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08 Jul
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ICT sector is charged with the responsibility of designing, developing and implementing innovative information systems that have an impact on improved service delivery to the citizens of the county for effective governance.

The County Government of Nandi through the department of ICT and E-Government is continuously rolling out a training program to the county officers on the use of the new technological enhancements geared towards automating and improving service delivery.

Nandi County Government will be amongst the first Counties in the republic to digitize nearly all her services. Among the services already digitized are; parking payment and citizen’s self service portal for business permits, most of the operations and processes in hospitals will soon go paperless through the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), improved Jobs Application portal where applicants are notified by a short message on the status of their applications and the Digifarm platform to be implemented in partnership with Safaricom.

Speaking during the training of departmental administrators on the operations and effective use of the call centre which is a 24 hour communication platform for the citizens, the Chief Officer in charge of ICT, Jonathan Misoi pointed out that the technological enhancements by county’s ICT sub sector are going to transform services in all other departments.

“The Citizens of Nandi County will be the main beneficiaries since the prudent use of these systems bring services closer to the people and make them more informed, enhance accountability, reduce delays as well as the cost of service delivery”, Said Misoi.

Successful implementation of these systems and service provision will be made possible by the County’s state of the art data centre that will smoothen transition from analogue to digitized services.

These trainings are timely and will therefore ensure effective, efficient and satisfactory delivery of services as well as proper governance to citizens of Nandi County.

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04 Jul
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The County Government of Nandi endeavors to reach out to its citizens and give them an opportunity to freely participate in governance and delivery of services. Among the strategies put in place include the establishment of Nandi County Call Centre.

Through this platform, the citizens can make inquiries by calling, sending an sms or email and seek information concerning the plans, programs and projects by all the county departments.

Today the county Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang, visited the Nandi county call center and the data center to check on the progress and readiness a head of the launch later this month. Dr. Sang said that there is an anticipated increase in interaction between the government and the citizens eventually making the general public informed. He further added that many lives will be saved as handling of emergencies is fastened.

The ICT and Communication team is finalizing on setting up the call center and thereafter the public will be given the toll free call and SMS numbers for them to make their calls.

According to the CO for ICT, Jonathan Misoi, who was also present said that the call center will greatly impact on the lives of the people of Nandi especially in handling matters of emergency. He further calls upon the public to make use of the call center when the time comes.

Also present was the County Public Relations Officer, Kipsaro Boit, Sub County Administrator for Nandi Hills, Fred Kiptum and Medical superintendent for Kapsabet County referral hospital, Dr. Daniel Kemboi.

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04 Jul
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The County Government of Nandi is looking forward to increasing student enrollment into the Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) which are spread throughout the county. The Department of Education and Vocational Training is putting more efforts towards achieving this through expansion of the centres, establishment of new ones and even equipping the existing ones.

The department in partnership with Computer For schools Kenya (CFSK) recently equipped computer laboratories in the VTCs across the County so as give the youth an opportunity to acquire the computer literacy skills. AJIRA Digital skills as well as Google’s soft skills training programs will be rolled out in these centres as an initiative towards empowering the youth. The Computer Laboratories will also act as an enabler in teaching all the other courses offered in these institutions.

Section of a computer Lab in Kaptel VTC.

Speaking during the assessment of the ongoing construction of Septonok VTC, the Director for Vocational Training Centers (VTCs), Daniel Rutto, said that the county government has improved the state of most VTCs and is continuously working to expand the facilities and establish new ones. This is geared towards creating more opportunities for the enrollment of more students.

The team from the department of Education and Vocational Training led by the director having visited Cheptarit, Kaptel and Chemundu VTCs,  will also be visiting all the other VTCs throughout the county.

County director in charge of VTC together with Welding and Fabrication students at Kaptel VTC.

The youths are therefore called upon to enroll into these institutions and grab the opportunities available, get skilled and increase their chances for self employment as well as having their own startups.

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03 Jun
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Since the inception of Kapsabet municipality late last year, there have been progressive plans towards the development of the area covered under the municipality.

The municipality having met the minimum conditions for World Bank funding, got awarded with development funds through the Kenya Urban Support Program for urban development of Kapsabet municipality.

The department of Administration together with the municipality board and in consolidation with the citizens’ views, came up with a list of development projects to be implemented. These projects which include construction of non motorized transport, waste management, street lighting and market stalls among other, are currently undergoing tendering and will soon commence.

The municipality board has therefore created committees to monitor and oversees the implementation of development programs as well as resource mobilization. Today the Planning and Infrastructure committee of the municipality board met to discuss on the development of the integrated development plan and improvement of infrastructure within the municipality.

The leadership of the municipality is currently working on policies, plans and strategies which will guide and fast track the programs and projects implementation. These policies and plans will also aid in setting and achievement of the targets for better delivery of services.

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29 May
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The County government of Nandi endeavours to provide better working conditions to its employees for efficient, result oriented and satisfactory delivery of services to the citizens.

Today, the County Doctors’ CBA implementation and Monitoring committee held their quarterly meeting to check on the progress of the CBA implementation. The committee discussed various areas of concern ranging from staff promotions, medical cover, car loans and mortgage among other issues.

While chairing the meeting, the Chief Officer for Public Service Grace Sugut said that all the pending staff promotions (including doctors), were under discussion and awaiting recommendations from the County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee.

She further added that the Public Service sub sector’s plan to ensure that the staff are placed under a medical cover is underway.

The Medical Services Chief Officer, Dr. Paul Lagat, pointed out the efforts by the Health Department in providing better working conditions and improving doctors and nurses welfare. He said that the county government has so far addressed major issues such as shortage of doctors, opportunities for further training, leave, disciplinary procedures, doctors lounge and provision of better working environment.

The representatives from KMPDU led by the Secretary General Northrift Region, Dr. Ismael Aiyabei congratulated the county government for addressing most of the issues raised earlier on concerning the implementation of Doctors’ CBA. He also applauded the government’s cooperation in working together with the KMPDU Officials for effective health service provision in the County.

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24 May
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The County Government is committed to ensuring that traders and business people within Kapsabet Town do their businesses in a clean and an organized environment.

The leadership of Kapsabet Municipality together with the Market Master, William Yator organized an election of Kapsabet Town Market committee where Mr. Simion Korir was elected as the chairperson, together with 12 other committee members.

The deputy Municipal Manager, Shadrack Kirong who was overseeing the election of Town Market Committee, said that the Department of Administration through Kapsabet Municipality is working towards improving the business environment and giving a better look to Kapsabet town which was recently upgraded to a Municipality.

He added that among the projects to be implemented through the Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) is the extension of street lights, high mast flood light installation, digital signage, market stalls, Jua Kali shades, storm water drainage, extension of sewer lines and solid waste management through the acquisition of a self loading truck and receptacles in the town and especially in the market place.

This committee, will be reporting to County Market inspector, and will be traders’ representatives in stakeholders forums, advocating for their welfare, help in the management of the market, settling disputes and giving direction to the people using the market.

The traders present applauded the county government’s efforts in improving the urban areas and the business environment.

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22 May
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The County Government of Nandi, through the department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government, has always prioritized on the the safety of its citizens.

Through the Fire and Disaster unit, it is looking forward to making Nandi county a safer place. It is doing this through the continuous safety awareness to the general public and providing support especially in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and post disaster recovery.

Among other initiatives put in place to steer the County Disaster unit achieve its set objectives includes equipping the unit, training of the staff and even the general public on safe practices, precautionary measures and disaster management

The department is also working in collaboration with the ICT and e-government sub sector in the ongoing establishment of toll free call centre that will enable the public to raise concerns and make requests especially in times of emergency.

Speaking during a capacity building and enhancement training session for the staff in the disaster management unit facilitated by specialists from fire and electrical safety, the CO for Administration and Decentralized units, Scolastica Tuwei, said that the team will be moving out to the public and more so to the institutions of learning and risk prone areas to inspect and assess on disaster preparedness as well as train them on matters of disaster management.

Terik Ward MCA, Hon. Osborn Komen, also present in the session, congratulated the department’s efforts in ensuring safety of the people especially during emergencies through quick response, rescue and recovery.

Also present were Lorreine Jerono-head of disaster management, Boaz Too-Assistant director public works unit, Lordvico Too- public works officer, David Cheserek- public works fire safety officer, Joshua Tiparo-Clinical psychologist and sheila chepngeno- public works officer.

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21 May
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Health Management Information System (HMIS) implementation kicked off with the training of the users and data validation. The Department of Health and Sanitation together with ICT sub sector are a carrying out training of all systems users who are mainly the health practitioners.

This comprehensive health system with modules which cater for the diverse functional areas of the healthcare sector will be piloted in Kapsabet County referral Hospital (KCRH). Thereafter, it will implemented in the Sub county hospitals and then to other health facilities countywide.

HMIS which is patient oriented, is greatly focusing on making patient care safe, efficient and effective by managing patient movement across the health sections. It will also enable efficient use of healthcare resources through the paperless and cashless processes.

Today the consultants from WilCom Systems LTD (System Vendors) headed by Tito Koiyet begun the Heads of sections Training in a session attended by Medical Superintendent KCRH, Health Administrators, heads of sections and the ICT team. All other system users will progressively be carried through the same training.

The Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government Jonathan Misoi, who opened the training session said that the system will provide better information management through the electronic access to appropriate health care services down to remote facilities.
“The system is very much flexible and can therefore be integrated with existing and upcoming health, Human Resource and revenue systems”, said Misoi.

Misoi further called upon all the health practitioners and the support team to fully adopt and utilize the system for the effectiveness of all the processes run and managed through the system.

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20 May
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Nandi county is looking forward to providing an e-solution to farmers to improve their productivity through value chain development, stock management, provision of extension services as well as making the farmer always informed. This is realized with the implementation of Agricultural information Management system( also known as Nandi County E-Farmers).

This system will be implemented as a result of Nandi County partnering with Safaricom for the integration of their Digifarm Enterprise Initiative into Nandi County e-Farmers. This platform is one of the best initiatives that focus on improving service delivery to farmers through: cashless distribution of farm inputs; creation and verification of value chain; farmer registration via Web, SMS, Native mobile application; Bulk communication to farmers; learn content for farmers; voucher issuing, redemption & reconciliation and automation of AI services.

Governor Sang with Digifarm CEO Mr. Kimani during the courtesy call.


Today the team from Safaricom headed by Patrick Kimani who is the Digifarm CEO paid a courtesy call to the Governor to discuss on the various areas engagements that would result on betterment of the livelihoods of the farmers of Nandi County.

The Governor, H.E Stephen Sang pointed out his focus in partnering with Safaricom in other avenues to provide solutions especially in the marketing of agricultural products from Nandi County.

“This e-farmers platform will also help us in the timely distribution of subsidized products to farmers as well as the automation of AI services for convenience and accountability”, he said.

The system is now at user training level and will soon be operational where registration of farmers and cooperatives will kick off followed by the provision of extension services through the system.

Also present were the CECM for Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat; CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo; CO for ICT and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi and the CO for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Wilson Lelei.

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14 May
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The County Government of Nandi is partnering with Safaricom to transform the lives of farmers in the county through roll out of Agricultural Management Information System (AMIS).

AMIS is an e-fermers’ solution which is a customization of Safaricom’s DIGIFARM meant to improve Agricultural service delivery to the people.

The AMIS system allow farmers to interact with agricultural service providers in the county as well as request for services through the system. It will also allow for farmer registration so as to help in proper management and reaching out to them for effective service delivery.

During a stakeholders meeting between Safaricom and the County departments of Agriculture & Cooperative Development and ICT and e-Government, the team was able to finalize on the system customization to fit the needs of farmers in Nandi county.

While speaking during the stakeholders meeting, the CECM for Agriculture and Cooperative development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, pointed out the department’s efforts in digitizing operations in agricultural sector. Among other service by the department of Agriculture and cooperative development are: A.I services, ongoing contruction of Nandi Cooperative Cremeries in Kabiyet, renovation of Cattle Dips and construction of cooling sites countywide.

The CO for Agriculture Wilson Lelei, called upon the citizens more so the farmers to support such County Government initiatives especially during the upcoming farmers registration in the roll out of AMIS.

Jonathan Misoi, the CO ICT and e-Government, while chairing the stakeholders meeting said that technology is a key enabler in enhancing efficient and effective delivery of services across all departments. He added that apart from AMIS, department is rolling out other systems for all the departments for efficiency of service delivery.

Among them being the Health management, Fleet management, revenue system, licencing system, human resource system and Call Centre project which is Toll Free for the County residents to request for services, make inquiries and get informed about all the projects, programs, policies and services.

Also present were County Attorney- George Tarus, County directors from the above mentioned departments, AMIS technical and implementation team, Agricultural consultants and consultants from Safaricom.

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