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15 Nov
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Nandi county is striving to ensure open governance is embraced by providing open data for the citizens to get informed and enhance their participation in Government undertakings.

The recently established County Call Centre is one of the initiatives in achieving this. By dialing the toll free 1548, citizens can now access government information, track progress of all programs and projects, present their opinions, interests, complaints and compliments as well as reporting on emergency cases.

Other projects geared towards achieving open governance is establishing systems that streamline service delivery, governance and enhance informed citizens. Among these systems are Health Management Information System (Nandi Afya care), Automated Revenue Collection System, Fleet Management, Asset management and Inventory system.

Ford Foundation in partnership with Council of Governors is focussing on enhancing social accountability in four youth led and women led counties of Nandi, Bomet, Kitui and Kirinyaga in relation to Community’s scorecard. Ford Foundation is undertaking a project through County’s Department of Youth Affairs focussing on youth involvement in governance. Having identified some youths in the county and trained them over the same, the program gives them internship opportunities in he County Government departments. Thereafter, they carry out social audit, evaluate on government-citizen relations and Performance assessment of these sectors.

Speaking during a workshop on accountability and social audit on FY 2018/2019 by County youths through Ford Foundation Project, the Chief Officer for ICT  and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi said that the department of ICT and e-Government is working with that of Finance and Economic Planning to have a County Project system that managed Project implementation. The system will also aid in tracking the progress of each project to completion therefore serving as the best tool in monitoring and evaluation for successful implementation of projects and programs.

County government is embracing the social Audit initiative because it strengthens accountability and transparency and more so increasing efficacy and effectiveness of the development programmes.


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08 Nov
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Article 235 of the Constitution of Kenya (CoK) has the provision for every County to have its own public service managed by County Public Service Board(CPSB). This board is charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing human resource policies and framework for the county government in relevance to the law.

County Government of Nandi has always been compliant to the Constitution and has had its first County Public Service Board established in 2013. The first County Public Service Board had Mr Samuel K. A Too as the chairperson together with Dr. Francis Sang, Ms. Grace Sugut, Mr. Kimeli Chepsiror, Ms. Mary Ngeny & Mr. Sammy Sareto as members; and Mrs. Esther Letting as the Secretary. Mr. Jacob Sisey later joined to take up the duties of the Secretary following her transfer of service to the national government.

Having completed their Six (6) year non renewable term in August 2019, the first board today passed on the mantle to the new one which is going to serve for the next six(6) years. The new board taking over has Dr. Daniel Kemei as the Chairperson working with the following members: Mr. Ezekiel Kiplimo Chemwor, Ms. Eliseba Jemutai Arusei, Mr. Daniel Kiptarbei Rutto Mwogoi, Mr. Jacob Kipketer Sisey and Ms. Irine Jepkorir Choge.

The outgoing Chairperson handing over the report to the incoming chairperson

Presiding over the handing over, the County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang appreciated the outgoing members for their six years of diligent service. As he ushered in the new members of the board, Dr. Sang emphasized on maintaining high level of professional ethics and adherence to the law in all undertaking by the board.

Signing of the handing over report

The incoming CPSB chairperson, Dr. Daniel Kemei together with his team vowed to work for County Public Service in diligence, transparency, accountability, impartiality and with integrity for the common good of the citizens of Nandi County.

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06 Nov
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In a bid to strengthen good governance, successful implementation of Governor’s Manifesto and effective delivery of services to the citizens, Governor Stephen Sang recently made changes to his cabinet.

These changes affected the department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government where Ms. Grace Sugut who was the Chief Officer in charge of Public Service Management was appointed to the department of Education, Research and Vocational Training as the CECM. On the other hand, Mr. Philip Towett, formerly the Chief Officer in charge of Social Welfare takes over as the Chief Officer for Administration and Public Service Management.

Today Ms. Grace Sugut handed over the baton to the incoming Chief Officer, Mr.Philip Towett. The event was witnessed by County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang, Deputy county secretary, Ms. Priscilla Rono and the Director- Human resource Management Mr. John Keter.

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01 Nov
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The new Nandi County Public Service Board Members have been sworn in following vetting and approval by the County Assembly.

The six members including the Chairman were sworn in a ceremony presided over by Governor Stephen Sang at the County Government Headquarters. The new board members took oath of office to replace the former board whose contracts expired in August.

Those sworn in are Dr. Daniel Kemei – Chairman and Jacob Sisey, Eliseba Arusei, Irine Choge, Daniel Rutto Mwogoi and Ezekiel Chemwor as members to the board.

Governor Sang congratulated the members and wished them well as they undertake their duties which include developing and implementing human resource policies and framework, and human resource related issues for the County Government according to relevant laws.

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01 Nov
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The MOU signed between JKUAT and the County Government of Nandi in June 2018 openned up better opportunities for partnering with them for the successful implementation of county’s objectives. So far, the partnership has brought about the successful establishment of Nandi County Call Centre. Kapsabet Municipality is also envisioned to benefiting from this partnership as it aspires to establish an Integrated Development Plan.

Today, consultants from JKUAT led by Kuna Wagoki visited the county and had a consultative meeting with the county’s departments of Administration, Public Service & e-Government and that of Finance& Economic Planning to establish on the possibility of engagement in the development of first ever Kapsabet municipality Integrated Development Plan (IDeP).

According to Urban Areas and Cities Act, Municipalities are required to develop an IDP as a tool and a guide for investment as it helps in the effective use of the scarce resources, improve service delivery, strengthen local democracy & institutional transformation and even attracting more funds for development from potential donors.

The development of this IDeP puts the following areas into consideration: Agricultural potential areas, ecological fragile zones, environmental concerns, road transport infrastructure, potential tourism areas, water and sewerage, housing, commerce and industry as well as disaster management concerns.

It also considers linkage with CIDP(2018-2022), Urban spatial plan, County spatial plans, County sectoral plans, national spatial plan(2015-2045), Vision 2030, Medium Term Plans, Kenya Big Four Agenda, other provisions of the Constitution not forgetting other international plans such as Sustainable development goals and Kyoto protocol on climate change.

The team from JKUAT presented their proposal where upon agreement and successful signing of contract, the process takes off starting with surveys, data collection & analysis and also public participation. This plan which runs for Five(5) years will greatly help in the development of the area under the Municipality. #TransformingNandi

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01 Nov
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Kapsabet municipality is one of the municipalities who qualified for the World Bank conditional development grant awarded yearly for period of five(5) through Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP). The municipality received its first funding of Ksh.177M for 2018/2019 FY where through public participation, several projects were agreed upon for implementation.

Residents of Kapsabet Municipality during the public participation


These ongoing projects for 2018/2019 were tendered in two lots. The first lot, awarded to Vela Limited, is non-motorized transport and waste management project involving the construction of footpaths and athletic racing track , storm water drainage, extension of Sewer line and construction of ablution block at Kapsabet bus pack. The other lot that is awarded to South Pole Company, comprises of installation of high masts, street and security lights, construction of juakali and fabricated shades.

CEC Member in charge of Administration, Public Service and e-Government Hon. Triza Morogo responding to questions by Wananchi during the public participation.

The municipality is awaiting for the second funding and is therefore preparing for projects to be implemented in 2019/2020 FY. Through a public participation, the municipality management had earlier on proposed the construction of a modern Market complex in Kapsabet town. Due to varied public opinions from some members of public who preferred the improvement of road network for ease of accessibility in town instead of the market complex, the management today held a public participation over the same for the citizens to decide.

Kapsabet Ward MCA Hon Fred Kipkemboi sharing his sentiments during the public participatio

The residents of Kapsabet municipality managed to give their views during public participation forums held at Kapsabet town, Baraton, Chepterit and Kipsigak trading centres. The citizens therefore agreed on the construction of road network in Kapsabet town for 2019/2020 FY and modern market complex in 2020/2021.

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31 Oct
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Nandi County call Centre is now three (3) months old and serving its purpose well. Among the reasons for establishment of the call centre is to give citizens a platform for them to interact with the government, air out their complaints and compliments, make inquiries, report on emergency and impending disasters, quicken emergency response as well as acting as the county information desk.

Computer for schools Kenya together with Huawei visit the Call Centre


In the recent past, many lives and properties have be salvaged with help of the call centre. Citizens have managed to call or text the toll free number (1548) to report and seek help on various emergency cases that needed either ambulatory services or any other action to prevent or reduce loss and damage.

Nandi is the first county in Kenya to establish such an avenue for citizens to easily and conveniently reach out to the government by just dialing 1548 at anytime. It is now a benchmark destination for other Counties and governments institutions.

Various institution including the Council of Governors, the Senate, Huawei, Computer for Schools Kenya and other Counties have visited the county to benchmark on the establishment and operationalization of the Call Centre.

Today the members of Complaints and Compliments Committee of Elgeiyo Marakwet County led the chairperson, Michael Sengech, Visited the call centre. They were pleased with this initiative being the best platform to register complaints and compliments from the citizens.

Health committee of the Senate visits the Call Centre

Health committee of the Senate led by Dr. Michael Mbito who is the committee chairperson and the senator for Tran-zoia County recently visited the county call centre and were amazed with the great achievement by the county on empowering the voice of the citizens and giving a better room for public participation.

Nandi County Governor, H.E. Stephen Sang receiving calls at the Call Centre.

The residents of Nandi county are therefore called upon to make use of this service and they are promised adequate and appropriate response through this platform.

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31 Oct
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Nandi County’s partnership with Computers for School Kenya (CFSK) is bearing more fruits especially for the youths of Nandi County. Mid this year, the county received computers which were distributed to the 14 Vocational Training Centres countywide for training of digital and computer literacy skills. This training program is examined and certified by CFSK.

Governor Sang with top county officials meeting representatives from CFSK, Huawei and NFDK

This partnership recently brought another opportunity to the residents of Nandi through the piloting of Huawei’s DigiTruck in the County where the youth are currently undertaking their digital training in Kaptumo. This training program which is offered at no cost, runs for the month of November and has enrolled over 120 students(both young and old).

Today Nandi was privileged to host Edison Xie Yi who is Huawei’s Southern Saharan Director for External Relations; Joseph Oliech – Project Manager – Computer For School Kenya; Mike Kiswili and Alex Mutega from National Fund for Disabled Kenya. The team visited the County to check on the progress of the DigiTruck program, asses the suitability of the program, look into county’s progress technologically and more so discuss on more areas of partnership.

Section of Kaptumo residents during the launch

The team also visited Kapsabet School for the Deaf for need assessment and to identify the possible areas support for the institution. During the visit, Mr. Edison Xie Yi said that the institution is going to receive special tablets for digital literacy skills training.

Students from Kapsabet School for the Deaf during visit by Huawei

The team from National Fund for the Disabled Kenya(NFDK) also promised to support the institution through improving the infrastructure and provision of assistive devices. NFDK recently supported St Martin’s Home for the Physicaly Challenged in Kobujoi, and Highlands School in Tinderet.

Speaking in a meeting with visiting team,the Governor, H.E Stephen Sang said that he is looking forward to such partnerships whose initiatives and programs have direct and positive impact to the citizens of Nandi County.

Nandi Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot, while assessing progress of the DigiTruck program in Kaptumo, called upon the citizens to embrace this program with positivity. She further asked them to enroll to the program and make use of the computers in the VTCs; get equipped with the skills and use them to change their livelihoods.

The team also visited Kapsabet County Referral Hospital to check on the implementation of Health Management Information System (HMIS) and also to the County Call Centre.

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29 Oct
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Nandi County is lucky to be one of the beneficiaries of ‘Close The Gap’ program by Huawei in partnership with Computer For School Kenya(CFSK).

Huawei unveiled the DigiTruck project, in partnership with Belgium nonprofit organization Close the Gap, to provide digital skills training to rural and remote communities in Kenya. Nandi County snatches this opportunity due to the partnership with CFSK on equipping the youth with digital skills that would enable them get income generating opportunities that are online.

Digitrack is a mobile, multi-functional IT Lab and a classroom with tablets for students to learn digital skills and get equipped technologically. Nandi County has been selected for the second DigiTruck pilot project which uses tablets and smart phones for training. This one Month program is examined and certified by CFSK.

County department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government and that of Education and Vocational Training have received the truck at County Headquarters. According to CECM for Administration, Public Service & e-Government, Teresa Morogo, the program complements the County’s Computer literacy and Ajira Digital program whose training is in progress in all the VTCs in the county.

The DigiTrack will be stationed at the office of Assistant County Commissioner- Kaptumo for the pilot program in the month of November 2019 .

The program offered at NO COST and runs for two-hour sessions and will host 20 students during each session. Youth from the region are called upon to grab this golden opportunity with minimum qualifications being KCPE Certificate.
Enrollment is ongoing.


For more information call 0748726999 or 1548(Nandi County Call Centre).

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17 Oct
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Nandi County is the first county in Kenya to set up call centre aimed at enhancing citizen engagement and promoting open governance.

The Call Centre went live two months ago and has given the residents of Nandi County the best opportunity to communicate with the county government, present their complaints and give compliments of service delivery.

Residents can Call the number 1548 free of charge and receive feedback on government services and emergencies. Among the various concerns that have been handled through the call centre include call for emergency response and relay of information regarding AI service providers, NHIF and acquisitions of business permits.

Many Counties are now looking forward to embracing this initiative which provides for two way communication between the government and its citizens therefore being one of the best platforms for public participation. Today a team from the Council of governors visited the county to benchmark on Nandi county’s move towards bringing effective governance closer to the people.

According to Silas Tanui, a resident of Silver inn area of Kapsabet Ward, the call centre has been good news to him. Having managed get Veterinary officer’s assistance to rescue his cow from calving related complications by just calling the call centre, Mr. Tanui applauds the county government for this initiative and calls upon Nandi county residents to make use of these resource.

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