and budgeting processes and enhanced policy formulation for effective monitoring and implementation of public resources.


A leading sector in public finance management, economic policy formulation and coordination of development.