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27 Sep
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Primary Health Care is the cornerstone for the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. Primary Health Care provides an entry point for the entire health system integrating community health. Empowered community health systems are vital in advancing measures toward Univeral Health Coverage.

In a bid to strengthen Community Health Services in Nandi, the county government is working closely with the national government to provide Community Health Promoters with the necessary tools and commodities so that communities can be reached in the most rural areas.

Early today, the County Government of Nandi received 673 CHP kits. The consignment is part of the CHP kits that were flagged off by President William Ruto on Monday. The kits will play a vital role in the government’s preventive and promotive health approach that seeks to arrest diseases at community level before they occur.

A complete kit to be used by the community health promoters contains; a backpack carrier bag, a weighing scale, an infrared clinical thermometer for contact free measurement of temperature, muac tape measure for children and a mid-upper arm circumference muac tape measure for adults and Elastoplast for minor wounds and infection prevention.

The county department of health and sanitation has established 152 Community Health Units with 1520 Community Health Volunteers which are a part of a larger Primary Care Network (PCN).

Each unit is linked to a specific level 2 health facility and a level 3 health facility.

These facilities are mapped to level 4 facilities, such as subcounty or county hospitals, creating a hub-and-spoke model where the level 4 facility serves as the central point.

Receiving the kits were the Maternal and Child Health Coordinator Irene Berenge, Kapsabet Cointy Referral Hospital Nurse Manager Susan Biwott, Principal Public Health Officer Ray Sowon and the County Clinical Officer Lilian Boit.

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26 Sep
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Hundreds of people from Nandi with their legs and hands amputated have benefitted from free assessment and artificial limbs and hands through an initiative by the County Government of Nandi and partners.

Once the amputee gets the limb/hand, with some of them being breadwinners in their families, they will be able to run their daily chores to earn a living and relieve other family members who they depend on for mobility.

The Chief Officer for Sports, Youth, Gender and Social Welfare Beatrice Jemurgor said amputation is a serious issue that have stolen the joy and livelihood of amputees, as most of them have lost their jobs, while some their family, adding that the free artificial limbs and arms distributed will help them regain mobility and function in the society.

Speaking on the criteria for benefiting from the free artificial arms and limbs, the Chief Officer said: “There are no criteria. Anyone in need of either an artificial leg or hand should just walk into the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital Orthopaedic Unit every Wednesday for assessment, where the details of a person’s size and that after a few days, you’re going home with your limbs after you are given a training.”

She applauded Vipian Ngetich, a committed and dedicated officer for passionately and tirelessly support towarding PWDs.

She stressed on the need to give towards humanity, reaching out to the less privilege in the society, which is the mission of the department. She, however, urged corporate organisations, non-governmental organisations to support humanity by reviving hope in PWDs.

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25 Sep
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Hundreds of Tinderet Sub County residents with eye complications have received free cataract surgery and free eye check-ups, courtesy of the County Government of Nandi in collaboration with Sabatia Eye Hospital.

The one-day Eye Clinic held on Sunday at the Meteitei Sub County Hospital saw residents get free eye checks, glasses and medicine.

Speaking at the Hospital, the Medical Superintendent and Tinderet Sub County MoH Dr Joseph Kibor said that Eye sight is very important and without sight, your normal life gets affected. “Cataracts are a major threat to losing eyesight and most common among the elderly,” he noted.

Dr Kibor further called on Nandi residents to get regular eye check-ups.

Blindness by cataract is gradual and takes several months, but is reversible through surgery, injections and a patient can also have artificial eyes.

A medical team comprising ophthalmologists, optometrists and nurses from Sabatia Eye Hospital and Kapsabet County Referral Hospital performed the free surgeries.

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10 Aug
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Work on the New Mother and Child Hospital at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital heads into its final stretch.

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08 Aug
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The CEC member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech has expressed determination towards the provision of quality health care services to the citizenry.

The health executive said this when she paid an unscheduled visit to health facilities in Chesumei and Mosop Sub Counties to check on ongoing works and service delivery.

While inspecting the ongoing construction works, the CEC emphasized the need for standards, maintaining that the remodelling of Mosoriot Sub County hospital is carried out according to specification and in record time.

Speaking at Kabiyet Sub County Hospital, the CEC member said revitalizing Primary Health Care is central and key to Governor Sang’s healthcare agenda and the Department of Health’s effort to reposition PHCs to deliver quality healthcare service irrespective of location adding that this is the first step in improving citizens quality of life and economic productivity.

At the ongoing construction site at Chepterwai Hospital, the CEC described the project as desirable.

She said, the contractor handling the project have promised to deliver the project on time while equipment would be provided thereafter.

She stated that the passion, commitment, and investment in the health sector by Governor Sang’s administration is driving improvements in patient safety and quality of care in public healthcare facilities, as well as seeking to foster increased private sector participation in healthcare.

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07 Aug
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Communities around Tinderet Sub County can now afford a smile as construction of a modern Maternity Wing , courtesy of the County Government of Nandi nears completion.

The wing, being constructed at the Meteitei Sub County Hospital, will assist hundreds of expectant mothers every year and will help ease congestion and enhance service delivery at the facility.

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02 Aug
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The County Department of Health and Sanitation in partnership with Total Care Rapha Clinics and the Deliverance Church held a free medical camp on Monday in Kapsisywa Health Centre, Chesumei Sub County. The medical camp which focused on screening for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) such as Hypertension and Diabetes saw over 500 people of varied demographics benefit from free consultation, diagnosis, medication and referral for further specialized care at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

Speaking during the event, the CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech who led the team, said that the County Government of Nandi has been and will continue to partner with various organizations, with an aim of transforming lives of citizens across the county.

“This initiative is part of the efforts of the Governor’s healthcare agenda to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all Kenyans,” said Ruth.

World Marathon Champion Eliud Kipchoge also graced the event where he applauded the County Government of Nandi for extending specialized healthcare services at the community level.

Present at the event was Bishop George Gichana of the Deliverance Church among other guests.

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01 Aug
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The CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech led the residents of Nandi during the launch of the Breastfeeding week graced by World Marathoner Eliud Kipchoge at Kapsisywa Health Center in Chesumei Sub County under the theme Enabling Breastfeeding: Making the difference for working parents.

This year’s World Breastfeeding week will focus on the links between breastfeeding and good nutrition, food security and reduction of inequalities, said Ruth.

The need for multi-sectorial action to increase exclusive breastfeeding rates was reflected by all speakers at the launch.

In her address, the CEC Member said “Breastfeeding gives babies the best possible start in life, as breastmilk acts as a baby’s first vaccine protecting infants from deadly diseases and giving them all the nourishment they need to survive and thrive.”

During the celebrations of this year’s WBW, the CEC member said the department of health and sanitation pledges to focus on reawakening the actors in the warm chain by strengthening their capacity through education and empowerment.

Breast milk is the only accepted food recommended for infants for the first six months of their lives.

Breastmilk saves children’s lives as it provides antibodies that give them a healthy boost and protect them against many childhood illnesses.

WHO and the Ministry of Health recommend that breastfeeding be initiated within one hour of birth, that it continue with no other foods or liquids for the first six months of life, and that it be continued with complementary feeding (breastfeeding with other age-appropriate foods) until at least 24 months of age.

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01 Aug
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Infrastructure development and upgrading to support safe surgical services in primary health care facilities is an important step in the journey towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Quality health service provision together with equitable geographic access and service delivery are important components that constitute UHC.

Achieving Universal Health coverage (UHC) is a top priority of the health reform agenda in Governor Sang’s administration.

The upgrading of Mosoriot Sub County Hospital into a County Hospital is expected to be completed in the next coming months.

The CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech says the move will reduce the high number of referral cases in the county.

She noted that the county government has placed priority on taking health care services closer to the people by focusing on improving health care facilities.

She added that the upgrading of Mosoriot sub county hospital will also minimize the long distances people have cover to access quality health services.

The CEC was speaking at the facility during an inspection tour of the construction works.

She assured the residents of Nandi that Governor Sang’s administration is fully committed to actualizing its promises of bettering their standard of living.

The CEC was accompanied by the Chief Officer for Health Fredrick Kiptum.

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24 Jul
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Malaria is a potentially life-threatening infection.

The County Government of Nandi is scaling and sustaining access to prompt malaria diagnosis and effective treatment to the entire population.

Part of the implementation of the malaria strategy has been to strengthen laboratory diagnosis of malaria across all levels of the health care system and in all epidemiological zones within the county.

These efforts has seen the County Government of Nandi named the best overall in National Malaria External Quality Assurance Champion for the implemention of National Quality Assurance in parasitological diagnosis of malaria guidelines.

Speaking in her office when she received the National Malaria EQA Champion 2023 award from the County Lab Coordinator Mr Kendagor, the CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech said that “It is time we rise once again to the challenge of malaria, through joint action, and a commitment to leaving no one behind, we can achieve our shared vision of a Nandi free of malaria.”

According to Abigael Jerotich, the County Malaria Quality Assurance Officer based at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, one of the intermediate results was an improvement in quality Malaria diagnostics. “Initially, malaria was diagnosed without any roadmap and the quality of malaria diagnosis was not given preference,” says Abigael.

To address this challenge, given that Nandi is among the counties with prevalence of malaria, the County Government of Nandi prioritized capacity building for lab health workers.

“We were taken through a series of trainings that has helped us to transform the management of malaria in the county,” she attests. “We have strengthened the technical support supervision and mentorship in link facilities that have contributed to the usage of commodities and documentation with an aim to improve the accuracy of malaria diagnostics at link facilities.”

Malaria eradication is a top priority of the County and plans to establish a Malaria reference lab. It has devoted resources and expertise to a relentless pursuit of malaria eradication, and has continuously adapted the approach to achieve the greatest possible impact, in partnership with key stakeholders in health.

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