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12 Oct
By: Evans Sirma 0


Nandi County Governor yesterday at Serengonik / Kisabei of Koilot area together with H.E The Deputy President for the IDP resettlement exercise.

Speaking at Koilot in Nandi Hills constituency during the event, the Deputy President said that despite the growing tension between his and President Kenyatta’s communities, he decided that working with the then TNA presidential candidate was a sure way of uniting the country. “Despite our differences and the disputes between our communities, the President and I joined forces and resolved to end political violence, tribalism and politics of hatred,” said the Deputy President. He appealed to leaders to shun tribal politics and focus on uniting Kenyans.

The event saw 2,200 IDPs receive a total of Ksh 425.4 million, money that has reportedly been deposited in their accounts.
The Deputy President further said the Jubilee administration is committed to resettling all IDPs in the country saying it is their right to live decently like other Kenyans.

“As the jubilee administration we are committed to resettling thousands of IDPs who live in their country like refugees” he said adding “We recognize the importance of giving citizens a small piece of land where they can call home and raise their
families”. He said due to the countries limited resources, it was not possible for the Government to give IDPs the amount of money they required urging them to utilize
what was available. “If it was possible we would have given everyone enough money, but because of limited resources in the country we must accept to share what’s available so that we can benefit more IDPs,” he said.

Ruto further said the Government has set aside Ksh 425 Million and Ksh 380 Million to equip Nandi county hospital and Nandi Hills hospital respectively with referral facilities to cater for the health needs of Nandi county residents. He said the construction of the Timboroa – Singo Road will begin in November and will cost the Government
Ksh 8 billion. “We know if you have good road you will find ways to engage in agri-business and transform the economy of
Nandi county, reduce poverty and develop our country,” he said.

Nandi governor Dr Cleophas Lagat who was accompanied by his Deputy Mr Biwott, praised the National government’s efforts in resettling the IDPs in the Country and in ensuring that they live decent lives, sentiments echoed by Tindiret MP Julius Melly.

Devolution Principal Secretary Mwanamaka Amani assured the IDPs that the government will continue supporting them even after the camps are closed to ensure they settle and stabilize.

The ICC politics also came into the fore with Nandi Senator Stephen Sang calling on the International court to drop the case against Ruto and Sang.Sang said Kenyans want to focus in uniting its people and developing the nation and the cases that hang over the country could prove obstructive.

Area MP Alfred Keter maintained the Deputy President and Radio presenter Joshua Sang were innocent stating that the 2007/2008 post-election violence was not planned.

Other leaders present included Adan Wachu, Julius Melly- Tindiret the Chairman of National Consultative Coordination Committee on IDP among others

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