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27 Jul
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The department of Administration Public Service and e-Government welcomed Eng. Drice Rono who will be the acting CECM. This comes in following the secondment of the former CECM Teresa Morogo to Koitalel Samoei University College as the Deputy Registrar- Administration.

In her address during the handing over, the outgoing CECM, Ms Morogo expressed her gratitude for the opportunity given to serve the people of Nandi. On the other hand, Eng. Rono pledged for diligence in discharging his duties to the people of Nandi.

The County Secretary, Dr Francis Sang, who witnessed the handing over, appreciated Ms. Morogo for the good work done. He further called upon the department and the citizens to support the incoming CECM for effective service delivery and governance.

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30 Jun
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Kapsabet Municipality plans to undertake the second development project since its inauguration in 2018. This proposed infrastructural work is a World Bank funded project under the 2019/2020 FY and the municipality received funds amounting to 126M in December 2020


Having undergone a complete procurement process, the project has been awarded to Pinnie Agency LTD with Tender no. CGN/KUSP/KM/TND/001/2019-2020. Road reserve clearance notices were issued to the public in March 2021. Project implementation commenced today with site handing over and is expected to be completed in 15 months time.

These infrastructural improvement works involves the tarmacking of feeder roads and re-carpeting of existing road accumulating to 2.6 Km.These roads are: Jean Marie Seroney road, Jua Kali loop, Kokwet Road, Chepcholol and Safari hotel road.

Today the project Committee held a meeting with the contractor, the area MCAs, a representation of municipal board, Sub county and Ward Administrators.
Speaking during the site handing over, the CO for Administration, Feisal Mohammed called upon the contractor and project Committee to work diligently and with speed for timely achievement of this project.

The MCA for Kapsabet Ward, Hon. Fred Kipkemboi expressed his gratitude for the consideration of this project highlighting the need for quality and speedy work. Hon Fred Further encouraged the contractor to employ county residents during project implementation. He added that this project will greatly improve mobility and business accessibility in town.

Kapsabet Municipality’s Principal engineer, Eng. Hillary Koech promised keen supervision for quality works. He further called upon the public to give ample time and support to the contractor for efficient implementation of the project.

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30 Jun
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Public engagement and full consideration of people’s input in governance and decision making has had a great impact in development and  a satisfied citizenry. This openness and participation improves relationships and trust between decision-makers, the public and among different stakeholders.

The county government of Nandi has always endeavored to involve the citizens in all its plans and programs. It has achieved this through the implementation of various strategies such as establishment of public participation and civic education unit, Public participation and civic education act, toll free Call Centre and continuous sensitization of the public to give their views.

The county public participation and civic education unit in partnership with Kenya school of Government-Baringo, held a sensitization program on public participation for the Sub County Administrators and Community Vocal Persons from the wards countywide.

During the sensitization forum led by Dr. Michael Ang’anyo from Kenya school of Government, the session tackled matters concerning the importance of public participation, prerequisites to effective public participation, role of key actors in public participation, budget making cycle, legal framework and challenges to effective participation.

In her address during the sensitization forum the county director for public participation, Naum Keter highlighted that these Community vocal persons from the various wards will in turn sensitize the citizens on the need to take part in government plans, programs and projects. She further calls upon the citizens to make use of the toll free county call centre, 1548.

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30 Jun
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Nandi County recognizes children’s rights, fights for their space and has always championed for child protection to ensure that their rights & dignity is upheld.

It has championed for this through the Toll Free Call Centre 1548 where members of the public can call and raise issues surrounding child protection. The call center has also raised awareness on child protection through outbound calls and SMS to the general public.

This comes in timely as the African continent celebrates Day of the African Child, 2021 themed “30 years after the adoption of the Charter: accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for children”.

The county is partnering with Childline Kenya (116) in creating awareness and optimizing access to child protection services as well as strengthening response to reported cases. Child Helpline 116 – Kenya

According to Emily Bett, the Call Centre Manager, Nandi county call centre has in the recent past handled over 50 cases of child related issues. She calls upon the citizens to protect children’s rights and make use of the TOLL FREE 1548 adding that the County Government of Nandi is always ready to listen and handle any issues raised.

We celebrate Kenyan Children.

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30 Jun
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Public Participation, civic education and citizen engagement is key in achieving devolution and citizen oriented governance. Nandi county is prioritizing on practices that enhance citizen involvement in service delivery. This is achieved through openness, transparency, free access to information, consultation and active engagement through dialogue and partnership

With the recent award to join Open Governance Partnership (OGP), Nandi County is progressing towards a fully fledged citizen oriented governance envisioned on ‘A citizenry empowered through an open and responsive local government’. Nandi has set its commitment on public participation& citizen engagement, open contracting & procurement and is currently developing an action plan towards achieving these commitments.

This progress is steered on by the Nandi County Public Participation and Civic Education Act that was recently adopted and the toll free county call centre (1548) that has offered the best opportunity in getting citizens views . The directorate of public participation and civic education in Partnership with Ministry of Devolution and planning today held a workshop for the key stakeholders across county departments in bid to develop guidelines for successful citizen engagement.

In her address, the CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo pointed out that the county is developing guidelines for successful implementation of a comprehensive civic education program reaching out to residents at grassroot level.

The principle of public participation holds that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process. Thus, these developed guidelines will enable the county in the implementation of the Public Participation and Civic Education Act and enhancing citizen satisfaction.




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10 Mar
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Kapsabet Municipality manager Isaiah Keter today met a representation of Kapsabet business community comprising of Kapsabet Town Kiosk Operators led by the Chairman- Cashmir Sang to discuss the betterment of the business environment in Kapsabet town.

This team, also accompanied by the Director of the National Chamber of Commerce- Nandi, Peter Chalicha, had an opportunity to air out their challenges, discussed possible solutions and highlighted better strategies to implemented through the office of Kapsabet municipality.

Among these issues discussed include matters concerning licences, hygiene, security, safety, revenue collection, management of street families, law enforcement and utilization of resources such as water & electricity.

Speaking during the meeting, Keter said that the municipality endeavours to create a better business environment through the provision of all services as stated in the Kapsabet Municipality Charter. He further calls upon the town users to make proper use of public utilities provided to them and also feel free to point out any arising challenges.

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10 Mar
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The Human Resource Audit process in the Public Service aims at assessing the human resource output and effectiveness of its workforce. On 2nd March 2021, The County Public Service Board embarked on an HR audit process with the aim of establishing a centralized repository of employee details that the human resource management needs for planning. Staff details collated during this audit exercise will be migrated to the County Human Resource Management Information System.

Overall, the exercise seeks to ensure that the employees are correctly placed in the relevant fields of expertise to provide the desired service delivery and increase their productivity.This exercise is ongoing and is expected to end on 12th March 2021.
We urge our employees and the general public to disregard any misleading information regarding the exercise. The Board will give a comprehensive report of the Audit findings once the exercise is finalized. See the detailed Press release here

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09 Feb
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County government of Nandi is partnering with Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas (MIOG) to offer technical training opportunities for the youth and staff in the county.
Morendat Institute is an academic centre owned by Kenya Pipeline Company Ltd and offers technical and corporate courses. It is registered by both the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETA) and National Industrial and Training Authority (NITA).
This partnership offers subsidized training that will be available for the youth and county staff especially those on fire and disaster management unit. These courses include health and environmental safety, quality control, fire fighting, welding, ICT security, corporate courses, electrical and mechanical maintenance among other courses that could be requested from time to time.
Speaking during an MOU signing between MIOG and Nandi County, the deputy governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot highlighted the need for the youth to grab such training opportunities presented to them so as to acquire skills that would increase employability, enable them start their businesses and eventually develop economically.
She further added that the trainees will also offer extremely valuable services to the county in their areas of specialization.
Having signed the MOU, this program will soon be rolled out through the relevant departments of Administration, Public Service & e-Government, Sports & Youth Affairs and that of Education, Research and Vocational training.
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03 Feb
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Today, a task force committee from the State departments, Kenya School of Government and Council of Governors visited the county Public service for human resource assessment. This is an exercise carried out across all counties nationwide involving assessment, collection of views in bid to develop a nationwide master plan for handling scarcity, high priority skills and empowerment of the county public service management.
The visit focusses on assessing the current status, identifying gaps, skill development, workforce planning, skills development strategy, talent management, recruitment & selection for key technical cadres as well as strengthening institutional framework for the county human resource management.

This committee led by Francis Mutisya from State Department for Public Service had an opportunity to interact with the county Public service management team. According to Mr. Mutisya, the County Government of Nandi is performing well in human resource management. He further advises on the need to manage scarce and high priority skills.

In her address, the CECM for Administration Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo highlighted that the sector is working on skill development in handling the scarcity of high priority skills and implementation of performance management in order to fully utilize the already acquired human resources.
Speaking during the session, the County Public Service Board Vice Chairperson, Eliseba Arusei said that the board is working towards achieving a highly professional and competent county public service. She added that they are re-engineering systems especially the Human resource management system so as to improve efficiency in service delivery.
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01 Feb
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The team from the State Department of Housing and Urban Planning and the Council of Governors led by Kenneth Nyaseda visited the county to assess the status of the projects under the Kenya urban support program for Kapsabet Municipality. These World Bank funded projects target Municipalities in various counties which met the minimum conditions for the access of the grants and Kapsabet is one of them.
These projects under the first funding are the Non motorized Transport facilities and urban economic infrastructure development which are nearly complete. The second funding focusses on road infrastructure upgrade. This road upgrade project is at its initial stages with designs already done and awaiting tendering.
The projects nearing completion include construction pedestrian walkway, athletic racing track, storm water drainage, sewer line extension, ablution block and passenger shades at Kapsabet bus park, jua kali shades, fabricated shades and street lighting and installation of high masts in areas under the municipality.
Speaking during an interaction with the team, the Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot pointed that as Kapsabet Municipality focusses on completing these projects, there is need to re-classify and upgrade other urban areas especially the Sub- County headquarters . “The upgrade of these urban areas will elevate the development state of the centres.” Said the Deputy Governor.
“As the county work on the full implementation of these projects, it anticipate for more funding that is set for the construction of a modern market in Kapsabet town so as to improve the business environment in Kapsabet Municipality.” Stated Teresa Morogo who is the CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government.
The team together with the municipality project management committee had an opportunity to visit the project sites to check on the status.
“We are pleased with the progress as compared to the previous assessment,” said Dr. Leah Oyuki from KUSP. She further calls upon the project management committee to fast track the projects to completion before the extension period expires.
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