Social Welfare

Social Welfare

TOWETT PHILIPH KIPSANG has an M.A in Gender and Development Studies from Kenyatta University and a Bachelor of Education, Science Degree from Moi University. He also attended Kericho High School and Kipchimchim Primary School.

He has previously worked as the Assistant Director of Gender and Social Development at the County Government of Nandi.

Before joining the County, Towett taught Kapsabet Girls’High School as a Maths & Biology Teacher. He has also on BOG, taught the same subjects at Kapkeben AIC Girls’ School and Lelmolok Secondary School –Eldoret.

While at Kapsabet Girls, Towett was the H.O.D Quality Assurance &Standards, Science Club Patron, Head of Biology Department, P.T.A Representative, Academic Committee Member, Welfare Committee Chairman and served as a class teacher for several years.

Towett serves a member at the Nandi County AIDS Control Committee, Board of Management member(BOM)at Kapkesengin Primary, Kamobo Secondary, Holy Rosary Girls’(Chepkumia).

He is also a Nandi County Affirmative Action Member representing the PLWDs, Community Scholarship Selection Board(CSSB)Member Equity Bank Wings to Fly Kapsabet Branch.

I am pleased, honoured and humbled to serve as Chief Officer in the County Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare; Social Welfare section. In discharge of my responsibilities as a Chief Officer mandated to champion strategies aimed at economically and socially developing a section of members of the community facing challenges, I am inspired by the Holy Bible in the Gospel according to St. Mathew chapter 25:35-41 which holds me accountable to the Lord for the service I offer to the people of Nandi. I don’t take it for granted that H.E the Governor found me fit and capable of contributing to the Tuga-Tai transformative agenda and pledge to do everything within my powers to achieve this dream.

Social Welfare section is part of the wider Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare that was officially re-aligned by His Excellency the Governor of the County Government of Nandi after his inauguration in 2017. The section primarily seeks to initiate and implement sustainable interventions that create a platform for social equality and equity in the distribution of resource and access to opportunities. It is also integral in strengthening social protection and provision of recognizable social needs especially to vulnerable members of the community such as women, children, the marginalized, senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities. Apart from championing several interventions that promote community development, one of its core mandate is to enhance better livelihood for the above category of residents as highlighted here below;

  1. Children– Orphans and vulnerable children, child headed families, child labour and extreme destitution is among the children issues covered under specific mandate that social welfare section seeks to address. Social welfare is cognizant of the innumerable challenges that children suffer including but not limited to malnutrition, sexual assault, forced labour, stigmatization and retrogressive cultural practices. It therefore seeks to promote provision of a safe environment for the children to thrive.
  2. Women- Societal expectation and distinct gender roles have placed women into a state of inherent disparity that unfortunately dictate their level of individual development and access to resources and opportunities. Social welfare seeks to elevate the role of women in development through capacity building, advocacy, sensitization and initiating intervention that provides women’s ability to access factors of economic growth.
  3. Vulnerable Senior Citizens– Decline of kinship ties, infiltration of western lifestyle and financial pressures and other extraneous variables has resulted into a significant paradigm shift in the family system for care and support to the elderly individuals.

Many elderly people are susceptible to poverty, negligence from prospective care givers, poor nutrition and healthcare.  Social welfare seeks to identify and profile all vulnerable elderly persons throughout the County, offer psycho-social support and coordinate medical assistance to them.

  1. PWD’s– Promotion and inclusion of PWD in all spheres of development by the social welfare section cannot be gainsaid. Some of the outstanding achievements include the acquisition of PWD’s assistive devices through the National Council for PWD. The department is currently planning to undertake a comprehensive survey and profiling of all PWDs to determine their number, type of disability, registration with National Council for PWD and the type of assistance required to empower them. An updated centralized Information Management data bank kept in a retrieval system will track assistance and help in sourcing and planning all interventions by different stakeholders and donors.

Following a series of mud-slide disasters that affected several villages especially in Tindiret Sub-County from Mid april, H.E the Governor made a Disaster Declaration on Sunday 21st April 2018 that mandated this Department to spearhead intervention geared towards saving lives and ensuring provision of basic amenities to affected individuals most of whom temporarily resided in established camps at Cherondo Primary school and Kapchanga Primary School. In liaison with Kenya Red Cross Society, Social welfare section carried out rapid household assessments and coordinated supply of food and non-food items to affected individuals.

At the end of my tour of duty, I am optimistic that with God’s help, Social Welfare will have achieved the following:

  • Establish a rescue centre in Kapsabet town
  • Establish a child friendly breastfeeding facility in all urban centres
  • Lobby for increased women development fund and coordinate uptake of such credit by women
  • Support establishment of quotas for women and PWD’ on recruitment in the Government.
  • Encourage establishment of agricultural production and cottage industries.
  • Construct a rehabilitation centre
  • Establish a County Social Fund for the elderly and coordinate disbursement
  • Partner with CBO’ and NGO’s that support community development programs
  • Lobby for Increase in the number of children homes
  • Rehabilitate street children
  • Ring fence bursary allocation to OVC’s and PWD’s
  • Create awareness on child rights
  • Support dysfunctional families
  • Collect and profile data on challenged members of the society
  • Assist PWD’s obtain assistive devices
  • Establish formidable affirmative action on the placement of the disabled people in strategic decision making positions.
  • Collaborate with National Council for persons with disability( NCPWD)
  • Ensure that disability mainstreaming is done
  • Implement policies and programs on Social Protection.
  • Lobby for regulation of liquor licencing, gambling, betting and other time wasting practices.
  • Combat HIV/AID’s through advocacy, sensitisation in partnership with relevant departments.
  • Place and follow up on children in foster care services.


Thank you and God bless all of us as we move Nandi forward

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