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07 Oct
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North Rift Economic Bloc (NOREB) counties will work with community based and civil society organizations to curb climate change in the region.

Speaking when making a presentation during a workshop that brought together climate change activists from NOREB counties in Kapsabet town, the sector lead on environment and climate change Joyce Mutai urged members of the Civil society and community based organizations to take active part in the fight against climate change. Ms. Mutai said that through the Green Climate fund, NOREB will work with the county governments and other partners to fund projects on climate change. Nandi county has already passed the climate change act and will form and fund committees in the ward level to help in the fight against climate change.   

The public will elect members from youth, women, persons with disability groups and community based organizations or public benefits organizations to be members of the committee. There will be one environment officer and the ward administrator will be an ex-officio in the committee.

The County Director for environment and natural resources in Nandi County James Melly said that the election of committee members will take place soon in different wards.

In recent years, Nandi, Uasin Gishu, Elgeiyo Marakwet, West Pokot, Turkana, Samburu, Baringo and Trans Nzoia have experienced a change in weather patterns which has led to floods, increased drought, hunger, and poor nutrition due to the production of insufficient food, severe storms, landslides and hotter temperatures which have negatively affected livelihoods in the region.

Through the department of Lands, environment and natural resources, the County Government of Nandi has restored catchment areas and forests. The department with the help of CBOs have established tree nurseries, planted indigenous trees in degraded landscapes and created awareness on climate change in the community. The 2-day workshop was facilitated by Panafric Climate Justice Alliance PACJA and it brought together 50 participants from the NOREB counties. PACJA is the largest alliance of civil society organizations with members in over 45 countries in Africa.

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06 Oct
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Nandi county played host to Climate change advocacy forum that brought together the counties of Baringo, Elgeyo Marakwet, Samburu, Trans Nzoia, Turkana, Uasin Gishu and West Pokot in a bid to identify, prioritize and finance investments to reduce climate risk and achieve adaptation priorities.

The two-day seminar by the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), through the Kenyan Designated Platform, Kenya Platform for Climate Governance (KPCG), are in Nandi county to officially launch a platform for climate governance, with an aim of strengthening Climate Justice movements that anchor CSO efforts on climate Justice in the Noreb counties to gel climate change actors, community-based organizations and civil society organizations on climate change within the Counties.

The effects of climate change in Nandi are extensive, affecting approximately 83% of farming households. Excess rainfall, low temperatures, frost and hailstorms, and changes to the growing seasons are the most prevalent climatic hazards in the county.

The County Government of Nandi has prioritized environmental conservation as it seeks to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement that is within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to Director for Lands Environment and Natural Resources James Melly, the Climate Change Action plan that is already in place has helped the county rehabilitate the riparian lands, wetlands and Nandi Escarpment.

He reiterated that the county will strengthen its existing structures such as the climate change champions from the county’s staff in the various departments, to lead the process. The climate change champions will be capacitated on how to mainstream climate action in their various sector plans such as water, agriculture, gender and infrastructure and develop project proposals for climate finance and be able to raise awareness and educate the community on climate change.

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04 Feb
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The Government of Nandi is fully committed to delivering all the promises it gave to its residents. Despite inheriting stalled and poorly done water projects, Governor Sang’s administration has rehabilitated and launched new ones in a bid to ensure residents have access to clean and sustained water supply.

Governor Stephen Sang has been on a development tour around the county commissioning projects including ECDEs, dispensaries, maternity wings and water projects. He officially launched Chepteon water project and Kaikaro Biribiriet water project both in Ngechek ward. The two projects will serve several institutions in the area and more than 700 households. Chepteon will serve 400 households while Kaikaro Biribiriet will serve 300 households. The two projects also aim to improve agribusiness as the county is considered one of Kenya’s bread baskets.  The jubilant residents thanked the governor for delivering his promise since he last visited the area as they have always wanted water at their doorstep. The residents also requested that the distribution network be expanded so that it can serve more people.

Present at the launch was CECM Lands, Water, Environment and Natural Resources Dr Bureti Philemon, CECM  Roads and infrastructure Drice Rono, MCA Ngechek Ward David Bwambok and Director Richard Lelei. The Governor thanked the people for the warm reception they accorded him and promised to deliver on the pledges he  made.

Governor Sang addressing wananchi

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29 Sep
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The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Lands, Water, Environment and Natural Resources has partnered with the Trust Fund in establishing a Treated Sewer plant in Baraton within the Chesumei Sub-County.
To ease the achievement of the project, the county government, through the sub-sector of water, held a public participation at Baraton. This is to ensure that the residents are engaged for successful program implementation.
The sewer plant will help in decentralizing and managing waste water from individual dwellings, industrial or institutional facilities, and clusters of homes or businesses.

Chief officer Daniel Sang

The department will conduct site-specific evaluation to determine the appropriate type of treatment system each location will have.
During the public participation the residents urged the department to ensure that the plant is built far from their residential area so as to prevent possible health hazards that might affect them.

They further urged the county government that once the plant is up for use, the department should ensure that maintenance of the plant is done after six month. This will help in preventing leakage and contamination of water sources.
Daniel Sang, the Chief Officer for the water and Environment sub-sector assured the residents that during the onset of the project, the department will ensure accuracy in mapping to clearly shows the location of all parts of the sewage system for easy maintenance.

Trust Fund Representative David Cheruiyot, told the residents that through their partnership with the county, they will ensure that the plant will be set up and that they’ll ensure timely maintenance.
The project will be beneficial to more than 200 households within Baraton.

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29 Sep
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The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Water is keen to provide access to clean and piped water to its residents. Currently four boreholes have been drilled in the financial year 2021/2022. These include Siginwai Primary School in Terik Ward, Aldai Subcounty, Ndubeneti Dispensary, Kilibwoni Ward in Emgwen Subcounty, AIC Kosirai Academy in Kosirai Ward, Chesumei Subcounty and Sigowet Primary School in Tindiret Ward in Tindiret Subcounty.

Speaking during the drilling exercise at Ndubeneti Dispensary, the CECM incharge of Lands, Environment, Water, Natural Resources and Climate Change Dr Philemon Bureti said that the project will serve the nearby school, church and the neighboring community targetting more than 100 households. He added that the department has further identified 8 more sites in different wards where borehole drilling will take place.

Governor Stephen Sang noted that water is a challenge in most parts of the county thus the government intends to ensure every village is connected to clean piped water which shall be achieved by drilling and equipping of boreholes in identified sites across Nandi County.

“We want to make sure that water becomes a priority especially in public institutions such as dispensaries, hospitals and schools. We don’t want to see our school going children carrying cans to go and fetch water from a nearby river. We are putting that to an end.” He added.

The governor made the remarks while overseeing the drilling of a borehole at AIC Kosirai Academy in Kosirai Ward, Chesumei Subcounty.

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12 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi is on the front in ensuring that its residents can access water close to their households.

Through this, the Department of Lands, Water, Environment and Natural Resources is working towards ensuring that in all Sub-counties, residents can access the availability of water.

In Mosop Sub-County, Governor Stephen Sang stated that the availability of water resources is a fundamental element of sustainable communities and that the people depend on water for the health of its people, the strength of its economy, and the vitality of its ecosystems.

The Tabolwa project is set to supply water to 200 households that will gladly serve more than four institutions around the area.

The Marebei water project has a tank that holds a capacity of 50,000-litre tank that will serve more than 150 households with three institutions in place.

The Governor had earlier launched The Kunurter and Kalyet water projects in Chemundu Sub-County. The Kunurter already serves 82 households while Kalyet serves 200 households.

Speaking at the event, the governor acknowledged all the requests made to him by Tabolwa primary teachers and the people whereby he promised to deliver. He urged people to continue protecting the environment and observe the Covid-19 guidelines.

Members present during the commission was the CECM Agriculture Kiplimo Lagat, CO Daniel Sanga, MCAS Ngetich Joshua, Robert Kirwa and director Richard Lelei.

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10 Mar
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Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and, therefore, a basic human right. Yet even today, clean water is a luxury that remains out of the reach of many. In this new century, water, its sanitation, and its equitable distribution pose great social challenges for our world.

And through this, the County Government of Nandi is on the front of ensuring that in all Sub-counties, every ward should be able to receive and access clean and safe water.

The County Government through the Department of lands, water, environment and natural resource, has been able to give access to water to the residents at Chepkunyuk in Nandi-Hills Sub-County.
the Chepkunyuk residents will be able to access water from the Siwo Water Project that was launched by Governor Stephen Sang.

The residents will also get water from the Kungut and Cheboin Water Project.

Siwo project is a rehabilitation and construction of a pump house and installation of a pump. The project has four tanks, two having a capacity of 100,000litre and the other two holding a capacity of 25,000litre and 30,000litre respectively that will serve 260 households, Five schools and one dispensary.

Kungut water project which uses solar power serves 75 households and has 2 tanks with a capacity of 25,000 and 10,000 litres.

The Cheboin water project involved setting up a distribution network and completion of a 30,000-litre tank serving 60 households.

In NandiHills ward, the governor also launched the Talal water project, which uses gravity and involves the construction of a 25,000-litre tank, that will intake work, laying of pipeline and has 160 households already connected.

The department is also working on expanding the project as it is targeting 600 households.

The governor also inspected the Kapsean water project which is on the final touches is set to supply water to the residents.

Speaking at the events, the governor reiterated his commitment to have as many households as possible connected to piped water.

He also spoke of expanding the distribution network to other villages and surrounding institutions.

Also present was the CECM lands, water and Natural resources Dr Philemon Buretti, Chepkunyuk MCA Paul Sanga, NandiHills MCA Gideon Koech and Directors Alfayo Lel and Richard Lelei.

Residents lauded the government for bringing water close to them as this has reduced their journeys to streams and springs.

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29 Jan
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The county government of Nandi has embarked on a thorough inspection of projects all around the county.

This exercise seeks to address several issues, with the main one being; gauging on how many projects have so far been done, how many households have water, and how much work is still needed and which particular locations.

This process is being spearheaded by the department of lands water and Natural resources.

So far the department had already visited 30 impressive projects so far.

Water officers visiting the projects will continue to assess the status of every project and give a report that will inform how the county will reachout to households that do not have water.

Most of these projects are already operational but the few not operating due to a few hitches. Water Committee members have been pointing out the challenges and what they need to be addressed.

Several projects are operational with at least 200 households connected and some even up to 1500 households.

Other sources have the potential of exceeding their current supply and the county plans on improving those projects so that they can supply a larger area.

The projects not currently operational will be completed as soon as possible.

Some of these are due to vandalism which the Chief Officer for water and Natural resources Daniel Sang during the visit requested the Committee to always have security around the pump house and tanks.


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12 Nov
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Kenya Forest Service, Lake Victoria North Water Works Agency, and County Government of Nandi have today visited the Cerengoni forest to assess the piece of land where the Keben Water Development Project is supposed to be constructed.

The proposed Dam site is projected to consume about 70 acres of land inside the forest, something that had made the Kenya Forest Service urged the county government to provide alternative land to be planted trees that will be damaged during construction of the proposed dam.

Speaking at the site, Kenya Forest Service technical chairman Prof Leikong urged the county government to move with speed in allocating the alternative piece of land.

On his part Chief Officer in charge of Lands and Environment, Mr. Solomon Mang’ira assured the technical team that there are already 214 acres set aside by the county government as an alternative land to replace the one offered by that Cerengoni forest.

Mang’ira further reiterated that the Department of Lands, Environment, Water and Natural Resources is committed to ensuring that they planted as many trees as possible on the provided land to replace the ones which will be lost during the construction of the dam.

” We are not only providing the alternative piece of land but also we will make sure that we plant as many as possible trees”, Mang’ira alluded.

On their part, Lake Victoria North Water Works Agency through the Chief Executive Officer Eng, Bundotich, said that they are ready to work with both governments to see the full completion of the dam.


He further added that once the deal between the Kenya, Forest, Service, and the County Government is done, the construction works will commence taking about four years for it to be completed.

According to Bundotich, the dam will host about 3.6 million cubic meters providing 18000 cubic meters daily, serving 12000 and 6000 beneficiaries per day, irrigation, and domestic use respectively.


Kapsabet, Nandi Hills, and Baraton towns are also among beneficiaries.

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11 Sep
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The department of Lands, Environment, Natural, Resources and Climate Change in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization are in process to develop Nandi County Wetland Management Plan that will focus on challenges facing the wetlands across the county.

This comes at a time when over thirty wetlands across the county is undergoing serious distractions from human activities living around the swamps.

In a meeting that brought together CECM in charge of LENRCC Dr Philemon Bureti , FAO Representatives lead by Husna and stakeholders from various departments ranging from Agriculture, Tourism, Physical Planning, Survey, National Land Commission Water Resource Users Association commonly known as WRUA, several treats to growing of wetlands were discussed and how will be dealt with.

Team from Mandi County together with Members from Food and Agriculture Organization.

Among these challenges that hinders the growth of the swamps are poor laws and enforcement that has ever made the communities living around reluctantly enchroached and destroyed the swamp.

Planting of eucalyptus tress as well as increased agricultural activities are among problems that post major challenges to the growth of swamps and development of Wetland management plan will address this challenge.

Speaking during the meeting Dr Bureti said that there is need to put in place proper laws and enforcement to eliminate all the treats to the wetlands alluding that the department is tirelessly working around the clock to make sure that all these laws and enforcement are put in place. On her part Husna thank the Nandi County for ever commitment and full support in matters land governance and environment.

Dr. Bureti addressing the team on the various ways they can manage the wetlands within the County.

Nandi County Wetland Management Plan will majorly dwell on creating tourism opportunities and restoring ecological habitats and other wildlife’s by discouraging agricultural activities, wildlife hunting and putting in place laws and enforcement.

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