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07 Aug
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Nandi County’s partnership with Koitaleel Samoei University College is bearing fruits as the university plans to establish Faculty of Agricultural and environmental studies at Kaimosi ATC in Kapkangani Ward- Emgwen Sub County.

The County’s key departments together with the university held a public Participation forum on the consideration, suitability and establishment of the faculty in the facility.
Officials from both the University and the various county departments together with stakeholders engaged the public through consultative sessions and obtained their views & concerns regarding the plan.

Representing the County Secretary, the CECM for Lands, Environment and Natural Resource, Dr. Philemon Bureti, said that the county is pleased to partner with the university in creating more learning opportunities. He further called upon the citizens to support the initiative and promised that inputs and concerns from the public will be taken into consideration.

The Principal, Koitaleel Samoei University College, Prof. Jackson Too expressed his gratitude for the partnership that availed the opportunity to establish one of their faculties. He added that the initiative will help in expanding the university and creating better learning environment.


In attendance were: Ag. CECM for Administration- Drice Rono; Deputy Majority leader and MCA Chepkumia Ward- Wilson Sang; Chief Officers for Education and Vocational training- Scolastica Tuwei and that of Agriculture- Wilson Lelei; MCA Kapkangani Ward- Eliud Kirongo, Director for Public Participation- Naomy Ketter and Principal Kaimosi ATC among others.

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09 Feb
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County government of Nandi is partnering with Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas (MIOG) to offer technical training opportunities for the youth and staff in the county.
Morendat Institute is an academic centre owned by Kenya Pipeline Company Ltd and offers technical and corporate courses. It is registered by both the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETA) and National Industrial and Training Authority (NITA).
This partnership offers subsidized training that will be available for the youth and county staff especially those on fire and disaster management unit. These courses include health and environmental safety, quality control, fire fighting, welding, ICT security, corporate courses, electrical and mechanical maintenance among other courses that could be requested from time to time.
Speaking during an MOU signing between MIOG and Nandi County, the deputy governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot highlighted the need for the youth to grab such training opportunities presented to them so as to acquire skills that would increase employability, enable them start their businesses and eventually develop economically.
She further added that the trainees will also offer extremely valuable services to the county in their areas of specialization.
Having signed the MOU, this program will soon be rolled out through the relevant departments of Administration, Public Service & e-Government, Sports & Youth Affairs and that of Education, Research and Vocational training.
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18 Jan
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County’s department of Education, Research and Vocational training has always promoted and supported learning especially in the early childhood level. It is working towards improving the learning environment in the ECDE centres countywide with over 220 newly constructed ones nearing completion. It has also recruited over 1300 ECDE teachers for 828 centres countywide and aspires for the acquisition of more.

It is partnering with that of Health & Sanitation in maintaining Health Standards in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and is currently rolling out COVID-19 sensitization for all ECDE teachers countywide. This program runs between 18th to 20th January 2020 at various the Sub-County Headquarters for a start and thereafter continuously.

Speaking during a sensitization training on ECDE resumption of learning and COVID-19 preparedness for Mosop Sub-County ECDE teachers at, CECM for Education, Research and Vocational training, Grace Sugut pointed out the need to maintain high standards of hygiene at the learning centres and continuous sensitization, especially to the learners.

She further added that the department is conducting continuous training and sensitization for teachers, providing proper sanitation services and protective masks for the ECDE learners countywide.

This training which was first rolled out today in Mosop and Tinderet Sub-Counties focusses on equipping participants with knowledge pertaining COVID-19 pandemic, sensitization programs for the different target population, as well as equip them with mobilization and reporting skills

This training which was first rolled out today in Mosop and Tinderet Sub-Counties focusses on equipping participants with knowledge pertaining COVID-19 pandemic, sensitization programs for the different target population, as well as equip them with mobilization and reporting skills.

The Chief Officer for Education Research and Vocational training, Scolastica Tuwei Speaking during a sensitization session in Tinderet Sub-County called upon the teachers, trainers and the guardians to heed to the Ministry of Education’s school opening health guidelines as well as being great ambassadors in the fight against COVID-19.

According to Mosop Sub-County Public health officer, Peter Chemweno, the section will be conducting a continuous assessment of all learning centres to ensure COVID-19 protocols are followed.

Also present were the County Director of Education-Julius Too, TETA officials led by their Chairman-Kennedy Koech, Sub-County Administrator- John Sang, Ward Administrators and Public health officers from Mosop Sub-County.

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10 Nov
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County Government of Nandi, Department of Education, and Vocational Training have today laid to rest the late Naomi j. Kirwa.

The late was employed by the county government of Nandi as an ECDE teacher at Kapkisengen primary school from 2014 until 2/11/2020 when she died of cancer of the spine.

THEThe team from the Department of Education led by CECM Hon. Grace Sugut and Chief officer Ms. Scolastica Tuwei were condoled with the family, friends, and residents of Mosop constituency-Kabisaga ward.

The County Government of Nandi through the department of Education committed themselves to clear all fee balance for Kipchumba son to the late.

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21 Feb
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A team from FORD Foundation  InterCounty Exchange Programme from Makueni, Kitui and Bomet counties are in Nandi County to learn more about the bursary management system used by the department of Education and Vocational Training.

CECM Education and Vocational Training Grace Sugut emphasized on how the beneficiaries are identified. “The process is very transparent as the needy students are identified from the ward level and an online bursary form is filled with the details of beneficiaries as per category of Education, amount allocated and total number of beneficiaries per school in each Financial year” she added.

Of importance to note, is that County Government of Nandi has been allocating Kshs. 60 Million every Financial year with an aim improving access to education to the needy residents of Nandi County, enhancing equity in Education and improving literacy level in the County and ensuring that a specific portion of the County annual budget is devoted to the Education Fund Act.

Also present were CECM Administration and E-government, Sports, Chief Officers Education and Vocational Training, Agriculture and Sports.

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17 Feb
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The County Government of Nandi, department of Education and Vocational training today joined teachers, parents and students of Baraka School Kapsabet during a thanks giving celebration of t last year’s performance.

The school’s director Mrs. Lydia Sagasi  thanked the parents and teachers for the efforts they put in ensuring that the students delivered.

The Director congratulated Mr. Meshack Patis the head teacher, for the excellent performance as the school had a total of 37 students  who scored grade of A in his Maths subject.

Chief Officer Daniel Sang rewarding the head teacher Mr. Meshack Patis.

Representing the CECM, Chief Officer Education and Vocational training Mr Daniel Sang applauded the students for the performance they depicted.

Chief Officer Daniel Sang with School Director Mrs. Lydia Sagasi.

” Giving thanks to God for whatever marks and grade attained is important. We encourage the students to fear God, maintain discipline and work hard” he added.

The School recorded 100% transition from Standard 8 to Secondary school which is in line with national policy with over 13 candidates scoring over 400 marks.

Chief Officer Education and Vocational Training making his remarks during the Thanksgiving ceremony at Baraka School.

In attendance were the County Director ECDE Mr Samwel Biwot and Parents, Teachers Association representative Advocate Timon Lel.

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03 Feb
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In a bid to ensure that education is accessible to all, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Education and Vocational Training has issued out bursaries to all the needy students who went through a rigorous identification process done in all the 30 wards.

The process of identifying beneficiaries was done from 28th October to 4th November 2019 across all the wards and a list of beneficiaries forwarded to NACEF Committee for vetting, Verification and Approval.

Speaking during the function held at St. Elizabeth Chepkunyuk Girls , Governor Sang emphasized on how committed the County Government is committed in the exercise.

Governor Sang issuing 6 million Cheque to Kapsabet School for the deaf representing other special needs beneficiaries.

“We have so far issued out bursaries for the last 2 and a half  years and today we are giving out cheques worth 24 million to students with special needs and also from Secondary schools,”he added.

CECM Education and Vocational Training Grace Sugut appreciated the stakeholders involved in education sector and urged them to work together in supporting the needy students.

CECM Grace making her remarks at St. Elizabeth Chepkunyuk.

This year, the number of students benefiting from bursary allocation has increased from 6182 to 6330 students as compared to last year. It is worth mentioning that the unit of allocating these funds are at ward level and each ward gets 2 million shillings as per the NACEF Act 2016.

The beneficiaries include students with special needs drawn from different institutions and those from Secondary schools who received 6million and 18 million respectively.


Governor Sang with his Deputy Governor together with the various Sub County Administrators.

Also present was Deputy County Commissioner Nandi Hills Mr. Mbogai Rioba, Chief Officer in the department Mr. Daniel Sang among other county officials together with NACEF Members.


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31 Jan
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The County government of Nandi through the department of Education and Vocational training will on 3rd Feb, 2020 release Bursary cheques to the qualified beneficiaries.
The event will be held at St. Elizabeth Chepkunyuk Girls,Chepkunyuk Ward, Nandi Hills Sub County.
This is in a bid to strengthen, enhance and maintain stability to the learners in their Education Process as envisaged by Governor Sang’s administration.

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04 Dec
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The county government of Nandi is partnering with Safaricom Foundations for building modern Early Childhood Education Development (ECED) classes for Kitaro Primary.

This is one way of improving the education standards for the children.

The county has been at the forefront of ensuring that education is achieved and that the child’s education foundation is catered for.

Speaking today during a handing over the site, the school headteacher Mr. David Kipchumba, expressed gratitude to the governor for considering their school to receive such an opportunity.

Team of procurement and public works officers together with the Head Teacher and the Chairman of the school board at Kiator Primary School.

He further appreciated the efforts of the new team at the Education Department stating that the project will help on easing congestion in the school and that it will enhance the good learning environment for the pupils.

The spearheading project contractor Johnstone sang, promised the school that he will provide good and quality work, thereby asking for full support for the teams being involved in the project.

The building will have two classrooms, an administrative office with good furniture and well-modified latrines that will be completed in less than four 4 months.


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29 Nov
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Early childhood development education or the preschool provides children with the new perspective on the importance of education that will remain with them throughout their schooling journey. The CECM for Education and Vocational Training Ms Grace Sugut joined Nandi DICECE (District Centres for Early Childhood Education) College fraternity for their 11th Graduation ceremony. Nandi DICECE in Kapsabet being the leading ECDE training institution in Nandi County has experienced a tremendous rise in the number of students every year.

Photo: Grace Sugut- CECM Education and Vocational Training

The CECM who was the Chief Guest appraise the graduates that they have been trained as professional ECDE Teachers and educators. She echoed that the students need to understand they have chosen a profession that is regarded as a calling, with compassion and care. She encouraged them to carry out their teaching duties with pride and humility. The knowledge and skills that the 81 graduates have acquired through the rigorous training here should be put into practice.

She also reiterated the fact that teacher education and training lays the foundation for the development of the human capital of every nation without which social development and economic prosperity would be impossible. As trained and qualified teachers, they have the greatest contribution to build up the character of their young children and help them to become ideal citizens of our county.

Photo: Nandi DICECE graduands

The CECM affirmed that the County Government of Nandi being led by H.E The Governor, Stephen Arap Sang is very committed to improving and sustaining quality services in the ECD Sector through gradual recruitment of more ECD Teachers, constructing more ECD Centres to accommodate the high rising number of ECD Children, provision of Competency Based Curriculum teaching resources among many other lined up activities.

The Nandi County ECDE Director Mr. Samuel Biwott commended the CECM for the attendance and the helpful support that The County Government of Nandi through the department of Education has been offering the College to see the students learn in a conducive environment and get quality education for them to be of great value to the society.

Photo: Samuel Biwott- Director ECDE Nandi

The principal Nandi DECECE, Mr. Joseph Chepsiror applauded the Department of Education and Vocational Training and the entire County Government of Nandi administration for the tireless effort in supporting the college through furnishing of learning facilities and offering bursaries to students adding that the institution is looking forward to an increased enrollment in the next intake.

Photo: Joseph Chepsiror – Principal, Nandi DICECE College

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