Nandi County Budget FY 2018/2019

Nandi County 2018/2019 financial year Budget, it is important that the citizens are well informed of the contents in the budget. Find the Nandi County summ

Tuga Tai Big 4 Agenda

The national government is keen on implementing the big four agenda across the country. This move shall have a direct positive impact in the country’s econ

Flagship Projects

The County Government of Nandi has identified key areas that need special focus as they also align with the Big 4 agenda as flagship projects. Allocations

County, tourism, culture and heritage

Nandi County is endowed with rich, unique and diverse tourist attraction including beautiful geographical la

County Government Laws

The County Government of Nandi has a constitutional mandate to enact laws through the County Assembly. Nandi County Assembly is Established as in Article 1

Historical and Injustices

Land is a sensitive issue that directly affects the socio-economic stability of any community. Nandi County has a long trace of land issues dating way back

Nandi County Central Information Portal (NCCIP)

In a bid to ensure sufficient access to public information and enhanced public participation, the County Government through the Department of ICT and E-Gov

Kapsabet Municipality Integrated Development Plan (IDeP)

Download Kapsabet Municipality Integrated Development Plan (IDeP) is a comprehensive blue prin


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Chyrlen Coleman


Chyrlen Coleman