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27 May
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Nandi Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union Mill steadily taking shape at Chebonet area in Songhor – Soba ward, Tindiret Sub County, barely two months since its foundation stone was laid by H.E Governor Stephen Sang.

25TH March 2022|Groundbreaking of Nandi Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Mill.

Speaking while inspecting the ongoing works, Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Wilson Lelei noted that the Agriculture and Cooperative Development department is committed to delivering the project and ensure that timeliness are met.

Chief Officer Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Mr.Wilson Lelei inspecting the structure.

Upon completion, the coffee Mill will help coffee farmers add value to their produce attracting better prices both locally and internationally, hence better earnings for farmers.


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23 May
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Hundreds of farmers in Songor Soba ward, Tinderet Sub County, are set to benefit from the rehabilitation of Kibukwo Cattle dip that had stopped operating and remained dilapidated for many years due to poor management.

Start of operation

The revamping of the cattle dip comes timely during a rainy season, when tick borne diseases are rampant. Reviving cattle dips is therefore crucial in making the county disease-free and ensuring steady and quality supply of dairy products to the market.

Speaking on Monday at Kibikwo while re-opening Kibukwo cattle dip, the Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Wilson Lelei encouraged the farmers to dip their cattle at least once every week.

Chief Officer Agriculture, Livestock &Fisheries, Mr. Wilson Lelei delivered over 40 litres acaricides.

“Our farmers have been spending a lot of money to control tick diseases at their farms but they are not effective. Weekly dips are therefore required so that we have healthy animals thus increasing productivity and better market for our dairy produce.” noted the C.O.

The chief officer also deliver over 40ltrs of acaricides, from Governor Sang’s led administration, to revamp the Cattle dip.

#Winchit #TransformingNandi

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18 May
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Lelchego SACCO society limited has continued to be a successful demonstration of the collaborative efforts between the County Government of Nandi and the local capacity of dairy farmers in the region in maximizing the local agricultural economy from consumptive dependency to productive resilience through investment, customized service delivery and open governance.

On Tuesday, the County Government of Nandi, through the Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development in its mandate, led by director of Co-operative Development, Mr. Stalin Koech, and Chesumei sub-county co-operative officer, Ms. Joy Jemutai, oversaw the society’s 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Cheptarit Catholic Church hall in Mosoriot.

The County Government, through the department, is committed to protect the local economies of farmer co-operatives through recognizing and networking the infrastructural needs of the co-operatives to frameworks that establish sustainable developmental growth and resilience of farmer members, in their dependency on the social and commercial aspects of farming.

Director Cooperative Development, Mr. Stalin Koech.

Lelchego Sacco Cooperative Society is a dairy farmer-owned organization based in Mosoriot, Chesumei sub-county, whose membership stretches to Mutwot, Ngechek, Kosirai, Kokwet, Itigo, Lelmokwo, Sigot, and Biribiet zones. The society has continued to expand the socio-economic capacity of its members in areas education, business, agriculture, asset finance, and overall well-being.

Through various initiatives of the County Government, Lelchego society members have capitalized on the county’s provisional assets in areas partnership networking and collaboration, regional and international ambassadorial roles, audit, AI services, mechanization, data collection analysis and management, input and output resource mobilization, alternative conflict resolution framework, and they are part of the stakeholder platform in county dairy projects.

Chesumei Sub County Cooperative Officer,Ms. Joy Jemutai.

Agriculture being the largest regional economy in Nandi, small-holder farmers are encouraged to join co-operatives and grow the productivity and profitability of their ventures through the shared risk, networking, subsidization, and expanded resource mobilization, the cooperative model offers. #Winchit

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24 Nov
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Farmers in Nandi can now easily access quality farm inputs and at their own convenience through an input support program between Digi Farm and input suppliers in Nandi, who identify with the relevant opportunities, the initiative provides.

The initiative is a continuous engagement between the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development and DigiFarm whose mandate is to deliver improved services, that will make agriculture economically viable in Nandi.

Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony following through the meeting.

Input supply is a critical factor in inclusive agriculture and rural development, and through the initiative: lack of input capital, the challenges of sub standard inputs, lack of product specific inputs that does not meet the customized need of a farmer, cost barriers between manufacturers and suppliers, and latent demand faced by farmers in remotely rural areas, seeks to be addressed.

Digi farm will support input suppliers review the demand need in its mapped areas, facilitate effective working arrangements between them and manufacturers in response to the customized demands, increase their access to capital through innovative finance mechanism that will support both the supplier and the farmer, provide technology and marketing support to link farmers to suppliers and provide support in areas of delivery to farmer clients.

The capacity of farmers to identify their farm needs and their correct use of inputs is also a vital skill crucial to productivity. Through the initiative, both the input supplier and the farmer will be sensitised through additional extension services, on the right technical approaches required for maximum return of farmer output.

On Tuesday, the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development led by Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony hosted DigiFarm to a one day workshop with officials of farmer cooperatives in Nandi with agrovets as the chain leaders to fast track the initiative, as it progresses to include private input suppliers who will register interest to be part of the program.

Chairman, Tanykina Dairies, Mr. Leonard Melli engaging during the workshop.

Farmers in Nandi are encouraged to dial *944# and register with DigiFarm to access inputs and input credits, provided through this initiative.

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23 Nov
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Diversifying coffee with dairy value chain & vice-versa is a great way to increase producers’ income, resilience, improve food & nutrition security while increasing employment opportunities for the youth and women.

In liaison with Solidaridad Network, Coffee Research Institute (CRI) among other development partners, the County Government of Nandi continue to support Kabunyeria Cooperative Society members embrace diversification and realise the optimal potential for both dairy and Coffee value chains in the area.

On Monday, H.E the Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei presided over the launch of a 5000 litres Dairy Cooling Plant and official handing over of a feed mill machine & 3 five-wheeler trucks at Kabunyeria Kabunyeria Dairy Farmers’ Cooperative Society in Songor-Soba Ward, Tinderet Sub County.

The DG lauded Solidaridad Network for their efforts to complement initiative by CGN to set up Dairy hubs across all the wards within the county in preparation for the Nandi Cooperative Creameries NCC coming up at Kabiyet, Mosop Sub County.

Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Mitei during the launch.


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23 Nov
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The County Government of Nandi Agricultural sector has received a major boost to transform the dairy sector following an announcement by Heifer International, revealing plans to roll out Transformational Strategies for Farm Output Risk Mitigation” (TRANSFORM) Project.

The five (5) year (2021-2025) grant funded project from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will be implemented in Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia and India by Cargill, Heifer International, Ausvet and International Poultry Council (IPC). The project wants to increase the capacity of small holder farmers, County Governments, and other stakeholders to encourage practices to support animal health, human health and farmer livelihoods.

The project is aimed at strengthening animal sourced food systems to prevent and minimize antimicrobial resistance and transboundary animal diseases to enhance global health security. The project seeks to engage global market actors, from production to markets and policymakers to sustainably strengthen animal-sourced food (ASF) systems and enhance global health security to prevent transboundary animal diseases and antimicrobial resistance in poultry and dairy value chains.

  Introductory meeting

“Our consortium’s solution therefore focuses on improving animal health so significantly that the risk of disease and zoonotic pathogens is considerably lower, animal production is considerably higher, and therefore the use of antibiotics as a treatment for illness, to prevent disease, or to enhance performance is significantly reduced.” said Heifer International TRANSFORM Project Director Douglas Masika.

Heifer International TRANSFORM Project Director Douglas Masika

TRANSFORM Kenya Project will implement the component of promoting adoption of biosecurity, antimicrobial usage (AMU) and on farm management practices in Nandi County.

As part of a stakeholder engagement, Heifer International led by the Project Director Douglas Masika, Director of Programmes David Ojwang, Technical Specialist from Cargill Dr. Ruth Omani, TRANSFORM Kenya Project Manager Maurice Ikaal and MELs Officer Dr. Lilian Ooko on Tuesday held an introductory meeting of the project with the county department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development led by Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Wilson Lelei.

Chief Officer Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Mr. Wilson Lelei


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18 Nov
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Coffee farmers in Nandi are set to benefit from a coffee milling plant to be constructed at Songhor Soba ward, Tinderet sub county.

The establishment of the coffee miller is one of the infrastructural development strategies under the Nandi County Integrated Development Plan, that seeks to enhance service delivery and increase productivity and profitability through value addition in the agricultural sector .

Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr.Benadatte Tiony at the proposed site.

The miller will boost farmers income immensely by reducing the cost incurred by farmers when they seek milling services in far end areas like Ruiru and in addition, provide local ownership of the production processes .

Through the noble structure the Cooperative model provides, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development seeks to make sustainable and maximize the beneficial value farmers will get from the milling plant, by giving them shareholding power and ownership of the venture.

A section of coffee farmers from coffee cooperatives across the county assessing the proposed site.

Therefore, Coffee farmers in Nandi through the Nandi Coffee Cooperative Union, will be tasked to advance the interests of coffee farming in their collective bargain to make profitable coffee business through the miller.

             Public participation forum

The public participation held on Wednesday at Chebonet area in Songor-Soba Ward was marked with site seeing and consultation on the way forward towards the initiation process.

Proposed site for the construction of the miller

Present was the area MCA Hon. Justine Chepnyango, Chief Officers for Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Sub County and Ward administrators, county extension officers, Coffee Co-operative Societies across the county as well as the area residents who wholeheartedly welcomed the project. #TransformingNandi

From right, Area MCA Hon. Justine Chepnyango, Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony, Chief Officer Agriculture, Mr. Wilson Lelei and Sub County Administrator, Mr. Sum.

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09 Nov
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Dairy cooperatives in Nandi are set to benefit from innovative practices brought forth by joined efforts between the County Government of Nandi, Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development, and DigiFarm (SAFARICOM).

Analysis of the value shareholding in the agricultural market shows that farmers are yet to be the maximum percentage holder of equity in the produce market. With this foresight, is the need to strengthen the institutional capacity of co-operatives to maximize farmers’ profitable maxim in the value market.

The partnership, therefore, seeks to solve challenges identified within the divergence of productivity and profitability, a dairy cooperative member experiences in areas: access to feeds throughout the season, cost of production, access to financial resources, access to quality and affordable inputs, and broker inefficiencies.

 Dairy cooperatives farmers during the      workshop.

DigiFarm comes in to support dairy cooperatives in Nandi access these efficient service delivery mechanisms through a system to be accessed through dialing a free *944# USSD code, where a dairy farmer in a cooperative, will have all-time access to information resources on best dairy practices, access to input on cash or credit basis, access to track record of milk dispatched at the cooperative, access to extension support on best dairy practices and to withdraw money from farmer account either on cash or credit, all on one platform.

                DigiFarm Lead Team

The partnership will provide work capital support to the dairy cooperatives to back these processes and provide input access, for the commercial sustainability of dairy farming using the cooperative model.

On Tuesday, the directorate of Co-operative Development led by Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadette Tiony held a consultative meeting with DigiFarm and primary dairy cooperatives registered under the Nandi Dairy Co-operative Union, to deliberate on ways of engagement and initiation processes.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr.Benadatte Tiony addressing the dairy cooperatives


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08 Nov
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The cooperative model in agriculture is an imperative structure that integrates all the key playing factors in the agricultural value chain in target for profitability. Analysis of the value shareholding in the agricultural market shows that farmers are yet to be the maximum percentage holder of equity in the produce market, and it is with this foresight, is a need to strengthen the institutional capacity of co-operatives to maximize farmers’ profitable maxim in the value market.

It is on this note that the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development is on an initiative partnered with Safaricom DigiFarm to create solutions to gaps dairy co-operatives in Nandi face along the divergence of productivity and profitability through innovative practices and knowledge resource.

The cooperative development directorate notes the need for innovative practices to ensure dairy farmers get access to feeds all through the seasons, get easy and affordable access to inputs on cash or credit on the grounds of being members of a cooperative and not on the basis of credit score, as this has shown to be a liability to smallholder farmers, especially during low season. Also is the role of quality control to ensure a farmer gains production efficiencies as benefit return from input cost.

The partnership with DigiFarm is to capitalize on the model of numbers cooperatives provide to create and make sustainable these solutions while ensuring the dairy farmer gets the maximum profitable equity in the value market.

On Monday, the Co-operative Development directorate led by the Chief Officer, Dr. Benadatte Tiony held a consultative meeting with DigiFarm and Nandi Dairy Co-operative Union officials ahead of a co-operatives workshop with primary dairy co-operatives to capacity build on initiation processes and rules of engagement.


Chief Officer, Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadette Tiony addressing the meeting.


DigiFarm lead team engaging ith The Co-operative Development Directorate.



Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union Chairman, Dr. Abraham Rugut addressing the meeting.


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18 Oct
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Owing to the success of developing extension services through Phase I of Disruptive Agricultural Technologies (DAT) program, the second phase is now in inception. The mandate stands at extending agricultural output capacities through use of technology in resource mobilization, as an effective response towards agricultural extension services.

On Monday, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with five cohorts comprising of Amtech, Apollo Agriculture, DigiCow, Hello Tractor and Kuza who are partnered with the County Government to drive the initiative to support the farmer sustain operations .

The County Government of Nandi, through the NARIG project, is committed to leverage emerging digital solutions towards service delivery investment so as to prioritize productivity and hence profitability of agricultural ventures at farmer level.

Speaking during the PHASE II launch, Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Agriculture and Co-operative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Arap Lagat emphasized the need for farmers to value extension services as a necessary determinant baseline for maximization of productivity and profitability.

He termed agricultural extension services as a good plan and establishment to target profits and evaluate risks. This in turn facilitates good use of support structures to mitigate risks and for accreditation purposes when sourcing for credit financing and markets for products.

Details of the specific role of each the innovators are as follows:


• Amtech Solutions will offer credit to small-scale farmers who are registered in groups through credit scoring enabling them access other services.

Amtech Solutions

• Apollo Agriculture will enable small-scale farmers to maximize profits by bundling services such as financing, farm inputs, insurance and access to market.

Apollo Agriculture

• DigiCow will provide a digital platform for A.I service providers called Ndume App which also will assist farmers access A.I services allowing them to get gestational SMS alerts and advisory services, digital trainings through Digicow App where farmers will have access to verified extension information enabling them to improve on production and profitability.


• HelloTractor will provide IoT hardware and software for tractor owners to better manage their equipment, fuel, and operators while servicing smallholder farmers in need of mechanization services resulting in an increase in crop productivity


• Kuza Biashara will provide a smallholder farmer ecosystem management platform that will leverage last-mile entrepreneurial agents to increase the income of smallholder farmers at scale.

KUZA Biashara

Also present during the launch was Chief Officer Agriculture Mr. Wilson Lelei, Chief Officer for ICT Jonathan Misoi, Directors, Staff and Stakeholders from the five cohorts.


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