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17 Jan
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Nandi AI Service Providers Undergo a Refresher Workshop

The County department of Agriculture & Co-operative Development through the directorate of vetinary services is determined to ensure that Artificial Insemination (AI) service providers across the county are well equipped to meet the required standards.

The main objective of the workshop is to build capacity of the AI service providers in order to enhance AI conception rates which will result to improved breeds and ultimately increased production of milk.

While opening the workshop on Thursday, Chief Officer Agriculture Wilson Lelei noted that his department is keen in transforming the dairy sector and therefore the refresher course of the inseminators was not only timely but also very necessary.

The Chief Officer urged the participants to leverage on the opportunity presented to them and sharpen their skills in order to improve on service deliver.

According to the directorate of vetinary services, over 12,000 cows have been served with the government subsidized AI semen across the county since July 2018.

This has been made possible by the hiring of 45 new service providers and acquisition of 45 new motorcycle for every service provider.

Dr. Samson Bitok, the director vetinary services, said that the training is aimed at ensuring 100% conception rates. “We want to ensure that we have quality AI service that will result in high conception rate and that will eventually give us good population of the next generation of good quality, high performance heifer/dairy herd in Nandi County.” said Dr. Bitok.

This, he adds, will ensure that milk supply meet the demand not only for Nandi Cooperative Creameries (NCC) set to be established but also for the external demands.

The subsidized Artificial Insemination semen are readily available for Ksh 2200 sexed semen and Ksh 600 local conventional semen.

Among the topics covered include semen production, semen handling and quality control, insemination technique and calf rearing among others.




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12 Dec
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County Government Scales Up Support on Emerging Cooperative Societies And Self-Help Groups

The County Government of Nandi is keen on supporting emerging cooperative societies and self-help groups venturing in agri-business.

Through the county department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development, the new cooperatives get essential support that include the provision of subsidized seeds & fertilizers, seedlings and capacity building. The Department is also helping to revive collapsed cooperative societies across the county.

Besides this, the county department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development is keen on empowering existing cooperatives and is rewarding the best performing cooperatives in the county. Already, a new coffee pulping machine has been allocated to Kapsaos-TaretMoi cooperative for their exemplary performance over the years.

On Tuesday, the Chief Officer for Agriculture Mr. Wilson Lelei visited Taunet Coffee Farmers Cooperative in Songor/Soba ward, Tindiret Sub-County. The first and fast-growing coffee growing society in Songor location with over 115 members already and therefore perfectly fits in the county government’s grand support scheme.

Mr. Lelei discussed in length with the management of Taunet Coffee Cooperative on areas the government can support the cooperative and assured them of government’s unwavering commitment.

Together with other government officials, the CO also attended a special gathering bringing together two self-help groups in the ward namely Kosachmwai which was formed in 2016 and specializes in potato farming and Kertai self-help group, a youthful self-group with focus on agri-business.

The two groups highlighted their achievements and challenges over the short period of operation before the chief officer. They also requested for government support including seedlings, trainings and linkages to development partners.

Mr. Steve Kiprop who accompanied the CO and represented the department of Youth Affairs challenged the members to come up with viable proposals and present them to relevant department for funding saying that the government of the day has a listening ear.

The Chief Officer lauded the two groups for embracing diversification and assured the members of government support to help boost their productivity. “We have partnered with national government through a programme called NARIPG where we will be funding proposals from groups to support their projects” said Mr. Lelei.


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10 Dec
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The County Government Steps Up Agriculture Through Diversification

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development on Thursday issued 15,000 Avocado & 300 Tissue-Culture banana seedlings and 200Kg of coffee seeds to various cooperative societies from the county.

The department also gave out cheques worth Ksh. 6,100,000 to dairy cooperative societies through the Small-Holder Dairy Commercialization Programme (SDCP) Dairy Enterprise Grant support programme.

This is in line with the Governor’s mani festo and transformational agenda to empower farmers which also compliment the President’s Big Four Agenda on food security.

Speaking during the event, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang said that his government is in the forefront pushing for diversification programs that is aimed at enabling farmers venture into agribusiness.

                Governor Stephen Sang

Mr. Sang said that his administration is effecting the diversification programme through allocation of more resources to agriculture sector which is the backbone of the county economy.

He added that his government is already expanding tea, coffee and banana farming by providing seeds to farmers as well as supporting them to venture into Avocado farming.

On her part, the Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei said that she is working hand in hand with the Governor to ensure that farmers needs are met.

         Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei

CECM Agriculture & Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat said that Avocado farming, just like coffee, has a huge market and that his department is trying to secure part of it locally, regionally and Internationally.

       CEC Agriculture and Cooperative       Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat


“We have put in our budget the seed multiplication fund meant to increase seeds not only for Avocado but also other cash crops such as issue-culture banana, Macadamia, French Beans among others while still supporting other traditional crops such as tea and maize.” he said.

This, he says, is in a bid to boost food security in the country and empower farmers economically.

Farmers present at the event lauded the county government for always supporting them.

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28 Nov
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County Embark On Milk Coolers Inspection.

A team of engineers & other technical staff from the County department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development have today inspected the renovation work of Meteitei Dairy Farmers Co-operative society cooler structure; to assess its readiness & compliance with regulations for a milk cooler structure.

A 3000 ltr capacity milk cooler and a standby generator has already been delivered at the site and shall be installed and commissioned by the end of the year.

After a thorough inspection, both on the interior and exterior parts, the society members were convinced that the contractor had done a commendable interior job and ordered the installation work to commence without any delays.

On the exterior side, everything else was perfect save for the elevated water tank base which was deemed unstable by the engineers.The contractor was asked to redo/reinforce it. He agreed and assured members that it will be ready by next week.

To oversee the exercise was the area member of the County Assembly Hon. Kipkurui Chepkwony.

#TugaTai #TransformingNandi

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21 Nov
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Governor Sang Commissions Milk Coolers For Dairy Farmers

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has today officially commissioned two milk coolers with a capacity of 3,000 litres each complete with a power backup panel to be used by Lolkeringet and Lelchego Dairy Cooperative Societies in a bid to cushion farmers against losses.

Speaking during the event, Governor Sang urged more farmers to join either cooperatives and utilize the facility to keep more milk fresh and retain vital nutrients.

Through such cooperatives, the Governor said farmers will achieve economies of scale that will boost their bargaining power and ensure that their products get higher market value.

Mr. Sang also advised farmers to embrace diversification and plant crops that yield more money such Avocado, Macadamia, French beans, Tissue-Culture Bananas, Pineapples, Coffee and Tea among other cash crop which has more and quick returns.

He said that neighboring Kisumu County, which is a fellow member in the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB), is a target market we are eying after value addition of our milk.

According to CECM in charge of Agriculture and Cooperative Development Dr Kiplimo Araap Lagat, the coolers have the capacity to bulk milk for longer period and hence will save farmers from wastage.

Dr Lagat revealed that his department has engaged development partners and has plans to roll out the ‘DigiFarm’ technology to digitize the entire agriculture value chain program with an aim of enriching the small-holder farmers.

This, he said, will boost extension services such as the recently launched subsidized Artificial Insemination (AI) programme, give dairy farmers access to more information and expand market for dairy products.

Also present were CECs Stanley Baliach and Eng. Hillary Koech, a few COs and County Assembly’s Committee on Agriculture led by the Chairman Hon. Willy Maru.

#TugaTai #TransformingNandi

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16 Nov
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Fish Farmers Trained On Fish Seining, Primary Processing and Value Addition.

Today over 60 fish farmers drawn from different Aquaculture Cooperative Societies across the county received training on fish farming, harvesting and value addition.

Farmers learning the seining process.

Presiding over the training, County deputy Director of Fisheries Ms. Judith Muya underscored the importance of fish farming in empowering unemployed generation and vulnerable groups. Ms. Muya took farmers not only through economic value of fish and aquaculture systems but also through its rich nutrition value.

The training which was held at Chepkuyuk Ward was meant to impart fish farmers with requisite skills and knowledge as well as mitigating barriers faced by fish farmers, traders and processors.

Mr Lameck Menya, a fish expert from the University of Eldoret took participants through the process of seining fish, primary processing and filleting of catfish (which has low bone content compared to Nile tilapia) and cooking.

Mr Lameck Menya demonstrating the filleting process

Director of Fisheries Mr. David Kemboi hinted that the County Government has plans to set up a hatchery unit to breed more fingerlings that will then be sold to farmers at a subsidized price in a bid to enhance food security.

He also lauded Mr Isaac Choge, a distinguisged fish farmer who hosted today’s training at his farm and urged farmers to take up the venture seriously like Mr Choge. #TransformingNandi

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15 Nov
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County Government of Nandi through the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in collaboration with Nandi County Dairy Farmers Cooperative Union (NDFCU), is working towards concession with local milk processors to bargain for better milk prices on behalf of farmers.

According to experts in dairy sector, the market price of milk is always the engine/determinant of production. A good pay equals more production, and without good prices, then expect less production. Locally, the cost of milk production has in recent times tremendously increased to a point that the profit margin of a bottled water is almost higher compared to that of bottled milk.

While co-chairing the negotiations meeting with representatives from Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) and Kabianga Dairy Premier Limited, Chief Officer in charge of Cooperative Development Dr. Benedette Tiony said that it is always very important that farmers invest and reinvest in a business that makes sensible returns.

In addition, Dr Tiony said that the department has put in place measures to help farmers increase production and has already rolled out a subsidized Artificial Insemination (AI) program and other extension services. “We are also putting resources to strengthen cooperatives through which more farmers will benefit”, she added.

After their first meeting, both the board and the processors agreed that the farmer is taking home very little after toiling and there was need to sit down, bring on board other stakeholders and review the prices.
On his part, the Chief Officer for Agriculture Mr. Wilson Lelei said that the plan to have a farmer-owned milk processing plant in Nandi that will ensure a stable year-out milk price is on course.

NDFCU Chairperson Mr. Abraham Rugut is set announce the success of these negotiations to farmers after engaging other processors and as soon as the new rates are agreed and enacted in due course.

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13 Nov
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A new program  targeting to provide care to the elderly in Nandi dubbed  AGUI- KOGO Caring Services  has been rolled out in various Sub Counties with the latest been  Kaptumo in Aldai Sub County .

The CBO  which was founded in 2011 with an aim of offering medical care psychological assistance to elderly persons to meet their  Socio economic development needs.

The County Government of Nandi  is offering support to the program through assignment of Social welfare officers  to assist in coordinating and facilitating activities of the program.

Among the activities of the initiative is free medical check up, recreational sports , interactive sessions, exhibition and sale of entrepreneurial Artifacts.

156 senior citizens participated in the event held in Aldai.

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10 Aug
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Nandi County celebrates The International Youth Week as opportunities for the youth are unveiled by Governor Stephen Sang

Unemployment is an alarming challenge that has seen educated youth waste away in so many struggles due to the limited job opportunities. The annual graduations that are highly celebrated, be they certificates, diplomas or degrees carry a lot of joy for excellence only for them to mutate into anxiety and restlessness soon after due to the limited job market. Youth end up taking any available opportunities to make ends meet.
The County Government of Nandi through various departments is intentional in addressing the challenges facing the youth in Nandi County.
As the International Youth Week comes to wrap up, the county government is set to unbundle the opportunities that seek to improve the state of the youthful population. The Department of Public Service has unveiled 400 internship opportunities for the youth across the county. This is in line with Governor Stephen Sang’s manifesto that pledged to create internship opportunities for the youth so as to enable them acquire the necessary skills and experience as they enhance their professional growth.

The opportunities that do not require any past working experience is open to any youth with a certificate, diploma or degree from a reputable institution. This will ensure that skilled and deserving youth who may not have had an opportunity to work after their schooling get a chance to work and acquire the required experience as they also serve Nandi County. The interns will be paid a stipend of between Ksh. 8,000 and Ksh. 12,000. Applications can be done through <a href=””/> .

The Department of Education on the other has also opened opportunities for 800 ECD teachers whose successful applicants will have an opportunity to serve for at least three years. The opportunities are spread across all wards in the county as listed in the advert here

Among other opportunities set for the youth on this day include enhancement of the 30% Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. Most youth with start-up companies lack capital even after winning the tenders thus affecting the quality of works done. In a bid to bridge this gap, the county government is set to sign an MoU with Youth Enterprise Development Fund so as to increase the uptake of tenders by youths in the various county departments, and linking up with institutions that provide youth friendly loans for LPOs and LSOs.

On to top of this, the county government is heading towards Performance Based Contracting that enable the youth organize themselves and benefit from the County Government’s funds for maintenance of roads in each ward by performing tasks such as bush clearing, drainage opening, installing culverts etc. Contracts under this program will run for a period not less than 1 year and not more than 3 years.The youth has a role in protecting the environment.

The Department of Youth in conjunction with that of Environment is set to offer youth opportunities to benefit from being engaged in planting trees, establish nurseries and supply the seedlings to the county government under an agreed framework.

Among other programs are entrepreneurial training and start-up support, sponsorship for training and acquisition of technical skills and opportunities for scholarships and sponsorship’s based on talent where the county government will identify, exploit and support in the development of youth talent while engaging stakeholders who can extend scholarship opportunities for such talents.

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17 Jul
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Nandi County’s Big 4 picks momentum

A committee chaired by Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei that is tasked with the process of aligning the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) with that of the National Government’s Big Four agenda held a meeting to deliberate on the structure that is going to guide and align county’s agenda with the National’s agenda of the Big Four.

The County Government of Nandi is seeking to seize and leverage on this timely opportunity and fit in the national government’s plans as it strives to transform lives through manufacturing, Agriculture, affordable housing and universal healthcare.

The County Government has allocated resources for some of the flagship projects in the Financial Year 2018/2019 so as to ensure timely and smooth impleme ntation



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