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08 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HealthX Africa a significant milestone in the journey towards achieving universal healthcare coverage in the county.

Through the partnership, HealthX Africa will provide its technology platform to enable the County Government of Nandi to digitize its health records, streamline its healthcare delivery system, and improve the quality of care.

This will ensure that patients receive timely and accurate diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care, leading to better health outcomes.

In addition, the partnership will also provide opportunities for capacity building, knowledge transfer, and skill development for healthcare workers in Nandi County.

HealthX will provide training and support to healthcare workers in the use of its platform, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality healthcare services.


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02 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi is committed to ensure improved and high-quality health care services are provided across all health facilities in the county.
Speaking shortly after inspecting the ongoing construction works at the new Mother and Child Hospital in Kapsabet, Governor Sang said that his government is committed to improving quality healthcare infrastructure for the county’s development.
“We are strengthening ease of access to quality and affordable healthcare through expansion of our health sector’s infrastructure. Among other efforts of achieving this, we are constructing a new Mother and Child Hospital (MCH) that will see expansion of services at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital” he said.
He said that the new hospital will compliment other actions aimed at attaining Universal Health Care.
The Governor indicated that investment in healthcare infrastructure aims to improve access to healthcare services, reduce waiting time, and improve the quality of care provided by providing modern, well-equipped facilities staffed by highly trained healthcare professionals.
On her part, the CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech said that her department aims to make quality, affordable health care not a privilege, but a right.
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01 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi has underscored its commitment to improving health outcomes in the county through constructive partnerships.
The CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech said the department of Health and Sanitation has adopted a people-centered approach in healthcare delivery as it seeks to realize universal health coverage.
She was speaking in her office earlier this morning when she met with a team from HealthX led by Roy Bore – CEO HealthX accompanied by Stephen Smith – HealthX COO, Dr Bradha Karnad – HealthX Chief Medical Officer.
The discussions resolved to have HealthX align their activities to support the county’s priority agenda of building a healthy county through UHC, particularly through leveraging on telehealth technology to improve efficiency in service delivery.
Telehealth services represent an innovative way for providers to connect with patients. With telehealth technology, providers can speak to their patients over the phone or hold video conferences. The program will be trialed at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital before possibly being expanded across the entire county facilities.
HealthX offers an all-encompassing, in-network ecosystem consisting of on-demand telehealth, mobile healthcare units dispatched for house calls, and a high complexity laboratory capable of running most sample panels. The On-Demand platform offers patients instant care and treatment options through best-in-class medical providers who can prescribe medications, order labs, and ultimately route and deliver care to a patient’s home.
The team also paid a courtesy call on H.E The Deputy Governor Dr Yulita Cheruiyot at her office and later toured Kapsabet County Referral Hospital and the Call Center.
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27 Feb
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The CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech paid a working visit to Mombwo Dispensary in Soba/Songhor Ward to inspect the status of the facility and the new site where a new facility will be build.
“Through committed and inspired leadership, the dedication of our staff and the application of our values, we aim to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system,” said Ruth.
The CEC Member said healthcare system reform continues to remain one of the priorities of Governor Sang’s administration.
The planned construction of a new facility at Mombwo Dispensary is in line with Governor Sang’s commitment to providing quality and affordable healthcare services for all in Nandi County.
She was accompanied by Soba/Songhor Ward MCA Raymond Chelule and the facility committee members.
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24 Feb
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Hundreds of residents of Kibisem village, Chemelil/Chemase Ward in Tinderet Sub County, thronged Kibisem Dispensary to receive free services during a health camp that was organised by the County Government of Nandi in partnership with Karebe Gold Mining Company Ltd.
The medical team provided free medical services during Friday’s camp that included cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, HIV testing and counselling, malaria testing.
Others were family planning methods, Nutrition and Health Education.
Speaking at the event, the County Director for Health Dr David Bungei said cancer screening is strategic as it puts in place mechanisms to raise awareness about the chronic disease.
“We encourage people to get screened to be able to arrest cancer in its early stages,” he said.
Dr Bungei encouraged males and females to get tested for cancer, including prostate, colorectal, cervical cancer and breast cancer.
He said it was unfortunate that most people continue to die due to late diagnosis and lack of proper cancer treatment.
Tindiret Sub County MoH Dr Joseph Kibor revealed that major conditions reported at the camp were malaria, respiratory tract infection and non communicable diseases.
“Emphasis has been put on the non communicable diseases as they are the silent killers among our people yet this would be avoided if tests are conducted early,” he said.
Karebe Gold Mining Company representative Emmy Cheruiyot said “As a corporate social responsibility, reality pushed the Company to consider partnering with the County Department of Health in taking care of the needs of the community.”
“Having realized that the majority were sick and could not afford treatment, Kerebe Gold Mining Company management chose to support this event to ensure that we have a healthy and productive community,” she said.
Ms Jane who was a beneficiary of the medical camp, thanked the County Government of Nandi and Kerebe Gold Mining Company for the initiative.
“I have no money to seek diabetes treatment and I am not able to cater for my medical expenses,” she said.
She said that she is forced to seek herbal treatment which sometimes doesn’t work.
Key elements of the government’s strategy to achieve UHC include building resilient and responsive primary health systems and investing in preventative and promotive community healthcare. It is against this backdrop that the County Government of Nandi recognizes Karebe Gold Mining Company for its “impactful collaboration” notably in the areas of strengthening community health, construction of staff quarters, sanitation facilities and donation of drugs to facilities within Chemelil/Chemase Ward.
Present at the event were the County Nurse Laban Tallam, County HIV Coordinator Richard Bwaley, County RH Coordinator Irene Berenge, County Nutritionist Doreen Toroitich among other officials.
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23 Feb
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Chesumei Sub County residents are a step closer to having enhanced health care close to home as Mosoriot Hospital redevelopment project nears completion.

The residents will have increased access to health-care services as the expanded hospital will include a new operating theatre, a laundry unit, a modern incinerator, a standby generator,  emergency department, medical/surgical in-patient as well as an expanded ambulatory care and oncology unit, maternity and women’s health unit and pharmacy.

The project is being delivered by the County Government of Nandi in partnership with the French Government.

The CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech led a team of contractors for a site visit at the facility.

“We are excited to see this significant milestone achieved for Mosoriot Hospital. I express our gratitude to French Government through FSE France Group and Mediomics for delivering on the commitment to proceed with this greatly needed upgrade to a critical health-care facility. Along with the numerous other improvements to this critical facility, we are particularly pleased to see the modern medical equipment and we are also excited to see the facelift, installation of a standby generator, construction and equipping of a new theatre and a modern incinerator,” said Ruth Koech.

“For our community and Nandi County, it means better health care facilities and expanded health services close to home,” added Ruth.

FSE Group France and Mediomics are two companies selected by the Ministry of Health to carry out installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment. They have since trained hospital staff involved in the operation and maintenance of the installed equipment.

Present during the site visit were Raphael de Tramasure FSE France General Manager, Nasser Achta Bertin Technologies, Waste Management, JeanLuc Willequet FSE France and Joseph Wamunyu – Contractor Mediomics.

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22 Feb
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CAP 254 of Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances states that any person who sells, prepares, packages, conveys, stores or displays for sale any food under insanitary conditions shall be guilty of an offence.
Street food vending operated by food operators that do not possess a health permit pose a serious public health risk to residents and visitors in Kapsabet town and its environs.
It is unlawful for any vendor to sell, display or offer for sale any food, beverage, goods or merchandise without first obtaining a public health license from the Government.
The Department of Health and Sanitation expressly finds that the vending of produce, prepared or prepackaged foods, goods, wares, and/or services, under certain circumstances, on public streets, sidewalks poses unsafe conditions and dangers to the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of Kapsabet Town.
In this regard, Emgwen Sub County health officials have issued a warning to residents about eating food from unlicensed street vendors in Kapsabet Town.
Further, the Public Health officials together with the Municipal Management are putting on notice all unlicensed food vendors.
Speaking during a meeting between the Kapsabet Municipal Manager the Department of Health of Health Officials from Emgwen Sub County, the Municipal Manager Richard Ng’eny said that people are taking a health risk when they purchase food from vendors who are not licensed and regulated by the Municipality.
It is required of all mobile food vendors to get licensed by the Health Department if they want to sell food to the public.
Vendors are required to follow food handling and safety standards as set by the Public Health Act. Included in this act is a list of food handling tips, including proper hand washing stations, hot and cold temperature controls, measures to prevent cross contamination, proper food storage and food handling certification.
In addition to this, the Health Department looks at where the food is being prepared to make sure there are no unsanitary practices taking place before being sold to the public.
“When we go to some of the places that are prepping the food, they are doing it in the backyard or garage. We are seeing really unsanitary conditions,” said Bittok, Emgwen Sub County Public Health Officer.
In order for a food vendor to become licensed, it is a requirement to obtain a food handling certificate from the Public Health.
Despite the requirements, there are some who choose not to get licensed and are still operating and selling food. In Nandi County, it is a misdemeanor violation to operate as a food vendor without a permit, subject up to a fine.
Inspectors with the Health Department are set to go out on a regular basis, searching for those vendors operating without a permit. The health inspectors will issue cease-and-desist orders to unpermitted food vendors within the town.
The County Department of Health is working with Kapsabet Municipality to protect the safety of food products that are supplied to consumers within the municipality by providing a permitting and inspection process for food vendors.
Present at the meeting were the Principal Public Health Officer Ray Sowon and Kapsabet Head of Enforcement Nick Kigen.
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14 Feb
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It is important to underscore that a nation’s most important resource is its people and more importantly a healthy people; That is where prosperity lies.
In view of this, Nandi residents have been called upon to avoid practices that may promote the Triple threat of new HIV infections, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and teen pregnancies which hinders the dreams of young girls.
Speaking at Emoo FM “Mwaa” program, Nandi Deputy Governor Dr Yulita Cheruiyot said the three were a silent threat to the nation amongst the youth who are the future of the country.
“This is a societal issue and to succeed in fighting the vices, we need to get out and talk about them openly,” said the Deputy Governor, adding that the government alone can’t solve it but can play the role of sensitizing citizens about the same.
“Time has come to say that things are not going in the right direction because our youth are under threat,” said Dr Yulita.
She said that there is need to confront the threat and called on the residents to unite in addressing the ‘Triple Threat’ including homosexuality among the adolescents and young people in Nandi County and other parts of Kenya.
She added that better coordination and close collaboration with involved institutions will help to address important issues in society.
The Deputy Governor highlighted sexual and gender-based violence as a crime that need to be addressed since it increases risk of HIV for women in the county and country at large.
She stressed that young people are at most risk of HIV infection, especially girls if they engage in sexual activities without protection against HIV and AIDS.
She said the County Government of Nandi is partnering with other institutions in an effort to end HIV and Aids as a public threat.
All this show the commitment and political will to address factors that drive the triple threat and promote the wellbeing of adolescents in the county. However, there is need to create awareness of the devastating impacts of the triple threat. Not only does it put pressure on population and development, it also increases the burden on healthcare and other vital social services. It also negatively impacts on girls’ and women’s empowerment and reduces their opportunities to engage in development at household, community and national level.
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10 Feb
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The county government of Nandi through the Department of Health has partnered with the National Government’s Ministry of Health and the National Syndemic diseases control council in the fight against Sexual and Gender Based Violence, teenage pregnancies and new HIV infections.

Speaking at an event held on Thursday at Aldai Technical Training Institute in Kemeloi-Maraba ward, the deputy governor Dr. Yulita Mitei Cheruiyot said that the County Government will work to end early childhood pregnancies, sexual and Gender Based Violence and new HIV infections in Nandi.

On her part, the chief executive officer for the national syndemic diseases control council Dr. Ruth Laibon- Masha said that it is the responsibility of every parent/guardian to ensure that children are protected from Sexual abuse which can lead to early pregnancies and HIV infections. She said that most children are abused by people who are well-known to them including close family members. The sensitization event brought together state officers, health professionals, local leaders, chiefs, village elders, members of the 4th estate and community health volunteers and they discussed on the best ways to curb the three issues which affect young people in Kenya.

According to statistics, Nandi records 68 new HIV infections every month. This according to experts is alarming. In Nandi, there are 18,618 people living with HIV. This is according to the National syndemic diseases control council report 2022. The report says that Kenya loses about 6 adolescents and young people aged 15-24 daily to AIDS-related illnesses. The report says in 2021 alone, pregnancies among children aged 10-14 years increased by 28.7% from 16,956 to 21,823. The number of new HIV infections among those aged 15-24 increased in Kenya by 7.7% compared to the year 2020 according to the report.

In Nandi, 555 new HIV infections were recorded in 2021. The report further says 5781 adolescent pregnancies (10-19 years),64 sexual and gender-based violence (10-17 years) and 112 new HIV infections (10-19 years) were recorded in Nandi in 2021 among adolescents. In Kenya, 316,187 adolescent pregnancies, 16,476 SGBV cases and 5123 new HIV infections were recorded in 2021 according to the report. The campaign dubbed ‘End the triple threat’ is happening is all the 47 counties in Kenya with the aim of sensitizing the public to join the fight against new HIV infections, sexual and gender-based violence and adolescent pregnancies.


Also in attendance at the event were Mrs Ruth Koech, the County Executive Committee Member for Health, and her counterpart from Elgeyo Marakwet County, Mr. Michael Kibiwott, along with other guests.

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10 Feb
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Kapsabet County Referral Hospital staff earlier today gathered for a prayer service led by volunteer chaplain in support of the medical professionals and public safety personnel who have struggled to save lives, as well as of patients and families.
The prayer session was led by Fr Masika of Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, Kapsabet.
“It’s an honor just to serve alongside the staff here at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital and support our community and patients and families who are here each and every day,” Fr Masika said in opening remarks.
The hospital has about 2 volunteer chaplains on its list.
The CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech thanked the chaplains and said they had been asked to give ”words of encouragement and support for our patients, their family members and also our employees who are working very hard to provide excellent care for our community and our patients.”
The hospital leadership plans various ways to show support during a “challenging and extremely stressful time,” she said.
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