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13 Jun
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Patients seeking services at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital will soon enjoy a more hospitable environment once the renovation exercise is completed.

The facelift will focus on key outpatient departments and go a long way in providing a more patient- friendly environment in the spirit of blending hospitality with wellness.

Some of the works to be undertaken entails general repairs, tiling, roofing, plumbing and electrical works, and extension of customer care station as well as the installation of comfortable and modern seats in the waiting bay.

Earlier today, the county director for health Dr. David Bungei and his Administration, Operations and Planning counterpart Dr. Philemon Bureti received the modern Out-Patient seats at the facility.

Governor Sang’s government shall work to strengthen, equip, expand and modernize all health facilities in the county to assure residents of quality services.

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13 Jun
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The process of health planning needs to evolve by the use of ICT in healthcare delivery, distribution and public health decision making at every level. This will ensure delivery of right health services to right people at the right place as well as on right time. ICT has the capacity to influence all aspects of the health sector. For instance, in public health, management of information and communication processes are very crucial and are assisted or limited by the availability of information.

ICT helps patients become more involved in their own care. This becomes more significant in managing chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease etc. People in remote areas sacrifice a day’s work and wages in order to get to a doctor for minor ailments. In such cases, primary healthcare costs can be reduced by facilitating innovation in telemedicine.

Friends of Nandi USA through Fairwinds Baptist Church, Delaware earlier today made an important donation of 52 laptops to the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital which is aimed at supporting the infrastructural development of the Health Management Information System processes.

The donation and support is valued at more than Kshs 6million and consists of 52 laptops, funding of Karlel water project and painting of St. Mathews Septonok Primary School. All these supplies are in addition to the administrative software that this Hospital will be using. In addition to the transparency processes, it will also provide the opportunity for a better care for the patients who will spend less time following the necessary steps to carry out their exams.

While receiving the donations at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, Nandi Deputy Governor flanked by the CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech thanked the Fairwinds Church team led by Jack Lee for their support.

“The computers will be used throughout the hospital, including in the post-natal unit and in the records department,” said Ruth Koech.

The donated computers are part of a larger effort by Friends Of Nandi USA through the coordinated efforts of Health and Sanitation CEC Ruth Koech to help enhance Nandi County’s health care services.

The Fairwinds Baptist Church team also did charity work by painting St. Mathews Septonok Primary school and funded a water project in Karlel, Kosirai ward.

ICT ushers in an augmented administrative efficiency. For instance, administrative tasks such as filling forms, processing billing requests represent an important fraction of healthcare costs. Health IT can help to streamline these tasks and thus substantially reduce costs, as well as decrease the number of personal visits to doctors. ICT in healthcare can assist remote consultation, diagnosis and treatment through telemedicine.

Also present at the gifting ceremony were Chief Officer Preventive and Promotive Services Sally Kemboi, Chief Officer ICT Jonathan Misoi, Director of Operations and Planning Dr. Philemon Bureti, Director for Health Dr. David Bungei, Kapsabet County Referral Hospital Dr. Daniel Kemboi among other senior health and ICT officers.

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12 Jun
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Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang, has today paid an impromptu visit to Kapsabet County Referral Hospital to check on its operations and its preparedness in handling emergencies.

The County boss interacted with patients and the public and ascertained  the quality of services offered from them. He also visited the pharmacy and drug stores to ensure there was sufficient drugs and non-pharmaceuticals in the facility.

He commended the doctors, nurses and other health professionals for offering efficient services under the Universal  Health Coverage program and encouraged them to keep up their efforts.

In a bid to decongest the health facility, the governor noted that proper patient referral system are being put in place to ensure all cases are handled at the facility and the ongoing construction of Mother and Child Unit which is an expansion of the MCH.

Furthermore, Sang called on the Members of County Assembly and all leaders to put their differences aside and work with him for the sake of delivering development to the residents of Nandi.

Members of the County Assembly led by Deputy Speaker Wilson Sang said they will work closely with the Executive and hospital staff to deliver the best services to it’s citizenry.

“As a government we will ensure that necessary works are done to ensure that the hospital delivering quality and affordable services to all, which includes, thorough structural renovations,” said the governor.

The governor also visited the data center being established within the facility  stated that his government is keen to strengthen the health information system through automation of operations through the Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)  amid ongoing training to ensure that efficacy and effectiveness in service delivery is realized.

Other areas he visited include the CT center, X-ray Department, Renal Unit and MRI Center. He challenged the medical staff to ensure that they better the county health sector and assured them of his support.

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07 Jun
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Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang has called on residents to embrace government health facilities while seeking medical attention for themselves or their relatives.

Speaking during a tour of Kobujoi dispensary in Kobujoi Ward to asses the progress in the construction works at the facility, the governor said his government had invested heavily in the health sector.

Governor Sang, however stated that the investments will only count if residents maximize on their visits to the facilities at all levels. He called on them to make use of equipment such as the CT Scanner and the MRI machine which were initially unavailable in the entire region.

The governor also called on residents to enroll for NHIF cover.

“We have rebuilt, expanded and equipped our major hospitals across the county,” added the governor.

“We will keep the pace, move our county forward and ensure that Nandi County is a much better place,” he noted.

All these developments are geared towards fulfilling the governors’ pledge of providing Universal and accessible Health Care to the people of Nandi.

He was accompanied by Health and Sanitation CEC Ruth Koech and the Director for Administration and Planning Dr. Philemon Bureti.

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07 Jun
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Health facilities in Nandi County have received a major boost following the arrival of a consignment of drugs and other pharmaceuticals worth KShs 27 million from Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS).

Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, today started receiving the consignments of medicine and other supplies. The restocking process to level four hospitals and other levels of health facilities across the County will continue throughout the week.

While receiving the life saving consignments, County Pharmacist Dr. Andrew Kisang said all the hospitals in the county will be equipped with the necessary drugs to be able to serve residents without delay.

Dr. Kisang said the county has over 149 facilities that were serving residents in far flung areas adding that they are committed to ensure residents get quality health services in their villages.

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04 Jun
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Mothers in Nandi county have been urged to give birth in health facilities to reduce the high child and maternal mortality.

Nandi CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech cautioned mothers against giving birth at home as this would encourage unnecessary prolonged labour pains and other birth related complications.

Ruth observed that despite a high number of pregnant mothers attending antenatal clinics in Nandi, only a handful deliver in hospitals.

The county executive committee member said most babies who are delivered after prolonged labour pains risked developing various disabilities especially cerebral palsy.

She called on nurses at government health facilities to create a friendly atmosphere while attending to expectant mothers in order to encourage them deliver at health institutions.

She was speaking at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital where she had accompanied Chepkunyuk Ward MCA Hon. Dr. Paul Sanga to receive his baby at the maternity unit.

“I am impressed by the achievements made by our health sector. That is why i brought my wife to deliver here. Most of our leaders are now getting treated in our public hospitals .When I get sick, I also get treated in our hospitals. It shows we have confidence in our local health institutions,” said Hon. Sanga.

The legislator said the public had no choice but to trust services offered in local health institutions.

The Health and Sanitation CEC said that Governor Sang’s administration will continue equipping all the county’s health facilities and maternity wings to offer affordable and quality services.

“Our mothers should know they will be safer delivering in these facilities than at home, as has been the culture before,” she said.

She warned expectant mothers against going to traditional birth attendants for stomach massages because that was risky to their lives and that of the unborn babies.

She said that the unprofessional methods used by midwives on a mother’s stomach caused premature separation of the placenta.

“Early separation of the placenta, which joins the baby to the uterus, led to oxygen deprivation, causing the baby’s death,” explained Ruth.

The mother also bleeds heavily and could die.

Ruth said the county has begun to build a modern maternity Mother and Baby Hospital at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

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03 Jun
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In Kenya, hospital care has been confronted by workforce challenges, changing consumer expectations and demands, fiscal constraints, increasing demands for access to care, a mandate to improve patient centered care, and issues concerned with levels of quality and safety of health care.

Nandi CEC for health and sanitation Ruth Koech, today opened a three days Conference for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals at the University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton.

Participants follow proceedings at the conference

The conference whose theme is “Together is Better: Expert Clinical Practice and Quality Focused Leaderhip” is being held in the county for the first time.

The Health and Sanitation CEC member acknowledged that Public Health Nurses are equipped to prevent disease and handle emerging diseases and therefore are strategic actors in determining the quality of health care services and the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

She called for targeted focus on thematic issues of concern for the nursing profession in particular improvement of health care delivery through skills development, quality of care and patient safety.

In her address, Edna Tallam Kimaiyo, Registrar/CEO, Nursing Council of Kenya said that we must come up with future strategies aimed at addressing barriers in clinical leadership to enhance expert clinical practice and quality focused leadership. That will directly translate to better patient outcomes and provision of quality health services.

“We must come up with future strategies aimed at addressing barriers in clinical leadership to enhance expert clinical practice and quality focused leadership. That will directly translate to better patient outcomes and provision of quality health services,” she said.

The Registrar/CEO noted that by clinicians moving to leadership positions and more experienced clinicians taking up the mantle in clinical mentoring, and by improving clinical healthcare leadership, there would be and improvement in patient care.

UEAB VC Prof. Philip Maiyo

The 3-day conference, whose theme is “Together is Better: Expert Clinical Practice and Quality Focused Leadership”, aims at educating and enhancing participants knowledge in regards to current trends in nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing leadership with content designed to promote personal professional self-reflection, improved clinical practice, consideration of education opportunities, and improved leadership functionality.

University of Eastern Africa, Baraton VC Prof. Philip Maiyo called for targeted focus on thematic issues of concern for the nursing profession in particular improvement of health care delivery through skills development, quality of care and patient safety.

Dr. Lydia Andrew, a US based nurse observed that, targeting the world including Kenya is facing new global health challenges such as Haemorrhagic fevers and new viral strains, environmental pollution, natural disasters and a growing trend of chronic diseases.

The Nursing and Healthcare professionals’ conference will offer a wide platform to share vital and recent innovations in the arena of public health, family nursing and healthcare. The conference is intended to provide a special platform for professionals, academicians, researchers, and students working in the arena to deliberately exchange opinions and their understandings in front of large transnational listeners.

Also in attendance was the Uasin Gishu County CEC for Health, Dr. Everlyne Rotich.

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30 May
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To maximise performance in sports, the athlete needs to consider nutrition an important component of good health and of sporting performance.

The County Government of Nandi in partnership with Anti-Doping Agency Kenya (ADAK), Athletics Kenya (AK) and University of East African Baraton (UEAB) organized a successful Inaugural Conference; National Nutrition for Clean Sports.

The event held at the UEAB grounds was attended by renowned athletes was aimed at sensitizing and equipping athletes with knowledge on clean nutrition to curb the ever increasing doping cases in the field.

The Nandi Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot who was the Chief guest noted that Nutrition always plays a pivotal role in the general health and more so in sports.

“We are committed to working the journey with our athletes, they might not be performing to their best because their nutritional values are not met hence we are putting up a Training camp for our athletes that will implement high-impact athlete outreach program and give support to our champions in producing the best results,” said the deputy county boss.

ADAK CEO Prof. Japhter Rugut, reiterated that protecting clean athletes by fighting against doping is a top priority for ADAK.

Nandi CECM for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech on her part mentioned that The department of Health and Sanitation has budgeted for Nutrition in conjunction with partnerships with other organizations including Nutrition International (NI), to improve nutritional standards in the County.

“Everyone is a stakeholder in keeping our nutritional values up and going, in past mother and child were the main focus in matters Nutrition. But at the moment no one is left behind, the women groups and school health programs we have championed for nutritional values engaging all age groups have proved to improve our nutrition indicators,” she said.

The CECM for Sports,Youth Affairs and Arts, Elly Kurgat added that the department is working hand in hand with the athletes in ensuring that their well-being is catered for.

UEAB Vice Chancellor Prof Phil Maiyo, thanked the County Government of Nandi for their input in the field of sports and vowed to give their support.

In attendance were Solomon Mutai, Chairman Athletics Kenya North Rift Region, Sports Chief Officer Kennedy Tanui,Chief Officer Youth Affairs and Arts Nelson Ligaga, Sports Director Daniel Sitienei, among other dignitaries.

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29 May
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The County government of Nandi endeavours to provide better working conditions to its employees for efficient, result oriented and satisfactory delivery of services to the citizens.

Today, the County Doctors’ CBA implementation and Monitoring committee held their quarterly meeting to check on the progress of the CBA implementation. The committee discussed various areas of concern ranging from staff promotions, medical cover, car loans and mortgage among other issues.

While chairing the meeting, the Chief Officer for Public Service Grace Sugut said that all the pending staff promotions (including doctors), were under discussion and awaiting recommendations from the County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee.

She further added that the Public Service sub sector’s plan to ensure that the staff are placed under a medical cover is underway.

The Medical Services Chief Officer, Dr. Paul Lagat, pointed out the efforts by the Health Department in providing better working conditions and improving doctors and nurses welfare. He said that the county government has so far addressed major issues such as shortage of doctors, opportunities for further training, leave, disciplinary procedures, doctors lounge and provision of better working environment.

The representatives from KMPDU led by the Secretary General Northrift Region, Dr. Ismael Aiyabei congratulated the county government for addressing most of the issues raised earlier on concerning the implementation of Doctors’ CBA. He also applauded the government’s cooperation in working together with the KMPDU Officials for effective health service provision in the County.

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21 May
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Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has reiterated his commitment to ensuring the citizens of Nandi County have access to quality and affordable healthcare, saying the place of healthcare in the general well-being of the people cannot be overemphasized.

The Governor said healthcare delivery is one of the cardinal ideals of his administration, insisting that a healthy people is a wealthy people.

Speaking separately in Boi dispensary in Aldai and Kosoiywo dispensary in Nandi Hills while officially opening the two health facilities that had stalled for over 15 years, Governor Sang said that his administration is committed towards achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nandi.

The county boss said that the county government remains committed to improving access to quality healthcare by bringing services closer to the people.

“We are committed to bringing quality healthcare services closer to the people. This is why we have invested heavily in infrastructure upgrade at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital and Nandi Hills county hospital as well as outlying facilities,” said Governor Sang.

“With the ongoing operationalization of facilities that had previously stalled and upgrading others across the county, residents can now enjoy better services at the grassroots and this will help ease the disease burden in our healthcare system. It will also boost screening, health promotion and preventive healthcare,” added the Governor.

He encouraged residents to pre-pay for their health by enrolling into the NHIF scheme.

Health and Sanitation CEC Ruth Koech said that the county government of Nandi continues to lead the way in ensuring that Nandi residents in every corner of this county have access to top-notch medical facilities that serve their needs.

“By investing in Nandi county’s healthcare infrastructure we are expanding access to high-quality services that empower residents and make our communities attractive. A healthy Nandi is a competitive Nandi,” she said.

Present were Sports and Youth Affairs and Ag. Transport and Infrastructure CEC Elly Kurgat, County Assembly Majority leader David Koech, Kobujoi Ward MCA Nancy Chemutai, Kemeloi/Maraba Ward MCA Hon. Maiyo and Nandi hills ward MCA Hon. Gideon Koech, Chief Officer Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat, Chief Officer Promotive and Preventive Services Sally Kemboi and Director of Administration, Planning and Operations Dr. Philemon Bureti.

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