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23 Jan
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Water is the most essential commodity in every household and for this reason the county government of Nandi is keen to deliver promises made to its residents of providing them with clean water close to them.
The government has done countless water projects which have so far been completed. In the financial year 2017/2018,more than 70 projects were done which are currently operational; Mosop sub County 14,Emgwen 8,Tindiret 16,Chesumei 12, Nandi hills 12, Aldai 9.  In addition to that over 40 projects have been completed in the financial year 2018/2019 while 42 are  ongoing.

This reaffirms the government’s commitment in delivering to the people of Nandi.  There are however some projects that are yet to begin because the owners of the land within which the water catchment area sits on denying people around them water.

The CECM lands, water and Natural resources Dr Buretti  the county director for water Richard Lelei  amd water engineer today visited chepkiit water project in Ol’lessos ward, Nandi Hills subcounty. The water project which supplies over 200 households is part of the completed projects by the county.

The CECM later held a consultative forum with the resident who thanked the county government for helping them get clean water. They however requested that clearing, cleaning of the tank and fencing of the area be done for them to continue enjoying the clean water.

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23 Jan
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The Trust Fund Organization has partnered with the County Government of Nandi to fund the Lelmokwo water project that is set to help Four locations within Lelmokwo ward.

The Chief Officer to water Sally kemboi and a representative from the Trust Fund met with representatives from the said location to discuss on thetways the waterwproje rrwill reach out to the residents.

  The mega project is being funded by Trust Fund a grant from the government of Finland.

The Lelmokwo project is purposed to supply Biribiriet, Itigo, Lelmokwo and Mutwot locations. These areas are being surrounded by several institutions which will greatly benefit from this project.

The institutions include secondary schools, primary schools, Mosoriot TTC, Mosoriot MTC and Koitalel University. The area also boasts of a coffee factory, 3 timber treatment plants and other business premises which will also benefit.

The Committee aired their concerns and expectations towards the project. They thanked the Trust for building toilets for them and asked them to continue building them to ensure good sanitation around the area. The project is at 30% as the pipeline is already done and complete and is expected to be operational in a few months.

The project was supposed to be operational by now but they had to look for an alternative source after Uasin Gishu claimed ownership. The Committee has however established another source which was inspected.

Sally thanked the committee for owning the project and going out of their way to help out. She urged them to support the process till completion. The meeting was held at Biribiriet chief’s office where the Trust has built an office and toilets.

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22 Jan
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Nandi County has a good working relationship with the international communities and this has seen the county get several sponsors willing to join hands with the government to deliver services to the people. This is because the leadership has created a good and peaceful working  environment.

One such sponsor is Trust Fund from Finland which  has partnered to develop 5 mega water projects. These projects include Cheptil water project, Kobujoi water project, Kimngoror water project, Lelmokwo water project and Kimatkei. Some of these projects have kicked off and contractors are on site.  This translates to one project in every subcounty. The lelmokwo water project has the pipes already laid down.
The Trust fund partners had paid a courtesy call at the governors office where they met the deputy governor Dr Yulitta Cheruiyot, Chief of staff Stanley Baliach, Co water Sally kemboi and County director for water Richard Lelei. The deputy governor identified a need to have water managing programs through civic education which will educate the residents on the importance of managing water project. She also urged the sponsor to continue working with the county in other projects. She also suggested that water treatment plants be set to ensure people consume safe treated water.
Sanitation also featured heavily in the discussion as the fund has also constructed sanitation facilities in some schools in Nandi. This will help reduce diseases translating to healthy citizens. The Trust promised to work with the government to improve sanitation. A civic education programme will be rolled out soon.

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15 Nov
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The County Government of Nandi through the Department  of Lands, Environment, Natural resources, Water and Sanitation in partnership with Kenya Forest Service have  launched a tree planting exercise under the National Tree Planting Campaign in Nandi County.

Speaking to the team who had paid him a  courtesy call to his office, Governor Sang, reiterated his support in ensuring that the environment is well conserved. “We will strive to ensure that we achieve over 10% forest cover intended as a County through elaborate afforestation program and partnership with key Stakeholders involved in conservation” he added.

Nandi County Commissioner Mr. Kutswa Olaka asked KFS to have a clear report on the areas where trees have been planted during the planting seasons for accountability and to avoid instances of continuous planting at the same place.

CECM-LANDS Dr. Bureti emphasized on the need to carry out physical plan of the area for tree planting before the exercise begins  as this will reduce instances of destruction later.

Also present was NECC Secretary Dr. Chumo who had a warning message to all who have encroached public land.

Ecosystem Conservator Nandi Mr.Musikiton urged members present, institutions and farmers to  grow tree seedlings in their farms.  Nandi has 6 gazzetted forests where tree planting has been done.

The theme for this years programme is “Panda Miti Boresha Maisha”.

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08 Nov
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The County Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources, Water and Sanitation has a new CECM Dr. Philemon Bureti.

Dr. Bureti previously worked as the head of operations, finance, planning and administration at the department of Health and now takes the mantle from CECM Agriculture Dr. Kiplimo Lagat who has been in acting capacity at the department.

While assuming his new role, Dr. Bureti urged the departmental staff to work as a team for proper service delivery.

The handing over exercise was carried out by County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang and witnessed by Chief Officer Water and Sanitation Sally Kemboi, the Legal officer and the staff.

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08 Nov
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In collaboration with United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the County Government of Nandi technical staff drawn across six departments have today wrapped up a capacity building training on Geo-spacial Information System (GIS) as well as Remote Sensing.

During the five days, a team of 23 staff made up of Land Surveyors, Physical Planners, Urban Planning Specialist, ICT experts among other GIS users/champions from various county departments were trained on how the respective departments can leverage on the GIS lab to influence decision making.

The training which was tailored to suit the needs of the newly commissioned Geo-spatial Information Users in Nandi County will enable the participants prepare GIS based plans for effective service delivery.

Data is always at the core of every decision made and policies formulated by the County Government. It is therefore only through its acquisition and proper analysis that the County Executives can make decisions that are beneficial to transforming Nandi.

Under the Kenyan law, it is also a requirement that spatial plans must be GIS based. This is a measure that will ensure decision making process are made from informed positions thus enhanced service delivery.

Cognizant to this fact, the County department of Lands, Environment and Natural Resource continues to partner with FAO to ensuring the GIS laboratory is fully operational and functional.

The training which was made possible by FAO in partnership with ESRI EA, RCMRD and Locate IT will now give all the departments represented in the training a chance to leverage on the GIS and Remote Sensing technologies.


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06 Nov
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CECM-LENRCC Dr. Philemon Bureti today met with General Manager Kaimosi Tea Estate Mr. Angira in a bid to strengthen Partnership between County Government and the Tea Industry.

The tea estate through the assistance of County Government plans to install 16 Solar panels each weighing 2 tonnes on a 21/2 parcel of land located at the factory.

“We are committed to ensure that we collaborate with investors for the benefit of our residents and the County at large. Installation of solar panels will assist in bringing down the cost of electricity while on the hand improving the economy of tea farmers as the money that is being used in paying electricity can now be added to the bonus that our tea farmers get and also increase the Corporate Social Responsibility done by the estate, ” said Dr. Bureti.

Area MCA Hon. Wilson Sang appreciated the efforts being done by the factory as far as community engagement is involved. Also present was Chief Officer Madam Sally who supported installation of solar panels as it is a clean energy condusive to the environment.

So far, the Company builds one classroom per year, educates 8 bright and needy students to secondary level in the area as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility.

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06 Nov
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The County Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change today held a strategic meeting with a team from Anglican Development Services Western region.

CECM LENRCC Dr. Philemon Bureti appreciated the partnership that ADS has had with the department. “The idea of mainstreaming Climate Information System into County plans is very important as this will curb the occurrences of too much rain experienced during the planting and harvesting season as the Metereological department will also be involved” he emphasized.

Chief Officer Dr. Solomon Mang’ira urged ADS to continue engaging with the community as they have felt the need to conserve the environment following the occurrences experienced lately.

Project Officer ADSW Ms Cheptoo pplauded the partnership and good working relationship from the County as this will lead to more engagements.

So far, ADS has partnered with the Department in formulation of policies, drafts and regulations on Climate Change that will soon be presented to the County Assembly.

ADS has visited 10 wards including Kilibwoni, Terik, Kabiyet, Nandi hills and Lelmokwo to carry out Sensitization on Climate Change and also engaged the community in tree planting exercise in churches and schools.

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29 Oct
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Stakeholders consultative meeting on license application by Kapsabet Nandi Water and Sanitation Company on water service provision for Kapsabet and Nandi Hills residents was today carried out.

Present during the meeting were a team from Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB),  the only body in Kenya mandated to license companies that provide water to its residents.
Team leader, Wasreb emphasized on the need to supply adequate water and to ensure that water sector standards are maintained and adhered to. We urge the water users ranging from kiosk vendors, schools, Government institutions and all those benefiting from the resource to pay their bills on time, report incidences of leakages and bursts for timely response,” he said.

Chief Officer Water and Sanitation Sally Kemboi, emphasized on the need to have a strong  partnership between the company,  County and the stakeholders with a view to improving service delivery to the people of Kapsabet and Nandi Hills.” The Department will soon embark on the process of developing a Water and Sanitation policy that is anticipated to address the very challenges of water and sanitation in the two towns,” She added.

KANAWASCO currently provides water services to Kapsabet Municipality, Nandi hills town and their environs with a total of 5271 connections in which Kapsabet town has a total of 4416 consumers while Nandi hills town has 855 consumers.

Stakeholders present were drawn from Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency and Kapsabet and Nandi Hills towns.

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24 Oct
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In coming CEC LENRCC, Dr. Philemon Bureti today held a sensitization meeting with Key Stakeholders from Lake Victoria North and South Water Works Development Agency in a bid to plan for handing over of Nandi South from Lake Victoria South to Lake Victoria North.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Bureti emphasized the county’s commitment of providing access to clean, safe drinking water as it is a human right. “As a department we are working hard to ensure that all the contracted works are completed on time and are well done” he said.

Chairman LVNWWDA Dr. Julius Kones  emphasized on the need for proper coordination for sustainability of projects. “We have done a number of projects in Nandi some of which are complete like Kipture community water project, Mosoriot and Kabiemit water supply . We will now focus in Tindiret and Aldai Sub Counties this financial year” he added.

CO Water and Sanitation Sally Kemboi, thanked the team for the projects being undertaken in schools as the school management can own the project and properly manage it.

On the other hand, Lake Victoria South Water Works have completed projects which include Kaptumeiwo dam, Lessos water supply pipeline extension to Kibabet and Kipkoror location and on going construction of Kaptuimeiwo-Taunet water pipeline.

For smooth transition, a joint working committee drawn from LVSWWDA and LVNWWDA and County Government of Nandi as convener has been formed to take inventory of assets, liabilities, projects and their status.

Members present were drawn from different institutions that included Water Resource Users Association, Lake Victoria North and South Water and Assistant County Commissioner among others.

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