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07 Oct
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Construction of the Kapsabet Fresh Produce Market in Kapsabet town is nearing completion, with the project expected to be fully operational in the coming few months.

The CEC Member for Administration and Public Service Isaiah Ketter led a team of Engineers to inspect the progress on the ongoing construction works.

CEC Member for Administration and Public Service Isaiah Ketter with a team of Engineers Inspecting The Progress On The Ongoing Construction Works.

The project aims to enhance the comfort and convenience of traders, as well as provide a vibrant and appealing environment for customers. The investment in infrastructure and public facilities demonstrates Governor Sang’s commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting economic growth in the county.

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07 Oct
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The County Government of Nandi has broadened its functions following the transfer of Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) to devolved unit.

The transition is in line with the fourth schedule of the constitution which transferred library services to the devolved units.

In the Kenya Gazette notice dated August 9, 2019, the Inter-Governmental Technical Relations Committee (IGTRC) approved the delineation of KNLS functions and distribution of libraries between the National and County Governments.

Libraries play critical role critical in the access to information, fostering a reading culture and promoting learning among citizens.

The handing over exercise was led by Felix Maiyo who represented the County Secretary, Alex Ombwogi from the Kenya National Library Services and overseen by Ali Wario from the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC).

Handing Over of Library Services to County Government of Nandi to Felix Maiyo, County Secretary Representative by Ali Wario from the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC)and Alex Ombwogi from the Kenya National Library Services.

The handing over process was sealed with the signing of the asset register by both entities.

Also present was the County Human Resource Director Gorety Rotich among other officials.

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03 Oct
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The big question in County Governments’ management of facts and statistics of the public needs, through accurate capturing and description of what is important and of urgent resolve, has most often faced the challenge of simple processing of information and structuring the presentation of the continuous emerging needs of the public to ensure continous momentum of aligned and impactful results.

This is based of the challenge of the diverse nature of needs of the public interests.

It is in this light that the County Government of Nandi as an active participant of Open Government Partnership (OGP) and as a top affliate of Kenya OGP participated in the OGP Global Summit Roundtable debrief convened by the office of Prime Cabinet Secretary, PS Foreign Affairs, Dr. Singoei. The core engagement was to pull in senate pivotal role in diffusing the noble values of openness and accountability in counties’ governance.

Senator (Dr ) Khalwale Boni sharing action points on the role of senate in open government.

The action points for the meeting looked towards incorporating opportunities and identifying emerging needs, with focus towards the overall need for more support to local governments to uphold values of accountability, openness, transparency and inclusivity.

Chief Officer ICT and E-Government and Nandi OGP Point of Contact, Mr Jonathan Misoi represented Nandi delibelarations in the delegation.

Chief Officer ICT and E-Government Engaging in the Discussion.

County Government of Nandi is currently implementing commitments featuring open governance values,: fiscal openness through its run of public participation activities, civic engagement established through the open data desk that can be accessed through and the Nandi County Call Centre (Toll Free Number: 1548), a 24/7 point of engagement, performance contracting on integrity and service delivery accountability through the open contracting and public procurement.

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21 Sep
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The County government of Nandi in its collective synergy with the National government, Ministry of Interior and Security are preparing are laying a strategy to mitigate the foreseen Elnino hazards that is expected in October, in their mandate to ensure the safety of the citizens of Nandi with focus on school going children safety and general population based on the kind of risk that is in nearness to their daily associations.

Earlier today, the County Commissioner Caroline Nzwili chaired a disaster preparedness meeting. Of critical discussions was to bring a core understanding and alignment on mitigation measures and the expected difficulties.

County Commissioner, Caroline Nzwili.

Speaking during the consultation, Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) department of Administration, Public Service & ICT Isaiah Keter was particular on the directives of fostering synergies and collective responsibility between the intergovernmental liasion, of the National Government, composed of units involved with the vulnerability sections and the County Government.

“In the spirit of collective responsibility, representatives of all sections must work together to ensure readiness, timeliness, correctness, and well equipped-adequate support to the residents during the season.”

He further insisted on constant report feeding and feedback to responsive units.

“To maintain a responsive system, representatives must establish mechanisms for constant report feeding and feedback. This involves regular communication and data sharing among different sections and units responsible for resident support. By doing so, the system can quickly adapt to changing conditions, and emerging needs during the Elnino season.”

CECM Administration, Public Service & ICT, Mr. Isaiah Keter.

Chief officer for ICT and E-Government, Jonathan Misoi propelled the critical use of one on one interactions with residents to comprehensively assess their individual needs and cover possible loopholes that might be overlooked during hazard preparations.

With the resource use of the county call center’s toll free number, 1548, the ongoing farmer profiling, registration and mapping program, together with use of community health workers, department of health and sanitation, in their nature of work, that requires constant one on one interactions with citizens on a daily, he advocated on the affluence of these additions in mitigating potential crisis.

Action plan stipulated moving forward to be acted on and reported to the county commissioner’s office and relevant county administrative units include: securing man made shift bridges, identifying and covering all manholes, servicing drainages and exhaustive service needs, mapping schools for installation of lightning arrestors and their cost implications,school mandatory inspections for safety kits, procuring safety kits composed of tents and foodstuffs, remove obstructive reeds at Kingwaal swamp, surface vector controls in health and sanitation to prepare for accidents and induced diseases due to weather at the time, equip emergency control units and sensitize citizens on emergency response through barazas and media outlets.

Expected hazards are: extreme winds, flush floods, land slides, mud slides, lightning, and fill up of mine/quarry pits.

Also in attendance were both national and county administrative officers from roads and public works, health and sanitation, Education and Vocational Training, Kenya Red Cross, and the county disaster management unit.

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20 Sep
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The County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang, received a courtesy call today from the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program team (KISIP-2) who are in our county to seek the opinion of the residents of Mosoriot.

The county government of Nandi is partnering with KISIP to improve infrastructure within Mosoriot as plans are underway for its elevation to a town. Other upcoming urban and settlement areas, such as Kabiyet, Kaiboi, Baraton, Kaptumo Kemeloi, and Ol’Lessos, will follow thereafter.

Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program (KISP) in Consultation with County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang.

Present in the meeting were CECM in charge of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, Dr. Philemon Bureti, Chief of Staff Stanley Baliach, and other senior county staff.

The county secretary thanked KISIP for supporting the project. The project will be carried out in phases, depending on priority areas, by the residents of Mosoriot; this includes roads, sewer lines,  and water distribution, among other key amenities.

County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang Chairing the Meeting.

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19 Sep
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The County government of Nandi is committed to advancing the next frontiers of open governance in service delivery inline with the commitments made to Open Government partnership (OGP). The second commitment in line, is on the open publication of public procurement and contracting data to elevate civic participation and enhance public accountability.

In pursuit of this, the county government of Nandi on Tuesday, through the Department of Finance and Economic Planning;directorate of supply chain management, supported by HIVOS East Africa and Development Gateway: An IREX venture held a training for supply chain technical officers on the use and management of the open contracting Dashboard. The dashboard will provide a central source of government procurement processes and shape service delivery incentives towards a more transparent, inclusive and responsible government.

Open contracting is about opening up, providing open, accessible and timely information on public contracting in addition to monitoring public procurement, with the aim of allowing citizens and businesses to engage and participate in fixing needs and delivering efficient and all inclusive results through service delivery.

While opening the session, County Executive Committee Member(CECM), Finance and Economic Planning, CPA Hon Hillary Serem, accentuated the critical social standing of open contracting in institutionalizing service delivery procurement processes, more specifically within an organization as county government, where leadership is transitional, hence the need to have a strong base foundation for reliable systems, that will stand and supplement towards the continuous mandate of government irregardless, to the overall benefit of mwananchi.

“In a world where public trust and fiscal responsibility is central to sustainable need filling,open contracting stands as the linchpin for county governments. More specifically because of the nature of leadership transitions, hence demanding a standardized, strong and dependable technical processes for a seamless seal of accountability in governance.”

He also reiterated the perfect alignment of open contracting in evolving public participation and citizen informed data decision making that makes so a big inclusion of active engagement, adaptable to the constant landscape changes in governance and service delivery.

Chief officer ICT & E-Government, Mr. Jonathan Misoi, who is also the visionary and champion leader of open governance initiative in Nandi, stressed the important play that open contracting opens for elevating and fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among citizens, resulting to precision of provision of well informed and efficienct services to the people of Nandi.

Chief Officer ICT & E-Government, Mr Jonathan Misoi.

County government of Nandi is the first county to actively take on open contracting after its successful implementation of its first commitment of OGP Nandi on public participation through the establishment and running of Nandi data desk, that hosts the county data desk that publishes, and enables users to obtain relevant actionable data on county activities and the Nandi County Call Centre that is the bedrock for 24/7, instant one on one citizen engagement on daily.

The officers are now expected to initiate the process starting on by hosting all data to the portal as furthest as 2017, comprising of contracts done, still ongoing and statistically analyze and present trends and needs of the sector.

Supply Chain Management Officers in Training.

Mr. Joshua Mbai, Senior Associate, Development Gateway, partner organization tasked with system design and hosting action plan led the team through how the procurement process is hosted in the system and how it fits in the system.

Mr. Joshua Mbai, Senior Associate, Development Gateway.

Director supply chain management, Mr. Japheth Tirop determined that the team is well positioned in its commitment to ensure transparency, correctness and timeliness in their task on open contracting.

Director Supply Chain Management, Mr. Japheth Tirop.

Also present was Mr. Simion Chepkwony, director ICT, Infrastructure &, E-Systems and Web Master, Mr. Evans Sirma.

Mr. Simion Chepkwony, Director ICT, Infrastructure &, E-Systems.

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06 Sep
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Nandi County Tops in Africa for Digital Transformation: Open Data Desk Leading the Way

In a remarkable achievement that reflects a profound commitment to open governance and digital transformation, Nandi County has emerged as the leading force in Africa in the realm of data-driven governance. This achievement was celebrated on the global stage during the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Open County Data Desk – A Beacon of Transparency

At the heart of this achievement lies the Open County Data Desk, a groundbreaking initiative launched by Nandi County, in partnership with the esteemed Open Institute. This digital platform, accessible at, has been revolutionizing the way citizens engage with their government.

The Open County Data Desk serves as a beacon of transparency and accountability by providing easy access to a wealth of data and information related to Nandi County’s operations, budgets, projects, and more. This data is presented in a user-friendly format, making it readily comprehensible to all citizens. The platform is a testament to Nandi County’s dedication to fostering public participation and empowering its residents with information, with the invaluable expertise and collaboration of Open Institute.

Recognition on the Global Stage

The significance of Nandi County’s achievement was underscored during the OGP Summit currently underway in Tallinn, Estonia. The summit, a gathering of global leaders, policymakers, and innovators in the realm of open governance, provided the perfect platform for Nandi County and Open Institute to showcase their pioneering work.

During a ceremony at the summit, Nandi County, in collaboration with Open Institute, received prestigious recognition as the leader in digital transformation in Africa. The award was accepted by Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei and Mr. Misoi Jonathan, Chief Officer of ICT and e-Government for Nandi County, along with representatives from Open Institute. Their presence at this global event symbolized the county’s commitment to sharing its experiences and the invaluable contributions of Open Institute in making this achievement possible.

A Catalyst for Public Participation

The Open County Data Desk, nurtured through the partnership between Nandi County and Open Institute, has been a game-changer in promoting public participation in Nandi County. Citizens can now access real-time information about county projects, budgets, expenditure, and other vital data. This transparency has empowered the residents of Nandi to actively engage in the decision-making processes that shape their county’s future.

Moreover, the platform allows citizens to provide feedback, ask questions, and voice concerns, creating a direct line of communication with their government. Through this, Nandi County, with the support of Open Institute, has not only improved its services but has also fostered a sense of ownership and partnership between the government and its people.

A Vision for the Future

Nandi County’s achievement on the global stage, with the instrumental partnership of Open Institute, is not just a recognition of past efforts but a vision for the future. It reaffirms the county’s commitment to harnessing the power of technology, with the expertise and collaboration of Open Institute, to promote transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement. It also demonstrates that innovation and dedication, coupled with visionary partnerships, can propel a community to the forefront of digital transformation.

As Nandi County continues its journey toward open governance and digital excellence, it serves as an inspiring example for other regions, both within Kenya and across Africa. The Open County Data Desk, a testament to the collaborative spirit between Nandi County and Open Institute, stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when a government and an organization prioritize the interests and empowerment of its citizens.

In an age where data is king, Nandi County, in partnership with Open Institute, has not only crowned itself as a digital leader in Africa but also as a pioneer in using data to strengthen democracy, enhance public services, and build a more open and inclusive government for all.

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17 Mar
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The County Executive Committee Member for Administration and Public Service Isaiah Ketter and the Kapsabet Municipality Manager Richard Ngeny received the newly appointed officers, Assistant Director of Administration Enforcement and compliance Stanley Rotich who is taking over from Christopher Biwott and the Chief Administration Officer for Enforcement Nicholas Kigen and Chief Administration Officer Compliance Victor Melly Lulley.

The CEC Member thanked the outgoing Enforcement Director for his professionalism, dedication, diligence and commitment to service and wished him well as he heads to retirement.

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04 Nov
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Nandi County participates in The Africa and Middle East Regional Meeting for Open Government Partnership (OGP) in Morocco. This forum addresses issues of: Civil participation and collective action in improving public service; safeguarding digital democracy; tackling corruption and barriers to women’s participation in public procurement; raising ambition on access to justice; opening justice for gender equality and women’s political rights; prudent resource utilization, enhancing economic growth and eradication of poverty.

Nandi County joined OGP in 2020 and is currently implementing two commitment areas: Public Participation & Citizen Engagement and Open Contracting & Procurement under the 2021 Action plan.

Nandi’s Deputy Governor H.E Dr. Yulita Mitei together with County Head of procurement Japhet Tirop and the Director public participation- Naomy Keter represented the County in the meeting. Morocco hosts this regional meeting under the Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed IV.

Her excellency also attended high profile round table meetings with Director of OGP Local Mr. Rudi Boorsman and later Amb. Dr. Samori Okwiya CEO NEPAD/ APRM to discussed areas of collaboration and partnerships. OGP is pleased with Nandi’s commitment and the programmes that have been implemented to advance open governance. These programmes are pioneered by the establishment of a Toll Free Call centre (1548).

The 4 day meeting which adjourned today in Marrakech, Morocco brought together member countries in Africa and Middle East that have committed to Open Governance. In their wider discussion, the member nations agreed to strengthen their network, working together, fostering research and innovation, exchange of policies and more so leveraging on existing regional forums to share successes and challenges amongst members.

These fruitful meetings came up with a number of declaration for successful implementation of open governance. These declaration include: Adoption of openness in action plans, promote sharing of good practice, promote publication and sharing of public information, promote dialogue in addressing challenges, raising awarenesses and promoting open governance.

Nandi County recently partnered with Christian Aid-Kenya and National Tax Payers Association in enhancing capacity of communities to strengthen transparency, accountability and public participation in the management of nutrition resources. Other organizations interested in partnerships with Nandi include Open Contracting Partnership Africa and Global Integrity.

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26 Nov
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Nandi County is pleased to host Open Governance Partnership (OGP), local government exchange and networking convention that is set to take place between 30th November – 3rd December 2021. This comes forth with Nandi county’s appointment to join OGP in 2020, its commitment in integrating openness in governance and the efforts in building an informed citizenry.

The convention brings together delegates from the Counties of Nairobi, Elgeiyo Marakwet, Makueni & Nandi, National government OGP representatives, Open Governance International (OGI), Mzalendo Trust, HIVOS, Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), NTA and Development Gateway.

The county’s key commitment areas include public participation, citizen engagement and open procurement. Rightful consideration of these core areas enhances transparency, accountability and responsiveness.

Nandi is keen in engaging and empowering citizens to directly influence and shape government plans & policies. It’s achieving this through establishment of openness and citizen engagement platforms. These platforms include the toll free County Call Centre (1548) , digitization of government processes and enactment of Nandi County public participation & civic education Act.

Among other guests to grace the event include representatives from CAJ-Ombudsman, Senate, Kenya Space Agency and Office of the Deputy President where OGP is domicile.

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