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08 Aug
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Patients at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital will now have access to more specialized medical services hence reducing medical referrals.

The hospital received an Audiometer, a machine used for evaluating hearing acuity and an Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine used to diagnose abnormalities of the heart, such as heart chamber enlargement and abnormal electrical conduction. The equipments were delivered to the hospital by the County TB Coordinator Sammy Rop.

The Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Daniel Kemboi said the equipment from the National Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Division will transform service delivery at the county’s referral hospital.

The County Director of Health Administration, Planning and Operations Dr. Philemon Bureti said that the residents of Nandi can now get quality healthcare services right in Kapsabet without worrying about extra costs of transporting our loved ones out of the county for specialised treatment.

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07 Aug
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Breastfeeding is the birthright of every child and responsibility of every mother. World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year on August 1 to 7.

This year’s theme is ‘Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding.’

The County Government of Nandi through the department of health and sanitation today joined the global event.

Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot, led the county in marking the world breastfeeding week at Kipng’oror Health Center in Chepterwai Ward of Mosop Sub County.

“Establishing exclusive breastfeeding – feeding infants nothing but breast milk for the first six months of life – helps young children grow, preventing under-nutrition, promoting brain development and reduce the rate at which children become overweight,” noted the Deputy County boss.

The health and sanitation department, acknowledged partners notably Nutrition International and Eastern Produce Kenya (EPK) in enhancing awareness creation, advocating for the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding culture.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding within one hour for the first 6 months and at the same time providing them with nutritious complimentary till 2 years.

Babies who are breastfed by their mothers are less likely to develop tonsillectomies – a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils.

Less skin allergy is associated with babies who receive their mother’s milk, which in turn lead to general healthy living.

Higher IQ is also associated with children who are breastfed and, this means cognitive development emanating from nerve tissue expansion. Improved memory is yet another merits of consuming milk of the mother.

Other deadly conditions and diseases greatly reduced by the breast milk include: urinary tract, obesity, sudden infant death syndrome, cholesterol management and respiratory infections.

The global breastfeeding week is an annual event that is set aside for recognizing the health importance of giving children their mother’s milk.

Health facilities, pediatricians, gynecologists, family members, parents, guidance and the general public must support new and young mothers to breastfeed their children.

Present at the event were the County Director for Health Dr. David Bungei, Angeline Korir the County Nutritionist, Nutrition International Coordinator Kiprotich Kirorei among other senior county health officials and staff from Mosop sub county.

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31 Jul
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Malnutrition in Nandi County remains a big public health problem. The County is experiencing a rise in diet-related non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cancers, kidney and liver complications that are attributed to the consumption of foods low in fibre and high in fats and sugars. This triple burden on malnutrition is serious and without deliberate and concerted effort, will lead to increased morbidity, mortality as well as loss of productivity.

Nandi has made great efforts in dealing with malnutrition which is one of the greatest public health burdens in the county. One intervention is the development of the Nandi County Nutrition Action Plan (N-CNAP). The development of N-CNAP began with an inception workshop held today with stakeholders from all county departments and officials from Nutrition International to provide guidance on the action plan.

The inception workshop was officially opened by Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot flanked by the County Executive Committee Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech.

Reducing malnutrition in Nandi County is not just a health priority but also a political choice that calls for a multi-sectoral focus driven by a political goodwill that acknowledges the integral role that nutrition plays in ensuring a healthy population and productive workforce. Communities must be empowered to claim their right to good nutrition and guided to play their role towards realizing this right.

The solutions to malnutrition are practical, basic and have to be applied at scale and prioritized in the County development agenda. Nandi County has shown renewed commitment to nutrition having partnered with Nutrition International. Therefore, the development of the Nandi County Nutrition Action Plan (N-CNAP) provides practical guidance to implementation of Nandi County’s commitments to nutrition.

The N-CNAP will provide a framework for coordinated implementation of high impact nutrition intervention by the county government and nutrition stakeholders for maximum impacts at all levels. Most of these interventions are part of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) actions.

The purpose of the County Nutrition Action Plan is to provide a framework for coordinated implementation of nutrition intervention activities by the county government and nutrition stakeholders.

The Plan is being developed through implementation of High impact Nutrition interventions (HiNi). The HiNi interventions include: exclusive breastfeeding, timely complementary feeding, iron folate, vitamin A and zinc supplementation, hand washing, deworming, food fortification and management of moderate and severe acute malnutrition.

It is expected that implementation of the Plan will contribute to increased commitment, partnerships and networking as well as resource mobilization efforts among nutrition stakeholders towards achieving these goals.

Also present were the Chief Officer for Preventive and Promotive Services Sally Kemboi and the Director for Health Dr. David Bungei.

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30 Jul
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The ongoing renovation works of Kapsabet County Referral Hospital is almost complete.

The hospital has been renovated and installation of equipment complete in some of the facilities which are already in use owing to the high demand.

The County Executive Committee Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech expressed joy that the renovation works currently being undertaken is on course and moving as scheduled. “I am excited to see this facility taking shape and continuing to meet our expectations as a Health sector,” she said.

“To reduce congestion at the out-patient unit, we are establishing waiting bays at the Lab with a pay point, filter clinics with a nurse station and at the oncology department,” added Ruth.

In response to the increasing cancer burden in Nandi, patients seeking access to cancer testing and treatment and to clinicians in delivering these services, the county department has established an oncology department at the facility.

The CECM was speaking at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital when she led top health management officials on a tour of the facility to assess the operations of the hub, identify any possible gaps and devise means to address them.

The Doctor’s lounge at the facility being equipped. The lounge will be a place for physicians to regroup to congregate and consult.

Special clinic days at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital has been set. On Mondays the clinic will be handling Medical cases, Tuesdays will be Surgical cases, Wednesdays has been dedicated for Gynaecological cases whereas Thursday for Paediatric cases.

Within the next week, construction of a waiting bay for persons visiting the wards will commence.

Parking area at the MCH is now complete allowing staff to park their vehicles within the facility.

The construction of the rear entrance gate at the MCH is almost complete. This will be the main entrance gate to the facility whereas the current main gate will be used for emergency cases only.

Present during the visit were the Chief Officer for Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat, Director Lands Environment and Natural Resources Chief Officer Dr. Solomon Mang’ira, Governor’s Delivery Unit Julius Koech, Director of Health Administration, Operations, Finance, Planning and Operations Dr. Philemon Bureti, Medical Superintendent Dr. Daniel Kemboi and the hospital Public Relations Officer Daniel Serem.

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25 Jul
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Public health officials in Nandi County on Thursday destroyed a consignment of Nuteez Peanut butter seized earlier in January after they obtained court orders.

Nandi County Public Health Officials, had gone to court after the National Public Health Laboratory Services examined that Jetlak Company’s Nuteez Peanut butter samples collected from Nandi supermarkets and shops were condemned and unfit for human consumption.

The analysis by the Government Chemist found that the Nuteez peanut butter contained high levels aflatoxins.

Kapsabet resident magistrate D.A Alego on March 20, ordered that the Nuteez peanut butter seized from Naivas Supermarket, Tiryo Supermarket, Delta Supermarket – Kapsabet and Nandi Hills, Jubilee Merchant Wholesalers, Corner Shop Mosoriot be destroyed through incineration at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital in the presence of the Public Health officials, Court representatives, OCS Kapsabet and the County Head of Enforcement.

A certificate of analysis had showed that Nuteez peanut butter failed to pass intricate test analysis conducted on a sample taken to the government chemist.

In the report, the analysis noted that the sample was not fit for human consumption as it had surpassed the required limit of aflatoxin allowed in such products.

According to the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), aflatoxins are toxic chemicals produced as by-products by fungi (moulds) that grow on maize, cottonseed, groundnuts and other food crops.

People can be exposed to aflatoxins by eating contaminated plant products or by consuming meat or dairy products from animals that ate contaminated feed. Exposure to aflatoxins is associated with an increased risk of liver cancer.

In April this year, Kebs reinstated Jetlak company’s standardisation mark permit No. 965 for Nuteez, saying it will continue monitoring the “effectiveness” of the company’s controls for the peanut butter through market surveillance, factory inspections and testing.

Kenya is one of the world’s hotspots for aflatoxins, with what is believed to be the highest incidence of acute toxicity ever documented.

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24 Jul
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Providing quality, affordable and accessible health service is key in the health transformation agenda. Channeling large amounts of fiscal resources to this sector for improvement of the health care delivery system is inevitable.

Mosop Sub county is one among six sub counties in Nandi, with a total of 23 operational facilities. 2 sub county Hospitals, 1 Health Centre and 20 dispensaries.

The ongoing construction of Maternity wing at Kabiemit dispensary in Ndalat Ward, will be a relieve to many as it serves a larger catchment area to its borders of Uasin Gishu County costing  about 2.5 M to its operationalization in the next 2 months.

Kabiemit facility is also undergoing a face lift of its existing structures. The upgrade of the dispensary with a fully equipped maternity comprising a new born unit, pre-natal, post-natal and ward will elevate it to a health Centre status.

Chenyogoson, Rubet and Kakiptui facilitates are among facilities that had stalled but under the leadership of Governor Sang, the facilities will be completed and operationalized, while Kapsosio Dispensary will be constructed as a new facility.

Governor Stephen Sang, during his routine visit mentioned that this is part of his big four agendas of giving healthcare a priority in his Government.

He was accompanied by the Deputy Governor Yulita and Ruth Koech, CECM Health and Sanitation.



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23 Jul
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The department of Health and Sanitation held a one-day performance review meeting at the Nandi Hills County Hospital. This is a routine appraisal meeting held once every four months to evaluate progress made and share challenges experienced by all stakeholders of health services at the county.

The meeting brought together all stakeholders in the provision of health services within the county headed by the Chief Officer Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat accompanied by directors and heads of various units and sub/units.

The team will track effectiveness of existing service delivery standards and quality of care offered to Nandi residents through review of supportive evidences to be presented by the participants supporting provision of health services.

This quarters’ performance review meeting provided a framework for; information sharing among health sector stakeholders, comparing achievements against target, evaluating existing data processes and systems, discussing best practices and recommended standards as well as develop quality improvement plans for future implementations.

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17 Jul
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In the past years, Nandi was the epitome of inadequate and inefficient healthcare services.

However, under Governor Sang’s administration, the County Government of Nandi continues to invest heavily in the provision of healthcare, health infrastructure, medicines and personnel.

The County Government of Nandi is committed in offering quality and affordable healthcare for all and by ensuring Nandi residents have a wide choice in as far as health facilities are concerned.

A lot has been happening in Nandi’s health sector; for instance Serem Health Centre unveiled a 12-bed maternity wing. Kapnyarwat, Kibonze, Chepyagoris, Chepkemel, Kamamut, Kabutie, Mosombor, Kamelilo, Ndubeneti and Boi dispensaries are operational and the results are impressive.

The Department of Health and Sanitation continues to rehabilitate and improve Kapsabet County Referral Hospital to offer a full spectrum of services and minimize referral cases outside the county. The facility will soon go paperless with the roll out of the Health Management Information System (HMIS). The recently installed CT scan machine, dialysis, MRI and the new theatre are operational. The Oxygen plant is saving the residents and the government thousands of shillings daily. The hospital has been equipped with modern chairs and a modern laboratory is currently operational.

The construction of Mother and Baby Hospital complex is ongoing and is expected to be complete within the next 24 months.

The county government is also expanding Nandi Hills County Hospital. The construction of the facility’s trauma center is ongoing. Expansion of the out-patient unit is complete and operational. The Construction of an out-patient ablution block is almost complete. The facility’s mortuary has been fully equipped with modern fridges and a new embalmer has been acquire and will be operational in the coming weeks.

To ensure steady and uninterrupted power supply, the county government has installed two standby power generators at both Kapsabet County Referral and Nandi Hills County Hospitals.

The County Department of Health and Sanitation is also upgrading six sub county hospitals, each to have an operating theater and a maternity wing. Over 60 other health facilities are set to be renovated and new ones constructed. This is aimed at ensuring the residents of Nandi receive quality healthcare within reach.

The County Government of Nandi has maintained a steady supply of drugs to all health facilities and has recruited medical personnel across all cadres to offer the much needed services.

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16 Jul
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Contractors who have been awarded County tenders have been urged to adhere to the stipulated timeframes to avert cases of delays in completion of projects.

While speaking on Monday during a meeting with Contractors at the County Department of Health and Sanitation, the Chief Officer for Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat noted that a number of contractors exceed the given timelines hence pulling back the county in terms of development.

The Chief Officer assured contractors that the County Government is committed to pay them on time upon completion of their work.

Dr. Lagat said that the slow pace which some contractors use executing the projects contributes to rollover and questionable service delivery which result to accusations from residents.

“Dont do any project without any documentation and also you must have a project work plan,” he advised.

On her part the Chief Officer in charge of Preventive and Promotive Services Sally Kemboi added that they have awarded tenders to various contractors and they will start work as from next week as site-handing over is expected to commence this week.

She noted that the department of health and sanitation has put measures in place to ensure that there is timely payment.

The Director of Administration, Planning, Finance and Operations Dr. Philemon Bureti however urged the contractors to finish their work on time as stipulated in their contracts saying that shoddy work will not be entertained, he said that contractors should work within the timeline and do a good job.

The contractors thanked the county government for awarding them tenders and promised to do their best.

Over 70 health projects ranging from construction of new health facilities, renovations, expansion works and construction of incinerators are expected to be complete within this financial year giving a boost to the health sector in Nandi.

Also present at the meeting were Engineers, Deputy Director of Monitoring and Evaluation Mathew Rotich, Economics Officer Vincent Lagat, Tinderet Ward Sub County Administrator Barnabas Tallam and his Aldai counterpart Charles Too, several Ward Administrators, procurement officers among other health officials.

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11 Jul
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The County Government of Nandi has received drugs worth 80 million shillings from Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA).

The medical supplies were delivered by the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) as part of the 2018/2019 back order. The drugs received will last the county until September.

Chief Officer for Medical Services Dr. Paul Lagat reiterated the commitment of the health department towards availing the best pharmacy services to the population seeking for health services in Nandi.

The Chief Pharmacist Dr. Andrew Kisang said that measures have been put in place for commodity security and accountability.

On his part the County Director for Health Dr. David Bungei pointed out that he has directed all health facility committees and in charges to minute all drug deliveries and maintain up to status stock cards.

The consignments will be distributed to all health facilities in Nandi after a thorough inspection by the hospital supply chain managers.

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