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06 Sep
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Small Holder Dairy Commercialization Programme (SDCP) that has been running for the last thirteen years came to a close today during an exit workshop held at Lelchego Dairy Cooperative Society grounds in Mosoriot.

SDCP Programme was jointly funded by the National Government and the International fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and implemented by the County Government of Nandi.

The programme’s overall goal was to increase the income of poor households in the rural areas that depend substantially on production and trade of dairy and dairy related products for their livelihoods.

Accoriding to the outgoing County Programme Coordinator Mr. Samuel Rono, the programme has invested Ksh 202,181,314 in Nandi since the start of its operations on 12th July 2006 and has attained its objective by greatly improving the lives of rural communities.

Food security advisor to the Governor Mr. Benjamin Sirma said that the programme has really transformed the dairy sector across the County. “It goes without saying that the 13 years of SDCP running in Nandi County has achieved its objective.” said Mr. Sirma.

“Initially, the average production of milk per cow stood at 4% but we’re elated to report that the average production of milk currently stand at 13%” he added.

Dr. Moses Kembe the programme coordinator SDCP lauded the county leadership for taking a step to improve the sector through field days and capacity building.

Dr. Kembe noted that since inception, dairy farming was purely for subsistence but now farmers were doing the venture for commercial purposes.

He further challenged the County Government to strive to ensure continuity and sustainability of the programme.

Chief Guest during the function Deputy County Commissioner for Chesumei Mr. Mwamachi urged farmers to share the information and knowledge gained through the programme to other farmers for the betterment of the entire community.

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21 Aug
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Following the signing of MOU between the County Government of Nandi and the Co-operative University of Kenya on 19th July 2019 on matters research, training, consultancy and capacity building, the MOU Working Team today held a joint planning meeting to identify priority areas and develop a Work Plan.

Among the priority capacity building areas identified for the County Cooperative staff are book-keeping and financial reporting, public relations, product development, service delivery and facilitation skills.

The key priority areas identified for the Co-operative Board members, Supervisory Committees and managers include roles and duties, Co-operative governance, Co-operative policies, financial management, book-keeping and auditing, tax matters, product quality and diversification of products.

The meeting also identified priority areas for members as,rights and obligations, benefits of Co-operatives, management of loans, value addition and diversification for new and higher income streams.

The MOU Working Team identified key priority areas for Co-operative institutional development that include, strategic plans, business plans and succession planning.

Finally, to ensure effective service delivery by the County Government, the MOU Working Team identified baseline survey, Co-operative policy, legislation and digitization of Co-operative operations as key priority areas.

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15 Aug
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Through Boresha Jamii na kuku initiative, we are empowering women, youth and people living with disabilities (PWDs) in Nandi County.

On Wednesday, the County Government through the department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development distributed 30 day old pullets to beneficiaries in Aldai Sub-County.

Supporting this value chain is aimed at ensuring that these special groups earn a decent livelihood.

Nandi Hills, Tinderet, Emgwen and Aldai Sub-Counties have already benefited from the initiative The excersice is expected to continue in the remaining counties of Chesumei na Mosop.

The initiative seeks to benefit close to 300 special groups across the county. #TransformingNandi

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09 Aug
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The County Government of Nandi through its department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development has today dispatched 17,000 grafted Macadamia seedlings to different groups of farmers to boost Macadamia farming across the county.

Speaking during the commissioning, Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei alluded that Agriculture is one of the key areas of emphasis in development agenda Governor Stephen Sang. Dr. Yulita reiterated the government’s commitment to support to with various programmes for agricultural productivity already in place.

Chief Officer Agriculture Mr. Wilson Lelei told farmers that the department is promoting crop diversification through introduction of emerging cash crops such as Macadamia which has potentially high returns.

He said that grafted macadamia is a strategic crop and am investment for posterity that start to fruit after 3-4 years, with marketable & more profitable yields expected after 5 years.

On average, the yields of a grafted macadamia tree range between 55-60 translating to Ksh over Ksh 6000 and expected annual gross income is Ksh 560,000 per acre.

Deputy Director incharge of Agriculture Mr. Jared Mutai took farmers through the basic information on macadamia establishment from planting to maturity before the issuance.

Distribution of the Macademia seedlings will prioritize wards which do not benefit from the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP).

#TransformingNandi #TugaTai

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09 Aug
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In efforts to revive the dairy sector in Nandi County, the County Government is constructing a Milk Processing Plant in Kabieyet ward, Mosop Sub County to encourage value addition and job creation.

The Government identifed Kabiyet due to its close proximity to major milk producing primary cooperative societies of the county.

To ensure this is achieved, the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) spearheading the implementation of this flagship project and constituting of the Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union (NDCU) officials, Government officials and the contractor held a meeting today to follow up on the progress of construction and equipping of the plant.

Among the issues discussed included the completion of the structure, supply & installation of equipment, aquisition of an additional parcel of land, electricity connection, water suppy and marketing strategy.

Earlier on, the committee inspected the construction works at Kabiyet whose construction is estimated at 60% and it’s expected to be complete September 2019. The JSC alluded that it intents to deliver Nandi Milk to the market on time.

Installation of milk coolers are underway across all the 30 wards in the county. And to increase milk production, the government through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative continue to offer quality AI semen at a subsidized price.

In line with Governor Sang’s manifesto, the Government through the plant intents to also supply pupils under the Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) in the entire county once the project complete.

Among the JSC members present at today’s meeting included CECM Agriculture Dr Kiplimo Araap Lagat, CECM for Trade Mr. Jacob Tanui and Tourism Wilson Taiy. Others included commitee Co-chair Mr. Rugut, COs Dr. Benerdate Tiony (Cooperatives) and Wilson Lelei (Agriculture).


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07 Aug
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Coffee farmers in Nandi Hills Sub-County are the latest beneficiaries of the Government’s ambitious programme to empower farmers through provision of certified coffee seedlings.

Today, coffee farmers received their batch of 10,000 coffee seedlings commissioned last month by Governor Stephen Sang during Ushirika Day celebrations. Among the sub counties that have received their share of 50,000 commissioned seedlings include Mosop and Tinderet Sub-Counties.

While addressing the farmers at Nandi Hills Sub County, Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony said that the county government through her department is keen in supporting cooperative societies since they are vehicles for economic growth.

Agricultural extension officer Mr Togom took the farmers through the procedure in readiness for planting.

The provision of seedlings to coffee farmers is a deliberate move by the County Government through its department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development aimed at promoting the cash crop and economically improving the sector.

Also present during the issuance exercise were Hon. Rael Rotich – MCA Kapsimotwo ward, Hon. Gideon Koech – MCA Nandi Hills ward and Sub County Co-operative Officer Mr. Paul Boen.


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01 Aug
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Farmers in Nandi County will no longer use back pumps while spraying their livestock to kick out parasites and diseases from their domestic animals.

This is after the County Government of Nandi department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development in the financial year 2018/19 renovated and constructed 60 new cattle dips across the county.

Among the dips that are complete and operational include Kimaasas cattle dip in Nandi Hills ward, which was on Thursday commissioned by Dr. Benadatte Tiony, CO Cooperative Development. Kapkeben and Gorgor in Kabwareng ward, Kimolwet in kabisaga and Koibem in Chepkumia ward just to mention a few.

This will eventually help in improving the economic fortunes of the region where majority residents depend on Agriculture as its main economic backbone.

While Commissioning Kimasas Cattle Dip Dr Tiony urged farmers to take advantage of the cattle dip to practice dairy farming saying it has huge returns since dairy products have readily available market not only in the county but also regionally.

“Dairy farming is one of the lucrative economic activities that will earn residents of Nandi County a lot of money. This is where I want us to ensure that subsistence income is realised,” said Dr. Tiony.

Farmers are excited to have a plunge dip, the most efficient method of tick control for big herds, and this will go a long way in controlling tick borne diseases.


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29 Jul
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A total of eighteen Community Driven Development Communities (CDDCs) drawn from eight NARIGP participating wards namely Koyo/Ndurio, Tinderet, Songhor/Soba, Kapchorwa, Kapsabet. Lelmokwo/Ngecheck, Kurgung/Surungai and O’lessos have recorded a milestone after they received a whooping Kshs 7.5 million micro development fund from the County Government.

While presenting the first batch cheques to the 18 beneficiary CDDCs, Nandi Governor H.E Stephen Sang challenged the beneficiaries to be good forerunners for the implementation of the project to be emulated with other participating counties as well as make use of natural resources for the common good.

Governor Sang’s administration continues to empower farmers in different value chains for improved productivity and livelihood change through the provision of resources that will increase profitability in the sector.

In view of this, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in partnership with National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) is financially supporting farmer’s projects through Community Driven Development Committees.

Preparation for disbursement of subsequent batches to the remaining CDDCs are ongoing and will be announced in due course.

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22 Jul
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Coffee farmers in Songor/Soba & Tinderet wards in Tinderet Sub-County and their counterparts from Chepterwai & Kipkaren wards in Mosop Sub-County are among the first crop of farmers to benefit from the Government’s programme to empower coffee farmers through provision of certified coffee seedlings.

In a bid to boost Farmer’s income and improve on their livelihoods, the County Government of Nandi has embarked on distribution of coffee seedlings. Just last week, farmers in Mosop received 10,000 seedlings and today was turn for Tinderet farmers to receive their share of 10,000 seedlings.

In recent times, coffee has attracted high pay with a lot of demand from the market hence supply from the farmer should increase. In Nandi, coffee is the second most paying cash crop after tea and that is why the government is heavily investing in the crop.

The County Government of Nandi also intends to set up a coffee milling plant in the near future thus the need to increase farmers production of coffee for them to enjoy higher prices and cut on transportation costs when the time comes.

Distribution of coffee seedlings was officially commissioned earlier this month by H.E Governor Stephen Sang during Ushirika Day Celebrations and will continue across the county. This is a move by the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development seeking to broaden the source of income of farmers through diversification and cash crop farming.


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17 Jul
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A total of 30 structures are to be built and commissioned in the next 2 months across the county whereby one structure is to be raised in each ward which will house the milk cooling plants that will be distributed once the structures are complete.

This is after the Department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development on Tuesday officially handed over cooling sites to the contractors for construction work to commence.

Speaking during the site handing over, the Chief Officer for Cooperative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony noted that setting up of the structures to house the coolers is timely since the construction of a milk processing plant at kabiyet is ongoing.

An effort she says will help reduce the distance covered by farmers from their farm gates to the cooling plants for bulking before the milk is transported to the processing plant which will have capacity to process 100,000 litres of milk in a day.

In a bid to increase milk production in the county, the department has embarked on a programme to first improve the breeds of cattle in the county with an intention of getting high yielding cows in the near future.

Besides provision of affordable AI services, the department is currently rehabilitating 60 cattle dips, two in every ward, as a primary measure of disease control among other vital extension services.

Dr. Tiony urged the primary dairy cooperative societies to join the Nandi County Dairy Cooperative Union as this is the apex and it will help them have a unified voice as the dairy sector.

For sustainability, the Chief Officer advised the cooperators to regularly participate in capacity building and trainings on leadership, management and governance which will be sponsored by the Cooperative Department.

Provision of the cooling machines will not only enhance sale of quality milk but also eliminate milk hawking of contaminated milk.

Also present during the site handing over were the Sub County Administrator, area MCAs and the management of respective cooperative societies. Residents welcomed the initiative saying that it will also create employment opportunities for their children who have a background in milk handling

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