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23 Oct
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Nandi County Assembly Committee on Implementation have committed to support the roll out of a countywide cancer awareness campaign programme to curb the ever-increasing cases of the disease.

Led by Kurgung/Surungai Ward MCA Hon. Pius Murrey, the MCAs said the disease is unknown by most people in their remote areas hence the need to educate them on the dangers of the disease especially among women.

Speaking at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, the MCAs said a majority of women were dying from the killer disease especially from cervical cancer since it is not diagnosed at early stages.

The Implementation Committee members noted that the disease could be treated if detected at its early stages, and that it was high time the people in the county got reliable information on it and its treatment so that they could voluntarily visit hospitals for examination and for them to know their status.

The members of the County Assembly Committee on Implementation had toured the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital to check on its preparedness to handle cancer cases.

Kapsabet County Referral Hospital Oncologist Patrick Kenei, echoed the leaders’ sentiments that a vigorous campaign against the disease should start immediately.

“We have now decided to carry out vigorous sensitisation campaigns to the locals so that they can go for an early screening to avoid increasing deaths”, he said.

The MCAs lauded the county department of health on the tremendous improvements on the county’s referral hospital.

Present were Songhor/Soba Ward MCA Hon. Justine Jepnyango and Terik Ward MCA Hon. Osborne Komen and the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Daniel Kemboi.

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17 Oct
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Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has assured Nandi residents that the County Government will continue to ensure that county residents have access to quality basic healthcare services.

The governor gave the assurance while on a tour of the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital to assess the progress in the construction works at the facility’s Mother and Baby Complex.

He expressed hope that the provision of quality and affordable healthcare services would improve the health indices in the county, adding that his administration will fulfill all its promises made to the people of Nandi.

“I want to assure the great people of Nandi that my administration will continue to ensure that they have access to quality basic healthcare services,” he said.

According to the Governor, the vision of his administration is to revitalize all health facilities using a phased approach.

“So far, we have commenced the revitalization of one facility in each sub county,” he added.

The Governor also toured the County Call Centre and also checked on the Health Management Information System infrastructure.

All these developments are geared towards fulfilling the governors pledge of providing Universal and accessible Health Care to the people of Nandi as stipulated in his manifesto.

The Governor was flanked by the Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot, Health CEC Ruth Koech, Chief Officer for Health Dr. Paul Lagat, Chief Officer for Transport and Infrastructure Jonah Biwott, Finance Chief Officer Meshack Malakwen Director Health Administration Dr. Philemon Bureti and Kapsabet County Referral Hospital Dr. Daniel Kemboi.

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27 Sep
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Philips Africa CEO Jasper Westerink and Roelof Assies the General Manager, Philips East Africa earlier today paid a courtesy call to the Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot.

The agenda of the meeting was to familiarize with the County Government of Nandi and look at future partnerships, engagements and interactions between the two institutions.

Philips is a global leader in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring. Philips’ healthcare innovation revolves around improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare through a focus on continuum of care, central to which is a patient-centric approach.

The team later toured Kapsabet County Referral Hospital. The officials commended the County Government of Nandi for the huge milestones made towards the realization of better health care for its people as it positively impacts their socio-economic welfare. They noted that this is proof of how impactful devolution can be with proper leadership and management.

Also present were the CEC for Health Ruth Koech and the Chief Officer for Health Dr. Paul Lagat.

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19 Sep
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In Kenya, cervical cancer has the highest incidence and is the most lethal cancer among women, after breast and esophagus cancer. Yearly, almost 5000 women are diagnosed while close to 2500 die.

Primary prevention through HPV vaccination has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer and to eliminate cervical cancer disparity.

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health has moved to protect girls and women against the deadly cervical cancer by embracing a new vaccine.

The Department of Health today launched a free countywide vaccination against the human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer.

The launch was successfully held in all sub counties of Mosop, Chesumei, Emgwen, Nandi Hills, Aldai and Tindiret.

The drive targets girls aged 10 years. The Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI).

The vaccine will be administered for free through public health facilities.

The launch of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in the county makes Nandi become one of the first counties in Kenya to protect young girls against cervical cancer.

The HPV vaccination will be given to thousands of girls in Nandi county, with health education on HPV and cervical cancer, hygiene and hand washing being provided to both sexes.

The County Director of Health Dr. David Bungei said the new vaccine will be introduced soon in the county’s routine immunization schedule by the Department Health at health facilities and will also be made available through school outreach programmes.

Speaking at the launch held at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Namgoi, the County EPI Coordinator Rachel Rop assured Nandi residents that the HPV vaccine is safe and aims at protecting adolescent girls against cervical cancer infection.

Anyone who is sexually active can get HPV, even if you have had sex with only one person. You also can develop symptoms years after you have sex with someone who is infected. This makes it hard to know when you first became infected.

Cervical cancer ranks as the first most
frequent cancer among women in Kenya and by the time that cervical cancer is diagnosed there is a 51% mortality rate.

The introduction of the HPV vaccine in Kenya, has the potential to significantly reduce cervical cancer deaths.

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18 Sep
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The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health is set to roll out mass vaccination of girls against cervical cancer beginning tomorrow in all the six sub counties.

The exercise will officially be launched at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Namgoi with sub county launches as follows; in Nandi Hills sub county at CCC Hall, Nandi Hills Hospital, Tindiret sub county will have the activity at Maraba Sub County Hospital, in Aldai at Kobujoi dispensary, in Mosop at Kapng’etuny dispensary and Chesumei at Mosoriot Market behind Cheptarit Youth Polytechnic and Emgwen at Chepkumia PEFA Church.

Girls aged 10 years will be given a free cervical cancer vaccine in a bid to rapidly build up their immunity. The girls in this age group are classified as a high-risk population.

The two free doses of the vaccine against the cancer-causing human papilloma virus (HPV), will be administered six months apart, at public, private and faith-based facilities across the county.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women and biggest cause of cancer deaths. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the primary cause of 99.7 per cent of all cervical cancer cases.

The disease claims about seven women in Kenya every day, about 3,000 per year, according to statistics from the MoH.

Earlier today, the department of Health held a sensitization forum with members of the county assembly and sub county administrators on the importance of the vaccine.

Speaking at the forum, CEC for Health Ruth Koech said the vaccine was a preventive measure and was cheaper than cancer treatment, and would bring down the local cancer burden.

“The work of a vaccine is to provide cushion before exposure and that is how they work better-because the body builds up defence against the virus and the vaccine is safe,” she said.

In attendance were the County Assembly Health Committee members, Director for Health Dr. David Bungei, religious leaders and other senior health officials.

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14 Sep
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Health is a major component in the socio-economic development of any community. It is a right for every human as it is a responsibility. It is therefore imperative that all play a role in the Promotion of good health at different levels from the individuals, families, households and community levels.

The Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO) on Friday held a one-day meeting with the Nandi County Assembly Health and Finance Committees led by the Health Committee Chair Hon. Dr. Paul Sanga who is also the Chepkunyuk Ward MCA in a bid to sensitize the County Assembly members on the status of immunization in Nandi County, policies, financing and legislation gaps as well as update on areas that KANCO with the support of GAVI is working in.

Also present at the forum were the Deputy Speaker who is also Chepkumia Ward MCA Hon. Wilson Sang, Majority Leader and Kaptumo/Kaboi Ward MCA Hon. David Koech, Deputy Majority Leader and Songhor/Soba Ward MCA Hon. Justine Chepnyango among other MCAs and Senior Health Officials.

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12 Sep
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Immunization can mean the difference between life and death to children, yet many children in Nandi County are not fully immunized or not immunized. Vaccines having been proven to eradicate diseases and save millions of lives every year at very low costs. In Nandi County, the uptake/demand for immunization services stands at 69%. This portends great risks as some of the vaccine preventable disease are highly communicable and spread very fast hence the need to immunizing every child.

There have been efforts by the county department of health and sanitation to accelerate the immunization efforts through various efforts including the county immunization rapid results initiative targeting to reach all the missed children and community outreaches but, a lot more needs to be done to reach and immunize every child.

To complement the national efforts, KANCO through the support GAVI is pushing the bottom up approach to immunization by working with the County Government of Nandi to create awareness among the communities and to increase the demand for immunization. KANCO is working in Nandi county with Tinderet as the selected sub county on the basis of the number of unvaccinated children, immunization coverage and multi-dimensional poverty index factors.

KANCO in partnership with the County Government has adopted the media advocacy model that empowers journalists to build up campaigns to engage parties of interest including elected leaders to find solutions for issues affecting them.

KANCO held a journalists sensitization forum on Immunization and nutrition with the aim of providing factual information on the state of immunization and to increase journalism skills for accurate immunization and nutrition coverage in Nandi. The meeting was also attended by the ministry of health officials who sought to share an overview of the state of immunization in Nandi and call the journalist to action towards increasing the demand for immunization in Nandi County.

Stephen Ikonya, KANCO explained that the media advocacy model seeks to empower the journlists to engage by equipping them with the tools and skills that help them effectively engage disseminate immunization call.

Rachael Rop, County EPI co-ordinator took the participantsthrough the model and ended with a call to the journalists to take their space and profile immunization given its critical importance to both the county and national health outcomes and Universal Health Coverage.

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19 Aug
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Primary health care (PHC) is considered to be an important tool in achieving universal health coverage (UHC).

Health centers in Nandi County play an important role in health care delivery. They usually serve as the first line of service and meet basic health care needs.

Earlier today, the Chief Officer for Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat made an impromptu visit to Koilot Health Center in Ol’Lessos Ward to check on the facility’s community health strategy that relies on community health workers for outreach at the lowest levels (embedded into communities).

Koilot, situated in Nandi hills sub county is a shining example of an integrated community unit where practical skills are offered to the community especially the vulnerable groups and knowledge and appropriate attitude change is exchanged and grounded.

The community unit structure comprises CHCs, CHVs, CHWs, households, and affiliate health facilities. The nearest health facility is the community’s link for seeking all health services.

The community unit, which draws its membership from the catchment area, is led by the CHC and office personnel to support the CHVs in their community-related health work. Post- devolution, there is increased investment by the county government of Nandi on the community strategy.

A community health policy has been drafted and is being reviewed by the Council of Governors.

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11 Aug
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The Chief Officer for Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat made a visit to Keben Dispensary, Ol’Lessos Ward to assess the provision of services at the facility.

He held a meeting with facility management team and the hospital staff on ways to overcome the challenges and key priorities for the hospital to better service provision to the people of Keben and its surroundings.

Similar visits will made to all health facilities to better service delivery to the great people of Nandi county.

He was accompanied by Kapsabet County Referral Hospital Public Relations Officer Daniel Serem.

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08 Aug
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Patients at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital will now have access to more specialized medical services hence reducing medical referrals.

The hospital received an Audiometer, a machine used for evaluating hearing acuity and an Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine used to diagnose abnormalities of the heart, such as heart chamber enlargement and abnormal electrical conduction. The equipments were delivered to the hospital by the County TB Coordinator Sammy Rop.

The Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Daniel Kemboi said the equipment from the National Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Division will transform service delivery at the county’s referral hospital.

The County Director of Health Administration, Planning and Operations Dr. Philemon Bureti said that the residents of Nandi can now get quality healthcare services right in Kapsabet without worrying about extra costs of transporting our loved ones out of the county for specialised treatment.

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