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10 Nov
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Today there was a change of guard as Ms.Truphena Kobiro took the baton as the ActingCEO/Secretary public service board. She takes over from Mr. Jacob Sissey who has been holding the position in acting capacity as the Acting CEO/Secretary public Service board for close to three (3) years.

Truphena joins the public service board in an acting position for six months until the post is substantively filled. She brings a wealth of experience in governance, strategic leadership, and management which will steer the public service board in achieving its mandate.

She is now in charge of responsibility to drive the public service board to deliver its goal which entails the provision of competent human resources, promotion of governance, and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

Her appointed as the acting CEO/secretary gives her the responsibility to lead the Public Service Board to achieve its mandate.

Before Nandi Public service board, Truphena was the County Director Liaison. Ms. Truphena has over 10 years of experience in administration having served in various capacities within the public service and the County Government.

Her deep understanding of management and leadership has led to the successful service delivery in the capacities she has served. Mr. Jacob Sissey, the outgoing acting CEO/Secretary has been lauded as a dedicated and committed leader.

During his tenure, He brought in some restructuring within the board and various county departments in terms of staffing. This was in a bid to ensure that Nandi County Public Service Board corporate governance is strengthened.

During his term, He also came up with the different policies within the public service board which are crucial in governance and strategic leadership. He has also led the team in conducting telephone interviews through the
already established call center amid the Covid -19 pandemic.

In his speech, the outgoing acting CEO thanked the board management for the immense support accorded to him as he dispensed his duties. He is grateful for the opportunity to service the board and its residents.

Having worked in such a position that requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication, the opportunity accorded to him sharpened his skills as a leader. Further, he welcomed the incoming Acting secretary to the board. He believes that Ms.Truphena has what it takes to lead the public service board in achieving its mandate and mission.

She wishes her well as she takes the helm of leadership. Mr.Sissey will continue to serve as the board member until the expiration of his contract.

The board members and the secretariat paid a glowing tribute noting that he had brought immense experience and leadership to the board. Ms.Eliseba Arusei, Vice-Chairperson described Sissey as a dedicated and committed leader who brought discipline and precision leader in the field of administration.

Mrs.Philister Maiyo lauded the Outgoing CEO as a leader who brought in a wealth of technical experience in public administration, coupled with exceptional emotional intelligence.

Speaking when taking over as acting CEO/Secretary, Ms.Truphena Kobiro thanked Mr.Sissey for his Capable and adept leadership of the board. She hopes to bring expertise in ensuring that the Board achieves its primary objective which to strive to employ the best-qualified personnel taking into consideration other Constitutional Provisions in the process.

She urged the board members and staff to embrace team spirit and commitment to work to achieve impeccably
Also present during the Handing over ceremony was the Deputy Director of Administration, Philister Maiyo, Deputy Director of Human Resource Charles Kimutai Limo, Deputy Director Legal and Compliance Ms.Nancy Jeruto and the board secretariat.

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04 Nov
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Kapsabet Municipality is developing its first ever Integrated Development Plan (IDeP) which guides on municipality’s development for five years; 2020-2024.

Having adopted the draft Municipality IDeP, the board hereby presents it to the public and the document can be downloaded from the County website through
It is also seeking public views, representations or comments on the draft IDeP where the responses shall be received at municipal manager’s office in Kapsabet or send an email via

For more information, call 1548 (Nandi County Contact Centre).

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04 Nov
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Informed Citizenry is very instrumental in enhancing open governance and the County’s ICT and e-Government sub sector has always endeavored to achieve this.

As it unleashes it’s November edition of the ‘Nandi Focus Newsletter’, it shifts its attention to the department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government. This edition highlights on key performance areas by the department’s sections including Administration and Decentralized units, Public Service Management, County Public Service Board, Kapsabet Municipality, Disaster management Unit as well as ICT and e-Government.

For more information on this, grab a copy through,_PUBLIC_SERVICE_N_EGOVERNMENT_NEWSLETTER.pdf and more other editions at


Besides the Monthly newsletters, you can also get acquainted with the county government’s latest news from the county website , County Facebook page and twitter

For inquiries, call 1548 (County Contact Centre)

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23 Jul
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Leveraging diversity among county employees helps to create programs and services that meet the diverse needs of a county government.

By cultivating a diverse workforce, employees are able to bring ideas on critical in order to improve the lives of all its diverse residents achieve the sustainable development goals.

Today the National cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) convened a sensitization forum with the members of the county Public service board.

Public Service Board Members present during a meeting with NCIC at Municipal Hall in Kapsabet, Nandi County.

The main objective of the forum was to develop strategies that are geared towards ensuring inclusivity and compliance in the employment of the staff in the county with reference to the developed minimum standards and principles for recruitment to ensure inclusiveness and diversity at the county further disseminate the results of the audit of the ethnic composition of the staff.

Public Service Board Members following closely presentation presided by the NCIC.

Speaking during the forum, Commissioner Hon. Philip Okundi noted that the current composition of the staff is skewed towards the dominant community and urged the County Public Service Board to progressively improve on ensuring equal opportunities for all ethnic groups in terms of recruitment.

He emphasized on the need for the County Public Service Board in promoting national values and respect for diversity by ensuring that the gender inequality, marginalization and exclusion are addressed .

Okundi was accompanied by Kyalo Mwengi, Assistant Dir. Complaints, Legal and Enforcement, Catherine Gakuru, Assistant Dir. Investigations Mr. Kyalo Mwengi, Assistant Director, Complaints, Legal and Enforcement, NCIC Senior Legal Officer, Mr. Jackson Mwikamba.

Mr. Kyalo Mwengi, gave a presentation on the ‘Minimum Standards and Principles for Recruitment to Ensure Inclusiveness and Diversity at the County Level.

Mr. Kyalo Mwengi, giving a presentation on the ‘Minimum Standards and Principles for Recruitment to Ensure Inclusiveness and Diversity at the County Level.

He urged the county public service board to always strike a balance to ensure that there is equality during the employment process.

This is by ensuring that they adhere to the principle of equal opportunity and affirmative aimed at gender equity, persons from the marginal regions and people living with disabilities.

He also emphasized on the need to have open days by the County public service board to showcase their works and also sensitize the public on the recruitment processes in the public service.

The County Public Service Board members were encouraged to give equal opportunities in the process of recruitment to ensure inclusivity in appointments for all ethnic groups.

Nandi County Public Service Board CEO Jacob Sisey expressed his great satisfaction with the NCIC and its role in guiding institutions on what the Constitution and County Acts stipulates on ensuring inclusivity in the process of recruitments and appointment of public servants.

He thanked the NCIC team for the sensitization forum in that it had taught the members on the essences of diversity as a key objective in fostering national unity.

Sisey underscored that the county public service board has been able to demonstrate inclusivity and transparency by attaining the 30% of employment and fulfilling the affirmative action of the marginalized wards with the county and bearing in mind the people living with disabilities.

Daniel Mwogoi, chair of the public Service Board together with Irene Choge during the meeting at Municipal Hall in Kapsabet.

Present during the event were the board members, Irine Choge,Ezekiel Chemwor,Daniel Mwogoi,Member of County Assembly Osborn Komen, stella rutto member County Assembly Public Service Philister Maiyo,Deputy Director Administration and Nancy Jeruto Deputy Legal Officer,CPSB.

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13 Jul
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Second phase of National Hygiene Programme, dubbed ‘Kazi Mtaani’, kicked off today in Nandi County. The programme, which had its first phase implemented in counties that were first affected by Covid-19, has now been rolled out to counties that did not participate in the first phase.

Section of the youth recruitment for the program

It is aimed at employing the youth  so as to alleviate their economic status amid the pandemic that has had many jobs lost. This initiative is also meant to improve the environment and the infrastructure in urban areas through activities that are coordinated by both the national and county governments.

County Commissioner, Kutswa Olaka, speaking during the launch

This program seeks to provide employment to low income earners especially the youth who often rely on daily wages that have since been affected by the socio-economic impact as a result of containment measures of Covid-19.

Members of Kazi Mtaani county Implementation committee

These opportunities targeted the residents of Municipalities’ informal settlements in every county. In Nandi, the program is based in Kapsabet Municipality while involving youths from areas of Kunurter, Namgoi, Eastview, Kamatargui, Kichinjio, Kokwet and Tilalwo.

County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang planting a tree during the launch.

A total of 2700 youth and 90 supervisors have been successfully recruited from these areas with the work starting today for the next six months with up to eight (8) working hours daily. Among the activities to be carried out include access road improvement, cleaning, bush clearing, drainage works and maintenance of public amenities. The youth are also expected to conduct a beautification exercise of Kapsabet Municipality.

Kapsabet MCA, Hon. Fred Kipkemboi giving his address during the launch

Every participating youth will be paid a daily wage of Ksh. 455 and is expected to work for at least 11 working days a month. The Supervisors on the other hand will have a daily earning of Ksh. 505 working for at least 22 days in a month.

Speaking during the launch today at Kapsabet Town garden, the County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang urged the youth to take up the opportunity and make proper use of their wages to improve their livelihoods.

The County Commissioner, Kutswa Olaka, in his address pointed out that the recruitment process that took place last week gave an opportunity to all applicants. He congratulated them for taking up such opportunities and further called for discipline and diligence while working.

CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo giving her Remarks during the launch

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12 Jul
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Mudslides has become rampant within the areas of Tinderet Sub-County due to the above normal rainfall currently experienced coupled with poor land use management along the escarpments.

In this regard the Chief Officer Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries- Wilson Lelei together with County Head of Disaster Management- Lorrine Cherono visited Kabiemit Sub-Location in Songhor/ Soba Ward where five (5) farmers had their land adversely affected by mudslide and crops destroyed.

The team assessing the affected area

Mr Lelei advised farmers to venture into planting of fruit trees and cover crops as an alternative source of income. Ms Cherono further encouraged them to plant environmentally friendly vegetation so as to maintain greenery and hold the soil along the slopes.

A section of Land affected by the mudslide

Further to this they joined the Chief Officer for Transport and Infrastructure-Jonah Biwott and other well-wishers who donated maize and clothing for relief support to the people of Taptengele Location who in the recent past have been victims of mudslide.

Chief Officer Jonah Biwott donating clothes

CO Wilson Lelei and Lorrine Cherono donating maize to one the affected residents

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03 Jul
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Assessment of ICT Authority’s NOFBI Project Implementation In Nandi

The team at Ministry of Lands department.

In the journey towards digitizing all government operations and bridging the digital divide, fast and effective internet connectivity is key.

County Government of Nandi through the department of ICT and e-Government has been partnering with National Government’s ministry of ICT to enhance internet connectivity across all government offices.

This is achieved through the ICT Authority’s (ICTA) National Optic Fibre Backbone (NOFBI).

With most of the offices at Kapsabet now connected, the department is working hard to ensure that this connectivity is enhanced all the way to the Sub Counties and even to Ward offices.

The project aims at improving operations, efficiency in service delivery and to ease communication across all the departments both County and National government’s.

Today a team from the Ministry of ICT led by Pius Kama together with Kris Verspecht – Managing Director SoulCo Kenya visited the county to assess the status of the NOFBI project implementation.

SoulCo is ICTA’s contracted company for the implementation of NOFBI. The team managed to visit the County Commissioner’s office, County Government offices, Ministry of Lands and even the Kapsabet ICT centre.

The team at Kapsabet ICT Centre.

The completion of this project will be an enabler in the automation of all government operations, devolving services down to Ward levels, setting up of ICT hubs and incubation centres for the youth at the Sub-Counties and even providing internet access to the citizens. This brings services closer to them.

The team assessing the server room at the county headquarters.

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01 Jun
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The novel Covid-19 pandemic has certainly become unpredictable as the number of infections and deaths has increasingly affected the Country.

This has made the citizens to adjust to the measures that the Ministry of Health has set as a protective gear from contacting to the affliction.

As a County Government through the administration of Governor Stephen Sang, we are guaranteeing that the county has adhered to the gauges being set by the Ministry of Health.

Through this special edition, the County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health has purposely focused to package information and showcase to you what it has been doing in ensuring that Covid-19 is prevented.

We truly thank God that there is no case of Covid-19 being reported in the county. We pray that God continues to protect us.

However, we still affirm that you heed to the guidelines furnished by the Ministry of Health including social distancing, wearing of masks while in public places and ensuring that you wash your hands at all times.

We oblige our readers to get exclusive information on what the county has been doing in this special edition.

We have also pitched a website for you to for real time access to information at Our call Centre Nandi1548 is available 24/7 to handle any calls as regards Covid-19 and any other emergencies.

Apart form  this special edition, we have so far done a comprehensive coverage of the Department of Health in our first issue that can be accessed through . The Newsletters will be giving detailed progress that the County Government of Nandi has made in different  departments. We shall be be giving an opportunity to organizations to contribute content and advertise on relevant newsletters. Watch out for our next newsletter covering the Sports, Youth Affairs and Arts next month.

Give us your feedback by commenting on this post or sending us a mail via or Call us on 1548.

God bless Nandi.

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01 Jun
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All over the world, various technologies are being tested and piloted as one of the means in which the spread of Covid-19 is going to be halted. Through ICT & e-Government, the county is not left behind in this effort and we are taking the lead as one of the Counties leveraging ICTs to, mitigate effects of Covid-19. According to the Chief officer ICT and e-Government, Mr. Jonathan Misoi, he noted the importance of using tech. He had this to say “Counties should take this difficult time to innovate and have new ways of doing things. Technologies going forward will be the new normal and I am doing all I Can to prepare both employees and citizens of Nandi County to jump to the bandwagon. At the end of this pandemic, most governments will be have moved on to be Digital Governments, and Nandi should be one of them”. 

ICT and e-Government will deliberately focus to package information and showcase to you what the County Government, led by our able Governor, Hon Stephen Araap Sang, together with the Health Department has been doing to prepare and put measures in place to ensure we are ready to join the fight against this novel virus. We thank God there has never been any case reported in our County so far, we pray that God continues to protect us. However, we still insist that you follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health including social distancing, wearing of masks while in public places and ensuring that you always wash your hands. We have put together a newsletter dubbed Nandi Focus, Special Edition. Download Here and get comprehensive information on what has been done towards this end. We have also put up a website for you to access information at and our call centre 1548 is available 24/7 to handle any calls as regards Covid-19 and any other emergencies. Give us your feedback via or via the Call centre. We welcome you to check our next newsletter covering the Sports and Youth Affairs Sectors next Month. God bless Nandi.

In summary, the following are technologies and platforms being used at the County:

Surveillance and Contact tracing portal in partnership with AfyaRekod, Telkom. Residence in Nandi are urged to Dial *380*29#  or download AfyaRekod App from google store(register and use the Code: AR202061 as the organization referral code) and help the county with information that will help in response mechanisms and our healthcare workers will login from this link or 

Use of graphics and Videos to pass messages on our website and social media pages


  • Bulk Messaging to 77,000 Farmers on Covid through our Digifarm Platform with Safaricom.


  • Roll out of Nandi Afya Care (HMIS) at KCRH and soon all sub county hospitals, upgraded to do Covid Screening
  • Virtual Workplace for employees through Office365, Microsoft teams and our Robust Human Resource System.

Other systems helping staff during this period that has been implemented includes:

  • Nandi-Farm – Agricultural Management Information Systems in the Agriculture department. Already 77,000 farmers are in the platform. Beginning this week, extension officers will be registering and updating farmers details.
  •  DigiCow- A platform for veterinary and AI services already being piloted in Kabiyet

ICT sector remains in the forefront to implement technologies that will improve service delivery during Covid-19 and beyond. More platforms to be rolled in the coming weeks including Projects platform to help citizens get to know status of projects being undertaken by the county Government. Since services must continue and to ensure governors promises are met by the departments.

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05 May
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The county government of Nandi, through the Public Service Board has set the pace by becoming the first county among the forty seven (47) counties to conduct phone interviews through the already established Call Centre.

The decision to conduct the interviews via phone was arrived at by the County Public Service Board members following an advice by the Ministry of Health as one of the  preventive measures to reduces any chances of the spread of the novel Covid-19

A section of The Nandi County Public Service Board during the iterview

The phone interviews come after the Public Service Commission in conjunction with the Ministry of Health advertised 5500 positions of contractual health workers to stem the spread of Covid-19 that is already battering the global economy. The positions are drawn from nine (9) cadres of health personnel. The recruitment process, however, was done by the County Public Service Boards in different counties.

The Nandi County Public Service Board received 2165 applications for the various cadres as shared by the Public Service Commission. Out of this number, 530 successful candidates were shortlisted for the interviews scheduled for May 4 and 5 2020. Check . Successful applicants recruited under this category will be deployed within primary health care facilities within the County Government of Nandi.

Nandi County Public Service Board CEO Jacob Sisey expressed his great satisfaction with process explaining that board opted to use the call center as a platform to conduct the interviews because of the Covid -19 Virus which continues to affect the counties. He further stated that the phone calls interview we convenient and played a great role in removing the cost of transport and time spent by the applicants on the interview.


Mr, Jacob Sissey, Secretary and CEO of Nandi County Public Service Board


He is confident that through the online interviews, CPSB will be able to get the qualified persons based on the preset criteria that include; gender, regional balance, persons living with disabilities and the marginalized communities. Membership to a professional body and the applicants’ practical experience also played a key role in establishing the successful applicants.

Sisey underscored that going forward the public service board will embrace technology so as to ease the recruitment process to both the potential employees and the County Public Service Board. He further urged other counties to embrace technology in the public service roles during this era of globalization.

The County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang conveyed his approval on the telephone interview process saying the Call Centre has contributed immensely in undertaking such a very important task professionally and efficiently.


Irene Choge, Member of the Nandi County Public Service Board 

Ms. Irine Choge, a Public Service Board member expressed great satisfaction with the phone interviews, explaining that the interviews have made it  easy for the successful applicants because it saves time, the cost of transport and inconveniences caused by the the corona pandemic.

Nandi county not only remains as source of champions in the athletics, a bedrock for agriculture, advanced health care services but also a pace setter in the advancement and adoption of technology.

In March 2019, the County Government of Nandi set up a Call Centre with a toll free number 1548. This is a milestone project by the department of Information Communication Technology and E-government, with aim of promoting open governance and ensuring that citizens are engaged in the decision making within the county government.

The call Centre technology utilizes a voice over internet protocol which allows individual to interact over space and time

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