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14 Feb
By: Peter Koima 1

Nandi County receives accolades from the World Bank

The County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperatives Development is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the silver award at the final NARIGP review meeting and County League Performance Award Ceremony graced by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Hon. Mithika Linturi and PS Dr. Paul Rono, with representatives from the World Bank, CECMs, and National and County Project coordinating teams in attendance, marking the successful completion of the NARIGP project.
Nandi County, renowned as the Source of Champions, emerged as the first Runners Up out of 21 participating counties over the past six years, earning it the silver award.
Nandi received accolades for outstanding performance in implementing components 1 (recognized for exemplary support towards community-driven development for NARIGP) and 2 (acknowledged for exemplary support towards strengthening FPOs and promoting Value Chain Development for NARIGP), underscoring our dedication to #ContinuedTransformation.
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09 Feb
By: Peter Koima 1

Nandi County renews MOU with Tupande

The County Government of Nandi has today renewed its Memorandum of Understanding with One Acre Fund, now known as Tupande. This renewal underscores the longstanding cordial relationship between the County Government of Nandi and the non-governmental organization.
Over the years, One Acre Fund has been instrumental in supporting over 50,000 farmers in our county, providing them with access to quality inputs on credit, with 36,000 farmers having benefited from this initiative.
This renewed understanding reaffirms, showcases, strengthens, and deepens our collaboration, aiming at achieving a food-secure nation. Furthermore, we have committed to partnering in knowledge management for smallholder farmers through our Kaimosi Agricultural Training Center (ATC), with the ultimate goal of increasing income for farmers.
”We are confident that this partnership will significantly contribute to fulfilling the objectives set by the farmers, the Governor, and the President.” said Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat after signing the MOU.
We are pleased to embrace Tupande’s new approach, which includes scaling up operations, implementing a buy-back plan, and introducing high-value crops such as Avocado, Macadamia, and Passion fruit. #ContinuedTransformation
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31 Jan
By: Peter Koima 3


Yesterday marked the commencement of a mass Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccination drive in Kabongwa, Chepterit, Segut, Masaba, Kapkibimbir, and Kunurter Cattle Dips within Chesumei Sub County.
Dairy farmers are urged to present their animals for vaccination to help stem the spread of Foot and Mouth disease. The County Government of Nandi, through the Department of Agriculture, is tirelessly working to protect the interests of farmers.
Participate in the vaccination exercise to ensure your livestock are safeguarded against Foot and Mouth disease. Today, vaccinations will be conducted in the following areas:
– Kosirai Cattle Dip
– Belekenya Cattle Dip
– Karlel Cattle Dip
– Kaptildil Cattle Dip
– Kapsasuron Cattle Dip
– Kapng’etuny Crush
Spread the word among farmers to ensure widespread participation. Details of the vaccination program in all 29 wards will be shared soon.
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29 Jan
By: Peter Koima 0

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture: IFAD Delegation Engages with Nandi County on Integrated Natural Resources Management Program (INReMP) Project Design.

Today, the County Government of Nandi hosted a powerful delegation from IFAD, led by country director Mariatu Kamara. The visit focused on the Design Mission for the upcoming Integrated Natural Resources Management Programme (INReMP), a collaborative effort funded by the Government of Kenya, IFAD and the County Government of Nandi.

The design mission aimed to engage in extensive consultations with the County Government of Nandi leadership, NGOs, farmer organizations, and other stakeholders to finalize the detailed intervention plan for the program.

The main goal of INReMP is to enhance food, nutrition, and income security in rural households within a sustainable and resilient ecosystem. Its Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve integrated natural resources management, bolster resilience to climate change, and enhance the livelihoods of beneficiaries, particularly women, youth, and vulnerable groups.

INReMP will unfold through two technical components and a third cross-cutting component facilitating effective program implementation.
Component 1: Community-led Enhanced Environment and INRM, Ecosystem Services, and Climate Action.
Component 2: Improved, Inclusive and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods.
Component 3: Institutional Strengthening, Policy Support and Programme Coordination.

During the meeting, executive members, led by session Chair Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat of the Agriculture department, reiterated the County Government of Nandi’s support for the program. Earlier in the day, the team paid a courtesy visit to Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot Mitei. #ContinuedTransformation

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08 Nov
By: Peter Koima 0

Increasing Access to High-Quality Potato Seeds in Partnership with FIPS-Africa

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Agriculture and Cooperatives Development has renewed ties with Farm Input Promotions Africa (FIPS-AFRICA) with a view of supporting smallholder Potato farmers to increase access to affordable certified potato seeds.

Participants pose for a group photo after the meeting

Farm Input Promotions Africa (FIPS-Africa) is a non-profitable organization whose mission is to quickly and cost-effectively improve the food security of smallholder farmers through improving their access to the appropriate farm inputs, and information on their best management.

Part of the stakeholders following the discussions at the workshop

In the new arrangement, FIPS in collaboration with the department will support seed multipliers and extension officers jointly producing Quality Declared Seeds (QDS) in the county. Whereas the county will deploy extension officers to backstop and handhold farmers, FIPS would leverage its resources to build capacities of farmers through demo farms and the extension personnel to undertake regular inspections.

Silas Kimaru, Potato Value Chain Officer

During a stakeholder engagement forum that brought together various stakeholders from the county, Dr. Paul Sanga, the Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, commended this partnership, emphasizing its potential to enhance the potato value chain in the county. He encouraged farmers to make use of the potato mechanization tools available at the county’s Agricultural Mechanization Service (AMS) center.

Dr. Paul Sanga, Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

CPA Caroline Lagat, the Chief Officer for Cooperatives Development, urged farmers to embrace the cooperative model to circumvent middlemen who often exploit farmers. She lauded the Nandi Hills Potatoes Farmers Cooperatives, which has evolved from a NARIGP-funded Common Intranet Group CIG to a Producer Organization, currently cultivating over 40 acres of Irish Potatoes.

CPA Carolyne Lagat, Chief Officer for Cooperatives Development

Mr. James Ngugi from FIPS highlighted the pressing issue of limited access to high-quality seeds, which poses a challenge to the sector’s sustainability. He explained that FIPS will collaborate with the County Government to ensure that farmers have access to Quality Declared Seeds through innovative approaches like Village Based Advisors (VBA) and small pack strategies, particularly in cases where certified seedlings are unavailable or unaffordable.

James Ngugi, FIPS Representative

The workshop was attended by various stakeholders, including the project coordinator for the NAVCDP project, Mr. Jared Mutai, SCAOs, WAOs, representatives from the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA), the National Potato Council of Kenya (NPCK), farmer cooperatives, and individual farmers. #ContinuedTransformation
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26 Oct
By: Peter Koima 0

Plans to Operationalize Nandi Cooperative Creameries (NCC) Gathers Pace

In alignment with Governor Stephen Sang’s directive to breathe life into Nandi Cooperative Creameries and commence operations within this fiscal year, the County Department of Agriculture and Cooperatives is intensifying its efforts to set the milk processing plant in motion before the year’s end.

Front view of Nandi Cooperative Creameries in Kabiyet, Mosop Sub County

In preparation for the upcoming test run and full-scale operations, the joint steering committee, led by Dr. Paul Sanga, the Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, held an on-site inspection visit of the flagship project in Kabiyet Ward, Mosop Sub County.

From left, Dr. Paul Sanga – C.O Agriculture, Eng. Simon Mwale, Eng. Zacharia Kipkemboi, Eng. Ngugi and Tirop o you Procurement Director

With all the necessary equipment in place and approximately 98% of the structural work completed, the joint steering committee has initiated the process of conducting a test run, ensuring that all systems are ready for processing 100,000 liters of milk daily.
In the meantime, in anticipation of the operationalization, the Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union (NDCU), a federation comprising several dairy cooperatives, has begun the aggregation and sale of milk to processors, currently aggregating close to 40,000 liters daily. The union is poised to triple these volumes once the factory is fully operational, given the tremendous interest expressed by more primary cooperatives.
To ensure this progress adheres to the specified timeframe, the NARIGP project has also deployed a panel of experts (POEs) led by Engineer Ngugi to backstop the county implementation teams responsible for timely delivery of this Multi Community Investment (MCI).
Furthermore, with support from NARIGP, the department is in the process of installing milk coolers in areas of the county with high milk production, reducing the distance between farm gates and the market and addressing post-harvest losses.
Upon completion, Nandi Cooperative Creameries will bring about a revolution in the dairy sector of the county, providing farmers with access to a market that guarantees minimum returns, creating both direct and indirect employment opportunities, and enhancing the nutrition of ECDE pupils. #ContinuedTransformation
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13 Sep
By: Joyce Mutai 0


Saccos play very important roles in our communities by encouraging a habit of saving to the clientele and this is usually done through lending of loans to common interest groups and individuals.

Today, Kilven cooperatives with a total of 236 members from 4 Zones of Tulon, Lolminingai, Terige, Kilibwoni, Arwos, Kaplamai, Kabirsang, Kipture and Kipsigak held its first Annual General Meeting as well as electing its executive members.


Kilven cooperative members proceeding through their first Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Speaking during the meeting, Emgwen Sub County Cooperative Officer Mercylyn Limo, emphasized on the need for massive registration of members in order to benefit from the NAVCDP project. “Let’s all strive to bring on board more members to the Sacco as this will lead to more shares and growth for all of us” she said.

Chesumei Sub County Cooperative Officer, Mercylyn Limo.

Kilven Cooperative, is one of 20 SACCOs established across 20 different wards in the county and earmarked for support under the NAVCDP project. Besides capacity building, the SACCO will receive inclusion grants (which includes setting up of an office and automation) and matching grants as a seed capital.

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29 Mar
By: Faith Songok 0

Newly Appointed Chief Officers for Agriculture and Cooperative Development Department Officially Assume Responsibilities

To ensure the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development’s operations continue smoothly under Governor Stephen Sang’s renewed mandate, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, the CEC Member for Agriculture and Cooperative Development, has today presided over the taking over ceremony of newly appointed Agriculture and Cooperative Development Chief Officers, Dr. Paul Sanga and Ms. Caroline Lagat.

The handover ceremony was held at the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development and was attended by administrative officials from the County Secretary’s office, Chairman agriculture committee county assembly Hon. Julius Kipkosgei, as well as directors and staff from the Agriculture department.

Hand over of Responsibilities and Duties to the new Chief Officers.

Speaking during the handover/taking over ceremony, CECM Dr. Kiplimo Arap Lagat extensively highlighted on the importance of commitment, transparency and accountability in the management and implementation of open governance and ensuring efficiency of service delivery for the promotion and development of the agricultural sector in Nandi.

“As a department, we are committed to ensuring that our agricultural sector is well managed, and that all priorities are obliged. Our biggest mandate as a department is to implement policies and regulations. Our responsibility is to create effective sequence of strategies and proposed actions for the synchronization of the primary function of the department which is to promote and support the growth and development of the agricultural sector in Nandi, and it is our responsibility to implement them.”

Dr. Sanga expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the people of Nandi County in his new role and pledged to work closely with all staff and stakeholders to ensure the success of the agriculture and cooperative development activities in the county.

Ag. Chief Officer, Dr. Samson Bitok hands over responsibilities and duties to Chief Officer Agriculture, Dr. Paul Sanga.

On her part, Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Ms Caroline Lagat reiterated the zeal to implement the department’s mission of open governance and efficient service delivery to the public engaged to agriculture and cooperative development.

Ag. Chief Officer, Dr. Samson Bitok hands over responsibilities and duties to Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Ms. Caroline Lagat.

The newly appointed officials are now expected to work closely with the public and all stakeholders to achieve the county’s goals and objectives towards a vibrant agricultural sector. #ContinuedTransformation

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28 Feb
By: Peter Koima 0


The County Government of Nandi has today entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with tea processing factories to jointly oversee and manage the collection of cess and maintenance of roads in tea-growing regions within the county.
According to the county Governor H.E Stephen Sang, the collaboration is aimed at ensuring that all feeder roads in the tea-growing areas are well-maintained and easily accessible throughout the year. The county plans to work with tea industry stakeholders to minimize post-harvest losses and enable farmers to transport their produce to different factories while ensuring high-quality green leaf.
The MOU has been signed by numerous factories, including KTDA Chebut Factory, KTDA Kaptumo Factory, Kaimosi Tea Estate, Emrok Tea Factory, Sangalo Tea Factory, Mbogo Tea Factory, Nandi Tea Factory, Kamarich Tea Factory, Chepkumia Tea Factory, and EPK Factories (Chemomi, Savani, Kibwari, Kipchamo, Siret, Kapsumbeiwo & Kipkoimet Tea Factories), Tinderet Factory, Kipchabo Factory, Kapchorua Factory, Kilibwoni Factory, and Dl Koisagat Factory, in addition to all extra-county factories.
The Governor expressed his appreciation to the factories and all stakeholders involved for their commitment and dedication in partnering with the county government to improve the roads, which will ultimately benefit the tea farmers. #ContinuedTranaformation
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22 Feb
By: Peter Koima 1


The County Government of Nandi, led by Governor Stephen Sang, is implementing measures to improve the distribution of subsidized fertilizer to benefit maize farmers in the county.
Under the guidance of the CECM Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, the department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development has responded quickly to the request of Aldai’s maize farmers and the Governor’s appeal to the NCPB’s Regional Manager, Mr. Gilbert Rotich, to bring subsidized fertilizer closer to farmers in Nandi county.
As the first consignment for Aldai Farmers is received this evening, the CECM Dr. Lagat has announced that over 3,000 50kg bags of fertilizer will be available to Aldai farmers from tomorrow at a store located in Kobujoi, which was handed over to the NCPB last Friday.
Earlier in the day, members of the County Assembly committee on Agriculture chaired by Hon. Julius Kipkosgei accompanied the CECM to visit the Mosoriot National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) Depot in Chesumei Sub County to assess the progress of the subsidized fertilizer distribution.
They held a meeting with the depot manager, Mrs. Irene Tiren, to discuss ways to improve and fast track the fertilizer distribution at the depot and later engaged with farmers who were queued up to collect their fertilizer and shared plans to set up more collection points to improve the distribution channels and address other concerns for the benefit of farmers.
The department, in collaboration with the NCPB and the National Government, is exploring a cooperative distribution model to make fertilizers more accessible to farmers across the six sub-counties.
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