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20 Apr
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Outlook on Employee Engagement As Informant of Agenda Performance.

On Friday, The department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development hosted the deputy governor Dr Yuliya cheruiyot on an employee engagement with its enablers, the staff.

The department understands that employees major investment is the key determinant of the success of the agricultural sector, a sector dear both socially and economically to the residents of Nandi.

It is in this light that the conversation was centred around: Staff appreciation for playing their important part in meeting the department’s mission, potential output when various structures are supported, employee experience in its objective measure and ways to strengthen and improve employee engagement.

Speaking during the meeting, the deputy governor,. Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot affirmed on the administration commitment to support the transformation team in their continuous willingness to support the government agenda. She recognized Agriculture tremendous progress witnessed consistently over the periods despite challenges.

Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot addressing the staff.

She urged the staff to be on the forefront to own the projects they are responsing over and speak with confidence on their achievements more so individually on a whole.

She led the team through discussing proposals for consideration and further made known the plans the government has over its employees.

CECM Agriculture and Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Arap Lagat on his part stressed on the need to have focus on structures that inform on service delivery as a development function.

CECM Agriculture and Co-operative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat.

He stated that achievement can only be effectively measured on the basis of how well resources are facilitated and seeved to reach to the end goal, which is the improvement of farmer’s livelihood with its complement of hardware support.

Staff present represented the five directorates namely Agriculture, livestock Production, Veteniary Services, Co-operative Development and Fisheries.

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20 Apr
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Nandi Potato Co-operative Society management committee were convened to a status review and managerial governance meeting to exclusively examine and measure their administration bases and priorities which are critical informants of decision making, an ultimate of the efficiency of the success achieved by the society.

Meeting In progress.

The aim of the forum which was organized by the County Government under the Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development, was to well verse the managerial team with clear insights, to guide the team in making available a stabilized, adequate and comprehensive accord to the structures the society uses to run its operations.

Chairman, Nandi Potato Co-operative Society.

Key elements discussed was on compliance management, objective assessments in decision making, identifying options and better alternatives upon challenging encounters, prioritization of technical support at production level, effective marketing objectives that will ensure growth and profitability ,in addition to economically empowering its members in diversifying the commercialization of their produce .

The County Government of Nandi under the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) confides in commercializing potato farming in Nandi through this cooperative, a union of potato farmers, whose membership aim is to benefit from their collective bargain to establish infrastructures sufficient enough to increase productivity and profitability of their produce.

From left, Chief Officer Co-operative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony, CECM Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, Chief Officer Agriculture, Mr. Wilson Lelei.

Farmers are encouraged to join the society and enjoy the County Government support in its provision of a favorable regulatory environment when it comes to resource and governance facilitation, provision of high quality certified seedlings, access to experienced technical support through extension services, cushion risk as an investor in large scale production and other investment opportunities in potato production, storage and marketing of produce.
So far as a marketing society, the co-operative has recorded achievements in supporting member potato farmers in areas mentioned above.

The CECM Agriculture and Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat and the chief officers Agriculture and Co-operative Development Mr. Wilson Lelei and Dr. Benadatte Tiony respectively emphasized on the vital significance of working in compliance to the frameworks in stipulation and broadening the capacity and potential present to upscale and sustain growth and profitability of the potato value chain in Nandi.

Also present were staff in their respective roles in the value chain operations.

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26 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development continues in its initiative to implement support and structures that backs economic improvement of Saccos serving communities in the rural setting.

Kamatargui Rural Sacco started as a small savings group which later became a savings society now with an active membership of 132. It has been a concrete channel of fighting against financial inadequacies through developing the financial resources of the joined members who largely hail from Kamatargui.

Chairman, Kamatargui Rural Sacco.

On Thursday the directorate of Co-operative Development represented by Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer Madam Bismeth Maleya and Accountant Agik Otieno graced their Annual General Meeting to render technical support in areas capacity building, management of leadership structure and monitoring some of their development programs.

Speaking during the meeting, Madam Bismeth emphasized on updating of account books according to the society by-laws. She also urged the team to cooperate in saving and loan repayment to strengthen the growth of the society which inform on development and improvement of many areas of their livelihood and generations to come.

Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer Madam Bismeth Maleya addressing the meeting.

Mr. Agik Otieno, Accountant Co-operative Development.

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24 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development, on Tuesday witnessed a signing of an agreement between Nandi Avocado Co-operative Society and Sunripe Company Limited.

Sunripe Company Limited has been tasked as a liaison between the farmer and avocado buyers both in region and internationally as a marketer of their produce. The company offered a good deal of selling the produce at a standardized profitable rate of not less than kenyan shilling 55 for fuerte variety and not less than 80 per kilo for Hass variety.

Marketing representative from Sunripe Company Limited.

This is in line with the County Government agenda to have diversification of agriculture that informs on emerging sectors while standing on the time- tasted result producing co-operative approach and principles.

The step taken is a good measure of the consequent efforts by the County Government through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development to incorporate its farmers to embrace Avocado farming, as one of the most current demanded crops both in local and international markets.

To deliver on its mandate, the County Government saw it best to secure stability and accountability of its commitment towards Avocado farming as a profit booster, through organizing farmers into a cooperative. As a new venture with perceived high returns, the proposition to have Nandi Avocado Cooperative Society was of the means to have a channel for farmers in Avocado to voice their bids in unison as stakeholders of the market , have a bargaining power and grow economically as Nandi block to inform on their command in the market.

Nandi Avocado Cooperative Society was formed in the year 2019 and it now boasts of 593 members.

Chairman Nandi Avocado Co-operative Society.


It is in the mission of the department to offer input and support till the society is proactive and strong enough to stand alone and inform solely on and mostly through actionable evidence of the income streams, in areas funding, marketing and mobilization.

Speaking during the event, Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony mentioned the partnering with the marketer and exporter as an echo of the assured success of practicing the venture by the collaborative efforts of farmers in the same field with a shared objective.

She urged that through the support offered by the County Government in areas capacity building, management and fund support through the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth ( NARIGP) project, it is onto the society to commit itself to increase its membership and have more farmers in Nandi enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony addressing the meeting.


In process is actualization of the steps to construct an Avocado pack house equipped with a warehouse, cooling systems, accompanying equipments in inclusion of a sorting and grading machine. With the good will of Avocado farmers, the pack house is to be established at Lolduga, Lessos ward.

Team adressing Kass Media on the new development.


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18 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development on Thursday was on mandate to render technical support to members of Apple Sacco Society Limited on their annual delegate meeting.

Apple Sacco Society Limited delegates

The directorate of co-operative development objectively led in its task to ensure compliance with the provisional co-operative legislations and regulations.

The annual delegate meeting held at Kaimosi Agricultural Training Centre brought together representative members to share insights and ratify decisions made as per the agenda in relation to the development and management of the SACCO.

A delegate participating.

According to the financial statement and report findings for the period ended 31st December 2020, there was 5% increase of revenue while the expenditure was on the higher side at 48%. The increase in expense was resulted to loan provision costs which amounted to a short in the fund reserve of the SACCO.

The deficiency was linked to the difficulty that was the Covid-19 era which saw low uptake of loans and poor repayment of existing loans.

Co-operative Development Accountant, Mr. Agik Otieno.

The chairman asked that the County Government continue to hold support as policy makers and legislative compliants to create frameworks to aid in the big menace a contributor to the inviability of co-operative societies that is loan defaulting. He noted that the route of CRB listing takes time and could be a long term cripple to the SACCO asset base.

Chairman, Mr.John Korir.

Speaking during the meeting the director Co-operative Development Mr. Stalin Koech urged the delegates to be good ambassadors of their SACCO regulations and be proactive in guiding the members to understand the beneficial value of investing and repaying loans to ensure continuous growth of the society.

Director Co-operative Development, Mr. Stalin Koech.


He also informed on the role of the County Government in ensuring compliance of co-operative acts and assured of its continuous support to the development of co-operative societies.

Also present were representatives from Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives (KUSSCO) and CIC Insurance who informed on strengthening service delivery to maintain its competitive edge and insuring the society’s asset base respectively.

KUSSCO representative,Mr. Orenda.


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11 Mar
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On Thursday, Nandi Dairy Co-operative Union officials convened to a consultative joint meeting with the directorate of co-operative development.The agenda was to equip the union officials with co-operative compliance acts, governance structures and legislation framework which guides the management and operations of the union.

Nandi Dairy Co-operative Union is a body representing affiliate dairy societies and it was formed to promote and develop co-operation among the dairy societies in their area of operation and to further assist in driving the agendas of the dairy sector in Nandi through the co-operative principles.

While officially opening the consultation, the chief officer co-operative development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony affirmed on the importance of the governing body to have a well comprehensible grasp of knowledge base compliant management skill set to inform on matters that influence the interwebs of managing the operations that impacts the shared interests of dairy farmers.

“For successful attainment of the union mandate, compliance to co-operative act, the co-operative rules and by-laws cannot be understated.” She said.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony addressing the meeting.

She emphasized that the above mentioned set of procedures protects the objective of the union and was structured to support an integrate, transparent, easy and efficient way of doing business in a co-operative set of operations.

She further mentioned that in gear of full operations upon launch of the farmer owned milk processing plant in Kabiyet, the union need to be set to run the enterprise efficiently to ensure sustainable and profitable production.

Dr. Benadatte further affirmed the County Government commitment to ensure the union is well furnished with all the necessities required till it runs independently with all factors of governance in check.

“The department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development shall stick to its task as a regulator in its mandate of governship to inform and guide the union in areas of management, governance, leadership, financial requisites and compliance measures in informing the interests of the dairy cooperators in Nandi and to further the dairy sector into a full blown profitable venture.”

She urged the team to take the project at heart as a service to the society and the generations to come.

“As County Government, we appreciate the efforts and commitment of everyone’s insights and contributions in making the vision of Nandi, that has been upheld for long to fruition as it now boasts of having its first farmer owned dairy processing facility, a complement to the vibrancy of the dairy sector in Nandi which was championed by the coming together of farmer shared interests channeled and powered through farmer co-operative societies.”

The consultative meeting was a start of many conversations that sets the stage for the Nandi dairy co-operative sector to analyze and review policies, structures and set position and priorities that influence the dairy sector in Nandi in a democratic process. This ensures that the collaborative approach co-operative societies is built on is relevant, effective and in line with the collective interests and concerns of dairy farmers in Nandi; the very foundation of the union credibility and profitable influence in the economies of dairy business in Nandi.

Nandi Dairy Co-operative Union officials following through the meeting.

During the session, attendees heard from director co-operative development, Mr. Stalin Koech on the importance of an accountable management as a measure of the efficiency of doing business.

“I urge you as an official to understand that you take on the representation of interests of a small scale dairy farmer who has put all his trust onto the union to advocate for the economic interests and reward to the efforts incured into the venture. Do not let the farmer down.”

He further in depth explained the purpose and way of doing business in areas: Strategic plan, business plan, delegation, human resource policy, supervisory reports, economic reports and sub committee functions among other areas of operations.

Director Co-operative Development, Mr.Stalin Koech.

Director livestock and animal health, Dr. Samson Rono echoed the sentiments of the progress the dairy sector in Nandi is taking towards commercialization. He reteriated that for business to be of value, capacity building is necessary as an informant of efficiency of doing business.

Director Livestock Production, Dr. Samson Rono.

Co-operative Officers present represented by Mr. Paul Born educated the union officials on the key base of management and the governing structures and policies in its subsequents namely bylaws, co-operative societies act, public procurement and disposal act, employment act,companies act, co-operative rules and tribunals among other areas of interest.

Senior Co-operative Officer, Mr. Paul Boen.

From the county legal office, Mr. Hawi shared insights and clarified on matters concerning the memorandum of understanding among financial partners involved in the union projects.

Legal Officer, Mr. Hawi.

Also present were the dairy value chain officers who are the fore front go to personnel and liaisons of the county government and the union to inform on concerns,processes and procedures concerning their operations.

Dairy value chain officer, Ms Mercyline Jemutai.

The chairman of the union, Dr. Abraham Rugut appreciated the support of the County Government and assured that the team will be of service to the interests of its representation. He urged the participants to be good ambassadors of the objectives of the union while he assured that his team will work on strengthening its compliance mandate for the good of all the dairy co-operative societies affiliated with the union.

Chairman NDCU, Dr. Abraham Rugut.

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09 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative development is building on structures to upscale the maize value chain. Key among the paths to this realization is the need to use the economical power a cooperative framework holds, in securing investments and the legislative advantage it possesses.

Maize stakeholders as participants during the workshop


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17 Feb
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The County Government of Nandi holds in high regards the immense contribution, co-operative societies play in the economic and social growth of its society. As a key feature of transformation, the County Government is committed in ensuring that cooperators in Nandi are served efficiently through effective co-operative governance.

With co-operative societies as instrumental tools for development, they are occasioned by mobilization and organization of people and their resources into structures that will grow their investment return capacity. In consequence therefore is the crucial obligation to source for good cooperative leadership.

The newly elected officials tasked with continuing the agenda of Afya SACCO Nandi North branch.

It is in this mandate that the department of Agriculture and Co-operative development is tasked to ensure there is efficiency of operations in cooperative societies, a crucial determinant of the beneficial value capacity it offers. This can only be realized by effecting compliant governance through incorporating a transparent, vision oriented and eligible leadership.

Afya SACCO Nandi North branch members turn out to vote for new officials.

It is to this consideration that on Wednesday, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative development oversaw elections of officials of Afya co-operative savings and credit society limited(SACCO), Nandi North branch and ensured the election was conducted in accordance to law.

Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer, Madam Bismeth Maleya overseeing the elections.

As stipulated in the provisions of society’s bylaws; upon expiry of term of office of elected representatives, the society is authorized to conduct elections to seek fresh leadership to continue to the society’s agenda. The election of new leadership provides for flexibility and modern representative democracy which allows for equal participation and fresh insights into a common goal.

Afya SACCO member voting his cast into the ballot box.

Overseeing the compliance was Emgwen Sub county cooperative officer, Madam Bismeth Maleya.

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03 Feb
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It is key that the co-operative environment is accommodative and structured flexibly to create an even playing field which will allow co-operators a leverage to satisfactorily achieve their goals.

It is in this line that the Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development together with co-operators in Nandi see the need to guide the perspective of the Co-operative Legislative Act to complement the needs and system structures of cooperative societies in Nandi. It must be domesticated to include relevance when it guides the specific deliberations in which cooperative bodies run. It is aimed to serve as a well formulated enactment plan complementary to the overall Co-operative Legislative Act.

Hence on Wednesday, the Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony held a consultative meeting with key personnel to discuss on approaches the office should take to facilitate this realization.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony chairing the meeting.

In the meeting were Mr. Kosgei, Co-ordinator, Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) Nandi, Nathan Meli who is a long serving co-operator and member of the national cooperative body and the government’s senior co-operative officers Philip Bowen and Bismeth Maleya.
The meeting would be a start of the many steps into actualizing a workable perspective and guide of the legislative act, tailored to the needs of Nandi co-operators.

Speaking during the meeting, Chief Officer Co-operative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony mentioned that with all factors withstanding, now is the time to upscale systems that work for the good of co-operative functions.

She assured that the County Government as an oversight function in its role to guide co-operatives in implementing and endorsing that which defines them, is committed to the process.

She further mentioned that the office will start by identifying the relevant legislation documents that will guide the task. It will also identify personnel who will be the key informers in merging the proposals and ideas presented forth. And in addition the office will create a schedule of events to ensure the process starts and continues successfully to completion.

ASDSP Co-ordinator Mr. Kosgei on his part assured the team of the support in his role as a co-ordinator of a program, whose implementation in part entails incorporation of co-operative societies. He mentioned that in line with the task he will focus his effort on matters policies, strategies and regulation in the enterprise function of co-operative societies.

ASDSP program coordinator, Mr.Kosgei and Co-operative officer, Bismeth Maleya following through the talks.

The Co-operative officers echoed the sentiments that upon implementation, a guided perspective of the Act to fit the structure and system function of co-operatives in Nandi will go a long way in securing the beneficial role of societies to the community at large.

Mr. Nathan Meli as an expertise was optimistic of the after effects upon implementation of this legislative approach.

He particularly highlighted how this approach is of crucial importance when it comes to qualifying for opportunities available both in region and internationally and also in addressing administrative hiccups which has in time been a major detrimental to the success of many co-operative societies.

He urged the government to be proactive in the pursuit of it and assured that co-operators will be well welcoming of the idea as it works towards the development of their individual economy.

From left Philip Bowen, Co-operative officer and Nathan Meli, a Co-operator.

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08 Jan
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In its renewed energy to make true the ambitions of a small scale farmer through collective effort, the county government through the cooperative development office led by the chief officer Dr. Benadatte Tiony on Friday held a consultative meeting with the cooperative development officers who make up the technical team which deals with cooperative issues.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony chairing the meeting.

The agenda was to recap the strengths that made 2020 a success and discuss on ways to capitalize on areas revised and opportunities aligned with the mission to be of value to Nandi cooperators.

The County Government is passionate in bringing forth amicable solutions through collaborative measures to otherwise challenging situations that would burden an individual farmer. In addition is the zeal to offer support to ensure farmer cooperators find a pillar of strength and resources in their day to day business.

Co-operative officers following through the meeting

Among the areas of focus for the first quarter of the year 2021 is to channel more energy to activities that will ensure increase in milk collection and hence drive traffic of the same to the newly established Nandi Cooperative Creameries. The aim is to see that dairy farmers in all cooperatives get a first hand benefit in selling their milk to the farmer owned facility.

As a support partner and overseer, the cooperative development office mandate will encompass mobilization of dairy farmers to join the union in their various societies bearing in mind that it is through the Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union that a farmer benefits with access to a  stable and secure structure to share his business economies of scale which is a huge boost to the profitability of any business.

In relation, Dr. Benadatte Tiony advised the technical officers to identify and activate collection points for dairy societies that are in process of acquiring milk coolers.

“The societies that received the coolers will in effect be the focal area for volume mobilization and can act as areas of activating collection points for societies yet to receive the coolers upon agreement. This is a proactive measure to ensure such societies are not left behind thus be part and parcel of the N.C.C milk supply wagon and be covered under the umbrella of Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union.”

Other area of importance highlighted was in strengthening the management factor in all cooperative societies. The Chief Officer and the Director stressed on the crucial role a good governance plays in the success of operation in the cooperatives. They urged all officers to ensure sound compliance to all protocols stated under the cooperative compliance act so as to upscale transparency, good flow of fiscal resources to farmers and provide a fair system for equitable distribution of resources among the members.

Director co-operative development, Mr. Stalin Koech

Also key on the agenda was on stakeholder engagement. The need to work as team with the various stakeholders and technical partners involved in cooperative business.

The cooperative development team is geared up to steer the County Government of Nandi transformational agenda of impacting positively the lives of farmers in cooperative societies.

Among the highlights of 2020 was certification of cooperative officers as mediators. Mediation is a key skill in people focused corporations to ensure a fair and accommodative delegation system, an important skill for ease of doing business between a farmer, the society and the government.

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