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02 Aug
By: Evans Sirma 0

Nandi County Climate Change Action Plan Launched

The County Government of Nandi has prioritized environmental conservation as it seeks to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement that is within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Lands and Natural Resources has initiated a partnership with Green Belt Movement (GBM) an indigenous grassroots NGO based in Nairobi that takes a holistic approach to development by focusing on environmental conservation, community development and capacity building) on Climate Change Action plan for the County.

Climate Change Action plan is an Act of 2016 and the National Adaptation Plan of Kenya 2015-2016 that it requires county governments to integrate and mainstream change actions, interventions and duties into County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).

While officiating the Nandi County’s Climate Change Action Plan, Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei said that the County has experienced negative impact of climate change in the past 3 months  as from  April and we have  had  land and   mud slides  in most parts of Tindiret  and Aldai Sub Counties  that has resulted in displacement  of populations and destruction  of  Road Networks   in most parts of the County.

“Nandi  County  Government appreciates  the Green Belt Movement  and all other stake holders for the  great efforts and Resources  which have  been  invested  to make the entire  process  successful ,we also  appreciate  the 150,000  indigenous tree seedlings  which were planted  this year in North Nandi Forest  – Septonok “, She Said.

According to the Chief Officer for Lands  Environment  and  Natural Resources  Samson Mangira  the Climate  Action Plan  for the county   will enhance synergies  between adaptation  and   actions  in order  to attain  a low  carbon  climate  resilient economy.“The growing of tree nursery seedlings for the county is the initiative for the   conservation of the environment ‘’, Mr.  Mangira said.

Nguyo Karuri the Board member Green Belt Movement said that their partnership is to emphasize on the roles of climate change action plan not only for Nandi but the entire country.

The process has been conclusive, with all stakeholders on board.


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10 Jul
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Hearings on Historical Lands Injustice begin

National Land Commission will conduct a 4 day Historical Land Injustice session at A. I. C Bible College beginning today at 10.00 Am.

The team comprising of 4 commissioners led by Dr. Tororei will be hearing specific summons for each claimant group and so far NLC has received over 20 claims.

CECM Lands, Environment Natural Resources and Climate Change, Jacob Tanui has emphasized on the County’s commitment to ensure that law is followed to the later for justice to prevail.

“This is a follow up of cases that were heard during the mentions held in May. Over 20 teams have submitted their claims and they include Talai Community, Nandi royal trust, Tanzania returnees among others. County legal team have adequately prepared the claimants including recording the audio visual statements in preparation for the hearings.” He added.

New claims have also been received by NLC and they include Kibochi-Kibabet squatters against Kibabet tea estate A. I. C Kapkoi Sisal secondary School who are the claimants and Marana that church as the respondents.
NLC will then give a recommendation redress on suitable actions to be undertaken to assist the victims.


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03 Jul
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JAICA Team Visits Nandi

Japan International Cooperation in Africa has visited Nandi with an aim of reviewing and analysing Non-Revenue – Water control projects.

The team led by Masayuki Fujii, a project manager were keen on checking service connections for both domestic and commercial users, operational meters, water source and treatment works.

Acting Managing Director KANAWASCO, Mr. Kiboi thanked the team for the visit as this shows the commitment that they have in ensuring that control of Non-Revenue Water control is achieved. ” With proper equipment we will be able to know water loss that occurs through bursts and unauthorized connections” he added.

The team visited Singorwa village that are among the beneficiaries and Kapsabet Water Supply.

The Non – Revenue – Water Control projects were funded by JAICA to Kapsabet Nandi Water and Sanitation Company (KANAWASCO) in 2012.


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