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20 Jan
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In its pursuit to digitize the entire agricultural value chain and improve service delivery to all stakeholders in Agriculture & Cooperative Development, the County Government of Nandi through the department of ICT & E-Government in partnership with Safaricom on Monday, scheduled and commenced on a week’s training program to county officers technical team in the named departments on the newly established farmers e platform named Nande-Farmers.

The training is set to ensure an effective roll out before the launch of the platform.

Nande-Farmers is a well established ICT-based Agricultural Information Management and Subsidy Platform developed by the County ICT in collaboration with Safaricom Digi farm.

Digi farm is an integrated, free to use mobile platform developed by Safaricom as the technology partner which offers farmers access to a suit of information and financial services.

Nande-Farmers is set to offer a platform for : comprehensive farmers profiling including complete data on households, extension services, quality input, credit& insurance, service delivery and market facilitation. It will also integrate all other agricultural related technologies rolled out in the county such as DigiCow and Rapid Vets to provide one platform/USSD for easy access by farmers.

Speaking during the training, the chief officer in charge ICT & E-government, Jonathan Misoi pointed out that Nande-Farmers will improve value chains in agricultural sector to ensure farmers achieve much more. He added that the platform is key in facilitating His Excellency Hon Stephen Sang transformational development project of cooling plants that will see cooperatives creameries process its milk.

He pointed out that automation is the first step towards the implementation of these strategies and that is why Digifarm has been involved to handle the farm management level of profiling farmers’ information and providing access to the accounted information.

Mr. Misoi stressed on the importance of data in optimizing performance.

“We are living in the decade of data; we cannot make policies as a county government without having ample data for us to make pronouncements in policy for example subsidy management. This will also keep cartel offerings on check and provide for a fair and equitable service provision to all farmers”

The data on registered farmers will allow the county government source vital data for planning and resource allocation as well as extensive services to farmers.

Other technologies to facilitate farmers profiling will be the geospatial mapping. Physical mapping will aid in farm produce aggregation and classification, yield prediction and acreage estimation. The County Government ICT department GIS lab in collaboration with Oakar Services will champion this service.

Chief Officer,ICT & E-Government, Mr Jonathan Misoi

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15 Jan
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DigiCow Adding Value to Dairy Cooperatives in Nandi

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between DigiCow and Nandi dairy cooperative societies in a bid to scale up disruptive digital technologies in Agriculture in Nandi, dairy farmers in cooperatives can now rely on DigiCow, a mobile app that will enable them make daily records of their dairy produce plus access to important information concerning their day to day running of the farm.
Through the app, dairy farmers will be able to analyze production trends of each cow. They can access real time information concerning the behavior of every cow, including milk each cow produces. This makes them well informed on decisions such as type of feed, change of feed or increase quantity of feed which is provided for by the app after analyzing of the produce quality.
It also provides farmers with quality services through their well experienced vets who are vetted and approved by the Kenya Veterinary Board with timely provision of critical services where all tickets are closed within 1 hour request. They also get training at hand, quick access and dissemination of information.
On cooperatives, DigiCow aims to create true visibility through a portal that enables access to reports. This will aid dairy cooperatives make data driven decisions on training needs, breeding, cow herd structures, disease surveillance, milk production and sales.
It also provides simplified reports that will help project milk shortage or glut, cows expected to calve and those dried.
It will also be a key asset in seeing to a reduced cost of production by offering affordable veterinary services to cooperative members at Kshs 450 per farmer per month for upto 10 cows.
The app also provides a platform for dairy cooperatives to train and disseminate timely information to farmers in their language of choice.
Due to the visibility it provides, dairy cooperatives will see an increase of efficiency and effectiveness in services provision to its members and as result increased dairy productivity.
Farmers are encouraged to download the app from Google play. On installation of the app, the farmer is required to register as a member of DigiCow by filling in his name and mobile phone number. On its end, DigiCow verifies the authenticity of the phone number provided. The farmer is sent an activation code which they input in their downloaded App and proceeds to create a secret PIN.
The farmer also provides important details such as the name of the cow, its calf, the co-operative they deal with and their customers.

Chief Officer, Cooperative Development- Dr. Benadatte Tiony

DigiCow App Logo

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13 Jan
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The County Government of Nandi on Monday presided over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between dairy cooperative societies and Digicow as the county moves towards digitization of Agriculture extension services to enhance service delivery.

The MoU was signed between DigiCow and three cooperative societies present namely Kabiyet Dairies, Tanykina Dairies and Nandi Dairies Cooperative Union. Others to follow include, Lelchego Dairies, Lessos Dairies, Tinderet Dairies and Adlai Mooi Dairies.

This is a follow up of the formal launch and partnership between 16 counties across the country and the 14 innovators identified through the “Scaling up Disruptive Digital Technologies in Kenya Agriculture” event that was held in April 2019. The event culminated in the identification of 14 most promising digital technology innovators in agriculture who were then awarded membership to the One Million Farmer Platform.

Digicow is one of the 14 Disruptive Agricultural Technologies cohort that was identified and awarded membership to the one million farmer platform. On 9th December 2019, during the launch of the Platform, Nandi Governor H.E Stephen Sang signed an agreement between the County Government of Nandi and DigiCow.

The one million farmer’s platform is an initiative aimed at ensuring up to one million small scale farmers in Kenya can utilize digital solutions to increase their productivity and profitability. Nandi County is looking forward to having over 100,000 farmers in Nandi on the platform by the end of the project.

The initiative is organized around four themes namely: access to productivity services, financial services, markets and data driven applications.

While witnessing the session, CECM Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat noted that DigiCow will go a long way to ease dairy farmers’ links up and access to extension services.

He asked the cooperatives’ management present to attach value to the technology and mobilize farmers to embrace it as a solution to their pulling of resources.

Dr. Lagat also assured them of the continued support of the county government in leveraging resources available under the National Agricultural & Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) and county resources towards investments that will benefit farmers.

On his part, Chief Officer ICT & e-Government Mr. Jonathan Misoi revealed government’s vision to have a data driven policy formulation in not only Agriculture but also in all other departments. It is cognizant to this that he says the County Government through his department has set up a Data/Call centre to gather accurate information key in prudent decision making.

He further hinted a possible synchronization and integration of DigiCow App and already acquired Digi-Farm platform set to be rolled out later this month. “The Government is in talks with Safaricom and DigiCow among other digital solution cohorts to ensure we plug in all Distruptive Agricultural Technologies into our system and have all services offered from one platform” added Misoi.

He challenged farmers to embrace and leverage on technology to increase their productivity and move to the next level.

The county government was also represented by Mr Wilson Lelei, the Chief Officer Agriculture and Dr Benadatte Tiony, The Chief Officer Cooperative Development among other technical staff.

Other stakeholders and partners present include Oakar services, Quadrant softwares, Heifer International. #TransformingNandi

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10 Jan
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Women Empowerment and Cooperatives

Nandi being a globalized economy has seen women play a very big role in matters cooperative finance.

The county government of Nandi has seen to an increase of women cooperative societies in the past two years.

Every sub county boasts of at least one women cooperative society within its bound.

This is a positive indication women in Nandi are moving towards a more progressive society.

More women’s issues on matters cooperative finance and savings, cooperative development programs, capacity building, cooperative production and marketing are fostered and supported in their alignment with the transformational agenda of Nandi County.

The county government of Nandi through the cooperative development is working closely to tap into the skills, innovations of women in matters cooperative development and to provide solutions to challenges they face and be able to create a competitive economic and social status.

Womenin Nandi are encouraged to join cooperatives and benefit from the advantages it brings.

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10 Jan
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In its mandate to delegate formation of licensing bodies to bodaboda operators and address issues affecting the sector, the county government of Nandi through the cooperative development unit today presided over the organization of the newly registered Kapsasur bodaboda savings and credit cooperative society limited.
The Sacco will enable Kapsasur bodaboda operators to apply for loans and grants from the savings which will facilitate the efficiency and convenience of their business.
Speaking during the session, sub county cooperative officer Betty Chepchumba congratulated them for the move. She stated that besides it being a major step in the reorganization of bodaboda transport at Kapsasur market centre, it will also inform their need for financial support for the improvement of their economic and social status.
The members were sensitized and guided through cooperative governance and their Sacco cooperative finance policy which was read out and discussed with members.
The Sacco has already made a registration of operators who have complied with the set agreements

sub county cooperative officer engaging with Kapsasur bodaboda operators

Kapsasur bodaboda operators

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09 Dec
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Cooperative Movement in Nandi

In these past months, the cooperative unit through the department of agriculture and cooperative development has been involved with cooperative societies attached to the agricultural sector in its aim of working closely with them in formulating, planning and designing viable projects and programs for the improvement of their economic and social status.

To name but a few:

Matters cooperative governance and management were addressed through sensitization and education training programs. It organized and partnered with other key shareholders in ensuring farmers are informed on the benefits of cooperatives and on good cooperative practices. Nandi tea investment cooperative society, Nandi county dairy farmers union, Coffee growers cooperative societies, Nandi cane growers are among those who benefited.

The unit also ensured cooperative societies benefit from projects that are in alignment with their economic activities. There is the Nandi cooperative creameries that will see milk producing primary cooperatives in the county benefit. Also a partnership with Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme (KCEP) to install commercial maize warehouses in respective sub counties.

The government secured representation of the county at the national level by overseeing elections of delegates to the Cooperative Alliance of Kenya. The delegates are to ensure interests of cooperative societies in Nandi are lobbied for and met at the national and regional level.

The County Government of Nandi through the department of agriculture and cooperative development is not shying away from achieving its transformation agenda of promoting value addition to the agricultural sector through facilitation and support of cooperative societies in the county.

Please feel free to visit the website to access full and detailed information on the above mentioned engagements and other key initiatives of the cooperative unit.

Dr. Bernadette Tiony
CO, Cooperative Development

Starlin Koech
Director, Cooperative Development

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04 Dec
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The County Government of Nandi joined the rest of the world in celebrating international day of persons with disabilities.

It is a day of optimism that looks towards the future and creation of an environment whereby a person is not characterized by their disabilities but by their abilities.

The county government through its department of agriculture & cooperative department has been an inclusive contributor in ensuring PwDs’ social development goals are achieved in the county.

The Boresha Jamii na Kuku is one initiative that saw PWDs among the special groups in the county who benefitted from the program.

This initiative was inspired by the cooperative to allow them to form enterprises on poultry production, which saw a significant contributor to financial empowerment to farmers.

PwDs are encouraged to create their own enterprises through cooperatives with the objective of social inclusion opportunities such as this.

This will promote equality of opportunity and help break the barriers which disabled people face in taking their place in society.

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29 Nov
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Chicken value chain plays a critical role in income generation and poverty reduction especially among the rural vulnerable members of the community who may be lacking enough land for cultivation or requisite skills to engage in alternative income generating activities. It is also important in ensuring that rural families achieve better food & nutrition security and improved livelihoods in order to achieve the ‘Big Four’ agenda.

As a sign of commitment to revamp the sector, the County Government of Nandi in the just concluded financial year 2018/19 allocated 10 million towards the industry under the now famous “Boresha Jamii na Kuku Initiative” with a view of empowering Women, Youth and Persons Living With Disabilities whereby over 3000 households across all the 30 wards benefited.

To further accelerate the sector, Indigenous Chicken Value Chain Investment Plan is being developed by the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development through the National Agricultural & Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) in close partnership with a number of key stakeholder in the industry including poultry producers, farmers, processors among other key stakeholders.

The plan is expected to to set out new joint vision across the value chain and expand the industry by increasing capacity at all stages of the value chain from feeds processing, farming poultry, aggregation and processing of poultry products thereby increasing investment, employment and the value of output.

Among the measures proposed in the Indigenous Chicken Value Chain Investment Plan include setting up a chicken feed meal in the county, increasing number of poultry egg incubators, identifying aggregation centers and establishment of chicken slaughter houses at strategic places to help farmers value add their products.


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20 Nov
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A comprehensive coffee policy that will define clear interventions required for scaling up and streamlining the coffee sector in the country while supporting coffee growers aggregate resources is at an advance stage of formulation.

On Tuesday, the industry actors along the entire value chain in Nandi were given a chance to add their input on the Draft National Coffee Policy being developed by the Coffee Sub-sector Implementation Committee (CSIC) in high consultation with County Governments and other industry players.

According to a report by the Committee, the country will have no coffee left by the year 2046 should current trends continue without any action being taken. The reduction of coffee shrubs is being attributed to the upcoming of other competing and more profitable ventures in the coffee zones.

Thus the need to have a policy in place to intervene. A policy that will revive the sector with new regulations which includes a Coffee subsidy program, Cherry Advanced Payment System among others aimed at revolutionizing the coffee sector.

Speaking during a meeting with CSIC members before the public participation, CECM for Lands & Environment Dr. Philemon Bureti said that the formulation of the Policy was timely as it will help protect farmers from exploitation, increase the crop production with keen emphasis on proper handling and value addition.

On his part, Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture Mr. Wilson Lelei lauded the decision by CSIC to involve coffee stakeholders in the process saying that it will help industry players easily embrace and adopt the policy once it takes effect which will in turn optimize profitability for all players along the value chain.

Mr. Lelei revealed that Coffee is a priority value chain given much emphasis by his department. He enumerated a number of measures put in place by the department in a bid to revamp the sector. “We’re strengthening Coffee Growing Cooperative Societies through capacity building as well as providing them with subsidized and certified coffee seeds and seedlings among other infrastructural support.” added the Chief Officer.

Recently, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang commissioned Kapsaos-TaretMoi modern Eco Pulping machine donated to them by the County under a program aimed at boosting cash crop farming.

Ms. Suzanne Maira who led the CSIC team said that the new policy will create an enabling environment for guiding the coffee sub-sector. The committee appointed by His Excellency the president was tasked to implement reforms recommend by a task-force he formed in 2016.

Coffee Growing Cooperative Societies represented during the public participation include Kemeloi, Toret Moi, Koimet, Maraba, Kabunyeria among others. #TransformingNandi

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10 Nov
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In a bid to achieve increased productivity, stimulate value addition and attract good prices for coffee growing farmers in Nandi, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development is supporting coffee cooperative societies through capacity building programmes, provision of seedlings as well as infrastructural support.

On Saturday, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang officially commissioned Kapsaos-Toretmoi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society modern pulping machine at Kapsaos that was donated to them by the County Government under a programme to boost cash crop farming in the County.

To ensure farmers are economically empowered, the administration is promoting income generating ventures through the initiation of agribusiness activities for cash crop farmers. Speaking during the distribution of 80,000 more coffee seedlings at Kaborogin Koyo/Ndurio ward, the county boss revealed that first batch farmers who were beneficiaries of the subsidized coffee seedlings were already reaping the fruits of this initiative.

The seedlings were raised by Kapsaos-Toretmoi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society Kaborogin branch on behalf of the County Government after receiving coffee seeds in order to benefit coffee farmers across the county. This will also enable them form a strong Coffee Union to work on these modalities. #TransformingNandi

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