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20 May
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Nandi county is looking forward to providing an e-solution to farmers to improve their productivity through value chain development, stock management, provision of extension services as well as making the farmer always informed. This is realized with the implementation of Agricultural information Management system( also known as Nandi County E-Farmers).

This system will be implemented as a result of Nandi County partnering with Safaricom for the integration of their Digifarm Enterprise Initiative into Nandi County e-Farmers. This platform is one of the best initiatives that focus on improving service delivery to farmers through: cashless distribution of farm inputs; creation and verification of value chain; farmer registration via Web, SMS, Native mobile application; Bulk communication to farmers; learn content for farmers; voucher issuing, redemption & reconciliation and automation of AI services.

Governor Sang with Digifarm CEO Mr. Kimani during the courtesy call.


Today the team from Safaricom headed by Patrick Kimani who is the Digifarm CEO paid a courtesy call to the Governor to discuss on the various areas engagements that would result on betterment of the livelihoods of the farmers of Nandi County.

The Governor, H.E Stephen Sang pointed out his focus in partnering with Safaricom in other avenues to provide solutions especially in the marketing of agricultural products from Nandi County.

“This e-farmers platform will also help us in the timely distribution of subsidized products to farmers as well as the automation of AI services for convenience and accountability”, he said.

The system is now at user training level and will soon be operational where registration of farmers and cooperatives will kick off followed by the provision of extension services through the system.

Also present were the CECM for Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat; CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo; CO for ICT and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi and the CO for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Wilson Lelei.

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14 May
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The County Government of Nandi is partnering with Safaricom to transform the lives of farmers in the county through roll out of Agricultural Management Information System (AMIS).

AMIS is an e-fermers’ solution which is a customization of Safaricom’s DIGIFARM meant to improve Agricultural service delivery to the people.

The AMIS system allow farmers to interact with agricultural service providers in the county as well as request for services through the system. It will also allow for farmer registration so as to help in proper management and reaching out to them for effective service delivery.

During a stakeholders meeting between Safaricom and the County departments of Agriculture & Cooperative Development and ICT and e-Government, the team was able to finalize on the system customization to fit the needs of farmers in Nandi county.

While speaking during the stakeholders meeting, the CECM for Agriculture and Cooperative development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, pointed out the department’s efforts in digitizing operations in agricultural sector. Among other service by the department of Agriculture and cooperative development are: A.I services, ongoing contruction of Nandi Cooperative Cremeries in Kabiyet, renovation of Cattle Dips and construction of cooling sites countywide.

The CO for Agriculture Wilson Lelei, called upon the citizens more so the farmers to support such County Government initiatives especially during the upcoming farmers registration in the roll out of AMIS.

Jonathan Misoi, the CO ICT and e-Government, while chairing the stakeholders meeting said that technology is a key enabler in enhancing efficient and effective delivery of services across all departments. He added that apart from AMIS, department is rolling out other systems for all the departments for efficiency of service delivery.

Among them being the Health management, Fleet management, revenue system, licencing system, human resource system and Call Centre project which is Toll Free for the County residents to request for services, make inquiries and get informed about all the projects, programs, policies and services.

Also present were County Attorney- George Tarus, County directors from the above mentioned departments, AMIS technical and implementation team, Agricultural consultants and consultants from Safaricom.

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30 Apr
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County government of Nandi through the department of Administration is looking forward to the upgrade of the major urban areas to Municipalities, towns and market centres. Kapsabet town was recently upgraded to a municipality and therefore the first municipality in the county since the inception of the new constitution

GEODEV Kenya in conjunction with Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) recently conducted an assessment on the current state of the county, classification and establishment of urban areas in the county. GEODEV is a consulting firm that offers mapping, surveying, GIS, urban planning and environmental consultancy.

The report shows that Nandi county has 194 urban areas that are to be classified and demarcated as per the Urban Areas and Cities Act. This demarcation and classification is done based on the population with an estimated least population of 50,000 for municipalities, 10,000 for towns and 2000 for market centres as well as the availability of services in these urban areas.

In a forum attended by the CECM for Administration, Public service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo, CO for Administration, Scolastica Tuwei, Kapsabet Municipal manager, David Sum, Director in charge of Administration, County Urban Planner and County Surveyor, the Consultants from GEODEV Kenya gave an assessment report of all the Urban areas in the county and the proposed classification.

The team met to analyze the report, review the current status of urban areas in the county and do a comparative assessment of the initial classification as a basis for proper delineation, demarcation and classification of the urban areas by the Kenya Urban Support Program. From the report, some of the anticipated changes include upgrade of Nandi Hills town to a municipality, all sub county headquarters to towns and the remaining urban areas to market centres.

During the meeting, Ms Morogo said that the County government is working towards developing and providing services in all the urban areas so as to bring services closer to the people and bridge the existing service gap. She also pointed out that this classification will enhance efficient and effective governance and management.

This report together with the proposed classification and demarcation will be submitted to KUSP for consideration as per the Urban Areas and Cities Act. It is thereafter taken to the citizens through public participation before the classification and demarcation is adopted.

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30 Apr
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ACAL is a consultancy firm engaged by the ministry of Transport, Infrustructure, Housing, Urban development and public works under Kenya Urban Support Program to conduct needs assessment for municipalities in the county. Kapsabet Municipality having been recently established is still in formative stage and therefore, such assessments help in operationalizing various functions as per ‘Kapsabet Municipality charter’.

The two day assessment programme involved needs and preparedness assessment for the aspects of urban spatial plans, spatial data assessment, urban IDePs, urban policy statements, capacity assessment, procurement and contract management for spatial planning and development control.

Nandi county is making substantial progress in the development of county spacial plan and urban plan and is in the process of contracting out the services. Such assessment help the county to know its status as well as prepare to undertake the activities of the set objectives. This assessment also helps the county to work on the weak areas so as to enable them attain the required threshold for more development funds.

The CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-government, Teresa Morogo, while chairing the assessment closing meeting, said that the county is working on various strategies that would aid in the achievement of proper urban plan and development.
These strategies include the establishment of physical planning department as per spatial planning guidelines, formulation of county development control guidelines and initialize the spatial plan preparation.

Ms. Morogo added that the department is fast tracking the disbursement of Urban Institutional Grants (UIGs) to enable the municipality build its institutional capacity.

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30 Apr
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County Public service sub sector through the human resource section have conducted human resource audit for the ECDE teachers employed by the County Government of Nandi in all the wards across the County.

This is a routine exercise by the county as a human resource management technique in ensuring that the employees information is up to date and with the relevant documentations. This enhances efficient documentation of human resource information.

This practice helps the sub sector in updating staff information which acts an an enabler in identifying the staff needs, the possible points of improvement and the appropriate strategies for enhancement. It is also a tool in performance management as well as monitoring and evaluating compliance to human resource policies and employment regulations.


ECDE Teachers submit their credentials for verificationThe director human resource, John Keter, while speaking to the ECDE teachers from
O’llesos and Chepkunyuk Ward in a forum held at Mogoon Social Hall, said that the public service sub sector is keen in ensuring that the staff welfare is looked into. He further added that the audit report will enable the department to identify any gaps and take necessary action to ensure effectiveness in the delivery of services.


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30 Apr
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The County’s department of ICT and Education & Vocational training received computer equipment from Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) to support the Vocational training centres in the County.

This is one of the benefits resulting from the partnership between the County Government of Nandi and CFSK focusing on equipping computer labs in VTCs and ICT centres, offering training manuals for Computer literacy skills and even providing the relevant certification for these training.

These computer equipments are being distributed to Ten (10) vocational training centres with each receiving 20 computers. These vocational training centres include Kapsabet school for the deaf, Kaplamai, Sigilai, Meteitei, Mugen, Serem, Sirwa Yala, Chemundu, Kaptel and Tangaratwet VTCs.


computers being received at Kaplamai VTC.

These equipped computer labs with help the VTCs in training of computer literacy skills to their students and even to those from the community around these VTCs. It will also be an enabler in training all the other courses offered in the VTCs as research and learning can be done through these computers. Learning will therefore be efficient.

The VTCs will also be centre for implementation of the National Government’s Ajira Digital Training Program by the Ministry of ICT. This program is meant to equip the Youth on the digital skills that would enable them grab jobs opportunities online, work and earn out of it. This is one of the Government’s strategies in reducing unemployment and changing the people’s livelihoods. The same training is also offered in the County’s Kapsabet ICT centre.

The youth are therefore encouraged to visit these centres and grab these training opportunities, get these skills as well as find the available job opportunities in the same sector for their betterment.


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26 Apr
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One of the main fuctions of the Municipality as stated in Kapsabet Municipality Charter is to undertake and promote infrustructural development and services within the municipality. Kapsabet Municipality is progressively operationalizing this function .

the county governemnt of Nandi has embarked on opening up of service lanes in Baraton shopping centre to improve accessibility as well as making a better business environment for the people.

Among other projects geared towards transforming the urban areas under the municipality include, the installation of high masts and street lights, extension of sewer lines, construction of storm water drainages, market stalls and Jua kali shades through the Kenya Urban Support program (KUSP). The first phase of these projects is under the tender process and will soon be starting.

As it vigorously pursue the development opportunities available, the Municipality is looking forward to transforming the livelihoods of its inhabitants especially in the areas covered by the municipality. These areas include Kapsabet Town, chemundu,chepterit, kaptildil, kamobo, kipture, kiminda, kipsigak and kabirirsang.

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18 Apr
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Nandi County Digital Mashinani program is aimed at equipping the people especially the youth with the digital skills by providing the tools, training and offering mentorship needed. This enables the youth to use the available technology to grab available online jobs, create more jobs, work online and earn out of it so as to improve their livelihoods. These skills will also expose them to digital opportunities and careers that will boost their employability.

The County Government of Nandi is partnering with the National Government’s Ministry of ICT-Ajira digital program, Google’s eMobilis and Computer For Schools Kenya (CFSK) in the implementation of the digital skills training initiative.

This program will be rolled out in all the Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) where the County through the departments of ICT and e-Government together with Education and Vocational Training is equipping the VTC’s computer labs. The partnership with CFSK has recieved 20 computers for each of the 10 VTCs in the county. These VTCs include Kapsabet school for the deaf, Kaplamai, Sigilai, Meteitei, Mugen, Serem, Sirwa Yala, Chemundu, Kaptel and Tangaratwet.

The Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi, while chairing the program’s stakeholders meeting, said that the County government has set the best environment and provided the necessary resources for the implementation of this program. He therefore calls upon the youth to enroll in any VTC in the county for this program as from May 2019 and that The Governor, H.E Stephen Sang, will soon be launching the program.

The County ICT team together with experts from CFSK have already completed the installation of these computers and the stations are ready for use by the students. The county is also providing training manuals from the partners to be used for the free digital skills training where as CFSK, AJIRA and Google will be examining the students and providing the relevant certifications.

The Chief Officer in charge of Education and Vocational Training, Daniel Sang pointed out that his department will be keenly monitoring the implementation of this program. He further added that this program is an enabler in the learning process of other courses offered in the VTC and therefore encourages students to grab the opportunity.

Mr. Gideon Karoney, a manager at Kaptel VTC congratulated the county govenment for the technological move towards making the VTCs better learning environment and a centre for the implementation of the County Digital Mashinani Program.

Also present in the stakeholders forum were: Managers from all the VTCs, County ICT training team and Google’s eMobilis trainer.

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13 Apr
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Kapsabet Municipality Charter grants the board an opportunity to prepare and submit its annual budget estimates to the county treasury for consideration and submission to the county assembly for approval as part of the annual County Appropriation Bill. Today the municipal board held their special meeting to deliberate on budget estimates for FY 2019/2020 in a meeting held at kapsabet municipal grounds.

Board members during the budget estimate deliberations.

From the Urban Development Grant (UDG), a conditional development grant from World Bank, the Municipality has its expenditure menu focussing on the extension of the projects for FY 2018/2019. The key development areas include waste management, storm water drainage, connectivity, fire and disaster management and urban economic infrastructure.

From the board deliberation today, the municipality is planning to carry out various development projects amounting to 160 Million. Among them are: Construction of a fire station, market stalls and ablution blocks, extension of street light and installation of digital signage; purchase of self loading truck and receptacles for solid waste collection, extension of non motorized transport and storm water drainage.

Kapsabet municipality manager following the budget making proceedings

The budget estimates for the above mention projects together with those of other departments will be submitted out for public view before end of this month. There after, the budget will be presented to the County Assembly for approval.

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09 Apr
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The County government of Nandi through the Public service sector is continually working to ensure staff welfare is taken care of. Today the Doctors CBA implementation and monitoring committee held their quarterly meeting to deliberate on the progress of CBA implementation in Nandi county. The major concerns pertaining the implementation of the CBA include promotions, establishment of doctors call room and lounge, shortage of doctors, disciplinary procedures, leave, working conditions and the realization of other benefits that the doctors are entitled to.

The committee was established in March 2018 to spearhead and monitor the implementation of Doctors CBA. While chairing the meeting, the Acting County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang said that County Government of Nandi has progressively put in efforts to ensure the CBA is implemented. It has recently employed doctors to curb the shortage and that it will always ensure that the staff working conditions are bettered.

County Public Service Board member, Mr. Sammy Sareto assured the doctors that the pending promotion letters will be issued.

The Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation, Dr. Paul Lagat assured the committee that doctor’s call room and lounge are ready and that the county will continue to support the doctors to go on specialized training based on their needs. He added that when the doctors who are currently out to complete their training, the county will be sufficient in terms of specialists.

The members of the committee include: the County secretary, Chairperson of County Public Service Board (CPSB), Chief officer for health, Chief officer for finance, Chief officer for public service, director for human resource, director for health, County Legal Officer, MedSup Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, two county KMPDU members, two regional KMPDU members.

The Chief officer for Public service, Grace Sugut, assured the doctors and all other staff that their issues and grievances will be handled and that the staff welfare will always be taken care of. The county also endeavours to promote all other staff (doctors included) as per the regulations and with the help of County Human Resource Advisory Committee (CHRAC).

KMPDU regional secretary, Dr. Ismael Ayabei, appreciated the county government for being one of the counties putting in more efforts in the adoption and implementation of the doctors CBA. He further stated that KMPDU has called off the planned industrial action as they look forward to the full implementation of the CBA.

Also present were: County Human resource director, John Keter; KMPDU regional representative, Dr. Samwel Ng’arng’ar; MedSup Nandihills, Dr. Joseph Kangor; County KMPDU liason member, Dr. Mohammed Musa; MOH Nandi Hills, Dr. Titus Sang; County attorney, George Tarus and Nelly Rono from public CPSB Human Resource Department.

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