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05 Oct
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The County Government of Nandi in partnership with The National Health Insurance Fund is spearheading a massive registration of residents into the Universal Health Care (UHC).
Speaking in her office during a meeting with NHIF Regional Manager Valentine Morogo, Kapsabet Branch Manager Hussein Dore, The County Executive Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech, said that the County is partnering with Pharm Access Foundation, which is a leading non-profit international organization for technical assistance to establish a digital health platform countrywide.
The CEC also reiterated that the partnership includes the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to ensure the success of UHC that is currently being piloted in four counties of Kisumu, Machakos, Isiolo and Nyeri.
“The County aims to use the digital platform that includes M-TIBA, a mobile health wallet that aids registering new and old members to the system in a cost effective and transparent way,” she added.
Ruth also mentioned that as part of the National Government’s Agenda Four delivery, the county is working towards providing all its citizens with quality and affordable healthcare by the year 2022.
At least 400,000 households are targeted by the end of the year in the county under the pilot program.The exercise will involve more than 500 community health volunteers and youth drawn from within the county.
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04 Oct
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Teenage pregnancies in Nandi is at an alarming rate. Hence the need to put heads together in managing the menace and calling up our partners as we take the task. According to current statistics 58% of the population use the right Family Planning methods while 42%  either have the wrong information or have none at all.

German Foundation for World Population (DSW)  is a youth serving organization whose mission is to empower people for a healthy future.Together with The National Council for Population and Development they are taking up the role of identifying and advising the County Government on population issues and value for data for budget allocation and population planning.

The NCPD as our partners have over time carried out research and developed policy programs that aid in matching available resources and population growth. They also formulate and co-ordinate population policies strategies and programs for the County.

42% of the population in Nandi live within the means of $1 a day. Hence the need to alleviate poverty levels and enhance the quality of life which is not a choice but a necessity. DSW in partnership with the County Government are committed to creating demand for and access to health information, services and supplies, and to securing the right for a brighter future. We achieve this by engaging in advocacy, capacity development, and family planning initiatives, which makes sure the youth of today are empowered to lead healthy and self-determined lives.


Speaking during the quarterly meeting the County Reproductive Health Officer Christine Andalo mentioned that, building sustainable health talks in the community during briefs andbarazas is essential as it it will pass on the crucial messages to all. She also added that there’s been low female involvement in Family Planning usage which needs to be enhanced. High poverty levels being another factor that contributes to the results. “We are striving for a healthy and smiling population by repositioning family planning as a countywide issue and reducing maternal morbidity and mortality to ensure safe motherhood.” She added.

The Chief Officer in the docket also reiterated that, “Our reproductive health indicators as a county are not at good levels,our girls and women need to take up the necessary measures in the aim of achieving Universal Health Care.We need to set up workable targets and improve our status.”

Later, the team visited Father Kuhn High School ,Aldai Sub-County,for mentorship and talks on Reproductive Health.

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27 Sep
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The County Government of Nandi has on The 24th of September 2018, launched its Big Four Agenda, aligning it with President Uhuru’s National Big Four Agenda. That is; Universal Health Care, Affordable Housing, Food Security and Manufacturing. The launch was officiated by H.E The Deputy President William Ruto. To achieve Universal Healthcare, The County has embarked on comprehensive programmes to rehabilitate and equip all its dispensaries and health centers across the county including upgrading Kapsabet Referral Hospital. The day saw a number of ongoing projects being commissioned by The Deputy President at The Referral Hospital including The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), The X-Ray machine, RenalDialysis Unit which provides services 4 days a week. The upgrade of the hospital also comprises of commissioning of an oxygen plant, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and expansion of the newborn nursery unit. The purchase of a 385 KVA standby generator to ensure uninterruptable supply of power to the facility has also been purchased which will go along way in ensuring that the residents can access specialized medical treatment. The day also saw the launch of the Health Management Information System, which is a set of components and procedures organized with the objective of generating information which will improve health care management decisions at all levels of the health system. The roll out of the HMIS will aid in easy access to patient data. A well-implemented HMIS means readily available patient data to the care providers. Four out of every five Kenyans have no access to medical insurance. In, the initial phase, The county has also managed to roll out a massive NHIF enrollment programme targeting 100,000 households. This is in line with the Agenda for Universal Health Care. The Governor Stephen Sang, also mentioned that the agenda has captured the aspirations of the people and that’s why he took the major direction of integrating it in The County Development Plan.“This event affords us a rare opportunity to set the pace for other devolved units to synergize with the National Government’’ added the county boss. Speaking during the event, the Deputy President mentioned thatequipping of hospitals with modern machines, medicine suppliesand improving infrastructure will go a long way in providing access to quality services. He also added that it ensures early, proper diagnosis and effective treatment hence resulting in a healthy population. He also assured the residents of the support by the National Government in achieving and making affordable healthcare and equitable access a reality. #TugaTai #TransformingNandi



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20 Sep
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Universal Health Care (UHC) seek to ensure that all people can obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship. In its Vision 2030, The GoK committed to becoming a competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life for all its citizens.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in his inaugural speech for his second term of Presidency outlined his Big Four growth agenda which include  Affordable Healthcare for all setting the country onto the path to realization of UHC.

Health is a devolved function,hence,The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health and Sanitation is therefore  rolling out The National Health Insurance Fund to cover more of it’s citizens .

Time and again,four out of every five Kenyans have no access to medical insurance. Every year, millions of Kenyans are driven below the poverty line by healthcare – related out of pocket expenditures and millions more live in state of poverty that predisposes them to disease.

In Nandi County, Governor Stephen Sang,has decided to negotiate with NHIF in its bid to roll out a universal health care scheme for the residents targeting 100,000 households in the initial phase. This is in line with the President’s planned expansion of the NHIF.

Providing an elaborate health insurance forms an integral part the universal health pillar in the Big 4 and therefore plays a pivotal role in reducing the cost of healthcare to the Nandi residents.

“It is about time that counties approach a sustainable healthcare financing model that ensures quality services delivery and prudent use of funds.We ask the public to kindly avail themselves and make easy the process.As a healthy County is a wealthy County “ mentioned the County boss.



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20 Sep
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Health Management Information System to be rolled out in Nandi County’s health facilities

To achieve Universal Healthcare systems need to be put in place. The County Government of Nandi, Department of Health and Sanitation is in the process of rolling out an HMIS at its facilities which comprises a set of components and procedures organized with the objective of generating information which will improve health care management decisions at all levels of the health system.
The roll out of the HMIS will aid in easy access to patient data. A well-implemented HMIS means readily available patient data to the care providers.
HMIS cuts out a lot of manual work that are performed in hospitals especially documentation and record keeping.
It helps in cutting down manpower costs because a lot of work gets automated and does not require manual intervention to store or analyze the information.
The HMIS will also save a lot on storage and the related costs. A well-implemented HMIS practically makes a hospital paper free.
Because processes on HMIS are automated and a lot of tasks are assigned to the software to be performed with utmost accuracy, with minimum human intervention, the scope of error is reduced dramatically.
For instance, while billing an IDP patient for consumables used, with HIS the bill can hardly go wrong because the consumables used are immediately entered into the HMIS by the nurse under the patient’s ID.
On another note,record keeping in hospitals is a mandatory bane with two challenges: HMIS is implemented in a hospital, all the data is stored on the server or Cloud. Since HMIS works on logins, data security is not an issue as long as the personnel keep their passwords secret and safe.
The Health Management System also comes with logins. Logins are like individual locks the key of which is alpha numeric with special characters, employee who needs to work on HMIS is given an individual login with access controls. Every task happens through logins, only,therefore giving the kind of accountability that manual processes never manage to give.
The HIS will also improve access to patient data and improved work efficiency means better and faster clinical decisions.
With automation, all departments in the hospitals are inter-connected and faster information access further improves the quality of patient care and the resultant bed turnover in the hospital.
The demonstration of the system will be done on the 24th of September in the presence of H.E The Deputy President William Ruto,with The County boss being entered in as employee number one in the county.
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12 Sep
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The County Government of Nandi has assured nurses that they will receive support to ensure they provide better healthcare to residents. CEC for health and sanitation Ruth Koech hailed nurses across the county for the extra care and long hours they invest in taking care of patients and saving lives.

She was speaking in her office after receiving a scanner and a router from USAID to support the department of health Human Resource unit for the purpose of updating HRH data into iHRIS. Integrated Human Resources Information System (iHRIS) is an open-source web application built by Intrahealth International to improve efficiency in health worker force management and development. It helps to collect, manage, analyze, interpret, and disseminate data about the health workers countrywide based on international human resources management & development standards and practices.

Kenya is one of the countries supported by PEPFAR in combating HIV/ AIDS, RMNCAH and malaria activities. HRH Kenya Mechanism is a USAID PEPFAR funded project that strengthens health workforce management to achieve improved health outcomes for the Kenyan people. One of the key areas of the project is to implement integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS) and optimize data use for effective decision making at national and county level and establish linkages between iHRIS to regulatory and service delivery data systems.

iHRIS enables Counties to save time storing employee records with the easy to use web forms, enhances efficiency in managing employee data since it checks data integrity and consistency, HR managers are able to track the status of their health workers and know where they are stationed, trainings received, attrition etc. The system enhances communication between national, county and facility level as information updated at the facility level is accessible at all other levels. iHRIS provides national, county and facility-related statistics on health workforce numbers and skills and allows partners & other stakeholders to track numbers and skills of health workers for counties and facilities of their interest.

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03 Sep
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In the continuing efforts to upgrade community health services, the department of health and sanitation has embarked on major refurbishment projects on several health centres across the county. The project includes the refurbishment and some remodeling works.

To date, upgrade and expansion works are ongoing in Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, Nandi Hills Hospital, Kapseng’ere health centre and Serem health centre, while other facilities in different wards across the county are in the process of being renovated.

  County Executive Committee Member for health, Ruth Koech said the refurbishing programme, being undertaken by the department, is part of a thrust by the County Government to improve health care services at the community level, in order to enhance preventive care and reduce the incidences of non-communicable diseases (NCD).

“Expansion of our primary care centres will allow for curative actions and also improve the preventive side of care,” Ruth stated.

“The idea is to have institutions that function as mini hospitals with extended hours, and diagnostic treatment that provide quality and affordable healthcare,” she noted.

Kilibwoni Health Centre is undergoing a series of renovations to upgrade its delivery of community health services.

The scope of work at the Kilibwoni Health Centre includes renovation of the roof; tiling; plumbing and electrical works; paving and landscaping of the premises; and providing furniture and equipment.

The facility provides maternal and child health, dental, as well as curative services to residents of Kilibwoni and surrounding areas.

Ms Chelagat Caroline, a resident of Kilibwoni trading centre expressed gratitude for the work done.

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10 Aug
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Nandi County celebrates The International Youth Week as opportunities for the youth are unveiled by Governor Stephen Sang

Unemployment is an alarming challenge that has seen educated youth waste away in so many struggles due to the limited job opportunities. The annual graduations that are highly celebrated, be they certificates, diplomas or degrees carry a lot of joy for excellence only for them to mutate into anxiety and restlessness soon after due to the limited job market. Youth end up taking any available opportunities to make ends meet.
The County Government of Nandi through various departments is intentional in addressing the challenges facing the youth in Nandi County.
As the International Youth Week comes to wrap up, the county government is set to unbundle the opportunities that seek to improve the state of the youthful population. The Department of Public Service has unveiled 400 internship opportunities for the youth across the county. This is in line with Governor Stephen Sang’s manifesto that pledged to create internship opportunities for the youth so as to enable them acquire the necessary skills and experience as they enhance their professional growth.

The opportunities that do not require any past working experience is open to any youth with a certificate, diploma or degree from a reputable institution. This will ensure that skilled and deserving youth who may not have had an opportunity to work after their schooling get a chance to work and acquire the required experience as they also serve Nandi County. The interns will be paid a stipend of between Ksh. 8,000 and Ksh. 12,000. Applications can be done through <a href=””/> .

The Department of Education on the other has also opened opportunities for 800 ECD teachers whose successful applicants will have an opportunity to serve for at least three years. The opportunities are spread across all wards in the county as listed in the advert here

Among other opportunities set for the youth on this day include enhancement of the 30% Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. Most youth with start-up companies lack capital even after winning the tenders thus affecting the quality of works done. In a bid to bridge this gap, the county government is set to sign an MoU with Youth Enterprise Development Fund so as to increase the uptake of tenders by youths in the various county departments, and linking up with institutions that provide youth friendly loans for LPOs and LSOs.

On to top of this, the county government is heading towards Performance Based Contracting that enable the youth organize themselves and benefit from the County Government’s funds for maintenance of roads in each ward by performing tasks such as bush clearing, drainage opening, installing culverts etc. Contracts under this program will run for a period not less than 1 year and not more than 3 years.The youth has a role in protecting the environment.

The Department of Youth in conjunction with that of Environment is set to offer youth opportunities to benefit from being engaged in planting trees, establish nurseries and supply the seedlings to the county government under an agreed framework.

Among other programs are entrepreneurial training and start-up support, sponsorship for training and acquisition of technical skills and opportunities for scholarships and sponsorship’s based on talent where the county government will identify, exploit and support in the development of youth talent while engaging stakeholders who can extend scholarship opportunities for such talents.

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08 Aug
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KENPHIA survey flagged off in Nandi

In line with the Presidents Big Four Agenda of Quality and Affordable Health Care, The Ministry of Health together with The National AIDS & STI Control Program (NASCOP) and their partners, The Kenya Population Based HIV Impact Assessment (KENPHIA) recently launched a survey program that is to be conducted Nationwide.

The launch marked the beginning of a six-month fieldwork component which involves survey teams visiting selected households for data collection. In total the survey teams will visit 20,000 selected household distributed across all the 47 counties and interview approximately 35,000 individuals.

In Nandi County, The Governor Stephen Sang launched the exercise, that saw a flagging off of eight teams that comprised field lab technicians, medical officers and counselors. The teams will visit 25 households in 12 clusters and about 300 households in total. The villages participating were randomly selected through multistage double-blind sampling, after statistics was done by The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. The goal of the survey is to estimate the incidence and prevalence of HIV as well as determine the level of HIV Suppression of HIV in Kenya. The survey is a build up of the 5 yearly survey done in the country.

The launch is aimed at sensitizing and increasing awareness on the onset of the collection of data by KENPHIA at the County level, increasing County buy in and encourage the community to participate and to also sensitize the healthcare workers on the exercise and prepare them for linkage services. The launch has brought together all the Stakeholders and Collaborators and created awareness to the members of the County to empower and encourage them to participate in the survey.

In his address The Governor said that the survey will provide information on progress and update on key HIV program initiatives including coverage of HIV testing, care and treatment services, knowledge of HIV indicates in the County and the progress towards elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV and Syphilis. He also further added that, the survey will aid in informing policy, planning and services required to ensure universal coverage of quality HIV prevention, care and treatment services that are critical towards the attainment of the UNAIDS 90-90 GOALS.


The community is hereby urged to turn out and participate in the voluntary based survey and do it willingly as it will give bolder and greater impacts in the society. Courtesy of the partners we can eradicate HIV and reduce its prevalence.

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07 Aug
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Immunization levels set to increase as The Department of Health and Sanitation seek strategic partnerships

Affordable and quality healthcare is achieved when an all health sectors have been put to consideration. To achieve this, the Department of Health and Sanitation is partnering with different organizations to ensure it’s achieved.

Kanco is a leading national health advocacy network organization that aims at improving health and well-being among communities through capacity building and promotion of innovative leadership majoring in the universal advocacy of HIV and AIDS, TB, Child Health including Immunization and Nutrition.

Nandi County’s health indicators on immunization are at 67%which is still low compared to the required 100%. To improve this, the partnership with Kanco aims at engaging leaders at the county level to make commitments on child immunization, facilitate the adaptation of immunization promotion materials and messages and develop community level immunization scorecards to promote demand for vaccines.

The partnership will also ensure accountability, organize grassroots meetings with elected leaders from informal settlements, identify, train and mentor county immunization champions. It will also seek to hold meetings and capacity building with religious leaders on immunization and engage the media in the campaign.

Raising the levels of familiarity to immunization wil increase the access to quality healthcare and public health services at an individual and community level which is done through advocacy.

The partnership, therefore, shall be crucial in enhancing the healthcare standards in the county.

The organization met the County Health Management Team to discuss the partnership details and its implementation. The meeting was chaired by the County Health Director Dr. Joseph Kangor, who reiterated emphasized on the risks of children missing immunization.

The County Government calls on the residents of Nandi to work closely with the health officers when the will be rolled out.


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