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07 Feb
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Annually, on the 2nd of February, the global community commemorates World Wetlands Day, an occasion designed to enhance awareness of the indispensable role of wetlands.

Wetlands, serves as habitats for over 100,000 species,and additionally plays a pivotal role in supplying freshwater, making a substantial contribution to agriculture towards food production for survival.

In Nandi, challenges such as land conversion, non sustainable agricultural activities and unplanned development pose threats to wetlands. In response to these challenges, Nandi County observed World Wetlands Day at Mutwot Swamp in Chesumei constituency. County officials, led by Deputy Governor Dr. Yullita Mitei, engaged residents in tree planting activities.

Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei, marking the importance of wetland conservation in a tree planting activity at Kingwal swamp, Chesumei sub county.

This year’s theme, “Wetlands and Human Wellbeing,” underscores the profound interdependence between humans and wetlands, emphasizing their significant impact on human health

During the event, the deputy governor urged Nandi residents to collaborate with the government in restoring wetlands to their original form and size, mitigating the adverse effects of degradation.

Dr. Philemon Buretti, CECM for Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources,highlighted on upcoming programs aimed at conservation and emphasized the necessity for both collective and individual efforts to preserve the world’s wetlands from disappearing and to restore those that have been degraded.

CECM for Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources,Dr. Philemon Bureti speaking at the event.

Chief Officer Mr. Jonah Biwott, Principal Prof. Winston Akala from Koitalel Samoei University, Area MCA Julius Arusei, Kosirai MCA Sarah Mutwol, officials from NEMA and Forest Service, the Subcounty Commissioner, and chiefs were also present, highlighting the broad support for wetlands conservation efforts.

Chief Officer Lands, Housing, Water and Natural Resources Mr. Jonah Biwott planting a tree at Kingwal swamp.

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14 Nov
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The leadership of the County Government of Nandi led by Chief Officer for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Mr. Jonah Biwott today, convened and chaired an introductory meeting with Geodov consultancy, a drone specialist organization alongside representatives from Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Project Phase II (KISIP II) National Project Coordination Team and the County Project Coordination Team at the Climate Change Unit boardroom.

The inclusion of a specialized consultant in drone mapping marks a significant milestone within the framework of KISIP II project in Nandi. This consultant is poised to elevate the project’s approach, by harnessing cutting-edge drone technology, enabling precise aerial data collection, analysis, and mapping. Their expertise will contribute substantially to enhancing the project’s planning, monitoring, and implementation phases, ensuring a more efficient and informed execution of the KISIP II initiatives in Nandi County.

A section of the team in attendance discussing the implementation plan on drone mapping.

Drone mapping is an important aspect during settlement planning as it offer an aerial view that empowers planners with real-time data. This view point enables them to make informed decisions, identify trends, and plan for sustainable growth.

The Chief Officer committed that, the consultancy will receive total support from the government to ensure that the data required by the consultant meets the required standards and quality.

Chief Officer Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Mr. Jonah Biwott chairing the meeting.

On his end, Geodev consultant Abiud K. Mugun appreciated the County Government’s leadership in their commitment, and full involvement in the realization of the project. He noted that the consultancy will work directly with the Settlement Executive Committee(SEC) for accuracy.

Present during the meeting were: the National Project Coordination Team representative Albert Rotich, county surveyor Evans Chadiva, county physical planner Veronica Kioko, Nandi County KISIP II coordinator David Kemei, Gender and Community representative from the State Department for Housing and Physical Planning Shamsa Abdi among other officials.

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14 Nov
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On Monday, H.E Governor Stephen Sang led Nandi residents in a tree planting event at Kimondi Forest,in response to the national holiday for tree planting directive by Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki. The County Government mobilized residents at all levels, aligning with the 10 year plan target to plant 300 million trees, as part of the global effort to combat climate change.

In line with this initiative,H.E Hon. Stephen Sang hosted the cabinet secretary for public service Moses Kuria for the tree planting exercise at Kimondi forest. The cabinet secretary was representing the president who sent his cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries to every county so that every county can contribute to the 100million tree target set by the Environment Cabinet Secretary, Soipan Tuya and 500 million cumulative by the end of the short rains.

CS Moses Kuria planting a tree at Kimondi forest.

Governor Sang highlighted the county’s commitment, having already planted  seedlings consequently and promised to meet their goal. Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria on his end, commended the county’s conservation efforts and urged continuous work toward doubling the forest cover. A total of 20,000 tree seedlings were planted at Kimondi forest.

H.E Governor Stephen Sang planting a tree at the event.

The event, hosted by Governor Sang, was graced by Hon. Moses Kuria, the CS for Public Service, Eng. John Tanui, the PS for the State Department of ICT and Digital economy,Ambassador Wilson Kogo, Chief Officer for Lands, Water and Natural Resources, Jonah Biwott, and Nandi county commissioner Caroline Mueni among other leaders.

Chief Officer for Lands, Water and Natural Resources, Jonah Biwott participating at the event.


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09 Nov
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Chief Officer Lands, Water and Natural Resources, Mr. Jonah Biwott speaking at the event.

In the efforts to attain the 15 billion trees goal set by president William Samoei Ruto, the county government of Nandi on Friday 3rd November, held a tree planting exercise in Kapkongony swamp, Kipchunu sub location, Chesumei ward which was graced by Chief of staff and head of public service Felix Kosgei.

Chief guest and Head of Public Service, Felix Kosgei planting a tree.

Conservation efforts by the county government has been recognised and several partners have joined hands so as to achieve this goal. One such partner is Mama Doing Good, an organization which was started by the first lady, Rachel Ruto. The organisation has been keen on environmental conservation and have been instrumental in today’s exercise. Other partners include The Nature Conservancy, the Crane Foundation and Women in water and natural resource conservation (WWANC) among others.

Head of public service and Chief of staff, Felix Kosgei thanked the county for organising the event and  pledged the government’s support. He also an apology from the governor who was held up with other key functions and could not make it. There is a plan of having fruit gardens in schools and 200 of them have already been identified. The principal secretary for forestry  said that the county target in 10 years is 174 million trees which gives a breakdown of 17.4 million trees yearly. He also warned of illegal logging and laid bare the consequences. He advised that anyone doing logging must have a licence to do so.

Present at the event were PSs Dr. Gitonga Mugambi( Forestry) and Silvia Museiya (Wildlife), Cynthia Muge( Woman Rep) ,Dr. John Chumo (CEO, MaMa Doing Good), Prof. Isaac Kosgey (VC, Moi University), Prof. Winston Akala (Principal, Koitalel Samoei University) and Caroline Mueni (Nandi County Commissioner), Prof Tanui (CEO, Water Towers Agency), Jane Njuguna (Acting CEO, KEFRI), Dr. Eliud Kireger (DG, KALRO), June Chepkemei (MD, KenInvest), Collins Oyuu (KNUT Secretary General), Peter Leley (CEO, NPSC), Mary Njogu (CEO, National Environmental Complaints Commission), and Pius Metto (DG, Sports Kenya), county secretary Dr. Francis Sang, Chief officer lands, water and natural resources Jonah Biwott among others.

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09 Nov
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In 2019, County government of Nandi initiated the rehabilitation of the Kapkongony swamp in Kipchunu sub-location, Chesumei constituency, covering a vast 72 acres that had previously been converted to farms. The ongoing farming activities necessitated strategic efforts for the swamp’s preservation, prompting plans for its fencing to prevent further encroachment.

Acknowledging the commitment to environmental conservation, the office of the First Lady pledged support by donating tree seedlings. Arnold Kipchumba, a representative, presented a comprehensive list of fulfilled responsibilities, including the provision of tree seedlings for the upcoming event.

The county government, represented by the Chief Officer and Director, assured their active involvement and confirmed the allocation of necessary resources.

Chief Officer Jonah Biwott leading the delegation way forward deliberations on the initiative to rehabilitate Kapkongony swamp.

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31 Oct
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In a remarkable display of unity and dedication to environmental preservation, the County Government of Nandi in partnership with a wide range of nature based organizations, stakeholders, and local communities today converged to witness the launch of the River Yala Business Case. This will commence the conservation and restoration work in River Yala Water Fund catchment that is within the River Yala watershed.

Stakeholders at the launch of River Yala Business Case.

River Yala Water Fund, operating under the banner of the Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation (WWANC), proudly stands as the world’s pioneering women-led water fund. Its overarching objective is clear and resolute towards enhancing water security, preserving the rich tapestry of biodiversity, and improve local livelihoods by harnessing the power of smallholder farmers’ conservation efforts.

Dr. Lydia Kosgei, the Deputy County Secretary, emphasized the indispensable role of women in these critical endeavors. She asserted that women should receive unwavering support when participating in activities aimed at preserving our water catchments, ensuring food security, and driving economic development. Dr. Kosgei keenly noted the hardships that women face within their households when water shortages occur, underscoring the urgent need for lasting solutions.

Dr. Lydia Kosgei, Deputy County Secretary speaking during the event.

Jonah Biwott, the Chief Officer for Water, Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, echoed Dr. Kosgei’s sentiments. He stressed the pivotal role that empowered women play in the protection and conservation of our natural heritage. He compared nature conservation to the responsibilities of raising a family, both requiring undivided attention and dedication.

The agenda for the River Yala Water Fund is comprehensive, including training initiatives, the establishment of governance structures, freshwater ecology surveys, river quality monitoring, and extensive tree planting campaigns. These efforts are made possible through the collaboration of key partners namely; the Office of the First Lady, Mama Doing Good, the County Government of Nandi, KANAWASCO, and other like-minded organizations. The official launch of the River Yala Business Case is a testament to the unwavering commitment of this united front to preserve the Nandi catchment area and secure a sustainable future for the region’s water resources.

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31 Oct
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The leadership of the County Government of Nandi led by the Chief Officer for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Mr Jonah Biwott welcomed KISIP 2 National Project Coordination Team and the G A consultants during a formal introductory meeting with County Project Coordination Team at the Governor’s boardroom.

Chief Officer for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Mr Jonah Biwott.

Chief Officer Lands lauded the team for the support towards the infrastructural development that Mosoriot informal settlement will benefit. His counterpart Chief Officer for Finance and Economic Planning, CPA Priscah Muigei assured the consultants of the county’s commitment to ensure that the project is completed as per the set timelines.

Chief Officer for Finance and Economic Planning, CPA Priscah Muigei.

KISIP 2 National lead Engineer, Mr Sam Mbora thanked the County government’s leadership for the commitment and urged them to work harmoniously with the consultant. He further asked the County to avail all the necessary documentation to fast track project implementation.

G A consultants led by Dr.Eng.Akech appreciated the county governments leadership in their commitment and full involvement in the realization of the project. He promised to deliver their best in the project by involving all the parties in the settlement.

Nandi County KISIP2 coordinator, Director David Kemei said the settlement community identified and prioritized improvement of road network into bitumen standards, streetlights and high masts,storm water drainages,walkways, sanitation, solid waste management, among other scope of work.

In attendance were the County Project Coordination Team.

KISIP 2 National Project Coordination Team and the G A consultants in a formal introductory meeting with County Project Coordination Team.

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24 Oct
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The County Government of Nandi in collaboration with Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project II (KISIP2), is presently engaged in upgrading infrastructure in Mosoriot. Mosoriot as one of the rapidly growing centres in Nandi, was selected to benefit from substantial infrastructural improvements, guided by the primary development objective of this program which is to enhance living conditions in informal settlements throughout Kenya, of which 56 settlements in 20 counties were selected as beneficiaries of the program.

To ensure the fulfillment of these commitments, strengthened through collective decisions with the County,H.E. the Governor, Hon. Stephen Sang, held a meeting with the Settlement Executive Committee (SEC) and Grievance Redress Committee (GRC),on Tuesday in emphasis to the critical roles these committees play in prioritizing the forementioned projects on behalf, of the well being of the community. He reiterated that the project would significantly enhance the well-being of local communities and advised the County Project Coordination Team (CPCT) to ensure the delivery of high-quality work as required.

H.E. the Governor, Hon. Stephen Sang together with County Project Coordination Team (CPCT), in consultation with the Settlement Executive Committee (SEC) and Grievance Redress Committee (GRC).

These works will enhance socio economic value to the residents in Mosoriot and its outskirts, with great benefits such as; a more favorable environment for businesses to operate and grow, increased property values, security, increased tax revenues for the local administration, and access to urban infrastructure services.

Status check on areas of upgrade.

In attendance were area MCA Hon. Kipkosgei, Chief Officer Lands,Physical Planning, Housing, Chief Officer Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Mr. Jonah Biwott, Chief Officer Trade, Tourism, Industrialization and Enterprise Development Mr. Benjamin Kiprotich, Director/Nandi County KISIP2 Coordinator Mr. David Kemei, Chesumei Subcounty Administrator Kimutai Sitienei, Engineer Manaseh Too, Lelmokwo/ Ngechek Ward administrator Jackson Chemwor, Cheptarit Assistant Chief Rodgers Cheruiyot among others.

Chief Officer Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Mr. Jonah Biwott leading the team in gaining and sharing insights with the public in Mosoriot.

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23 Oct
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County Government of Nandi has partnered with Nature Conservancy, in a bid to scale it’s efforts in environmental conservation. The county government has been keen and dedicated to implementing the Climate Change Act, which guides this process.

To ensure this fulfillment of commitments strengthened through collective decisions and actions, a delegation led by Fred Kihara, the Director of Africa Water Funds, visited Dr. Philemon Buretti, Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources, and Jonah Biwott, Chief Officer of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources.

Delegation from Africa Water Funds.

During the meeting, they identified areas of collaboration to provide nature-based solutions, with a particular emphasis on involving women in water and natural resource conservation, recognizing their pivotal role in these areas.

Women involvement in water and natural resource conservation is important as women are stakeholders and they play a key role in water and land conservation and watershed management. The gender gap in water resource management is often attributed to societal gender norms, which allocate water-related responsibilities to women while granting decision-making powers to men. Nevertheless, women possess a significant skillset and knowledge related to water harvesting, storage, and natural resource management.

Dr. Philemon Buretti, the CECM of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources, reaffirmed the county’s commitment to this initiative, highlighting their strong track record of collaboration with various partners.

” Nandi county government has a good track record and has worked with several partners to strength devolution”. He said.

Nandi currently has environmental committees in all 30 wards.

Dr. Philemon Buretti, the CECM of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources chairing the deliberations.

Furthermore, the CECM sought support, including seedlings and collaboration in nature conservancy. The county is currently in the process of establishing tree nurseries in the six sub-counties, involving all stakeholders, particularly women.Additionally, the department requested that technical team be trained in drone handling.

Also present were; Alfayo Lel, Managing Director of KANAWSCO; James Meli, Director of Environment and Climate Change; Richard Lelei, Director of Water; Kemei, Director of Roads; and other county officials.

Mr. Jonah Biwott, Chief Officer of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources in discussion with the team.

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13 Sep
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Climate change has become a global problem which has affected livelihoods necessitating urgent solutions to curb further changes like global warming. Kenya hosted the climate summit from 4th to 6th September which was led by the president H. E William Ruto which aimed  to champion a positive, climate-compatible vision for Africa and with the pledge to plant 15billion trees and this therefore transcends to the county level.

The newly opened Mazingira house

Nandi county governor Stephen Sang has been championing the planting of trees among other measures to mitigate the climate change in Nandi which led to the enactment of the Nandi county Climate change Fund Act in July 2021. Today the governor together with Anglican Church Archbishop Dr Jackson Ole Sapit  launched, dedicated, blessed and commissioned the climate change unit named Mazingira house which was funded by the county government of Nandi. The office will be coordinating the 30 ward climate change committees.

Governor Stephen Sang during the opening of Mazingira house.

The governor thanked the Archbishop for gracing the event and dedicating the building. He asked the people of disaster prone areas to move to safer grounds owing to the ongoing heavy rains. The governor also directed that the partners be allowed do adopt forests as it will encourage healthy competition in planting of trees and conserving them.
   Archbishop Dr Jackson Ole Sapit alluded to the symbiotic relationship between people and trees and how important it is to conserve the environment. He welcomed the governor’s directive in adopting of forests and pledged that the Green Anglican Movement will work hand in hand in this course. He also asked that people be encourage to keep bees.

Also present was the deputy governor Dr Yullita Cheruiyot, CECM lands, housing, water and natural resources Dr Philemon Buretti, Chief officer lands, housing, water and natural resources Jonah Biwott, Bishop Dr. Paul Korir, CECM finance and economic planning Hillary Serem, CECM Administration, public service and ICT Isiah Ketter, CECM sports, youth,gender and social welfare Rose Angira, Chief officer Education Kipchumba Cheruiyot and Chief officer sports, youth, gender and social welfare Beatrice Chemurgor among other guests.

The occasion was also marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the county government of Nandi and Tachasis water and Sanitation company limited dealing in water service provision to the people of Tachasis and will serve kamelil, kapseon, Ng’atipkong, kaplamaiywo, Tachasis, chelambut, kipyaor, chemamul, chepkemel, kipsiwo, Got-ne lel and kabolebo sub locations of Tindiret.

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