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20 Sep
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Ruto to preside over Governor Sang’s Big 4 Launch

Governor Stephen Sang will on Monday host the Deputy President William Ruto during the launch of his Big 4 agenda.

Governor Sang has aligned his Big 4 agenda to President Kenyatta’s Big 4 agenda that comprises of Universal Health, Food Security, Manufacturing and Affordable Housing.

In health, Deputy President William Ruto will commission the MRI and Renal Unit, a stand by generator and inspect progress of the refurbishing of the Nyayo wards at Kapsabet referral hospital.

Sang in his first year in office, has invested a lot in the health sector and there is notable progress in the department and aligning his health sector to that of the President’s agenda will go a long way in ensuring that Nandi County’s health sector is among the best in the country.

Ruto will also flag off 44 Motorcycles acquired by the county Government and given to AI officers to ease their movement while offering subsidized AI services to Nandi farmers.This is in bid to boost the Dairy farming sector within the county.

The County Government has also acquired 5 Milk coolers that will be distributed to Dairy cooperatives from across the county.

During the event, Ruto will also Inspect progress works at the Modern Residential athletic camp being put up by the county, Issue 21,300 title deeds and witness the Conferment of Kapsabet town as a municipality.

Governor Sang will also unveil his one year scorecard and enumerate to the residents what his administration has been doing in its first year in office.

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30 Aug
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Public participation training and mentorship of stakeholders.

All public processes ranging from policy making, legislative process and ultimate decision making require the participation of the people. Public participation therefore a constitutional mandate of the government and is a guaranteed process that promote democracy by providing the public with the opportunity to take part in decision making process as stated in Article 118 (1) (b) and 196(1) (b) of the constitution of Kenya.

H.E Dr Yulita Cheruiyot giving her remarks.

Public participation entails informing, consulting, involving, collaborating and empowering the public and therefore gives the citizens a meaningful opportunity to participate. The process of public participation with its main beneficiaries being the public, is based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision making process. It strengthens democracy, good governance, promotes transparency, enhances legitimacy and improves quality of decisions and policies.

For effectiveness in the process of public participation and citizen engagement in the counties, the stakeholders need to be enlightened in all aspects of the process. Agile and Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI) Kenya is helping the counties in strengthening public participation through training and mentorship. Nandi County, being one of the 22 counties already benefiting from the AHADI capacity building programme, is putting in place better mechanisms for effective public participation.


This capacity building programme kicks off with the training of Sub County, Ward administrators and legal officers in a seminar which was officially opened by the Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot at Eden spring Hotel, Kapsabet. This seminar which commenced on 29th August is set to end on 31st August 2018 and some of the topics trained by AHADI Kenya are: reasons for public participation, public engagement and documentation, Public Expenditure Management (PEM), legal framework, stake holders analysis and mapping, county structure for managing public participation and public participation reporting. The training will also be extended to the directors, Chief Officers and the County Executive Committee Members (CECM) as part of the stakeholders.


A section of trainees during a session

The county government of Nandi shall put more emphasis on public participation, which is a legal threshold and good practice, by building participatory mechanisms for effective service delivery to the people of Nandi. #TugaTai

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10 Aug
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Nandi County celebrates The International Youth Week as opportunities for the youth are unveiled by Governor Stephen Sang

Unemployment is an alarming challenge that has seen educated youth waste away in so many struggles due to the limited job opportunities. The annual graduations that are highly celebrated, be they certificates, diplomas or degrees carry a lot of joy for excellence only for them to mutate into anxiety and restlessness soon after due to the limited job market. Youth end up taking any available opportunities to make ends meet.
The County Government of Nandi through various departments is intentional in addressing the challenges facing the youth in Nandi County.
As the International Youth Week comes to wrap up, the county government is set to unbundle the opportunities that seek to improve the state of the youthful population. The Department of Public Service has unveiled 400 internship opportunities for the youth across the county. This is in line with Governor Stephen Sang’s manifesto that pledged to create internship opportunities for the youth so as to enable them acquire the necessary skills and experience as they enhance their professional growth.

The opportunities that do not require any past working experience is open to any youth with a certificate, diploma or degree from a reputable institution. This will ensure that skilled and deserving youth who may not have had an opportunity to work after their schooling get a chance to work and acquire the required experience as they also serve Nandi County. The interns will be paid a stipend of between Ksh. 8,000 and Ksh. 12,000. Applications can be done through <a href=””/> .

The Department of Education on the other has also opened opportunities for 800 ECD teachers whose successful applicants will have an opportunity to serve for at least three years. The opportunities are spread across all wards in the county as listed in the advert here

Among other opportunities set for the youth on this day include enhancement of the 30% Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. Most youth with start-up companies lack capital even after winning the tenders thus affecting the quality of works done. In a bid to bridge this gap, the county government is set to sign an MoU with Youth Enterprise Development Fund so as to increase the uptake of tenders by youths in the various county departments, and linking up with institutions that provide youth friendly loans for LPOs and LSOs.

On to top of this, the county government is heading towards Performance Based Contracting that enable the youth organize themselves and benefit from the County Government’s funds for maintenance of roads in each ward by performing tasks such as bush clearing, drainage opening, installing culverts etc. Contracts under this program will run for a period not less than 1 year and not more than 3 years.The youth has a role in protecting the environment.

The Department of Youth in conjunction with that of Environment is set to offer youth opportunities to benefit from being engaged in planting trees, establish nurseries and supply the seedlings to the county government under an agreed framework.

Among other programs are entrepreneurial training and start-up support, sponsorship for training and acquisition of technical skills and opportunities for scholarships and sponsorship’s based on talent where the county government will identify, exploit and support in the development of youth talent while engaging stakeholders who can extend scholarship opportunities for such talents.

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06 Aug
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Nandi County’s ICT industry gets a boost as Sadana Tech Solutions set base in Kapsabet

County Government of Nandi is in great support of young and upcoming investors especially those complementing government strategies in solving the unemployment menace. Through the department of Trade, Investment and industrialization, private organizations are able to be established and run within Nandi County and even globally as a way of utilizing the available skills and resources to earn a better living and even changing the lives of others.

Sadana Tech Solutions Photo by Peter Kiprop

Sadana Tech Solution and Consultancy limited, an ICT investment located in Kapsabet Town, is one of the private investments that are established by residents of Nandi County with the aim of opening up opportunities for students, new graduates and other the tech-enthusiasts (especially system developers) to have their own startups and progress in the ICT field. Sadana tech solutions is owned by David Rop and Elphas Sagas both originating from Baraton, Chesumei Sub-County, with other partners. Having studied and worked in Finland, the partners found it best to come back and invest in their home country and more so the home county, Nandi.

With great experience, knowledge and exposure they acquired during the time abroad, they have established a Technology Centre in kapsabet town. Their main objective is to breach a gap between service providers and clients thus giving an opportunity for startups to market their products. They also offer training and mentorship that prepares individuals to work in the ICT related jobs and how to integrate ICT into other fields. For those wishing to study and venture abroad, Sadana tech solution is one of the places one would get quality guidance in studying and working abroad; It’s also an opportunity for those in diaspora and would like to relocate and invest in our county.

Dr. Kiplimo Lagat (Right) making his remarks during the launch Photo by Peter Kiprop

The CECM for trade and investment, Dr. Kiplimo Lagat, who officially presided over the launching of Sadana Tech Solutions in presence of the CO for ICT and E-government, Mr. Jonathan Misoi, congratulated the founders for their enthusiasm and  their aim of benefiting the locals and improving their livelihoods. Dr. Lagat pointed out that there is need to establish ICT villages within the county and make Nandi an ICT hub. As a result, companies and other counties can outsource labor from Nandi. He further proposed that Sadana can partner with schools and start programming clubs as a way of building a foundation for innovations.  

Mr. Misoi on the other hand stated that Investments like Sadana are actualizing some the county government’s expectations and affirmed that the county government of Nandi is improving the enabling environment for establishments of such startups and investments. Some of these enabling environments are improving their systems for easy licensing and registration and also coming up with policies to govern them.

The County Government of Nandi is looking forward to partnering with such companies to change the lives of the people. It is encouraging individuals of all professions, both within the county and those in diaspora, to use their knowledge, skills, experience and resources to invest in Nandi County. The County’s Department of Trade and Investment in partnership with ICT and e-Government is planning for all the professionals, technology enthusiasts and other stakeholders’ forum to discuss more on such career mentorship, identify other opportunities for the upcoming professionals and making Nandi a techno- driven county.






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03 Aug
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Ajira Digital Programme commences in Nandi County

ICT is a key enabler in the attainment of Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda. The County Government of Nandi is cognizant of this fact and has since partnered with the National Government through ICT Authority’s Ajira Digital Program to equip the youth with requisite skills they will enable them tap the online opportunities.

Ajira Digital Program is designed to instill the youth with digital skills that would enable them grasp job opportunities available in the digital world as an alternative source of income. This will address the high level of unemployment among the youth have basic internet skills since the youth will be given an opportunity to learn the skills that will allow them source for online jobs that will earn them income. They will also have opportunities to do their research, connect with other youth online and pursue online courses that can enhance their skills.

Closing of the Digital Ajira Program Training of Trainers



In order to achieve this, the Training of Trainers (ToT) by Ajira Digital Program that started on Monday 30th July came to a close today 3rd of August 2018 with 30 graduates ready to get to the field to train other youths all over the county.

Among the digital skills for online work acquired during training include content and article writing, digital marketing, virtual assistant, soft skills, bidding, online work security, web research and payment methods.

The ToTs also managed to create user accounts in different platforms, like ‘Guru’ and ‘Up work’ accounts, that will enable them get the online jobs. The ToTs are expected to impart the same knowledge to youth across the county so that they can work online and earn a living as a way of curbing unemployment.

Participants of the Ajira Digital Program



The County Secretary, Dr. Sang, who presided the closing of the training, pointed out that ICT is an essential tool in service delivery and people should be fast in grabbing and positively using the technology. Also CECM Administration, public service and E-Government Ms. Teresa Morogo; CO ICT and E-government, Mr. Jonathan Misoi and CO public service Ms. Grace Sugut.


Chief Officer in charge of ICT and E-Government, Jonathan Misoi


Mr. Misoi, being one of the online work beneficiary, stated that there are more ICT related training set to take place and will be of much benefit to the citizens especially the youth. Once the training programs are rolled out in the sub counties, the youth are encouraged to attend and acquire the skills as will address joblessness, reducing financial dependency and eventually improve the living standards of citizens of Nandi County.

The county government has further partnered with ICT Authority on the National Optic Fibre Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI) project that will connect sub county headquarters with fiber. This will enhance the penetration of internet connectivity in the county. Moreover, at least one ICT center will be established in all sub counties in the next five years. Two are set to kick off in the 2018/2019 financial year.  Computer labs in all the 14 vocational training centers through a MoU with Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) shall be equipped and will also act as training centers. More training on various aspects around ICT are lined up in partnership with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). These are among many other strategies that have been laid down for a technological revolution in Nandi County.



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27 Jul
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LREB Trade and Investment Communication, Marketing And Publicity Committee conducts its first business.

The Communication, Marketing and Publicity Committee of the LREB’S annual Trade and Investment Conference conducted it’s first business in Bomet County on Friday, 27th July 2018.

The meeting which brought together Communication Directors and representatives from Nitabaki Afrika was convened to draw a communication and marketing strategy for the conference to be held later in October this year.
Ezra Kirui took the opportunity to reiterate Bomet County’s preparedness to host the event.
“In as much we are still in the preliminary stages, I can reassure you that plans are in top gear to host the conference” noted Kirui.

On her part LREB’s Director of Communication, Mrs Vera Ogolla reiterated the importance of proper branding and media visibility to not only catapult the bloc to the world map but to also act as a market point for the member counties.
She added that there was need for a multi-thronged approach to create visibility by engaging both print and broadcast as well as new media.

Donald Mwita, a lead consultant from Nitabaki Afrika while presenting on the conference’s website said that the site was at least 40% complete and urged the counties who had not sent their documentaries or video montage marketing their counties to do so by the end of the month.

He took the opportunity to defend the secretariat’s decision to host a new website other than have it as a sub-domain of the bloc’s website by stating that the site had three integrations to cater for: Summit and Gala Night, Investment Conference and the Diaspora Tourist Harvest hence the need to host it as an events site.
“our intention is to go live with the website by the first week of August.” he went on to add.

The meeting which was attended by the communication directors Machuka Maseme-Kisii, Martin Kiplimo – Nandi, Timothy Kemboi-Kericho, Juma Aluoch-Homabay , Eric -Siaya and the host Ezra Kirui asserted that a concerted effort was needed to ensure proper media campaign during and prior to the conference.
In attendance were also Brigid Korir Deputy Communications Director Bomet County, Elizabeth Mayabi a communications officer from Kakamega County, her counterpart from Siaya Eric Okumu as well Koech Theophilus Director ICT -Bomet and Anthony Nyakwara from Nitabaki Africa.

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19 Jul
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Nandi County assured of a bright future as automation of systems runs across the county government’s departments

The 3rd Edition of the Commission on Revenue Allocation Conference took place between the 28th and 31st may 2018 in Kwale County. The theme dubbed “Automation for Enhanced Revenue and Fiscal Responsibility” was the focal point around which discussion was made. Of importance to note is the need to improve revenue collection under the Own Revenue Source (OSR).

The conference noted a number of key challenges facing counties in their quest to meet revenue targets. This was an opportunity for ICT and Revenue directorates to discuss ways in which counties are able to scale the heights despite the obstacles.

Speaking on the sidelines of the conference, Nandi County’s Chief Officer in Charge of ICT & e-Government, Misoi Jonathan highlighted key areas in ICT that will boost the county’s revenue automation process. As part of the panelist discussing how status of automation in Counties, Misoi noted the need for Counties to implement a number of strategies.

Among other strategies, the department has finalized setting up a structure that will ensure effective working structures for ICT staff. The department now has three Directorates (ICT Infrastructure, Systems, e-Government and Communications and Public Relations.

The department has also completed drafting policies that will be approved soon to help the county in the journey of utilizing technologies for efficient service delivery. The policies include ICT Policy and Standards Guidelines and Procedures.

Currently, the Revenue System is undergoing upgrades that will ensure that residents pay for services easily and conveniently. To enhance enforcement, Misoi is proposing a public app whose details will be released in a few months’ time.

County ICT Infrastructure

In a bid to ensure proper networking in the county, the department has finalized a review of County Network Infrastructure that will allow fully-fledged automation. The Network infrastructure once in place and its backbone being the National Optic Fibre Infrastructure (NOFBI), will allow various automation of processes within the Nandi County Government.

The Chief Officer also indicated that plans are underway to develop a robust Data Centre that will act as Recovery center for systems currently hosted on the Cloud. 


As the county government seeks fast track the penetration of ICT skills in the county, the department recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) that will see a number of areas for collaborations both in ICT and Agriculture. One of the areas is to enhance ICT centers and training the youth on latest technologies and opportunities therein.

The two entities through their respective ICT sections have finalized the proposals under the ICT area of collaboration in the MOU. The proposal covers nine ICT Capacity Building tracks for the Executive, the County Assembly, the ICT Technical Staff, the County Staff, the Youth and members of the public, a 15-agent Call Centre, a 4 tier Data Centre (4 Tier Data Centre, Human Resource Tracking Software development, TAIFA Laptop supply to the County Executive and County Assembly, Spatial Planning, GIS Laboratory and related Capacity Building, ICT and Communications Strategy Development, and development of ICT Incubation Hubs.

As he seeks to transform the ICT department, Misoi noted the importance of reaching out to development partners like World Bank to support Projects that will create job opportunities for the youth. He mentioned that he was in the process of finalizing a proposal for Business and ICT Incubation Centres (BIIC) that will be hosted in the Major towns in the county to help incubate bright ideas from the youth.

The CO assures that he will proactively look for development partners and well-wishers to realize this dream. Already Computer for Schools Kenya is in the process of equipping all Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) with computers. Going forward through partnerships, the department will be hosting Yearly Conference dubbed “Startups, Exhibition and Awards” that will bring together Youth with enterprising minds and ideas in various fields such as Agri-Business, ICT and other innovations. This forum will allow them to showcase their ideas to potential venture capitalists, funding institutions and well-wishers.

 Final Take

As he sets out on a journey to transform County Government of Nandi, Misoi appeals to all employees and citizens to accept that technology is here with us and there is need to change and accept the new normal that will hasten service delivery. He ends with this quote to encourage both employees and citizens to accept changes that will be brought about by technology:

Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed; the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.” – Frances Hesselbein



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19 Jul
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Health Management Information System roll out begins as new Website is unveiled.

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) roll out picks up pace for all hospitals in the county. Stakeholder’s forum organized at Nandi Cottages introduced all attendees (doctors, nurses, administrators etc) to the new system which comes with re-engineered processes to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.

While officially opening the forum, the Deputy County Secretary Ms. Truphena Kobiro applauded the ICT and E-Government for providing the much needed solutions in the health sector. She urged the stakeholders to embrace the new system as it will ensure effective management of health informatio

The CEC Member in charge of Administration, Public Service and E-Government Hon. Teresa C. Morogo, equally supported the change resulting from transformative automation projects in which the ICT sector is helping the health sector achieve their objectives. She guaranteed support to the ICT sector as the county heads to automation of many other services in various departments in the county.

The CO Health and Sanitation Dr. Paul Lagat embraced HMIS and stated that the new system will ensure efficiency in the process of health provision.

While appreciating the efforts by the health department to enhance services through HMIS, The CO in charge of ICT and E-Government, Mr. Misoi Jonathan, emphasized on the need for automation of systems within the county for effective service delivery. He lauded Wilcom Technologies Ltd for competitively participating in a transparent tendering process by presenting the most impressive HMIS and exuded confidence that the system will meet its intended purpose.

HMIS is intended to automate outpatient, inpatient, pathology, Radiology, Procurement, inventory, financial accounting, generating of MIS reports, HR and payroll among other modules. It is majored in more efficient operations and improves patients’ well-being. The systems’ implementation will therefore enable the sector improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and reduced health care cost. Training and implementation process is set to start within the next one month so as to enable users to understand how to navigate through the system.

All these are geared towards achieving efficient and effective health provision which is one of the Tuga Tai’s Big Four Agenda in pursuit of transforming the health sector in Nandi County.

Websites and Citizen Portal

Further, Mr. Misoi took the opportunity to unveil the newly revamped website to be the source of information to the citizens. The CO mentioned that soon, the ICT section will be launching the County Official App (eNandi App) and The Nandi Central Information Portal (NCCIP) that will allow all residents of the county to login and follow everything that goes on the in the County including but not limited to Projects, jobs Board, Professionals and Academic Database, Diaspora portal, Suppliers module, Youth and Sports Module and a comprehensive dashboard that will give real time information from the county Systems.

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17 Jul
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Nandi County’s Big 4 picks momentum

A committee chaired by Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei that is tasked with the process of aligning the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) with that of the National Government’s Big Four agenda held a meeting to deliberate on the structure that is going to guide and align county’s agenda with the National’s agenda of the Big Four.

The County Government of Nandi is seeking to seize and leverage on this timely opportunity and fit in the national government’s plans as it strives to transform lives through manufacturing, Agriculture, affordable housing and universal healthcare.

The County Government has allocated resources for some of the flagship projects in the Financial Year 2018/2019 so as to ensure timely and smooth impleme ntation



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