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30 Sep
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County Government of Nandi through its department of ICT & e-Government and that of Education & Vocational Training, in collaboration with Computer for schools Kenya(CFSK) has equipped all the 14 Vocational training centers with computers and is rolling out Computer literacy skills training program. This program focusses on equipping the youth countywide with the essential Computer and online skills geared towards having e-literate citizens as well as enhancing them to earn a living out of the online platforms.

The program is packaged with Google and AJIRA Digital Skills by National government’s Ministry of ICT aimed at training the youths on online skills that would enable them grab the available opportunities and work online in bid to curb unemployment.

The Six weeks Computer literacy skills training, which is examined and certified by CFSK is offered at a Subsidized cost of Ksh.2,800, whereas the Google and Ajira Digital are free. This program, whose registration is ongoing, starts its training in Kapsabet School For the Deaf, Chemundu and Cheptarit VTC in Emgwen and Chesumei Sub-Counties. Thereafter, the same program will progressively be rolled out in all other Sub-Counties.

The youths are therefore called upon to enroll into this program at the nearest Vocational Training Center and get equipped with these skills.

For more information, call Kapsabet School For the Deaf-0723882420; Chemundu VTC- 0723638171; Cheptarit VTC- 0720919005 or County Call Center – 1548.

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19 Jul
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Stakeholders’ involvement is key in the success of education especially in the implementation of Competence Based Curriculum focusing on early learning and basic education. Therefore there’s need for stakeholders to come together and dialogue for the betterment of students.

Today the county department of Education, Research and Vocational Training being one of the stakeholders, joined the Ministry of Education in the Nandi County Education Quality Dialogue under Primary Education Development project by the state department of Early Learning and Basic Education.

Ag. CECM for Education, Research and Vocational training, Jacob Tanui while speaking during the event, said that the county government is focusing on improving the environment for early learning through construction and equipping of ECDE Centres. He further called upon the National Government to work towards improving infrastructure in schools as a way of making a conducive environment for learning.

Mr Jonathan Misoi, Ag. CO for Education, also present during the dialogue pointed out the need for effective ICT integration into the education system and adequate training of teacher on ICT skills.

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18 Jul
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Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) is an important priority area for every child in Kenya. It is the foundation for igniting the child’s potential for lifelong adaptability, innovation and communication skills.

The County Government of Nandi is focused on improving the ECDE services within the county; this is through improving the infrastructure used by the ECDE children and also by taking into consideration the welfare of the teachers. There have been numerous challenges facing the sector.

In the process towards addressing these challenges, the Department of Education and Vocational Training led by the Ag. Chief Officer Jonathan Misoi and ECDE Director Samwel Biwott held a meeting with stakeholders and more than 200 ECDE teachers from Chesumei Subcounty.

Photo: ECDE teachers from Chesumei

The main agenda of the meeting was to create an open forum to highlight the issues that directly affect the teachers. ECD caregivers play an important role in building a child’s success in their first years of school. Teachers do more than facilitate arts and crafts projects throughout the day. They provide structure and help children grow in their reading and writing skills, teach science and help children understand themselves.

Speaking during the meeting Chief Officer Jonathan Misoi pointed out that caregivers help foster growth intellectually, it is just as important to help children grow in their physical abilities. The Department of Education and Vocational Training is taking a step forward to ensure that our children are given proper care while in school. There was a meeting earlier with the teachers from Emgwen subcounty and the team is looking forward to meeting teachers from the remaining 4 sub counties in Nandi.

Photo: Ag. Chief Officer Education Jonathan Misoi

Director Biwott added that ECDE lays the foundation for kids to understand what school actually is. Teachers use a variety of methods to help children grow cognitively, as well as conceptually. A positive relationship with preschool teachers can make an exponential difference in a child’s success as they continue through elementary school. He urged the teachers to use the right channel when presenting their issues and also appreciate the support and take great care of structures which are being put up by the County Government. Currently there are 60 ECD centres which have been constructed by the County Government of Nandi and more than 50 others which are to start.

Photo: ECDE Director Samwel Biwott

Trained Eye Teachers Association (TETA) chairman Kennedy Koech applauded the County government’s effort in supporting the learning in ECDE Centres across the county. He further recommended the Department of Education and Vocational Training to look into the concerns of the teachers and find possible ways to address them.

Photo: TETA Chairman Kennedy Koech

Currently, there are 4843 girls and 5022 boys enrolled for the ECDE in Chesumei Subcounty. Parents are asked to enroll their children into ECDE so as to optimize the early years of children’s lives which is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success.

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18 Jul
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In the modern societies, Information and communications technologies (ICTs) have been universally developed as inevitable tools for enhancing the quality of education by providing access to information and knowledge contents leading to improvements and innovation in teaching, learning and research.

The County Government of Nandi is in the forefront in establishing digital systems to make services proficient.  Provision of ICT knowledge helps to bridge the knowledge and digital divide between the developed and developing countries, enhance educational infrastructural development and provide educational resources for effective learning, perform library functions and provide innovative user services.

Chief Officer for ICT and E-Government Jonathan Misoi has emphasized that the County Government of Nandi is focused in equipping youths with computer literacy skill for the good of their future where every Kenyan needs to get on the digital space. He said that while addressing the media during the flagging off the last consignment of computers and network materials to the Vocational Training Centres in Nandi County.

Photo: Chief Officer ICT and E-Government Jonathan Misoi

“The 21st century skills requires that we deliberately innovate to find ways for our youth to access and upgrade their technical skills. From next month will train our youths on 3 areas, ICT literacy skills, Ajira programme and Google digital skills. We have a target to train over 2000 youths in the next 3 months. Empowering the youth is key and we are on track to deliver on that promise. We invite our youth to visit these centres and get enrolled. We are partnering with Computer for Schools Kenya, ICT Authority and Google.” He added.

Photo: CFSK technician

Head of Public Relations in the County Government of Nandi Kipsaro Boit also pointed out that ICT programs aim at introducing young people to online work and provide them with the necessary tools, training and mentorship to enable them to work and earn a decent income on-line. This will also improve computer education through research and also increase enrolment to Vocational training centres.

Photo: Head of Public Relations Kipsaro Boit


List of Vocational Training Centres in Nandi County per the Subcounty


  1. Kipsebwo VTC
  2. Serem VTC
  3. Mugen VTC


  1. Chemundu VTC
  2. Cheptarit VTC
  3. Kaptel VTC


  1. Sirwa Yala VTC
  2. Kaplamai VTC
  3. Kapsabet School for the Deaf


  1. Kurgung VTC
  2. Tangaratwet VTC

Nandi Hills

  1. Sigilai VTC
  2. Chepsire VTC


  1. Meteitei VTC
  2. Potopoto VTC


So far 280 computers have been supplied by the Computer for Schools Kenya. This is a well-on course that the Computer laboratories in all the 15 vocational training centres are fully equipped and functional.

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04 Jul
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The County Government of Nandi is looking forward to increasing student enrollment into the Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) which are spread throughout the county. The Department of Education and Vocational Training is putting more efforts towards achieving this through expansion of the centres, establishment of new ones and even equipping the existing ones.

The department in partnership with Computer For schools Kenya (CFSK) recently equipped computer laboratories in the VTCs across the County so as give the youth an opportunity to acquire the computer literacy skills. AJIRA Digital skills as well as Google’s soft skills training programs will be rolled out in these centres as an initiative towards empowering the youth. The Computer Laboratories will also act as an enabler in teaching all the other courses offered in these institutions.

Section of a computer Lab in Kaptel VTC.

Speaking during the assessment of the ongoing construction of Septonok VTC, the Director for Vocational Training Centers (VTCs), Daniel Rutto, said that the county government has improved the state of most VTCs and is continuously working to expand the facilities and establish new ones. This is geared towards creating more opportunities for the enrollment of more students.

The team from the department of Education and Vocational Training led by the director having visited Cheptarit, Kaptel and Chemundu VTCs,  will also be visiting all the other VTCs throughout the county.

County director in charge of VTC together with Welding and Fabrication students at Kaptel VTC.

The youths are therefore called upon to enroll into these institutions and grab the opportunities available, get skilled and increase their chances for self employment as well as having their own startups.

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14 May
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As a county Administration, we are keen on ensuring the welfare and capacity of the employees is taken care of considering the need for quality service provision in all the areas of service delivery.

Today the County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang the CO Public Service, Grace Sugut together with the CO for Education and Vocational training, Daniel Sang held a consultative meeting with Officials from Trained Eye Teachers Association ( TETA) to discuss on the welfare of ECDE teachers in the county.

Having discussed the various aspects of improving the teachers welfare, the team also deliberated on the appointment of heads of ECDE stations. These heads, who are going to be in charge of both pre-primary 1 and pre-primary 2, are going to be a link between their centres and the county through Ward Education Officers.

Such initiatives will boost service delivery as governance and management is devolved down to the ECDE centres. It also allows for ease of monitoring performance to ensure the staff perform their duties as expected.

The team from TETA, led by the Chairman Kennedy Koech, Keino christopher and Esther Jepng’etich congratulated the efforts by the County Government in supporting learning in the ECDE centres. The initiative include employment of ECDE teachers and the ongoing construction of the classrooms in all the wards.

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13 May
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The Construction of ECDE Centres to be Completed as Planned; Assures the Acting CECM and CO

The County Government of Nandi is keen to ensure all its projects are achieved on time to create a pleasant atmosphere for its development and obligations to the public. Provision of quality, affordable and accessible early childhood education and infrastructure is a crucial pillar in the transformation agenda.

The Department of Education through the office of the acting CECM Jacob Tanui and the interim Chief Officer Jonathan Misoi has today held a consultative meeting with the Vocational Training Managers and Vocational Training Officers to touch base on the ongoing construction of 60 ECDEs centers across the county. The managers gave their updates and confirmed that most of the ECDE classes constructed are on the completion stage.

The Acting Chief Officer in Charge of Education during the consultative forum with Vocational Training Managers and Officers

“We are ready to support the Vocational Training Managers and ensure all construction materials are availed to your respective centers on time and work together to ensure the completion the ECDE centers within the stipulated time.” Said the acting Chief Officer.

The Acting CECM in Charge of Education during the consultative forum with Vocational Training Managers and Officers

The CECM urged the Vocational Training Officers together with Vocational Training Managers to work closely together with the Department to ensure the construction of the centers are well done He also added he would fully support them in any way to achieve the goals of education. The Department’s new leadership has committed to working around the clock to ensure that the projects are completed in time.

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21 Feb
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Early childhood education is one of key focus in both national and the county government. This is why the environment under which the children are studying in ought to be well taken care of in terms of shelter.

The Department of Education and Vocational Training through a public participation held at ward level identified schools where construction of ECDE centres is now ongoing.

Governor Sang together with CECM Education Valentine Chumo and the Chief Officer Mr. Daniel Sang held a consultative meeting with the managers of all the 15 vocational training centres who are in charge of the ECDE construction to discuss about the progress of the ECDE construction and future monitoring plans.

The managers gave different views and commended the department citing that although there have been challenges, most of the projects are on-going and there is a constant supply of building materials.

The Chief Officer said that the combined efforts and good relations between the managers and the responsible personnel from the department is what will propell the construction work to move faster in the near future.

The CECM applauded the managers and asked them to work closely with the responsible staff members to ensure all the materials supplied are of good quality, enough and are delivered on time.

The Governor also added that they should work timely in order to meet their time frame and affirmed that the new ECDE classrooms constructed will improve quality of Education in Nandi because the children will be learning in an ample environment.

The County Government of Nandi funded the construction of 120 ECDE classrooms across the county for the financial year 2017/2018 and another 120 classrooms for the financial year 2018/2019.

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15 Feb
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Ag. County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang has applauded Kisii University for offering school programs aimed at promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Dr. Sang said CSR is now a need in the society, adding that most organizations now require CSR initiatives as part of their initiatives of giving back to the community.
Speaking at Kapsabet ASK grounds during the 6th graduation ceremony for Kisii University’s Eldoret Campus, Dr. Sang further commended the Institution for offering opportunities for students to further their skills to become competent in the ever changing situations around the world.

He added that the appropriate implementation of these skills offers citizens with more choices and thus enhancing the betterment of one’s livelihood and in the end, helps in the economic growth and development of the nation.

‘I urge  the youth to  grab these opportunities in such institutions of higher learning, improve their career opportunities and eventually better livelihoods.’ advised Dr. Sang.
Over 100 pastors who undertook the Pastor’s enhancement training program graduated.
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14 Feb
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The County Government of Nandi has been championing for development in all parts of the county to see that all the projects that were started are fast-tracked by the departments and their benefits felt by the residents.

The construction of ECDE centres across the county is one of the projects done by the county government through the Department of Education and Vocational Training under the Labour based policy.

So far construction of 60 ECDE centres is ongoing across the 30 wards some of which are complete.

Each ECDE centre consists of 2 classrooms, a reception, a care-giver office and a storage room.

In order to ensure smooth running and easy management of resources, the Department of Education and Vocational Training has shifted from labour based policy to using development committee.

The Department has embarked on an exercise to elect the committee to oversee the construction of ECDE centres for the financial year 2018/2019.

The policy is the diversion from the current labour based which was a pilot project for constructing of 2 ECDE Centres in each of the 30 wards in the county. The program has had numerous challenges hence need for the new policy.

The new policy empowers the local school management to utilize the funds allocated. It requires that the school allocated funds shall have a seven-member committee which include school head-teacher, BOM chairperson, ECDE teacher, a representative of the ECDE parents, representative of sponsoring body if any, representative of the person living with disability and gender representative. The seven shall be the fund committee members.

The policy is envisioned to fasten the construction works through community involvement.The role of the department will be conducting regular inspections through monitoring and evaluation team involving the department of public works.

In a statement by the CECM Valentine Chumo, the construction of ECDE centres can be well managed if the community takes charge of every activity including managing of financial resources.

“We have had challenges before using the labour-based policy and as the department we felt that the work is being slowed down and therefore it is important to let the local community own this project and for a fact, it will not be easy to let down what you own. We let them sit down elect their officials who they trust to manage the project,” she said.

The CECM added that the new policy will be bound to maximum accountability and transparency and the outcome of the efforts shall be a direct benefit to the community.

Mr Benson Savala, one of the elected members appreciated the county for considering their school since it has a good number of pupils.

“First of all we are glad that our school was considered. We have so many schools in this ward alone but ours was chosen; we are very lucky. I will rally people to support government projects to ensure that they are completed within stipulated time,” he said.

The election which took place in 2 ECDE centres in every ward identified through a public participation exercise was overseen by the Sub County administrators of the respective sub counties assisted by the ward administrators where the participants were the ECDE parents.

The school shall be required to open a bank account with the head teacher of the mother school, BOM chair and the ECDE teacher being the signatories. The fund committee members elected shall be inducted before the fund is wired into the account of the school.

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