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24 Apr
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The Sharon Live-On Directors, Barnabas Korir, Chairman Athletics Kenya, Nairobi Region together with his wife Dr.Agnes Korir, today paid a courtesy call to the CECM Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech on a follow up on Sharon Live-On Support program to the County.

Sharon Jepchumba Korir, an 8-year old girl, in 2003 was bitten by a stray dog, which first chased her and then attacked her, leaving a small scratch on her back.Her parents took Sharon immediately to the hospital,but later succumbed to active-rabies three weeks later.

It was this tragedy that inspired Sharon’s mother, Dr. Agnes Korir, a lecturer at Daystar University in Nairobi, to open a foundation  in Sharon’s name,Sharon Live-On Foundation. Finding a way to keep her daughter’s death from being in vain.

The Foundation together with its partners are planning on facelifting Sironoi Dispensary to aid in improving service delivery to its environs. This includes equipping it fully to a higher level facility. The foundation has already bought an acre piece of land in readiness of the construction of the extensive building as soon as MoU is signed between them and the County Government.

The CECM in the brief mentioned that this is a welcomed partnership as it it will boost the health care fraternity. “This will built as an emulative act by other partners and organizations through the country to promote health services” mentioned the health boss.

Present during the meeting were the Chief Officer Preventive and Promotive Health Services Sally Kemboi and the Director Medical Services Dr.David Bungei.

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13 Apr
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Nandi residents were on Friday privileged to host Deputy President William Ruto on his development tour to the County. On the agenda was the ground breaking of the Kabiyet Complex situated at Kabiyet Sub-County Hospital in Mosop Sub County. The DP commended Governor Sang’s administration for actualizing the Big Four agenda and especially Healthcare being the primary lead,hence devolution being felt across the County.
Speaking during the tour, Ruto said that the National Government is working  with County Governments to ensure that Universal Healthcare is achieved and residents will access health services in fully equipped facilities. On its establishment ,the project will change the livelihood of the residents due to enhanced access of quality healthcare.
Governor Stephen Sang who had accompanied the DP in the tour reiterated that construction of the facility and its completion will ensure there is access to effective primary healthcare. He added that in his tenure they are ensuring that no mother will have to walk long distances in search of health services.The distance between health facilities is hence aimed at 5 km.
Upon its completion the complex is projected to serve a population of 198,831 residents in the constituency and beyond. Among the services to be offered include Cesarean sections,Minor and major operations,Comprehensive in patient and outpatient services,Specialized services including Physiotherapy and occupational therapy,Dental,Ophthalmology clinic,ENT and an orthopeadic clinic,Intensive Care Unit ,High Dependency Unit,Imaging services (X-Ray,CT Scan,MRI and Ultrasound) and ambulatory services.
The commencement of the project is expected to take off in the next two weeks and the completion of phase one,early next year. Kabiyet Complex is one among four other major project complexes done across the County which include Chepterwai, Kobujoi and Nandi Hills.
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09 Apr
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The County government of Nandi through the Public service sector is continually working to ensure staff welfare is taken care of. Today the Doctors CBA implementation and monitoring committee held their quarterly meeting to deliberate on the progress of CBA implementation in Nandi county. The major concerns pertaining the implementation of the CBA include promotions, establishment of doctors call room and lounge, shortage of doctors, disciplinary procedures, leave, working conditions and the realization of other benefits that the doctors are entitled to.

The committee was established in March 2018 to spearhead and monitor the implementation of Doctors CBA. While chairing the meeting, the Acting County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang said that County Government of Nandi has progressively put in efforts to ensure the CBA is implemented. It has recently employed doctors to curb the shortage and that it will always ensure that the staff working conditions are bettered.

County Public Service Board member, Mr. Sammy Sareto assured the doctors that the pending promotion letters will be issued.

The Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation, Dr. Paul Lagat assured the committee that doctor’s call room and lounge are ready and that the county will continue to support the doctors to go on specialized training based on their needs. He added that when the doctors who are currently out to complete their training, the county will be sufficient in terms of specialists.

The members of the committee include: the County secretary, Chairperson of County Public Service Board (CPSB), Chief officer for health, Chief officer for finance, Chief officer for public service, director for human resource, director for health, County Legal Officer, MedSup Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, two county KMPDU members, two regional KMPDU members.

The Chief officer for Public service, Grace Sugut, assured the doctors and all other staff that their issues and grievances will be handled and that the staff welfare will always be taken care of. The county also endeavours to promote all other staff (doctors included) as per the regulations and with the help of County Human Resource Advisory Committee (CHRAC).

KMPDU regional secretary, Dr. Ismael Ayabei, appreciated the county government for being one of the counties putting in more efforts in the adoption and implementation of the doctors CBA. He further stated that KMPDU has called off the planned industrial action as they look forward to the full implementation of the CBA.

Also present were: County Human resource director, John Keter; KMPDU regional representative, Dr. Samwel Ng’arng’ar; MedSup Nandihills, Dr. Joseph Kangor; County KMPDU liason member, Dr. Mohammed Musa; MOH Nandi Hills, Dr. Titus Sang; County attorney, George Tarus and Nelly Rono from public CPSB Human Resource Department.

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08 Apr
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Nandi county joined the rest of the world in marking the international World Health and Autism month.

April 2 is observed as World Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society. The day, is celebrated internationally following its adoption by the UN in 2007.

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated annually on April 7.

Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot giving an address at the event.

Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot led Nandi residents in marking World Health/Autism day at an event that was held at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital in Kapsabet Ward, Emgwen sub county.

The celebration was marked with guest cycler James Gatenga leading the procession along the streets of Kapsabet town to create awareness of the disorder.

Guest Cycler James Gatenga

Autism is characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills and social interactions and in restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour.

Globally, one in 160 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to the World Health Organization.

Autism spectrum disorder, refers to a group of neurodevelopmental disorders of variable severity characterized by repetitive and characteristic patterns of behavior and difficulties with social communication and interaction.

The World Health Day was also marked by organising different programmes. The day was celebrated with the theme ‘Universal Health Coverage.

The day is held to mark WHO’s founding, and seen as an opportunity by the organisation to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year.

Progress is being made in Nandi County towards the attainment of UHC through the provision of Quality, affordable health care. Over 20 facilities and 2 maternity units have been operationalized.

In her speech, the deputy county boss said that it is the priority of the county government of Nandi to create an enabling society, where disabled people know they are highly valued and can fully participate.

“I believe passionately, that disabled people and their families want to be free to choose how they live their lives, to live an everyday life in everyday places,” said Dr. Yulita.

Awareness of autism syndrome, how it affects those who live with these conditions and their families, is vital in ensuring access to the right support and most importantly of all, to ensure that people living with these conditions are able to participate in the community and live an ordinary life.

World Autism Awareness Day is about more than generating understanding; it is a call to action.

Present at the event were the CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech, Kapsabet Ward MCA Hon. Fred Kipkemboi, KNPA representatives, Kenya Autism Association among other county officials.

Cyclers creating autism awareness in Kapsabet town

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06 Apr
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County’s Department of Health and Sanitation is partnering with Voluntary Service Organization( VSO) in the fight against Drug and Substance abuse among the people of Nandi County. Today, they held a stakeholders sensitization forum in Kabirirsang Dispensary in bid to heighten the campaign against drug and substance abuse.

The VSO are conducting a research in Nandi on matters of drug and substance abuse and its relationship with mental illness/ instability. While giving their report on the status of the County in Drug and substance abuse, VSO and ICS called upon all the stakeholders to join hands in fight drug abuse. These stakeholders include task force from Deaf Community, Public health officers,
Mental health team from Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, representatives from Ministry of Education, Ward Administrators A-KILI Foundation Rehabilitation Centre, Public administration and the general public.

CECM for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech, who also attended the sensitization forum, said that Drug and Substance abuse has resulted into many social and health problems.”This has become one of the major causes of mental health and suicide incidences”, she added.

Ruth further added that strict legislative approaches will be applied in tackling this problem especially in handling the sellers and the users. The department through the Public Health Unit is also working on other strategies that will curb the problem.

She therefore calls upon all stakeholders to support the government in tackling drug and substance abuse especially among the youth.

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06 Apr
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Breast milk is always the best source of nutrition for the newborns and the infants because of its nutritional, immunological and psychological benefits. Today the Deputy Governor, Dr Yulita Cheruiyot opened Chemomi Baby Nursing Unit which will provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for breastfeeding especially for mothers working in the tea farms.

This is an initiative by the Eastern Produce kenya (EPK) in partnership with County’s Department of Health and sanitation. It aims at providing a breastfeeding-friendly work environment for the female employees. Dr Yulita Cheruiyot congratulated the EPK for their concern and support for the female employees. She went ahead to encourage all other institutions to adopt such strategies that support and sustain breastfeeding as recommended by WHO.

Breastfeeding helps in improving nutritional status, growth and development of the infants . It also benefits mothers by preventing breast cancer, improved birth spacing as well as reduced woman’s risk of diabetes and ovarian cancer (Hansen, 2015). It therefore acts as the best approach in ensuring preventive and promotive health.

The CECM for Health and Sanitation, Ruth Koech, while speaking during the opening ceremony, said that the facility will greatly help in infection control due to its hygienic state and that mothers will get the comfort that is required in breastfeeding. She further added that the facility will serve as centre for training the nursing mothers on proper and hygienic breastfeeding practices.

Also present were the EPK Management and staff, Nandi hills Ward MCA Hon. Gideon Koech, County Nutritionist Angela Korir and Health teams from Nandi Hills sub county.

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04 Apr
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Governor Sang Calls On Interior CS To Regulate Agencies Recruiting Kenyans To Work In Foreign Countries

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang on Thursday called on the Cabinet Secretaries for Interior and Coordination of National Security Dr. Fred Matiangi and Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s Amb. Monica Juma to reign on rogue agencies that recruit Kenyan Citizens to work in foreign countries.

Speaking when he received a status report of Isaac Kiprotich from Kimngeru Sub location who returned from Qatar where he was stranded after his agent abandoned him, Sang said the Government should vet all agencies offering such services to weed out unscrupulous agencies who have turned the business into a slave trade.

Medical Officers from Kapsabet County referral Hospital accompany Kipngetich to the Hospital for further medical attention.

“I call upon relevant Government Ministries to move with speed and vet afresh all the recruitment agencies in the country to ensure that only the genuine ones are left”

Kipngetich, who was severely injured after he slipped while on duty, was hospitalized for about a month in a Qatar-based hospital
He arrived on Wednesday and was admitted at Kapsabet County Refferal Hospital for further treatment.

Governor Sang added that many youth have suffered and continue to suffer in the hands of slave traders who masquerade as agents of foreign companies.

“We are aware that many youths have suffered and fallen prey to such slave traders who fool them with non existing jobs in foreign countries. When they arrive in those countries, they are misused and made to work for long hours with less or no pay,” Sang said.

The Governor urged the youth to exercise due diligence and do background checks of the agencies before registering with them.

Sang disclosed that his administration was in the process of exploring ways to increase the Internship opportunities for the youth across the county as well as increasing procurement opportunities so that the youth can benefit from and reduce the numbers of those who are seeking employment outside the country.

“We will continue exploring ways of absorbing our youth through our internship program and also increase opportunities for them through procurement opportunities so that they do not have to travel abroad for jobs.”

Already, the County Government of Nandi has placed 250 youths on Internship program in the first phase with another 400 set to be absorbed in July. Additionally, procurement opportunities for the Youth, Women and Persons Living with Disabilities have increased from the Constitutional 30 percent to 50 percent.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 youths are looking for jobs in overseas countries every month due to the high unemployment rates in the country.

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02 Apr
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Universal health coverage means that individuals and communities get access to primary health services.This involves equitable rights for everyone to access health services regardless of the economic class. It also advocates for quality of health services in a society. 

The goal to achieve universal health care coverage aims at achieving the sustainable development goal on promoting well being and healthy lives   for all the individuals.

In a bid to increase access to healthcare services at the community level, the Beyond Zero team  conducted a free mobile clinic at Songoliet in Kilibwoni Ward,Emgwen Sub County. The main aim of this mobile clinic is to bring the medical services closer to the residents. In addition it helps people living a far from the major clinics access medication

The residents of Songoliet were able to receive free medical services including blood pressure test and free consultation. Those who visited the mobile clinic were treated and given medication for their ailments.

Those seeking medical attention were drawn from Songoliet Primary School and Songoliet locality. During this exercise, 77 Pre primary 1 and 2 pupils from Songoliet Primary School were dewormed and given multi-vitamin supplements while 110 patients received free consultation.

Other medical services provided include treatment on Ear Nose and Throat infection, stomach infections and  care for wounds.


Sally Ng’etich, a resident of Songoliet, expressed satisfaction after receiving free medical services. She commended the County Government for this initiative where services reach the residents at the community level. She also added that the mobile clinic is important because it eases the medical costs and transportation fee to the nearest health facility.

Reaching out to the community with the help of the Beyond Zero efforts have resulted in a drop in maternal mortality rate since it’s inception through continuous and consistent advocacy. 


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01 Apr
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The health of a mother impacts on the family and even the entire community.

Majority of women deliver their babies from home under traditional care often with tragic results. The conditions under which they give birth are very unhygienic and if there are any complications the traditional birth attendants are usually unable to cope.

Every woman that delivers in a public health facility will now get a free safe kit commonly known as mama kit as the safe motherhood project is being implemented by the County Department of Health and Sanitation.

The objective of this project is to motivate expectant mothers to attend and deliver at the health facility and consequently reduce infant and mother mortality rates in the county and reduce the incidences of the transmission of HIV/AIDS to the new born child.

At least 2000 mama kits – an essential tool kit used in delivery – were distributed to various health facilities that conduct deliveries at an event overseen by Nandi Governor Stephen Sang.

According to the CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech ideally, the supply for mama kits should tally with the number of mothers that give birth every year.

“With the boost from World Bank funding under the Transforming Health Systems for Universal Care Project, the total number of the mama kits will increase every year,” she said.

“We are looking forward to a time when all mothers will comfortably go to health centres and have safe deliveries,” said Ruth.

Ms Irine Berenge the County RH said the kits will be distributed to all the public health facilities that conduct deliveries to be given to mothers at no cost.

The Mama Bag provides basic items to help with hygiene during the birth and aftercare for new-borns and their mothers. In a simple bag there is an outfit and shawl for the baby, a towel, cotton wool, a bar of soap, washing powder, rubber gloves, and locally produced health information and family planning leaflets. This is vital for a mother who would often have neither a cloth for her new baby nor any protection or change of clothes for herself.

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26 Mar
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Annual Work planning and budgeting is a key project activity since it allows the project to plan and manage its financial resources to support the implementation of its activities. The County Health Management Team embarked on a three day Annual Work Plan (AWP) Consolidation meeting.

The Department of Health and Sanitation is committed to strengthening its participatory planning process where key stakeholders are involved in the work planning and budgeting process this includes rural facilities, Sub County and county level.

The culmination of this is a joint harmonization and consolidation meeting for the AWP 2019/2020 FY by the stakeholders, after which the outcome of the meeting will be the key instrument for implementation and operational control for the departments’ activities.

Speaking during the seminar, The County Director for Health Services Dr. David Bungei said that the objective is to develop;launch and disseminate a programme-based AWP for Fiscal Year 2019/2020 which cuts across all service areas, sections of the department which will meet the requirements outlined in the sector’s overall planning framework, The consolidated work plan will be forwarded for approval to the Council of Governor’s after which it becomes part of the Budget for The Department of Health and Sanitation. Further, the AWP will be captured in the department’s automated monitoring and evaluation system for eventual monitoring to the impact level.

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