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02 Aug
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Nandi residents have been urged to seriously observe the ministry of health guidelines on Covid-19 following a recent uptick in positive cases in the County.

“The recent increase speaks volumes; this virus has not gone away, and it is critical that everyone keeps diligently following the ministry of health guidance by wearing face masks, social distancing, washing your hands often and staying home when sick,” the CECM for Health Ruth Koech has said. “For the wellbeing and health of everyone in our community, please do your part, remind your family and friends to do their part, and together, we can reduce the number of people this virus reaches.”

The Health CECM further advised residents against attending burials and political meetings that draws large crowds as it was very hard to adhere to the health protocols like social distancing and hand washing in those scenarios.

“Such are the likely places where social distance is hard to observe, hence fertile grounds that trigger Covid-19 infections,” she elaborated.

“To be very clear, these are not orders, mandates or requirements, a year in, we all know what works and this has to be a collective effort. We have to do this together. Our health depend on it,” she added.

“Following guidance on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 could be lifesaving, and we cannot stress enough, please take the Ministry of Health set protocols and the general public health guidance we’ve been sharing seriously,” the Director for Health Dr. David Bungei said.

Covid-19 infections have surged across the county in recent weeks, approaching the county’s pandemic high at 62 new cases over the last week.

The County Government of Nandi is urging all residents to wear masks, social distance, wash their hands, stay home and get vaccinated.

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30 Jul
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Provision of health care services in Nandi county has received a major boost after Governor Stephen Sang unveiled the newly revamped In-patient and maternity wing at Ol’lessos Health Centre in Ol’lessos Ward, Nandi Hills Sub County.

Speaking after officially opening the facility, Governor Sang affirmed his commitment to leave a legacy in the health sector. He said he has prioritized improvement of health facilities to ensure access to affordable and quality medical services for the people of Nandi.

“My administration has laid emphasis on provision of quality and affordable medical services to all Nandi residents,” said the Governor.

Sang said investment in outpatient units across the region was part of his administration’s efforts to revamp the county’s health sector and improve efficiency in emergency response.

According to the county Health department, the strategy is not only to cope with the influx in patient numbers but mainly to offer quality and affordable disease diagnostic, management and treatment services closer to the community.

Present at the event were the CECM for Health Ruth Koech her Education counterpart Grace Sugut and Ol’Lessos Ward MCA among other Government officials.

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29 Jul
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Governor Sang has today toured several parts of Ol’Lessos Ward. In his tour, the Governor inspected the on-going works at Sochoi Dispensary maternity wing.

The new Maternity Wing building will house maternal and child service, gynaecological services and pediatric services. The construction is funded by the County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health and Sanitation. The county has also allocated money for equipping the maternity wing.

“We will equip the facility once the construction works are completed,” said Governor Sang.

Once complete, the maternity will be a great addition on Sochoi Dispensary, a facility that serves a huge population in Ol’Lessos Ward and adjacent areas in Nandi Hills Sub County.

The Governor was accompanied by the CECM for Health Ruth Koech and Ol’Lessos Ward MCA Hon. Emmanuel Mengeech.

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12 Jun
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All women are potentially at risk of developing cervical cancer at some point in their life, yet it is avoidable cause of death among women in Sub- Saharan Africa with a world incidence of 530,000 every year.

Cervical cancer remains the most common cancer which is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women of reproductive age and the 2nd most frequent cancer among women.

The World Health Organisation has recommended offering HPV vaccination to girls at ages 9-13 and Kenya has developed a comprehensive strategy to address cervical cancer, which includes rollout of HPV vaccination among girls, with the purpose of vaccinating girls naïve to the targeted types.

The County Government of Nandi is taking a vital step against the common cause of death among women – in the country and the region – by rolling out the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine against cervical cancer into its routine immunization schedule.

The HPV vaccine is effective against most HPV strains, which account for more than 70% of cervical cancer cases.

The HPV vaccine against cervical cancer is effective if administered before exposure to the virus, which is transmitted sexually.

The County Department of Health SCEPI Team aims to increase awareness of the risk for HPV-related cancers and the protective benefits of the HPV vaccine, and to empower young adults to complete the HPV vaccine series. The SCEPI team also supports healthcare providers who counsel young adults by offering tips for effectively recommending the vaccine. Healthcare providers are recognized as a key influence in the adoption of immunization behaviors among young adults.

So far, 200 Girls in Chesumei Sub County have been reached and 322 from 13 schools in Aldai have so far received the HPV Vaccine.

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20 Apr
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Over 12,608 beneficiaries have received COVID-19 vaccine jabs till date in Nandi County since the start of the inoculation drive a month ago, according to data shared by health officials on Saturday.

Out of these, more than 1,645 are healthcare workers, 827 security officers, 2,300 teachers and 7,836 senior citizens of ages 58 and above.

Data shows more males are taking up the Vaccines than females. Of the 12,608, 8114 are males and 4,477 are females.

Nandi recorded 6 fresh COVID-19 cases. The cases are 4 from Chesumei and 2 from Emgwen Sub Counties.

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20 Mar
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Water Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Andrew Tuimur, CBS, took the Covid-19 jab on Saturday morning at the Kapsabet Police Station and urged all the Police Officers to take the cue and go for the vaccination.

After receiving the jab, Dr. Tuimur dismissed myths around the jab and called on all frontline workers including the DCCs, ACCs, healthcare workers, the Police, Teachers, Chiefs and their Assistants to come out and get vaccinated.

“We are encouraging people to know corona is real and it is here with us. It is high time that we protect ourselves,” said Tuimur.

The department of health took the exercise to Kapsabet Police Station to allow the Police officers receive the jab.

Dr. Tuimur lauded the Department of Health for its efforts in combating Covid-19 in Nandi County.

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16 Mar
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Kapsabet County Referral Hospital held its interfaith prayer session attended by the Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot, the CEC for Health Ruth Koech and the Chief Officer Preventive and Promotive Services Sally Kemboi. The prayer session was held in order to enhance spiritual welfare of both the staff and patients in addition to the routine physical well-being that the hospital focuses on.

The prayer session brought together members of Catholic Women Association (CWA), Christian Wives Fellowship (CWF) and the Mothers’ Union who prayed for the COVID-19 frontline workers as well as the sick. The event was organized by the hospital chaplaincy department.

The congregants thanked God for the strides the hospital had made in provision of quality healthcare to the people, including the establishment of a Cancer Unit, ICU and Renal unit.

Also present were the Medical Superintendent Dr. Daniel Kemboi and Kapsabet Ward MCA Hon Fred Kipkemboi.

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15 Mar
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Governor Stephen Sang was administered with his first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine this morning at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

So far, 268 frontline workers have been vaccinated. This includes healthcare workers, teachers and national government Administrators.

“It is vitally important that we do our part to instill confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine within our local communities. As a County, we remain dedicated to providing outreach and education about the vaccine. This includes offering a variety of opportunities for residents to get their questions and concerns answered so they may make an informed decision when it’s their turn to roll up their sleeve and get vaccinated, said Governor Sang after receiving the jab.

“Seeing more of our people get vaccinated is exciting and means that we are on the road to getting back to normal. In the meantime, it’s important to keep following public health best practices like wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly and practicing physical distancing – that’s how we’ll get back to normal faster,” he added.

The county government is targeting to vaccinate 12,500 people in the first phase.

“We applaud the Governor’s work to lead our County through the challenges the pandemic has brought and for his leadership throughout the vaccine roll out. We are, most certainly, all in this together,” said the CECM for Health Ruth Koech.

The County Government of Nandi, is committed to deliver the COVID-19 vaccines into the Sub Counties to ensure easy, efficient access, and are doing so through the expanded network of health facilities across the county.

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10 Mar
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Governor Stephen Sang has inaugurated a new Laboratory at Kapkibimbir Dispensary in Kosirai Ward, Chesumei Sub County.

“As the country moves towards universal health coverage where quality is a critical pillar, this lab is a key component of quality health care in Nandi,” said Governor Sang.

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health is committed to improve the quality and scope of service delivery in health facilities across the County and help clinicians improve the care they deliver through better diagnostic capacity.

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09 Mar
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Nandi County has received her first batch of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines.

Priority will be given to healthcare workers, frontline workers including security personnel and teachers in both public and private learning institutions, vulnerable persons and those in the hospitality sector, followed by the elderly and people with existing health conditions.

About 6,000 free doses of vaccines of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 dosage from the national government under the Ministry of Health was received at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital by the CECM for Health Ruth Koech who flanked by the Chief Officer Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat and the County Director for Health Dr. David Bungei.

The vaccination campaign, targeting primarily the frontline workers, was launched at the hospital immediately after the batches were received.

During the event the Dr. Bungei led the health workers in receiving the first jab who was then followed by Dr. Lagat and Medical Superintendents for both Kapsabet County Referral and Nandi Hills Hospitals Dr. Daniel Kemboi and Dr. Joseph Kangor. Others who received the jab are County EPI Coordinator Rachel Rop and Nandi County Police Commander Samson ole Kine. The first health workers to receive the jab were Kapsabet County Referral Hospital staff. By the end of the day about 64 health workers had been vaccinated.

This is the initial batch of Covid-19 vaccines delivered to the county in the first phase.

Phase 1 will run until June 30 giving way for Phase 2 which will commence thereafter.

The second phase will involve people comprising those above 50 years and those above 18 with underlying medical conditions between June and July this year.

However, there are protocols that have to be followed before one takes the vaccine.

“If you normally have allergic reactions to chicken and eggs, then you are ineligible for the Covid-19 vaccine,” said Dr. Bungei.

Speaking during the official launch of the vaccination exercise, the CECM for Health Ruth Koech said the drug was safe for use by the targeted groups.

“The vaccines are safe and we are ready to administer them to the health care workers before everyone else,” she said.

Kenya recorded its first case of coronavirus in March last year. So far, more than 100,000 people have contracted the virus and at least 1,000 have died.

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