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11 Oct
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Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change has today held a consultative meeting with a team from Crane International who are engaged in a programme on African Crane Conservation.

African Crane Conservation Programme aims at maintaining a stable wild population of 4 threatened crane species namely Wattled, blue black crowned and Grey crowned cranes which is the endangered species in Africa.

Speaking to Kenya Wildlife Service, FAO and team from LENRCC, Dr. Mwangi from Crane International emphasized on the need to secure the ecological sites for the cranes for posterity. “We have a number of strategies that we intend to implement with the County Government and they include: partnership engagement, conservation agreement, Ecosystem restoration and community involvement among others,” he said.

King’wal and Kibirong wetlands are so far the home of cranes found in Nandi. Communities living near the wetlands are encouraged to engage in activities that do not interfere with wildlife.

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30 Sep
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On 15th May 2019, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang accompanied by the outgoing FAO representative in Kenya Dr. Gabriel Rugalema launched the first ever Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) labaratory in the county, a project poised to help in development of county’s spatial plan that will guide the development of urban areas and ensure proper utilisation of land resources in the county.

Today, led by Ag. CECM for Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change (LENRC) Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, Nandi Physical Planners, Land Surveyors and GIS team and users met with their counterparts in Vihiga County on an exchange visit to exchange experiences and best practices on application of the Geospacial Information System (GIS) in Nandi.

Speaking during the visit, Ag. CECM lands stated that the objective of the two day visit is to exchange unique knowledge and best practices between the County GIS experts and the host county Vihiga. “The visit aims to expose the participants to the best practices on GIS and gain valuable knowledge they can apply.” Dr. Lagat further revealed.

While officially welcoming the Nandi team, Vihiga Governor. H.E Wilber Ottichilo enumerated ways in which the County Government of Vihiga has optimized the GIS system in all departments to gather more information which greatly inform decision making. Notably, Governor Ottichilo narrated how the system has helped the county double revenue collection in the county.

“When we came to office two years ago, we were collecting a paltry Kshs 93m, but with the help of GIS, we managed to increase our collection to Kshs 194m in last financial year and we’re targeting Kshs 250 collection this financial year.” said the County boss who is also a GIS expert.

Ottichilo lauded Nandi County for investing in the system noting that it was worth every coin. “Some people won’t appreciate the GIS platform, but I would tell them that it is more expensive to make wrong decisions than to quip a GIS laboratory.” he added.

Sentiments which were reiterated by the CECM Lands who said that there is nothing more costly than making a decision from an uninformed position. “Therefore, this visit will greatly contribute to sharing knowhow, innovation and technologies which will go a long way in policy formulation.” said Dr. Lagat.

The two day visit organized in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO is an opportunity to share insights and will culminate to field visits on Tuesday.

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18 Sep
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A team from Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning today visited the County Government of Nandi with the aim of accessing the exact place to put up Arthi house.

The move is aimed at improving the services offered by the relevant offices at the County. Speaking while visiting the current Lands office at the County, Chief Officer LENRCC Dr. Solomon Mang’ira appreciated the team, “by having all our Lands offices centralized at one place will make it easy for us to effectively and efficiently handle Lands issues. Our records will be well stored and retrieved faster when needed,” he emphasized.

Among the requirements needed to have the Office in place include availability of water, access to  Road, Sewer system and electricity and all these have been met and survey of the land already done.

Preparation of the design and cost estimates will now proceed.

The team later visited the lands registry.

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03 Sep
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Kenya Water Sector Trust Fund concluded their two Days visit in the County to accelerate the completion of projects being funded by WSTF and County Government of Nandi.

The team visited Kimng’oror, Cheptil and Lelmokwo Water Users Association projects.

The water utilities have different scope of work which include installation of pumps and motors, pipelines to an elavated tank to Ngechek, Mlango to swamp, elavated tank to Itigo, Mlango junction to Scheme, Kapnyamisa junction to Moi Sirgoi via Mosoriot, rehabilitation of various pipelines, construction of office block which is currently on going and supply of 600 consumer water meters.

Chief Officer LENRCC Dr Mang’ira emphasized on the need to ensure that the project serves the intended purpose as initially agreed and within the stipulated time frame.

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20 Aug
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The County Government of Nandi under the leadership of Governor Stephen Sang is reshaping Nandi’s health system so that it is more patient focused and efficient.

The construction of a new model Trauma Centre at Nandi Hills Hospital is set to be completed within the next few months.

The Trauma Centre which is being constructed by the County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health and Sanitation will be the first model trauma hospital in western Kenya region.

The trauma centre, will have an High Dependency Unit, operation theatre, X-ray, Ultrasound, a laboratory, pharmacy, wards and consultation rooms.

While on a working visit to the facility, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang said the centre will majorly deal with trauma and post-trauma cases resulting from road accidents.

“Better health care means putting patients first. This new, modern facility will ensure patients can access the consistent and reliable care they need while offering hospital staff an improved facility that allows them to do their work efficiently and quickly,” said the County boss.

“We plan that when we finish this project before the end of this year, everything will have been ready and the installation done,” said Governor Sang.

The Trauma centre will serve four other counties of Kisumu, Kericho, Vihiga and Kakamega.

The new out-patient wing at Nandi Hills County Hospital has also greatly improved patient flow and ensure residents get better health care.

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08 Aug
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Effective Public participation is key in ensuring that public views and ideas are considered during the decision making process.

The County Government of Nandi, led by Acting CECM Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Dr. Kiplimo Lagat held the first public participation exercise with residents of Chemelil /Chemase and Songhor /Soba wards, Tinderet sub county in relation to Songhor Solar Park project.

Speaking during the exercise Dr. Kiplimo Lagat emphasized on the need to have a comprehensive consultative fora between the locals, County Government and the investors  to ensure proper planning and mediation process.

The event saw members of the public express their concerns that they feel are to be addressed before the project begins.

Songhor Solar Park project is funded by African Development Bank (AfDB) and CIF. The project is managed by French Company Voltalia.

Once complete, the project will have a 50MW(40 MWac net capacity) Solar power among other benefits including creating job opportunities for the locals.

Those in attendance included Area MCAS, Hon Chepnyango, Hon Hillary, CECM Trade Jacob Tanui, Acting CECM Roads Elly Kurgat, Chief Officers LENRCC, Dr Mang’ira, Chief Officer Agriculture Mr. Lelei, County Physical planner and Surveyor, Sub County Administrator Mr. Tallam, NLC Coordinator Mr. Maiyo, County  Director NEMA Mr. Mahiva, County Legal Officer Mr. Awi, DCC Tinderet Madam Oyugi, Volatalia Chairman among other leaders.

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18 Jul
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Chief Administrative Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry Hon. Mohammed Elmi, Kenya Water Towers Agency Chief Executive Officer Professor Maritim and other representatives from different Environment agencies today visited  Nandi to familiarize themselves with projects being undertaken by Kenya Water Towers and other agencies within the Ministry.

The team toured Kibirong and Kingwal wetlands. The County Government of Nandi has set aside 50 acres of land  for plantation of bamboo at Kibirong wetlands as a demonstration farm.

Speaking at Kibirong, Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot emphasized on the County’s commitment to improve the livelihoods of the community as well as conserve the environment. “We welcome our partners as we strive to improve our forest cover and capacity build our communities on how to appreciate the wetlands and earn a living out of it” she added.

Kibirong wetlands covers close to 500 acres within Kaptumo and Koyo wards located within Aldai Sub County. Among the socio-economic activities benefiting the community includes water supply for irrigation, timber and papyrus production, research and education.

As much as the wetlands has positive benefits to the community, the wetland also faces human threats like planting of eucalyptus trees around the wetland, deforestation for timber and firewood, soil harvesting and brick making and over grazing among others.

Other development partners present included officials from Kenya Wildlife Service, National Environment Management Authority, Netfund and Kenya Forest Service.

Over 1000 bamboo seedlings were planted today. Bamboos when well managed mature at 5 years and annual harvest thereafter.

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10 Jul
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The 3 days land validation done by the County Department of Lands Environment and Natural Resources that saw Kiptenden B, Swahili village, Muchanganyiko, Kiboswa T. C and Laboret genuine land owners verify their land size and location came to an end today.

Among the issues that were considered include creation of road truncation, waste disposal sites, a slaughter house and provision of service lanes.

Soon an advertisement will be placed on local dailies on notice of completion of the plans that will take a period of 60 days, thereafter the plan will be be submitted to County Assembly for approval then once it has been approved, survey works will be done and National Lands Commission will proceed to issue allotment letters which will result to leases for the trading centers (Kiboswa and Laboret) title deeds will be issued to the  farms.

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08 Jul
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Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change and Consultants in Planning and Surveying will in the next three days conduct a validation process for several farms; Kiptenden ‘B’, Swahili village, Mchanganyiko, Kiboswa T.C, Kipkarren Salient(Laboret) and Orkokit.

Today the teams visited Swahili village and Kiptenden ‘B’ farm for validation process which involves confirming the plot number, acreage, boundaries and any necessary information to be captured before mounting beacons and issuance of title deeds are done.

The community was also informed of the need to allocate land for public utilities like churches, trading centres, schools among others.

Once the process is complete 51 title deeds will be issued to residents of Kiptenden B.  So far, Sarwat, Itubet and Underit farms within Tinderet subcounty have title deeds.

Tomorrow the teams will be in Mchanganyiko cooperative farm in Nandi hills and Kiboswa T.C

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02 Jul
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The County Government of Nandi is working closely with the National Government to ensure that genuine land owners get their title deeds.

Today the residents of Kamwega, Chepng’abai, Kipsasuron and Kabose villages in Sang’alo /Kebulonik Ward received over 150 title deeds.

Speaking during the exercise Governor Sang asked the Sub County and ward administrators to do a follow up of the people to be given the title deeds across the entire County. “The title deeds should be issued at the Sub locations to make it easier to reach more people” he added.

Kamwega section has 1000 title deeds to be collected.

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