Transport, Public Works and Infrastructure Development

Transport, Public Works and Infrastructure Development

Department of Roads, Transport and Infrastructure takes pride in fulfilling the mandate bestowed upon it by the governor of Nandi County. This department forms the basis of all other departments in the county, its core activity is to develop, construct and maintain the road network in the county as per the Kenya Roads Act, 2007. The scope of the rural road network was revised via the Kenya Gazette Legislative Supplement No. 4 (Special Edition) of 22nd January 2016. Since the inception of devolution the county has seen expansion of road network, successive government has overseen great progress in the development of the rural road network with the current contracted road works covering the entire Nandi County.

His. Excellency Governor Sang Manifesto, aims at making Nandi a great county that is admired globally, a county that provides high quality of life for all its residents within the next five years and beyond. Under the strategy period the economy is projected to grow steadily. To realize this growth, an efficient road network is a key enabler towards the growth of the key sectors of the economy identified under his manifesto. Presently, the National Government has committed to construct 200km of roads in Nandi County under the Low Volume Seal Roads (LVSR) Programme, whose implementation is underway. Consequently, a sustained effort continues unabated on the part of the County Government to ensure the efficient attainment of these strategic goals.

The Department continues to actively oversight the activities aimed at increasing and sustaining the governor’s achievements to meet the ever increasing road needs especially during the rainy season that renders most of our roads impassable. The Department remains committed to strengthening relationships with its stakeholders and key partners. Strong corporate governance continues to be integral to the department’s long-term success and is essential in delivering the government strategy.

By the year 2020, we intend to introduce asphalt in our main feeder roads, eventually we shall roll out the asphalt in most part of the county.

On behalf of department of roads, transport and infrastructure, Management and Staff, I express my sincere gratitude to the Government of Kenya, County Government of Nandi, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, related Road Agencies, residents of Nandi County, and other stakeholders for their continued support. This goes a long way towards building a solid institution that is responsive to its mandate and stakeholders’ expectations. It is our undertaking as a government that we shall endeavor to achieve stakeholder expectations and even surpass them where possible.

Thank you.

JONAH KIPRUTO BIWOTT is currently pursuing a Masters in Management Information System at Kisii University.

Biwott is a certified GIS Expert having trained at Regional Centre of Mapping Resources.      

He is also a Siemon Registered Installer and a Giganet Certified Installer after getting certifications from Siemon Company and Datacomms Training.

He holds a Bachelor of Education Science, Computer and Mathematics, from Kabarak University and a Teacher Training Certificate from Egoji Teachers College.

Biwott also attended Meteitei Boys High School and Olomotit Primary School.

He has worked as a Business Development Manager at Soen Technologies Limited where he implemented Hospital Managements System for St. Luke Hospital.

Others include supply and installation of servers in Uasin Gishu County, development of GIS System in Uasin Gishu County, Networked and installed CCTV at Kenya Dairy Farmers Federation, developed a Website for Tindiret Consituency, installed and setup a firewall and security on Tranzoia County Data Center and supplied ICT equipment for the ICT Centers in Uasin Gishu.

Biwott has also worked as a tutor at the ICT Centre of Oll’esos Technical Training Centre and as a teacher at both AIC Tindiret Academy and Maraba Primary School.

Biwott displayed leadership skills when he was the Director Academics and Learning Resource at Kabarak University and also as the KNUT Vice Chairman Nandi East/Tindiret Branch.

Welcome to our department, a window to the County Government of Nandi and the services we provide. It is our goal to provide the public with a clear path to access quality services, provide transparency, and assist to ensure accountability. I invite you to take a few minutes to explore the available resources and to learn more on our responsibility and duties to the good citizen of Nandi County.

Some of my responsibilities include administration of the Transport and Infrastructure Department, formulate and implement effective programs to attain Vision 2030 and sector goals, develop and implement of strategic plans, implement policies and regulations, provide strategic policy direction for effective service delivery, ensure compliance with National Values and Principles of Good Governance as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya and perform any other duties as may be assigned by the County Executive Committee Member.

I am honored to work with a team that Governor Sang has empowered to deliver his manifesto to the county of Nandi alongside a very dedicated and talented staff.  Our team is here to serve the community and provide customer-focused services to all. Our corporate values speak to our commitment. Our values are the foundation of our goals and objectives and our commitment to you.

We seek to enhance the state of our county roads so as to enable our farmers transport their produce with ease. Better roads shall promote ease of access of other services such as healthcare and education. This shall go a long way in to attracting investors who will confidently invest in any part of the county due to good roads.

As a resident of this community, I am inspired to share with you our successes on the road to building this great county. There are many opportunities to seize and we envision a great area for generations to come!

Our Mission

To facilitate development and Maintenance of a secure and integrated transport system; and quality works

Our Vision

To realize adequate and accessible quality infrastructure, buildings and other public works for the county government of Nandi

Our Mandate

  • Maintenance of existing road network county wide
  • Upgrading of existing roads to bitumen or gravel standards to make them all weather.
  • Ensure all Public Works are correctly designed and with necessary approvals.
  • Ensure adherence to construction codes and specifications through regular supervision and inspections
  • Provide walkways for non- motorized traffic in our major urban centers
  • Ensure establishment of a county roads fund
  • Ensure establishment of a County Roads Board

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Inclusivity
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

Future Plans.

  • Acquire modern road construction plants and equipment for road opening works
  • Establish an independent road survey department
  • Establish GIS Labaratory , with a relevant software and qualified staff
  • Establish a materials investigation department
  • Work with relevant Authorities  E.G KeNha/KURA/KERRA to give priorities on the available funds be converted to upgrade to bitumen standards
  • Construction of county workshop unit that will be in charge of maintenance of county machines
  • Work closely with Technical institutions on roads machines maintenance
  • Establish a program to lease construction equipment to the youth, women and PWD’s
  • Acquire/ lease land with gravel for road works

Fleet Management

Currently the department doesn’t have any fleet management system, for the financial year 2018/2019 the department has made a budget to acquire a fleet management system that will assist in running of the county fleet.



  • Establish a policy to take care of establishment of county emergency unit
  • Allow for budget allocations to this fund
  • Allow the allocation of plant and equipment to this unit
  • Allow for allocation of technical staff to be attached to this unit
  • Work closely with the department of national disaster management unit
  • Procure equipment, vehicles and necessary protective gear.



  • Carry out public sensitization
  • Install Bollards to define the Road Boundaries
  • Enforce Law on encroachment

Training for staff.

Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is more expansive and focuses on employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate job role.

“As companies grow and the war for talent intensifies, it is increasingly important that training and development programs are not only competitive but are supporting the organization on its defined strategic path.” And it’s not just about retention. Employee training and development programs directly impact your bottom line.


New Machines

When it comes to acquiring equipment’s for our department there are a number of factors we consider. The first thing to consider is how often the piece of equipment will be used. This includes looking at the current needs and workload as well as factoring in projected future needs. If the piece of equipment is something you are only planning on using occasionally or seasonally or if it’s a piece of specialty equipment that you only need for a small number of jobs you should probably consider renting. Other factors to consider include calculating all associated costs, transportation of equipment, repairs and maintenance, working capital, depreciation, and resale value. In order to improve our service delivery, the departments will increase the no of Machines and Trucks.

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