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06 Dec
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The pursuit of continuous improvement in health operations and facilities remains a paramount objective towards the well-being of residents. The Department of Health and Sanitation is steadfast in its commitment to ensure an operational health system, aiming for efficient service delivery within the county.

In light of this, Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech is steadfast in ensuring operations and facilities within the health system are well coordinated and effective, ensuring residents receive optimal medical attention and care.

CECM Ruth Koech checking on hospital billing systems.

During an unannounced visit to Mosoriot Sub County Hospital,CECM Ruth Koech, checked on the functioning of the facility and affirmed that the County Government will carry on with procurement and distribution of essential medical drugs and non-pharmaceutical items to all health facilities.She urged healthcare practitioners to optimize the usage of these resources to benefit the community.

CECM Ruth Koech checking on pharmacy counter at Mosoriot Sub County Hospital.

While checking on the operations of Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, she inspected the ongoing construction of the new Mother and Child Unit, which is aimed at improving medical services across the county. She also noted that the construction works are notably on course and currently at 93% completion rate.

CECM Ruth Koech inspecting the construction of Mother and Child Unit at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

Reaffirming commitment, the CECM stressed the pivotal role of improving healthcare quality across various facilities. This commitment extends to addressing staff welfare concerns and tackling prevailing challenges within health care.


CECM Ruth Koech being briefed on hospital records by hospital staff.

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04 Dec
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Every 1st of December marks the world commemoration of World AIDS Day, and today, Nandi joined the worldwide observance of the day, marking the 35th anniversary since the world united to dedicate this significant occasion to raise awareness and affirmative action on HIV and AIDS globally.

Residents from all corners of the County, joined the rest the world following in this year objective, summarized in the theme “LET COMMUNITIES LEAD,” in emphasis to unity, diversity, and an inclusive future in the fight against AIDS.

Show of solidarity through a walk around Kapsabet town to the venue.

The pompous event commenced with a spirited walk through Kapsabet town to the venue, to show and build inclusivity and respect for all.

The National AIDS and Control Co-ordinator, Mr. Sammy Bittok emphasized that this was more than a celebration of the achievements and resilience of the community, but also a call for action to enable and support the affected and infected persons in their leadership roles against HIV and AIDS.

In addition to expressing support for people living with HIV (PLWHIV), it was a moment to pay tribute to those who lived and dedicated themselves to fostering awareness within the community, standing firm in their commitment until their final battle.

Mr. Mutuku Kaisali, the Assistant County Commissioner in his speech enunciated his commitment and support to the community.
“Together we can amplify awareness, foster understanding and empower communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Let’s hold hands and stigma will be a mention of the past. It’s through a collective effort that we can make a difference,” he reiterated. He also echoed that it is a rallying cry to commit to working together to end the global struggle that is HIV related stigma.

Residents in Nandi converge to commemorate the 35th World AIDS Day.

The Department of Health and Sanitation continues to empower the public to take the lead in the HIV response, by equipping them with the vital information to address their health needs. This includes the free issuance of condoms, for the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections while teaching on their correct usage, and conducting free HIV testing across all public facilities.

Celebration of the day and the strides taken to meet objectives of inclusivity and fight against HIV and AIDS.


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04 Dec
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The County Government of Nandi, in collaboration with Top Hill Hospital, organized a significant healthcare initiative that garnered substantial participation from Nandi residents. The free medical camp, held at Kemeleoi- Maraba Ward, Aldai Subcounty, saw an impressive turnout of community members.

Residents receiving health tests for diagnosis for further prevention and treatment.

The medical camp oversaw over four hundred and fifty members of public receive health education, eyesight, Cancer screening services ( cervical and breast) , COVID vaccination, HPV Vaccination, HIV Tests, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar Tests, Blood donation drive among other services.

Attendees at the medical camp.

The primary objective of this Free Medical Camp was aimed at delivering crucial essential healthcare services directly to the doorsteps of residents, emphasizing ease of access and prioritizing their well-being.

One on One consultation between a resident and health officer.

The netizens benefited from expert medical attention, promoting early detection and preventative healthcare measures, aligning with Governor Stephen Sang’s commitment to enhance the quality of healthcare services available to all constituents.

The Deputy County Secretary; Dr. Lydia Kosgei while overseeing the event urged wananchi to utilise public health facilities within the county especially during the festivity season to prevent communicable and non communicable diseases.

Such utilization stands as a crucial preventive measure against both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

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27 Nov
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The County Government of Nandi continues to increase the drugs stock levels in its health facilities across the County in its commitment and mandate, to boost adequate delivery of healthcare services.

Received drug supplies on display at Kilibwoni Health Centre Pharmacy.

Dr. Kisang Andrew, the County Pharmacist, affirmed while receiving the consignment, that both the drugs and non pharmaceuticals will be promptly distributed across the County’s health facilities throughout the week. This distribution is intended to adequately equip and attend to the residents without any undue delays.

Receivership of drug supplies at Soba-River Health Centre.

The medical supplies worth Ksh. 11.2 Million from Mission for Essential Drugs Supplies ( MEDS), are intended to boost the current stock, and their expected  adequacy is for a duration of 3 months.

Consignment of drugs for dispatch to health facilities across the county.

The CECM for Health and Sanitation, while checking on the supplies at Kilibwoni Health Centre Emgwen Sub-County, reassured that the County Government remains committed to strengthening and enhancing healthcare provision to the grassroot level.

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health and Sanitation, Ruth Koech inspecting the supplies received.

Additionally, she urged health care workers and staff to work together to ensure efficient service delivery.

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech having a team building talk with health care staff at Kilibwoni Health Centre.

Supplied drugs at Serem Health Centre .

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26 Oct
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The new Mother and Child Hospital is already transforming the landscape on Kapsabet County Referral Hospital. When the doors open, the facility will transform health care for patients, families and residents of the entire county.

Governor Stephen Sang’s administration has given healthcare a priority and the construction of such a facility marks the achievement of a great milestone.

The project will help realise the county government’s agenda of universal affordable healthcare.

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18 Oct
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The highly anticipated Kapsengere Hospital, a significant healthcare infrastructure project in Terik Ward, is on track for completion. With an impressive over 60% of the construction already finalized, the hospital’s progress was today assessed during an inspection visit by the CEC for Health and Sanitation, Ruth Koech.

Expressing her satisfaction with the progress made, the CECM stated that the enhanced facility aims to cater to the needs of the local population.
She emphasized its alignment with community requirements, emphasizing the importance of enhanced health service provision and modernization.

With the completion of the new building, it is set to emerge as a modern healthcare institution of great significance within Terik Ward.

CECM Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech consulting with resident neighbors of Kapsengere hospital at the construction site.

The new hospital will have increased space for patient care, improved privacy, and advanced medical technology to meet rising demand for services.

Mzee Bor, a resident of Kapsengere, said the new hospital is a positive development.

He said the only medical facility they had in the vicinity was Serem Health Centre, which is always overwhelmed by patients, forcing many people to resort to the neighboring counties of Vihiga and Kisumu.

“To get to Serem health centre, I had to travel several kilometers away. The new hospital will solve this problem,” Bor said.

The CECM later made an impromptu visit to Serem Health Centre to check on the service provision at the facility.

CECM Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech on inspection at one of the ward units at Serem health centre.

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18 Oct
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Chief Executive Committee Member(CECM) for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech conducted an inspection of the ongoing infrastructure project at the new Mogobich Dispensary in Ol’Lessos Ward, Nandi Hills Sub County. Accompanied by CPA Priscah Muigei the Chief Officer for Finance and Economic Planning, assessed the progress of various crucial developments.

CECM Health Ruth Koech and Chief Officer Finance and Economic Planning, Prisca Muigei at the construction site on inspection tour.

The CEC Member emphasized the importance of the facility saying it will provide enhanced healthcare services to the rural community noting that the project aims to serve a larger catchment area.

CECM Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech consulting with patients at Ol’ Lessos health centre.

She expressed Governor Sang’s commitment to improving healthcare services in the county emphasizing the importance of health governance as a means and an end of development.

Speaking at Ol’Lessos Health Centre, the CECM stressed that while infrastructure development is essential, it would be rendered meaningless if the treatment provided by hospital personnel, such as nurses and doctors, is not of high quality. She called on medical staff to exhibit compassion and provide tender care to patients, as it plays a crucial role in their recovery process.

CECM Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech checking on hospital records at Ol’ Lessos health center on accountability matters.

The ongoing infrastructure project at Mogobich Dispensary, coupled with the governor’s commitment to improving healthcare services, reflect the county’s dedication to the well-being of its residents. As the project nears completion, the residents of Mogobich can look forward to enhanced healthcare facility and services that will cater to their needs effectively.

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17 Oct
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Nandi joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Mental Health Day at Meteitei Sub County Hospital under the theme, “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right.”

Speaking during the event, the CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech observed that mental health is a big challenge in our society and has led to marriages breaking down, financial stress in families as children are faced with school fees challenges and families are faced with the challenges of paying rent and other family bills.

CEC Member for Health and Sanitation, Ruth Koech, addresses the audience, highlighting the pressing issue of mental health and its impact on families, education, and finances during the event.

She noted that there cannot be health without mental health. All paths lead to mental health.

“Nobody is immune to mental health issues, all of us can develop mental health problems,” she said.

A section of county psychiatry team counseling members of the public in attendance.

County psychiatrist Joshua Tiparo, said that mental health is caused by social factors like a person struggling to fit in a society.

“We envision a county in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected; where everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy mental health and to exercise their human rights; and where everyone can access the mental health care they need,” he said.

Tiparo called on Nandi residents to utilize mental services being offered at the county hospitals.

Free legal aid was also offered at the event by the County Legal Officer Ms Maureen.

County Legal Officer Ms. Maureen provides free legal aid at the event, ensuring legal knowledge for those in need.

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17 Oct
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County Government of Nandi in collaboration with Operation Eyesight commemorate world sight day at Meteitei Sub County Hospital in Tinderet Sub County.

The day held every second Thursday of October seeks to raise awareness, about good eye health and prevention of blindness.

The event engaged with the public across the sub county with the common goal of drawing attention towards vision-related issues and eye health.

A section of public following through the event.

A section of public following through the event in readiness for eye check up.

Speaking at the event, the CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech urged members of the public to ensure they take good care of their eyes to avoid sight problems noting that many cases of blindness could be prevented if early treatment is sought.

CEC Member for Health and Sanitation, Ruth Koech, emphasizing the importance of eye care and early treatment to prevent avoidable blindness at the event.

She reiterated that many eye ailments could be treated if diagnosed at an early stage.

She noted that many residents, especially the elderly, do not seek treatment due to varied reasons such as poverty, ignorance, fear of surgery and cultural beliefs resulting in loss of sight.

Patients line up at Meteitei sub county hospital for eye check up.

“Patients only seek treatment as a last resort after they have already become blind and not much can be done. Some procedures such as removal of cataracts take less than 30 minutes and end up saving sight,” she said.

On her part, Kapsabet County Referral Hospital cataract surgeon Florah Kiplagat said that “Eye health and vision care are integral components of a person’s overall health and quality of life.”

“We encourage everyone to get their eyes checked at least twice a year. As well as a check of your vision, a routine sight test might just reveal a more serious sight-threatening or wider health condition,” she said.

A patient being attended to by optometrist.

Residents who benefited from the free check-up during the event lauded the County Government of Nandi for the celebrating the day in Tinderet sub county saying most of them especially the aged ones are suffering in silence.

An elderly patient’s eye condition is being assessed in preparation for further treatment.

Joel Yegon, a beneficiary of the free check-up said he has had eye aches for a long time without receiving treatment.

“We appreciate the County Government of Nandi for celebrating this day in Meteitei sub county hospital. I have never gone to hospital for check-up due to lack of money. However, today we have been screened and received reading glasses from free,” he said.

Another beneficiary, retired Chief William Chumba also said it was worthwhile bringing the free services closer to them.

“We are extremely happy. Some of us have received eyeglasses; others have been given drugs, while those with serious cases have been referred to Kapsabet County Referral Hospital for operation,” he stated.

Also present were the Tinderet Sub County MoH Dr Joesph Kibor, County Disease Surveillance Coordinator Japhet Rutto and County Head of Health Advocacy Jane Samoei among other officials.

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17 Oct
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High school students in the County have been urged to rev up their ambitions for success through hard work in their studies.

The call was made by CEC Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech, when she addressed students at Aldai Girls Secondary School in Aldai Sub County.

She argued that the learners could only be able to drive poverty from their homes through education.

The CEC Member, urged the learners to use the opportunity to transform their future.

She further advised the students to play their roles by applying the skills taught by their teachers.

“You must continue to work hard. Hard work has no alternative. If your name must be mentioned in the annals of time you must labour hard for it. No cross, no crown, as there is no sweetness without sweat,” she said.

“Time may show you its hard side; in fact the whole world is presently witnessing the harder side of life. But hard times never last, tough people do. It is when there seems to be no way forward that you must employ all within your composition to bear the torch of progress,” she noted.

Also present was Kaptumo/Kaboi Ward MCA Hon Isaac Mosbey, who emphasized the role of teachers in imparting values and highlighted that it’s the students who ultimately apply these values within the societal norms and rules.

“Teachers will impart values but it is the students who will apply them according to the norms and the rules of the society,” said Kaptumo/Kaboi Ward MCA Hon Isaac Mosbey

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Ruth Koech addressing Aldai Girls High School.

On her part the School Principal Perez Siele said “Set a target to be achieved. This is just the beginning of what you need to do to be great. I have no doubt in me that since you are able to endure the first 4 most difficult years of formal learning, nothing could stop you if you are willing to advance.”

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Ruth Koech received by School Principal Aldai Girls High School, Perez Siele.

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