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29 Aug
By: Evans Sirma 0


The Chairman on Commission on Revenue Allocation Mr Micah Cheserem has said that devolution in Nandi County is on the right track, ‘’ Nandi County is one of the successful Counties out of the 47, devolution is working here and with a human face’’ sentiments echoed by George OoKo Commission’s Secretary who praised the County for fairing on well in their own comparative analysis with other Counties.

Speaking to the press after the conclusion of his two day visit of an audit of the various projects in the County Cheresem applauded the County government for the various development projects that are completed and ongoing three and half years down the line.

In his statement Mr Cheserem said that his mission to Nandi was to check on the progress of devolution in County and to confirm on the allegations of misuse of funds allocated to the County government of Nandi by some politician he didn’t mention from the County,’’ We came to Nandi to check what has happened to devolution and to confirm the stories of stolen funds we have been hearing’’ added Cheserem.

He has however, given credit to County government of Nandi for good performance in various sectors like Health ,where he noted the renovation of staff houses which had stalled for 30 years, construction of maternity wings, availability of drugs , outsourcing of food to patients in Kapsabet Referral hospital which is said was remarkable and which should be replicated in other Counties.

On roads Mr Cheserem observed that the County was doing well since the acquisition of its machineries. However, he has blamed KERA for not doing their roads, leaving the County in bad limelight among the residents, ‘’The County is doing good work in roads, we have seen well-constructed bridges by County, the only complain we have is that KERA are not doing their job and we are going to recommend the National government to transfer the roads to the County government ’’ added Cheserem.

Further, he has applauded the County government in its effort to supply water to the residents, taking into exception the rump bump technology in Kimaren which was imported from New Zealand and the only one in Africa. The technology can uses force of gravity and supply water up to 10, 000 people. Moreover, he has urged the County government of Nandi to focus on more such water projects which uses gravity. Others he noted were purchase of firefighting machines and rehabilitation of Kaimosi ATC.

Moreover, Mr Cheserem has urged leaders in the County to shun too much politics at the expense of development, noting that Nandi County is endowed with a lot of resources however, politics was derailing development ,’’ Everything in Nandi is political, what we must not do is to mix politics of 2017 with development let’s not undermine the governor with lies and give him time to complete his work’’ he added.

In addition, Mr Cheserem has advised the Executive to involve the opinion leaders and media on the projects done by the County government, wondering why many residents were not aware of the various projects done by the County government.

Generally on devolution Mr Cheserem said that devolution was working and blamed those who smearing the Counties as havens of corruption, adding that the vice was even there before the inception of devolution.

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