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07 Mar
By: Evans Sirma 7

County, tourism, culture and heritage

Nandi County is endowed with rich, unique and diverse tourist attraction including beautiful geographical landscape, scenic tea plantation and bird habitat in the South and North Nandi Forests. Other attractions include a variety of flora and fauna, rich cultural history including the Nandi County and legacy of Koitalel Samoei, Sheu Morobi, Abundant rock formation and hills.

Sports tourism

Nandi is also a renowned giant athletics. The Source of Champions is famous for the number of elite athletes that have made a name not only for themselves but their home as well. The altitude and the climate in Nandi is among the best few athletics training grounds that has raised and bred world – record holding athletes.

Bird watching in Nandi

Tremendous geographical range gives Nandi a variety of climates and landscapes. Forests in the highlands are combined with bird-rich trees; the thick vegetation, rocks and swamps make Nandi a significant destination for bird-watching. Nandi is a home to more than 200 bird species  distributed all over the North and South Nandi as well as Tindiret Forests which include: African Crested/Grey Crowned  Cranes(Kong’onyot), Eagle(Chepsireret), Hadada Ibis(Chebakwakwa), Black-headed Heron(Chelogomiet),  Oxpecker (Riryat) ,Helmeted Guineafowl(Tergekyat), Red- chested Owlet(Sugurut), Speckled Pigeon (Cheptuget), Mousebird (Chebositiet), Weaver bird (Kibajat), Woodpecker(Kipkomkom), Sunbird(Chepkimisiet), Mannikin (Chepisisiat), African Pied Wagtail(Chepkeshekut), White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher(Kimereskong), Swallow (Kibiswet), Turaco(Merewet), Hornbill(bang’ang’iet), Falcon (Mandago), Pied Crow(Chepkukit), Marabou Stork(Chepsengwet), Common Bulbul(Chepkorobitiet), Boubou (Chebololet)


i. Samiitui Historical Site
This is where the Nandi Royal leader Kipnyolei Arap Kurgat father of Koitaleel Samoei
lived. His leadership tools were hidden since 1885 till 2006.
ii. Nandi Rock
This is ideal for adventure tourism. Koibatich (Keldap Mungu).
iii. Ainob Setan
Located in Mosop Sub-County, this is a river that the community believed outcasts were
chased and before they were accepted back to the community for cleansing.
iv. Nandi North forest
Nandi North Forest lies on the western side of Chesumei and Mosop Sub-Counties. It is a
home to a vast array of bird species and mammals including Columbus monkey, warthogs,
and porcupines.
v. Tea plantations – Agro tourism
Nandi-Hills Sub –County is vastly covered by the scenic view of tea plantations. The
combination of this kind of vegetation and the hills provides beautiful scenery
vi. Chepkiit Water Falls
Located 5 kilometres south of the Eldoret International Airport, Chepkiit Waterfalls provide a
breath-taking experience as one wind down to the base of the fall. The cool breeze as a result
of falling water is a memorable experience one would want to grab at any time.

Hotel and Accommodation in Nandi

1. Tea planters’ inn in Nandi Hills Town
2. Sireet guest house In Nandi Hills
3. Nandi Bears Club in Nandi Hills
4. Nandi Fame Resort in Kapsabet
5. Eden Springs in Kapsabet
6. Joma Resort in Kapsabet
7. Southern Brooke

2. National Government
3. Kenya Tourism Board
4. Kenya Utalii College
5. Kenya Wildlife Service

6. Kenya Forest Service
7. Tourism Regulatory Authority
8. Tourism Finance Cooperation
9. Brand Kenya
10. Athletics Kenya
11. Tourism Fund
12. Universities
13. KVDA
14. Eco Tourism Kenya
15. Community Based Tourism Organization
16. Nature Kenya
18. Magical Kenya
19. Kenya Tourism Federation
20. Tea Estates
21. Roads Department
22. North Rift Association of Tour Operators

Secondary stakeholders
1. Contractors
2. Hoteliers
3. Travel Agencies


  • Dysmas Kibet

    I am pleased to note the various attraction sites listed above. I come from a touristic background by study and would request the inclusion of Kapchepkuk Falls that lies in Chepterwai ward as one of the tourist attractions in Nandi County. The falls also pose as habitat for various birds and bird watching for example Chepkulyosot and other rare species of birds like pachat. I will be grateful if this site is included and enhanced as a major attraction site. Thanks.

    • 3:23 pm - November 19, 2018

    • Reply
  • Venceslus Kimutai

    If interested in birdwatching, contact me directly via 0797142800. Thank you

    • 4:31 pm - July 21, 2020

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