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20 Mar
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In order to move in a cohesive strategic direction for the achievement of targeted results in delivery of services, the county directors are focussing on performance appraisal system (PAS). This system is a result oriented performance management tool for managing performance of all the staff working under the directors.

This is a move in cascading down the performance contracting ; a performance management tool implemented by senior officers in the county. These tools ensure that all the staff achieve their set targets and are appraised as per their results.

The directors are the supervisors as well as the managers of all the staff under them. They are therefore key in the implementation of PAS to ensure that departmental targets are achieved. For effective implementation of this, the Public Service Department together with the AHADI Kenya held a capacity building training on performance appraisal for the Directors, Sub county and Ward administrators.

The CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo, mentioned that while rolling out this first ever performance management program in the county, service delivery will be boosted as every employee is tasked to achieving their goals. She further added that performance reports are compulsory for every employee as measurement of the achieved targets.
The Chief Officer in charge of Public service, Grace Sugut, highlighted that the sector is determined to ensure the implementation of a comprehensive PAS covering all significant performance areas. Also present in the forum were: The CO for ICT and e-Government-Jonathan Misoi and the CO for Economic Planning-Felix Sambu.

The achievement of these individual targets by all county staff result in achievement of sectoral plans and the overall County Integrated Development Plan. Performance is therefore a factor in the delivery of services and the general growth of the county.

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15 Mar
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Since kapsabet town was upgraded to a municipality last year, there have been a series of activities and plans towards the development of the area covered by the municipality.

The activities included the development of a municipality charter, constitution of a municipality board, planning and identification of development projects.

The Municipality has received a grant of 177 million from World Bank through the state department of Housing and Urban Development.

The grants will fund different projects and implementation of urban plan in the area covered by the municipality.

Through its department of Administration the county Government of Nandi together with municipality board and the Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) has identified projects to be implemented under this program.

The proposed projects include the construction of non motorized transport facilities and storm water drainage from Chebarbar to Kamobo and from Namgoi to mosobecho ; installation of street and security lights including high masts within the municipality ; construction of jua kali shades at kapsabet, Baraton, chepterit, Chebarbar and Namgoi ; extension of sewer lines in kapsabet, Namgoi and Kamobo.

The successful implementation of these projects require proper planning as well as stakeholder and citizen involvement in the development stages. Today the stakeholders met in consultative forum to discuss on the implementation of this projects.

The stakeholders comprise the business community, matatu owners association, retired civil servants, public benefit organisation, representatives of youth and women, KENHA, KPLC, MCAs whose areas are covered by the municipality, County physical planners and the relevant County departments.

The CECM for Administration, Teresa Morogo, who chaired the meeting, pointed out that the department is keen on ensuring effective and timely implementation of the projects and added that so far, there is good progress as the designs, drawings and costing development have already been done.

Mrs Morogo also said that the tender documents are also ready and the procurement process has started and the tenders for various projects have been advertised.

The department will be conducting public participation forums in Kingwal, Chepterit, Baraton, Chebarbar, Namgoi, Kapsabet market and kapsabet Jua kali shades to enhance citizen awareness and involvement in the implementation of these projects.

The public is therefore encouraged to fully support these development projects especially during implementation for the transformation of Kapsabet municipality.

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15 Mar
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The county has operationalized two fire engines to ensure rescue operations regarding fire incidents are done on time.

The Head of Disaster Management Lorreine Jerono, said these efforts have so far ensured that most fire incidents have so far been managed thus minimizing spread of fire and further Damagers

Speaking at Koimet Village in Koyo/Ndurio Ward when the team visited the family of Samson Tum, who lost their second born child to fire last year, Ms. Lorreine said the disaster team will continue sensitising residents on disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and post-disaster recovery.

The family of Sum received basic items like food, clothing and construction materials during the visit by the team.

Nandi County has in the recent past encountered several fire incidents, with the disaster unit being able to conduct successful rescue missions in Belekenya, Himaki, Cheribisi and Eldoret Airstrip.

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26 Feb
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The National Treasury and Planning through the State department for planning, coordinated with County’s department of Finance and Economic Planning and  held The Third Medium Term Plan forum for 2018-2022 (MTP lll). This comes after MTP I (2008-2012) and MTP II (2013-2017).

These medium term plans are meant to promote better understanding of the government’s development agenda by the citizens over the planned period. Through this, the public are acquainted with policies, programmes and projects outlined for implementation over the plan period. It also provides for consultation between the national government and county government on development and implementation of MTP and CIDPs.

The counties are therefore expected to align their County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP) to the MTPs with a particular focus on achieving the Government’s Big Four Agenda. This MTP III incorporates programmes and projects aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Africa’s Agenda 2063 and other regional and international development frameworks.

This MTP forums enhance consultative engagements between stakeholders so as to ensure they are conversant with the medium term development priorities. These stakeholders include: The Governor, senator, county commissioner, members of national assembly, MCAs, CECs, County Departmental heads, Sub county and ward representatives, civil society, development partners, chiefs, assistant chiefs and village elders, private sector, religious organizations, media and representatives from Youth, women and PLWDs.

During the MTP III Nandi forum held at Kapsabet Boys, where the above mentioned stakeholders were present, the CECM in charge of Finance and Economic Planning also presented the County integrated development plan for 2018-2022.

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23 Feb
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A quick response from the Nandi county fire department on Wednesday saved Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) from huge losses.

Early morning, a fire burnt a section of the Eldoret airstrip, destroying property. No casualties were reported.

The fire response team were called in to aid in putting off the fire together with their counterparts from Uasin Gishu County. The Nandi County team with fully filled tankers and equipped fire engines arrived at the scene on time. The quick response was praised by the Kenya Airports Authority, Eldoret International Airport and the County Government of Uasin Gishu.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

Eldoret International Airport management praised the Nandi and Uasin Gishu fire departments and said the response was quick. “We have to give credit to the firefighters as they collaborated to contain the fire,” said Samson Luvutsa, a senior official from Eldoret International Airport.

He praised the fire teams and members of the public for responding very fast to help put off the fire.

The Kenya Red Cross also praised the fire brigade.

The inferno destroyed most vegetation in the airstrip located along the Eldoret-Iten road.

The landing and takeoff areas were affected as burning vegetation caused huge smoke which could not allow planes to land or leave.

The airstrip is operated under the Eldoret International Airport and receives at least three light aircraft and several helicopters every day.

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21 Feb
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The county department of Finance and Economic planning held the first ever public participation forums on County Fiscal Strategic Paper (CFSP) in all the six sub counties.
The paper provides a guideline in the budget making process. It helps in ensuring that there is sustainable financing as well as enhancing transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in public finance management.
After the public participation, the fiscal paper will be handed over to the Cabinet  for review and onward forwarding to the County Assembly. Once the County Assembly approves, the County treasury embarks in making budgets estimates for FY 2019/2020. These budget estimates will then be taken back to the public in April and their views before being passed by the County Assembly.
The Chief Officer for Economic Planning, Mr. Felix Sambu, who was in Emgwen Sub County public participation forum mentioned that from the Fiscal paper, it is noted that Nandi county is collecting less revenue. This dictates the amount of sharable revenue from the national government.
He therefore pointed out that the County Government is doing much to ensure the revenue collected in the next financial year increases. It will be doing so by increasing avenues for revenue collection and also by ensuring transparency in revenue collection through automation and effective use of revenue system.
Proper development and implementation of budget is crucial in providing quality services that promote sustainable growth. This therefore requires citizen involvement so that policies and plans made towards this satisfy the needs of the people.
The County Government of Nandi will constantly involve all stakeholders in all stages of plans and development because it is critical in building a sustainable county.
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20 Feb
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Nandi County expects to boost in delivery of services as the the staff who were initially on one year contract were today offered better terms of employment; three year contracts.
This happened during County Staff Prayer meeting held at County department of Sports grounds where The Governor,  H.E Stephen Sang awarded contract renewal letters to the county employees whose one year contracts ended.
A good employee motivation and empowerment process is essential for achievement of government objective which is quality service delivery to the people. This is therefore one of the ways in which performance is motivated.
Governor Sang urged the county employees to work tirelessly and ensure that  there is increased output in the delivery of services. He further added that the county government is working on creating more programs that create more opportunities for the people of Nandi.
 The CECM in charge of Administration, Public Service and E-government, Ms. Teresa Morogo, pointed out that better policies will be put in place to ensure adequate capacity building for the staff and a human resource management system for better staff management. She also added that staff performance appraisal program will be the measure of performance and those who fail to perform their contracts will be terminated.
The citizens of Nandi are therefore promised good performance,  better services and expeditious move towards the realization of Tuga Tai’s transformative agenda.
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19 Feb
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Public participation holds considerable promise and benefit for sustainable development in the county. Sub county and ward administrators are responsible for coordination, management and supervision of general administrative functions including public participation at the Sub county and Ward level.
These administrators are therefore crucial stakeholders in the implementation of public participation in the development of policies, plans and delivery of services across all the county departments.
The County department of Administration  today conducted capacity building on public participation by AHADI Kenya for the Sub county and Ward administrators. The Chief Officer for Administration, Ms. Scolastica Tuwei denoted that the training focusses on strengthening public participation process especially by proper planning and mapping of stakeholders and resources.
The Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot Mitei, who adjourned the training session pointed out that citizen involvement in policies and development activities is bigger responsibility for the county government. She will therefore ensure it is effectively implemented with the help of Sub county and Ward administrators. Dr. Yulita further encouraged the administrators to keenly follow up and regularly give reports on the status of projects in their wards.
Also present in the session were,  the County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang; Deputy County secretary, Truphena Kobiro, director in charge of Administration Ali Apidi and County Attorney, George Tarus.
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18 Feb
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County government of Nandi is working towards transforming the Urban areas to improve the business environment and enhance a better look for the county’s major urban areas.
Some of the projects geared towards achieving this are the construction and rehabilitation of bus parks, passengers waiting bays, proper waste collection points, non motorized transport and pedestrian lanes, proper drainage systems, improvement of pavements and parking bays and urban area beautification.

Nandi Hills town beautification

Some of these projects are ongoing and nearing completion such as Kapsabet, Nandi hills, and Mosoriot bus parks; Mosoriot passenger waiting bay; parking bays, pavements and drainage systems in Kapsabet and Nandihills towns.
The department will soon be initializing the construction of non motorize transport system between Chepterit and Kamobo through the Kenya Urban Support Program. This program focusses on supporting the growth and transformation of Kapsabet municipality.
The county government is therefore working hard to ensure that county’s urban areas are up to the standards, with good infrastructure and well managed as stipulated in the Urban Areas and Cities Act.
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15 Feb
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Ag. County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang has applauded Kisii University for offering school programs aimed at promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Dr. Sang said CSR is now a need in the society, adding that most organizations now require CSR initiatives as part of their initiatives of giving back to the community.
Speaking at Kapsabet ASK grounds during the 6th graduation ceremony for Kisii University’s Eldoret Campus, Dr. Sang further commended the Institution for offering opportunities for students to further their skills to become competent in the ever changing situations around the world.

He added that the appropriate implementation of these skills offers citizens with more choices and thus enhancing the betterment of one’s livelihood and in the end, helps in the economic growth and development of the nation.

‘I urge  the youth to  grab these opportunities in such institutions of higher learning, improve their career opportunities and eventually better livelihoods.’ advised Dr. Sang.
Over 100 pastors who undertook the Pastor’s enhancement training program graduated.
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