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25 May
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The County Government of Nandi is working hard in order to ensure that the residents get adequate water through working with various development partners in the water sector.

The department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change visited Lelmokwo and Cheptil Water utility where the handing over of the project was officially handed over to the contractor and community, a process witnessed by Chief Officer LENRCC Dr. Mang’ira and other county officials.

Speaking during the handing over, Dr. Mang’ira urged the community to support the contractor to ensure that the work is done to perfection and to meet the set requirements for sustainability and better utilization of funds.

Cheptil Water project already has 350 water meters supplied to households in Marinyin, Kormaet, Seretio, Kapkechui, Tuiyobei, Kapsato, Kaigat, Kilagan rural among other neighbouring villages.

Cheptil official member making his remarks during the handing over exercise

Schools already benefitting are Cheptil high School and Tenai Primary school.

A 225 cubic metres tank, a 2 kilometer extension line from Kapsiria to Chemngochoi and installation of 3 pumps and motor sets will soon commence as the contractor is on site.

A pump set and distribution pipes will be done for Lelmokwo water utility.

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15 May
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The County Government of Nandi is the Second to launch the Geographic Information System Laboratory, a planning tool that is aimed at presenting Spatial or Geographic data.

Through a European funded program implemented by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the County Government of Nandi, the GIS LAB will support Inclusive land management and administration, Participatory land use planning, Land policy and legal framework for improved land governance among other roles.

It is important to note that the plans will be implemented by having development control on building plans, Change of use, Extension of use and land Sub division.

Governor Sang appreciated the efforts put in by development partners in ensuring that GIS LAB is established in Nandi. “The recent ruling by National Land Commission that a resurvey of parcels of land held by Tea Estates be done to establish what’s to be held in trust for the community by the County will be done by use of GIS, the launch is indeed timely” he said.

Speaking during the launch FAO Representative Mr. Gabriel Rugalema thanked the County Government for the good rapport created and reiterated the organizations commitment for better engagements, “We have done a great work in Nandi through training, capacity building, development of Policies and we intend to continue supporting Nandi” he added.

“Digitization of land records and justice for Land cases will be well handled at whatever stage as information will be retrieved easily” emphasized European Union representative Mr. Njuru

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26 Feb
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Today, the Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change held a Stakeholders Inception meeting on Lake Region Economic Bloc and Climate Change Governance Project aimed at developing a climate change fund.

The process is spearheaded by the Anglican Development Services in partnership with Christian Aid.

Among the challenges faced as a result of Climate change include emerging pests, weeds and diseases, Pollution of water sources, Decline in water source, Landslides, Sand harvesting, Hailstorms and floods.

While speaking during the opening session CECM LENRCC Mr. Baliach applauded the organizers of the meeting and said that the program will curb the occurrences that normally occur.

“As a department we have a draft on Climate change and when completed we will be able to access the Climate Change fund” he said.

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22 Feb
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The Training of over 150 Water committee members across the 6 Sub Counties has come to an end.

The Committee members were taken through their roles in regard to Procurement, management of Water projects, supervision, finance and record keeping.

The Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change will play the monitoring, evaluation and supervision role through the Sub County water officers.

Matters on audit, Environment, Conservation and protection of water sources will also be taken into consideration by the officers.

Speaking while closing the training at Kabiyet hall in Mosop Sub County, CECM LENRCC Mr. Baliach urged the community to fully own the projects for posterity.

“The County Government wants the community to have a feel of devolution by making them own the projects and ensure the projects become operational and sustainable. Let us maximize the funds given for the projects. Labour based approach is the preferred way of implementing the projects” he said.

Among the Committee members who attended the training were from Koria, Kakiptui, Ndulele, Ngariet/Kabruce water projects. A total of 66 Water projects across the Sub County will be done this financial year.

Present during the trainings were Sub County Water officers, Procurement, Legal, Finance and Environment officers.

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21 Feb
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Kenya Water Towers Agency today held a Stakeholders engagement workshop for Bamboo Investment and Commercialisation feasibility study for the Counties of Nandi, Uasin Gishu and Elgeyo Marakwet that have partnered to ensure that bamboo factory is established at Elgeyo Marakwet County.

The workshop was to let the community know the ecological and economical values of bamboos so as to improve livelihoods of communities.

Among the factors considered to make Elgeyo Marakwet suitable include availability of raw materials, good transport system and availability of adequate land.

Commercial benefits for bamboos include furniture, beehives, fabric, paper and toothpicks.

An average of 200 seedlings of giant bamboo can be planted in an acre and if well managed, an acre of bamboo can yield 450, 000 shillings per year per acre.

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21 Feb
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The County Government of Nandi is keen on reclaiming its borders that have been taken over by neighboring counties.

The CECM LENRCC Mr. Baliach visited Kapsengere area in Terik Ward in a bid to get to know the boundaries bordering Nandi, Vihiga and Kisumu Counties.

During the visit the Mr Baliach learned that a number of markets namely Gambogi, Kiboswa petrol stations do nor remit their revenue to the County Government of Nandi despite being located within the borders of the county.

He noted that Clear administrative boundaries is very important as it encourages the local community to invest.

Mr Baliach reaffirmed the counties committment on reclaiming the boundaries saying that it will remain as it was from many years ago.

It also emerged that the local communities along the border are aware of where the administrative boundaries are.

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21 Feb
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Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change In partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization, and National Environment Management Authority has began the process of mapping both King’wal and Kibirong wetlands.

Objectives of the mapping exercise include determining the exact acreage and extent of both wetlands by use of GPS Coordinates and satellite images. To identify habitats, breeding and flocking sites for endangered and rare species in the wetlands like sitatungas, cranes and debreza monkeys whose main habitation is the wetlands. The exercise is to also determine the encroachment settlements, farming activities, Reed clearing and deforestation.

So far the department is finalizing Wetlands policy and bill to be tabled before the County Assembly.

Chief Officer LENRCC Dr. Mang’ira has applauded the exercise as this will assist the County know causes of encroachment at the wetlands. “Through the exercise proper protection, management and conservation of wetlands will be achieved” he said.

The mapping exercise will be also carried out by the help of County Surveyors and Kenya Wildlife Service for a period of one week.

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18 Feb
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Semi Autonomous Government Agencies Training Kicks Off

Committee members from different water projects in Tindiret Sub County have received a Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies  (SAGAs) training.

Key areas covered include legal frameworks, financial procedures at SAGAs level, procurement process, cost-effective approach, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the projects, project closure and audit of project expenditure.

Among the Committees trained include Kabunyeria, Tulwapmoi, Chemamul, Chepkoson and Cheptonon Secondary School water projects.

This program will enable the County Government of Nandi  through the Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change to transfer monies as grants for programmes and projects . This could otherwise be the direct responsibility of the County Government.

CECM  Stanley Baliach said that the committee will ensure that projects are implemented rapidly, hence leading to more and faster absorption of development money.

“The department has adopted this approach as it will make the communities own the projects. The absorption of development funds will improve through faster development at the grassroots hence devolution will be felt at the ward level,” Baliach said.


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01 Feb
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Department Of Lands Oversees Election Of Project Management Commitees

In to order to be close to citizens it is important to engage them in services that benefits them in their daily lives and in doing so the county government through department of Lands ,Water and Natural Resources came up with framework of ensuring that citizens own the water projects in their areas.

The team from the department lead by HR Kerich and Tindiret Sub- County Administrator Mr Talam visited Tindiret Ward where they supervised the election of committee members for Tulwomoi, Sigowet and Chemamul Water Projects.

The committee members comprises of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, PWD’s rep Youth rep and one Member.

Present also were Tindiret MCA Hon Kipkurui Chepkwony and County and Sub- County Water Oficcers.

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29 Jan
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Lands Department Recruits Project Management Committes

In order to encourage the community to own the projects done by the County Government it is important to involve them at all stages.

County Government of Nandi, through The Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change has seen the need to transfer monies as grants to semi autonomous government agencies (Sagas) for programmes and projects which could otherwise be direct responsibility of County Government.

Currently the department is visiting 6 Sub Counties with an aim of recruiting committee members comprising of more than 9 members who shall be gazzetted by the County printer.

Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation of the planned projects and programmes shall be done regularly by the Department.

Projects implemented under this policy shall be audited and reported on by the auditor General as provided by article 229 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The County team led by Sub County Water officers have so far visited Aldai, Tindiret and Chesumei Sub Counties.

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