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03 Mar
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Ireland ambassador to Kenya H.E Fionnuala Quinlan has applauded efforts by the County Government of Nandi in transforming the dairy industry and making it a profitable venture through establishment of a value addition facility.

Ms. Fionnuala said that initiatives on dairy farming being championed by the county administration would go a long way in addressing perennial market challenges experienced by dairy farmers.

She made the remarks while visiting to check on the progress of Nandi Cooperative Creameries NCC at Kabiyet Ward, Mosop Sub County. The facility which will be the first Farmer owned Milk processing plant in the region with a capacity to process 100,000l of milk per/day and offer local unemployed youths livelihood opportunities.

Massive investment by the County Government in the sector has attracted the support of development partners including the Irish Government in collaboration with Heifer International who are investing in the county through a project on Catalytic Impact for Dairy Sector Growth in Nandi.

The project seeks to support in its first phase two Dairy Cooperatives namely; Lessos and Kabiyet Dairy Cooperatives and six other Cooperatives in subsequent phases to help develop their dairy business growth, dairy market expansion and introduction as well as scaling up of new technologies and business strategy Innovations that have potential for social and economic impact.

While visiting Lamaiwet Gaa Women group in Kabiyet Ward, the envoy was hugely impressed by the well organized and managed women group who are jointly supported by the County Government and Heifer International.

The women received the visitors at the home of one of their members Mrs Mirrium Talam who had just been blessed with a one week old heifer thanks to the AI Subsidy Programme and together with her husband could not hide their joy.

Heifer International Country Director George Odhiambo who accompanied the Ambassador commended the county Government Artificial Insemination programme which has boosted what Heifer is aiming to achieve.

Governor Sang who accompanied the Ambassador during the launch of the project said that his administration is investing in capacity building for dairy farmers through empowering their Cooperative Societies to venture into technologies that will increase milk production as the county focus on dairy value chain through the ongoing construction of NCC and 30 Milk Coolers across the county.

The visit culminated with the official launch of the Dairy Sector Catalytic Growth Project and issuance of cheques amounting Kshs 7.3m to Lessos and Kabiyet Farmer’s Dairy Cooperatives by H.E Governor Stephen Sang and Ireland ambassador to Kenya H.E Fionnuala Quinlan.

CECM for Agriculture and Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat appreciated the good gesture by partners to compliment what the department of Livestock Production is doing to improve the quality of breeds in order to increase on both quality and volumes of milk production.

Dr. Lagat revealed that so far over 30 Producer Organization across the county have been mobilized to join the Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union.

Ms. Quinlan was accompanied accompanied by Heifer International Country Director George Odhiambo, Irish Deputy Head of Mission and head of Cooperation in Kenya Lisa Doherty and their teams.

The Irish Embassy through Heifer International reiterated their commitment to support Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union Producer Organizations POs increase their milk production in preparation for the operationalization of the processing plant.


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28 Feb
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Smallholder Dairy farmers in Aldai have been urged to join co-operative societies or an association if they are to access Government assistance or become more competitive. Chief Officer for Cooperative Development Dr. Benadette Tiony advised farmers during a Farmers’ Field Day held at Mr. Stephen Bii farm in Chepkong’ony zone, in Kaptumo/Kaboi ward, Aldai Sub County.

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in Collaboration with Aldai Mooi Dairy Cooperative Society had on Thursday organized for Farmers’ Field Day and exhibition on best diary practices.

Speaking during the Field day, Chief Officer Dr. Bernadette Tiony assured farmers that the County Government will continue to support dairy farmers through Cooperatives by installing milk cooling facilities in areas of milk produce as well as trainings and Capacity Building on Milk Handling and Governance.

“In financial year 2019/2020, the department has established 30 new Milk Cooling Plants with a capacity to hold 3000 litres of Milk across all wards in a bid to improve the farmers’ milk production capacity by enabling them to bulk their milk before selling it to processors at a good price.” said Dr. Tiony.

The CO urged farmers who turned up in large numbers to consider joining Dairy Cooperatives noting that it is through such organized groups that the Government will continue channeling support to farmers.

Dr. Tiony warned the cooperative leadership against mismanagement and misappropriation of what farmers had entrusted them with. “The secret of good leadership is to adhere to policy and ethics. I therefore appeal to the Board of Directors to strictly adhere to best Cooperative Governance practices lest they face the dire consequences.”

Chairman Aldai Mooi Dairy Cooperative Abdubrahman Faraj appreciated the support by the county Government towards the Cooperative and the community at large. “We’re grateful for all the support we are receiving as a society from the administration.” said Faraj.

Faraj also revealed that it is now affordable and more convenient to inseminate dairy animals using the County Artificial Insemination AI Subsidy Programme which has also been made readily available anytime.

Aldai Mooi dairies in among six Producer Organisation POs supported by the County Government through the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project NARIGP under the Inclusion and Recruitment Grant.

Among the exhibitors and partners present during the field day include High-Chem, Digi-Cow, KCB Mobi-Grow, Kukuchic, Trans National Bank among others. The key objective of Field was to impart knowledge on Dairy Farmers and On Boarding them as members of Aldai Mooi Dairy Cooperative.


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27 Feb
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The Nandi County Executive Committee Member Agriculture and Cooperative Development (CECM), Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat and the Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony today at Cooperative Development Department offices led the respective Sub County Cooperative Officers in exploratory talks aimed at enhancing cooperation in areas of mutual interests for cooperative societies in Nandi County.

CECM incharge Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat and the Chief Officer, Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony.

Cooperative Officers are mandated to oversee cooperative activities in societies, develop and monitor work plans for cooperative extension services, do a back end data analysis for policy formulation in cooperatives, advice on cooperative investments and enforce compliance with cooperative legislation.

Sub County Cooperative Officers.

The Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development understands the key role cooperative societies play in providing extensive economic capacity to small groups and is thus committed to support sustainable development to Cooperatives in Nandi County.

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14 Feb
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Emgwen Sub County agricultural extension officers on Thursday got to interact with the already established NandE-Farm system.

Emgwen Sub County was the last cohort of the workshops accorded to all extension officers in all the six sub counties in Nandi.

The system is set to help the extension officers capture data for effective decision making on matters agricultural programs and policies plus aid in easy performance and documentation of their tasks such as facilitation of Farmer Census Management, AI programs, Vet services, Subsidy programs and Produce Market facilitation. These tasks have been digitized to ensure farmers’ and other stakeholders’ are able to access data for transparency and provide for easy access to effective service delivery at low to no cost.

The system has been integrated as a mobile app named E subsidy. The app is downloaded to devices provided for by the County Government to facilitate the process.

The officers were therefore trained on how to use the app to register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view agro dealer payments, create and view orders and to view product list.

These gadgets can work in remote locations with the GPRS and network features on.

In collaboration with a Geospatial system already established by the ICT department, NandE-Farm will allow capture of the location of the farmer plus the actual measurement of his or her farm.

This feature in its capacity to properly record the true ownership of the farm is much necessary in the ease of location to the farmer upon request of critical emergency services or any other services to the matter. It also identifies the nearest extension officer available within the farm proximity to ensure quick delivery of services.

This platform is therefore a game changer in the face of agriculture in Nandi County and a key transformational agenda His Excellency Mr. Stephen Arap Sang sets to see achieved for the full benefit of farmers in the county.

All wards in Emgwen namely Kapsabet, Chepkumia, Kilibwoni and Kapkangani were represented by their department heads in Agriculture and their extension officers.

Administrator Agriculture, Damaris Meli guiding two officers through the app system.

ICT Officer, Agriculture Silas Kichwen, guiding the officers in downloading app.

ICT head Agriculture Shadrack Kirui with two extension officers present at the workshop.


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06 Feb
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In a bid to increase access and use of services by farmers, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development has been implementing a market oriented agricultural e-extension, e-learning and data management services through the NandE-Farm system.

This system provides for a platform that facilitates extension services, stock management, AI services and a cooperative management module.

Extension officers in their role to provide timely information, link farmers with sources of farming inputs and credit facilities and in the provision of education services to farmers ; are key assets for the success of this project.

Thus, the ICT technical team from the above named department led Nandi Hills Sub county agricultural extension officers through training.

The officers will access the system as an integrated mobile app known as e-subsidy.

The training was focused on capacitating the officers with the knowledge of how to use the app to register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view agro dealer payments, create and view orders and to view product list.

To facilitate effective and extensive use of this system, the county government of Nandi partnered with DigiFarm an integrated mobile app by Safaricom that supports service delivery to crop and livestock farmers and DIGICOW by FarmTech Company that supports the dairy farmer.

Each ward will be allocated two devices to facilitate the process.

All wards in the Sub County were represented namely Kapchorwa, Lessos, Nandi hills and Chepkunyuk.

Extension officers following through the training.

ICT head, Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Mr Shadrack Kirui guiding the officers through the app.

ICT team installing e-subsidy app to extension officers’ devices.

Nandi hills Sub County Agricultural Extension Officers.

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06 Feb
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The County Government of Nandi through its department of Agriculture and Cooperative development has partnered with the Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme (KCEP) to enhance agriculture and boost cereals productivity among farmers in the County.

KCEP is a program that the agricultural sector has put in place with an objective of contributing to national food security and smallholder income generation by supporting farmers to increase the productivity and profitability of key cereal commodities such as maize, sorghum & millet and beans.

The program offers capacity building to farmers and provide materials to be used in growing, treating , harvesting and even marketing these commodities.

Today, KCEP National and Regional coordinating units led by National programme Coordinator Ms. Maryanne W. Njogu visited Nandi county to access the development of the program in Chesumei and Mosop Sub Counties.

The team first visited Kamonjil Self Help group in kosirai ward, Chesumei Sub-County where they found the members of the group progressing well with their project and whom were able to move their testimonials about the programme.

Through interventions by the County Government in collaboration with the programme, Kamonjil Self Help Group has been transformed from aggregating 250 bags of maize for home consumption to Commercial Grain Trade Business Hub aggregating over 1,000 bags of maize annually. The chairlady of the Group, testified of how KCEP had helped her increase the maize production from 8 bags in 2018 to harvesting 22 bags in 2019 per acre.

The team would later visit the second beneficiary group Okilgei Sogin Cooperative in Mosoriot where members have grown from a Jumuiya (faith based group) to being a cooperative that aggregates maize and beans and sells then together.

The team concluded its visit at Chemuswo warehouse in Kaptel Kamoiywo ward that has just completed and is set to begin its operations soon.

Speaking during the visit, CECM Agriculture Dr Kiplimo Lagat appreciated the groups for their commitment in agriculture and urged the farmers to continue with their hard work and uphold unity, maximizing the opportunities that come their way, and do diverse value chain through other programs to be launched in the county that will enhance expansion of agriculture.

“As an administration, we’re in the process of supporting Cereal aggregators and cooperatives streamline the maize and beans market by upgrading the two value chain storage facilities while ensuring farmers have a unified and stronger voice and/or bargaining power.” said Dr. Lagat.

He added that once the Warehouse at Chumuswa is complete and operation later in the year, Maize farmers in Mosop will now store their grains in a warehouse until demand or the price of their produce increase.

Dr. Lagat also popularized the county call/data center services that are available on 24 hour basis on short code 1548 and it is toll free so that farmers can leverage on it whenever they need any of the services offered by the administration within the county.



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04 Feb
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Agriculture Extension Officers in Tinderet Sub County are optimistic that, the NandE-Farm system will help farmers improve their way of doing business.

They acknowledged that the initiative would help farmers get value for their investments.

During training held in Tinderet by the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative development, the extension officers applauded the system well thought of capabilities to offer a managed service with mobile access to field users.

Silas Kichwen, ICT officer guiding Tinderet Extation officers through the NandiE-Farm systems

According to ICT head, Agriculture Mr. Shadrack Kirui, NandE-Farm system presents real opportunity to support farmers to profile their data, link to markets, access affordable and quality input by linking farmers to registered Agro vets and provide for a platform to request and get quality extension services at subsidized costs.

He also stated the functions of the system to support administration of input subsidy programs and its role to facilitate tracking of county agriculture input stock management.

Tinderet extension officers following up on the training.

The officers were trained to register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view Agro dealer payments, create and view orders and to view product list.

Mr. Joseph Cheruiyot, the Sub County Agricultural Officer attached to Tinderet stated that they are excited about the system because it will help in visibility by it providing access to reports and proper records of the services and programs carried out. “We believe farmers would be happy to hear what we have discussed particularly about the transparency this technology brings”.

ICT head – Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Mr. Shadrack Kirui speaking to the farmers and stakeholders.

The NandE-Farm is a digital platform that aims to be a well-functioning regulated Agricultural Information Management System which will facilitate an improved service delivery access to farmers and all the stakeholders in Agriculture and Cooperative Development.

Each ward in Tinderet will be provided with two devices among its extension officers to facilitate the process.

All wards in Tinderet namely Kapsimotwo, Tinderet, Chemase/Chemelil and Songhor/Soba were represented.



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03 Feb
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Farmers in Chesumei are set to enjoy the efforts of the county government to improve service delivery to all stakeholders in Agriculture & Cooperative Development through a well established agri tech system known as NandE-Farm.

NandE-Farm is a digital platform established to facilitate management of agricultural information, subsidy programs and provide for a place for effective access of a wide range of low to no cost quality services to farmers.

Following this initiative, the county government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in liaison with the department of ICT, led agricultural extension officers from each ward in Chesumei through training on the system.

The training aimed at guiding the officers on their role and expected participation on the platform.

Since the platform integrates farmer profiling, subsidy programs, market access facilitation, input stock management, extension services to farmers, farmer e-learning, and a cooperative management module; data is necessary.

The extension officers as intermediaries between information and farmers are therefore key in their role to capture data needed for effective execution and facilitation of these programs through the platform.

The ward extension officers are to use the platform to : register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view agro dealer payments, create and view orders and to view product list.

Speaking during the training, ICT head, Agriculture Mr. Shadrack Kirui , urged the officers to embrace the system and act as good will ambassadors by encouraging farmers to adopt the technology for their full benefit. “ Let us invest in this data driven technology to enable the county government improve the livelihoods of farmers ”.

Each ward in Chesumei will be provided with a gadget to facilitate the process.

The training was held at Mosoriot and all wards namely: Lelmokwo/Ngechek, Kosirai, Kaptel/Kamoiywo, Chemundu and Kiptuiya were represented.

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31 Jan
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The county government of Nandi through the department of ICT and the department of Agriculture n Cooperative Development, on Thursday, led Aldai Ward Administrators through sensitisation and training on NandE- Farm system.

This is a continuation of the strategies put in place to esure the system is implemented at sub county/ward levels.

NandE- Farm has integrated 2 platforms, DigiFarm by Safaricom that supports service delivery to crop and livestock farmers and DIGICOW by FarmTech company that supports the dairy farmer.

The platform will facilitate effective and quality service delivery. The farmer can request services by dialing a toll free USSD code, get extension services at subsidized cost, access proper records of services enrolled, get quick access of information. It also provides for training and dissemination of information, timely provision of critical services, marketing of agricultural products as well as sending timely reminders to farmers.

In their role to ensure service delivery at the ward level, the agricultural officers are expected to sensitize the farmers on the above functions and benefits of the platform.

They were trained to use the system to:  register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view agro- dealer payments, create and view orders plus viewing the product list.

They are also mandated to maximize on the system to establish, implement and monitor farmer and cooperative performance management at the ward level.

In addition, they should ensure farmers at the ward level are registered to cooperative societies for them to achieve the full benefits of these services provided for by the platform.

Every ward will be assigned one gadget to their two ward agricultural officers to facilitate the process.

The training was held at Aldai NG- CDF conference hall.

In attendance was the trained county government technical team and the Safaricom team.

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27 Jan
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The County Government of Nandi is continually working with the legislative arm of the County Government to ensure that both parties learn from each other and build on resources and information. Together, it is great to be able to identify areas the Government can improve and progress on towards enabling farmers thrive in full conformity to Sustainable Land and Forest Management (SLFM) policy.

On Monday 27th January, the CECM in charge of Agriculture and Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat chaired a consultative meeting between the County Assembly of Nandi leadership, County Departments of Agriculture and Lands/Environment as well as the legal team to review and validate the Nandi County Sustainable Land & Forest Management draft policy. The purpose of the document is to provide a legislative framework for implementation of Sustainable Land and Forest Management programme in our county.

The policy proposes a broad range of measures and actions responding to key land and forest management issues and challenges. It seeks to provide the framework for an integrated approach to planning and sustainable management of land and forest resources in the County. It recognized the various vulnerable ecosystems and proposes various policy measures not only to mainstream sound environmental management practices in all sectors of society throughout the county but also recommends strong institutional and governance measures to support the achievement of the desired goal and objectives.

Before the review and ratification of the policy, several issues were identified through a participatory approach which involved various stakeholders including agriculture sector institutions and community organizations. These issues had continued to constrain the development of the agriculture sector due to inappropriate use of land and forest management technologies to curb land degradation and encroachment into the forests. The policy issues included; land degradation through human activities, soil erosion, declining soil fertility, poor water management, drying up of water sources such as springs and streams, vulnerabilities due to changes in temperature regimes and precipitation patterns among others. #TransformingNandi

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