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23 Jan
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In its efforts to combat the effects of electronic waste, the county Government through the ICT and e-Government sub-sector has been working on E-waste and disposal Management policy as a framework in achieving it. The department is partnering with that of Lands, Environment, Natural resources and Climate Change to have electronic waste disposal strategies in enhancing safe use, protection of the environment to reduce unfavorable environmental and health impact.







Today a team from Moi University led by Prof. Charles Lagat and Dr. Zurah Chepkoech Mohammed visited the county to discuss on possibility of collaborating and supporting the County in e-waste management. According to Prof. Lagat, Moi University will also be sharing the same initiative with other counties within the region and is looking forward to championing this in Nandi.


Dr. Zurah Mohammed, Prof. Charles Lagat and Mr. Jonathan Misoi during the meeting


Both Nandi County and Moi University have also been independently partnering with Computer For School Kenya (CFSK) and therefore planning to operationalizing the partnership with CFSK WEEE centre for e-waste management. WEEE Centre offers training and safe e-waste disposal services in accordance with the NEMA waste regulations.

Having the legal framework in place and with a substantive agreement for partnership with Moi University and with other potential partners, Nandi county will enhance its electronic safety. The County is also anticipating to setting up an e-waste centre that would be handling these electronic waste have its sources ranging from ICT and Telecommunications, office electronics, Household appliances, Consumer equipment, Toys, Leisure and Sports equipment, lighting, medical equipment, monitoring and control equipment, batteries.

Speaking during the meeting the Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi, pointed out that the county is ready for such partnerships that brings solution to the impeding problems. He added that the department is creating room for innovations geared towards e-waste management and even further into sensitization & development of skills requisite for the implementation of E-waste management operations.

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23 Jan
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Digitizing Agricultural Service Delivery and management through NandE-Farm System.


The stepwise progression by County’s ICT& e-Government section in automating service delivery by the departments to the citizens is now setting its foot in the Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development. It is focussing on digitizing Agricultural extension services for farmers through a mobile application and is therefore planning to roll out NandE-Farm system that help Farmers in the timely and effective access of services from extension officers, Veterinary Officers and Artificial inseminators within the County.

NandE-Farm is an integration of two platforms; DIGICOW by FarmTech Company supporting the dairy farmers and DIGIFARM by Safaricom for both Crop and Livestock farmers. The implementation of this system will aid the farmer through: requesting services by just dialing a toll free USSD code, getting the services at subsidized cost through monthly subscription, accessing proper records of the services, quick access to information, ensure quality service delivery by the Officers, acts as the best platform for training and dissemination of information, timely provision of critical services especially emergency services, marketing of agricultural products as well as
sending timely reminders to farmers.

For farmers to enjoy these and other services especially the subsidized veterinary services, they are expected to be members of a registered cooperative society within the county. Farmers who are not members of any cooperative society can equally access these services but with less privileges compared to those registered under cooperatives.

The implementation process of the system just started with the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development together with ICT and e-Government sub sector rolling out training of all the stakeholders. Among these stakeholders are: ICT technical team,Call Centre agents and officers from the user department (Agriculture and Cooperative Development) especially the Veterinary and extension Officers at the Sub-County and Ward level.


The team from Safaricom and FarmTech
today trained the Technical team. They are also training the call centre agents so as to help the farmers who request services via the County’s Call Centre (1548). After training all stakeholders, the farmers are then registered. Thereafter, the farmer can request the services through their mobile phones via a USSD code that will be provided. The system the dispatches the nearest extension officer to deliver the requested service.

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20 Jan
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Kapsabet municipality is undertaking developmental Projects within its area of coverage through improvement of infrastructure so as to enhance economic growth and improve the livelihoods of the people. It is doing this through Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) Conditional funding by world Bank. The Municipality received it’s first funding and the selected projects are underway.

The Projects were tendered and awarded to two companies, Vella limited and Southpole Construction Company. Vella limited taking tender lot one comprising of: construction of Non-motorized transport (NMT) facility from Namgoi to Kamobo; storm water drainage along the NMT; extension of sewer line in Kapsabet town, Kamobo and Namgoi areas and the construction of Ablution block at Kapsabet bus park.
On the other hand, Southpole Construction company took up the construction of Juakali and fabricated shades in Kapsabet, Namgoi, Chebarbar, Barton and chepterit; extension of street & security lights and installation of high masts within the municipality.

The Projects Technical Committee today met to discuss on the status and progress of these projects. Simon Mwale who is the Supervising engineer, highlighted that according to the inspection report, Project status by Vella limited is at 15% and southpole is at 38% . The Project manager, Joseph Odenyo, added that the contract period has expired and works are behind schedule.

The committee therefore recommended for the extension of the contract period by two(2) months and that the projects are expected to be complete by end of March 2020. The Municipal Manager, David Sum, calls upon the Contracted firms to further their efforts and meet the timeline or the contracts get terminated.

Also present in the meeting were:A Munyua from county legal counsel, James Meli the director for environment and Dominic Tullo in charge of social safequard.

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14 Jan
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Agile and Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions(AHADI) has been supporting counties in the integration of citizens’ participation into training, policy development and research activities. AHADI is building capacity of all actors of devolution process -national, county, Sub- County, and civil society with the aim of promoting governance systems that are transparent, accountable, effective in service delivery, and responsive to empowered citizens.

AHADI is partnering with the County Government of Nandi in empowering and building the capacity of the Nandi County civil society Network in enhancing effective public participation and citizen oriented governance.

Speaking during a meeting with consultants from AHADI, the CO for Administration and public Service, Philip Towett pointed out that the department is developing a good operational plan in collaboration with AHADI on civil society’s involvement in effective governance.

AHADI Regional Program Officer, Dan Anduvate promised to fully support the Civil Society’s partnership with Government in development. To enhance this, it will be carrying out training, mentoring, and experiential learning to advance the work of government and citizens involvement through effective public participation.

The civil society being a key link between the government and the citizens, its contribution forms an integral part of policy development and implementation. It is therefore called upon to support and be part of this initiative.

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09 Dec
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County ICT and e-Government sub-sector is currently digitizing operations across all the county departments. Among these systems and programs currently in place are: Health Management information system(HMIS), Revenue collection system, Human resource management system, Fleet Management system, County data & Call Centre (1548) and ICT literacy skills training in Vocational Training Centres. Soon, it will be unleashing Job Application Portal and Agricultural DigiFarm program and ICT incubation Hubs among others.

For the success of this journey towards digitization, there is need for good internet connectivity countywide. The Department is therefore partnering with National Government’s ministry of ICT in the County Connectivity Project (CCP) through its National Optic Fiber Backbone (NOFBI).

Today a team from ICT Authority (ICTA) for third phase of this project that will enhance internet and phone connectivity across all county departments at the headquarters, County Assembly offices and even to the sub-counties. This Project also serves the national government Departments such the Law court, Prison, Land registry and Public Works.

The Chief Office in charge ICT and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi, speaking during an entry meeting, said that this connectivity Projects will be extended to Sub-Counties and later to ward level so to ensure these programs and services get closer to the people.

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05 Dec
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The county government of Nandi has issued a warning to residents living in mudslide prone areas to move to safer grounds.

The residents have been warned to remain vigilant as heavy rains continue.

Weather forecasts predict persistent rainfall with thunderstorms over the coming weeks.

The county appeals to residents who have been negatively affected by the heavy rain to contact the county’s Disaster and Emergency Services via the call center 1548.

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04 Dec
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Following the Kenya Gazette Notice Number 5711 in June this year on establishment of institutional framework for the identification, verification and transfer of assets and liabilities relating to devolved functions, County Government of Nandi has established an Intergovernmental County Committee (IGCC) to carry out the exercise.

The Committee comprising of representatives from both the National and County government is currently undertaking the process of identification and verification of all national government assets and liabilities countywide. Among these assets to be transferred to the county include land, buildings, vehicles, computer accessories, machinery and the ongoing projects.


The National Government’s Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee(IGRTC) led by Rachel Osendo visited the county for monitoring and evaluation of the ongoing assets and liabilities verification exercise.

Patrick Sang, who was part of the team tracking the performance of IGCC , commended the County Government for the good progress in this process of identification and verification of the assets and liabilities so far.

After this exercise, the IGCC is expected to submit their report to the IGRTC for review. Upon approval, the Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council (IBEC) thereafter initiates the process of transfer of ownership of these assets and liabilities to the County Government.

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02 Dec
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The first lot of 120 trainees in the Huawei’s DigiTruck program have graduated after a one-month training held in Kaptumo.

This mobile digital classroom is one of the programs rolled out in partnership by the County Government of Nandi and Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) in the journey towards enhancing technologically enabled youth in the County through various trainings.

This partnership has opened up better opportunities ranging from the equipping of all Vocational Training Centres (VTC) with computers for training, to the provision of a certified Digital Literacy Skills training program.

The training program focussed on imparting the youth with computer literacy skills that will now enable them to use the internet to get new information, new networks and even grabbing new and better opportunities through the platform.

Speaking at the event, CECM for Lands, Environment and Natural Resources, Philemon Bureti congratulated the citizens of Kaptumo for utilizing the opportunity to get equipped technologically. He further urged others to grab such great opportunities to learn more computational skills which is essential in the world today.

Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government Jonathan Misoi expressed his gratitude to Huawei and CFSK for selecting Nandi County for the implementation of this program.

Misoi noted that this would go a long way in helping the youth enhance their socio- economic status technologically.

He also challenged the youths to utilize the skills acquired to get employment opportunities by engaging in online jobs, earn a living and improve their livelihoods.

‘Digital access has always been the foundation for self-improvement as well as great business innovation,’ added Misoi.

The Director of Education and Vocational Training Daniel Ruto noted that the County Government of Nandi is offering the same program through VTCs.

‘This is to ensure more youth across the County get computer literacy skills and even act as an enabler in learning other courses offered there,’ said Ruto.

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27 Nov
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Pursuant to Section 12 of the Intergovernmental Relations Act , 2012, the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution in consultation with the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee recently established institutional structures to facilitate the Identification, verification and transfer of assets and liabilities of the National Government relating to the devolved functions to the respective County Governments.

In implementing this, Nandi County has established an Intergovernmental County Committee responsible for Identification, verification and transfer of ownership National Government’s assets and liabilities to the county.

The Committee made up of officials from both the national and the county government will be looking into several existing government assets. Among these assets are: Land, Buildings, Motor Vehicles, Furniture and Fittings, Computer Accessories and other Electronic Devices, Biological assets, Machinery and Equipment, Projects and work in progress, Current Assets and any Liabilities.

Speaking during the Inaugural meeting for the Intergovernmental County committee, the Deputy County Commissioner for Nandi Central, George Matundura, representing the County Commissioner, said that he looking forward to the success of the exercise to enhance proper record, security and management of all the assets and liabilities by the county government.

The Deputy County Secretary, Priscilla Rono, further added that as the committee plans for a countywide Identification and verification of these assets relating to devolved units, the eventual transfer of ownership will greatly aid the county in performing it’s devolved functions for effective Service delivery.

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15 Nov
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Nandi county is striving to ensure open governance is embraced by providing open data for the citizens to get informed and enhance their participation in Government undertakings.

The recently established County Call Centre is one of the initiatives in achieving this. By dialing the toll free 1548, citizens can now access government information, track progress of all programs and projects, present their opinions, interests, complaints and compliments as well as reporting on emergency cases.

Other projects geared towards achieving open governance is establishing systems that streamline service delivery, governance and enhance informed citizens. Among these systems are Health Management Information System (Nandi Afya care), Automated Revenue Collection System, Fleet Management, Asset management and Inventory system.

Ford Foundation in partnership with Council of Governors is focussing on enhancing social accountability in four youth led and women led counties of Nandi, Bomet, Kitui and Kirinyaga in relation to Community’s scorecard. Ford Foundation is undertaking a project through County’s Department of Youth Affairs focussing on youth involvement in governance. Having identified some youths in the county and trained them over the same, the program gives them internship opportunities in he County Government departments. Thereafter, they carry out social audit, evaluate on government-citizen relations and Performance assessment of these sectors.

Speaking during a workshop on accountability and social audit on FY 2018/2019 by County youths through Ford Foundation Project, the Chief Officer for ICT  and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi said that the department of ICT and e-Government is working with that of Finance and Economic Planning to have a County Project system that managed Project implementation. The system will also aid in tracking the progress of each project to completion therefore serving as the best tool in monitoring and evaluation for successful implementation of projects and programs.

County government is embracing the social Audit initiative because it strengthens accountability and transparency and more so increasing efficacy and effectiveness of the development programmes.


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