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25 Aug
By: Evans Sirma 0


Nandi Governor Stephen has suspended senior county officers in the department of health and sanitation.

H.E the Governor Sang suspended the County Executive Committee Member in Charge of Health, Mathew Rotich together with his Chief Officer(CO), Dr. Edward Serem.

The acting County Director of Health Dr. Daniel Kemboi was also suspended, the county boss noted that this is to pave way for investigations into the alleged loss of revenue collected by the Health department.

H.E the Governor Sang instructed the county internal audit to carry out a detailed report on revenue collected in the last four years.

In the radical changes made in the health sector which has been ailing, the county boss also dissolved the County Health Management Board and Health Management Committees.

All the sub county hospital committees which were constituted through Gazette Notice No. 4545 have also been dissolved.

During his inauguration, H.E Sang had stated that he will prioritize provision of medical services in all the county health facilities.

“I pledge to turn around the health sector so that every resident of Nandi County will have no reason to seek medical attention outside the county,”said Sang.

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