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13 Jul
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Second phase of National Hygiene Programme, dubbed ‘Kazi Mtaani’, kicked off today in Nandi County. The programme, which had its first phase implemented in counties that were first affected by Covid-19, has now been rolled out to counties that did not participate in the first phase.

Section of the youth recruitment for the program

It is aimed at employing the youth  so as to alleviate their economic status amid the pandemic that has had many jobs lost. This initiative is also meant to improve the environment and the infrastructure in urban areas through activities that are coordinated by both the national and county governments.

County Commissioner, Kutswa Olaka, speaking during the launch

This program seeks to provide employment to low income earners especially the youth who often rely on daily wages that have since been affected by the socio-economic impact as a result of containment measures of Covid-19.

Members of Kazi Mtaani county Implementation committee

These opportunities targeted the residents of Municipalities’ informal settlements in every county. In Nandi, the program is based in Kapsabet Municipality while involving youths from areas of Kunurter, Namgoi, Eastview, Kamatargui, Kichinjio, Kokwet and Tilalwo.

County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang planting a tree during the launch.

A total of 2700 youth and 90 supervisors have been successfully recruited from these areas with the work starting today for the next six months with up to eight (8) working hours daily. Among the activities to be carried out include access road improvement, cleaning, bush clearing, drainage works and maintenance of public amenities. The youth are also expected to conduct a beautification exercise of Kapsabet Municipality.

Kapsabet MCA, Hon. Fred Kipkemboi giving his address during the launch

Every participating youth will be paid a daily wage of Ksh. 455 and is expected to work for at least 11 working days a month. The Supervisors on the other hand will have a daily earning of Ksh. 505 working for at least 22 days in a month.

Speaking during the launch today at Kapsabet Town garden, the County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang urged the youth to take up the opportunity and make proper use of their wages to improve their livelihoods.

The County Commissioner, Kutswa Olaka, in his address pointed out that the recruitment process that took place last week gave an opportunity to all applicants. He congratulated them for taking up such opportunities and further called for discipline and diligence while working.

CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo giving her Remarks during the launch

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21 May
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The department of Sports Youth Affairs and Arts together with the Athletics Kenya met with stakeholders within the Athletics fraternity, to discuss ways to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Kennedy Tanui, Cheif Officer to Sports and Abraham Mutai Athletics Kenya representative to Nandi, gave out guidelines on how athletes are going to use for the upcoming World Track Championship together with the Diamond League.

Speaking at the sports department, Tanui told the coaches that the athletes being chosen to participate the two races will be allowed to train at the sports facilities.

Chief Officer for Sports, Kennedy Tanui addressing Athletics fraternity at the Sports department in Kapsabet.

He asked the coaches to provide a list of names of the athletes together with their Identity Cards or Passport.

“Athletes will be tested before being allowed in and they’ll only allow one athlete and one coach per day,” he said.

Mutai subjected that athletes chosen to train will be given badges as an entry to the training facility.


Athletics Kenya representative to Nandi, Abraham Mutai, addressing coaches on ways to training their athletes during this time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Tanui further added that athletes won’t be allowed to stay at their training camps but will be commuting from their homes.

This will be a way to curb the spread of the pandemic. He stated that there will be no group training at the sports facilities.

Tanui handed out training programmes being rolled out, and how the athletes are expected to train at the facilities.

Mutai called upon the athletes to maintain high standards of discipline by not engaging to doping.

He urged the athletes to check out measures and precautions being provided by IAAF on what medication not to use if one is sick.

Tanui thank the department of health for giving out guidelines on how athletes will be tested and the response they’ll give if need.

Jane Samoei, County Health Promotion Officer speaking to the team on ways the department of health will ensure every athlete is tested before entry to thif onetraining facility.


“I urge athletes to continue to train while they are at their home and maintain high-level hygiene and stick to the norms being provided by the Ministry of Health,” said Tanui.

Stay Safe!.

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09 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi, through the sports department has a number of activities underway to ensure the stage is set for this year’s  Kenya Secondary Schools term one ball games  in line with the 2020  co-curricular calendar of events.

The County is priviledged  to be hosting  both the regionals and nationals for the first time in March and April respectively.

The schools have been competing at their Sub-County levels and the best teams  selected are expected to compete at the regionals to be held in Kipchoge Keino Stadium next week.

Engineer on-site at Kipchoge Stadium as casual workers work on the tartan track.


The games are to start on March 17-20 at a grand opening in Kipchoge Keino as some other games will be shifted and played in different areas with the County.

Speaking at Kipchoge Keino Stadium, Chief officer for Sports, Kennedy Tanui said that the fields are ready and are just undergoing the final touches

Kipchoge Keino Stadium being prepared ahead of the Kenya Secondary Schools Ball games, Term one Edition.



Tanui said the county is fully prepared to hold the National ball games  expected to start  on April 14-19.

He added that during the regional competition, athletics will be held at the Eliud Kipchoge training complex while Rugby will be in Kipchoge Stadium.

Handball will be played at Kapsabet Show Ground as Hockey will be played in Kapsabet Boys High School.

For the basketball lovers, they’ll be able to watch at the University of East African Barton.

Tanui has wished the winning teams all the best and urged them to perform better in representing the County to the African and Brookside Championship.

#Tugatai Delivers.

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21 Feb
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Eliud kipchoge Complex attracts delegates from Bomett county,Kirinyaga and Kitui. Eliud kipchoge complex is a beneficial utility to our sports men and women in our county as it provides them with sporty atmosphere while training.Our sports men and women will be able to train effectively as they try to outshine their competitors both locally and inter national.

Chief officer Sports Nandi county addressing delegates from the visiting counties

.’our main aim is to provide a favourable place for our men and women in sporting world as we are known to be the Source of champions”. Delegates from the visiting counties were able to learn about the importance of the utility to the athletes.Sports department is in the forefront to ensure that we nature the talents exhibited by our vibrant atheletes to conquer our competitors both nationally and locally.The complex also have a gym room that would enable our sports men and women flex their muscles so as to be fit when training to compete against their oppenents.It’s indeed our responsibility to ensure we provide a conducive place for our athletes to nature their abilities.

Eliud kipchoge Modern training camp.

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04 Feb
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Seven athletes who will represent the County Government of Nandi at the National cross country are set and well prepared to shine the county’s name in the coming national competition to be held in Nairobi in February 8.

The seven, who have been training in their different camps, have trained well and are still training so as to achieve their goal in representing both the county and country at the African Cross Country Championships in Togo.

10 Km race men during the Nandi County Cross country held at Kapsabet Stadium.

The team participated in the 10 and 8 Km both men and women races at the county level and the central rift region whereby they got the golden badge in representing the county to the national level.

The Team representing the county will be led by, Peris Chepchirchir who bashed the second position after flashing off 200 women in the senior women 10 km race from the race.

Peris Chepchirchir swiftly finishing second in the Central Rift competition held at Eldoret Sports Club in Uasin Gishu County.


In the 10 Km race, Josphat Kipchirchir will represent the county after he was able to get to the third position, in the 8Km race the Shadrack Kipchirchir who performed very remarkably will also represent the team and among others.

Kennedy Tanui wished the team all the best and asked them to maintain consistency in ensuring that they lift the county’s name.

“Through the Department of Sports, the county wishes the team well as they prepare to compete nationally so as to qualify for African Championships,” said Tanui.



Chief officer Sports Nandi county

Kennedy Tanui chief officer sports addressing participants during the athletics Kenya Cross country trials held at Kapsabet show ground.

He further stated that the county will give the team the full support to ensure that they achieve the goals they’ve set for the races.

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26 Jan
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County government of Nandi through the Sports department applauded the team that represented the county in the Discovery Cross Country Championship that was held at Eldoret Sports Club in Uasin Gishu County.

The Sports Chief Officer Kennedy Tanui congratulated the 48 participants who belligerently represented the county.

From the 48 participants both the junior and senior men and women, 7 athletes will represent the county at the National cross country in Nairobi on February 8.

In the senior women 10 km race, Peris Chepchirchir bashed the second position after flashing off 200 women from the race.

Brenda Jepleting narrowly missed to be part of the selected team as she became position 7.

In the highly competitive and tough 10 Km senior men race, Josphat Kipchirchir was able to get to the third position, after being the only Nandi athlete expected to represent the county at the national level.

The county couldn’t get any representation in the 8Km junior women race but they were able to get 3 ladies in the top 10, from position 7-10.

This after the Athletics Kenya chose the top 6 athletes at every race for the national competition.

In the 8 km junior men Shadrack Kipchirchir stunned the County sports officials after he was able to get to position 2 despite not being among the top three in the previous held county cross country.

Shadrack who was stunned and delighted for bashing the second position, said that getting to the position, came out unexpectedly but was glad to be part of the team expected to represent the Rift region in the national level.

Tanui appreciated the team for the good team work and good representation in the participated races.

He further urged those who managed to represent the county to the national level to work extra hard so as to lead the county’s name and pillar.

Cross country 10 km women at sports club eldoret

“For those who didn’t manage, it is not the end of any race or competition but a chance to do much better in the coming races,” said Tanui

The cross country was sponsored by the Rosa Association and Athletics Kenya.

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18 Jan
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The Athletics Kenya in partnership with the County Government of Nandi held the county level cross country that saw 228 athletes who participated at the Kapsabet Show Ground.

The cross country was graced by the Chief Officer for Sports Kennedy Tanui, sports county officials as well as the officials from the Athletics Kenya who spearheaded a campaign to the young athletes on the risks of doping.

Chief officer Sports Nandi county

Kennedy Tanui chief officer sports addressing participants during the athletics Kenya Cross country trials held at Kapsabet show ground

The participants participated in the 6Km,8Km and 10Km respectively.

In the 6KM race only junior women below 18 and under 20 took part in.

Immaculate chemutai from cheptonon secondary school beat the odds of 52 other women followed closely by Christine Cherono as the second and Celestine Chepkosgei as the third respectively.

In the 8KM mens race,in a tight and hot battle of odds, Charles Rotich managed to lead the team through a dubious fight with Vincent Kipchumba who was few minutes a head of Johnson Cheruiyot.

As Charles Logom a commentator of the of “in the coming and going” was entertaining the spectators in the 10 KM senior women race, he applauded a Turkey Nationalist from Global Sports for participating the race.

Fadina Zuna, the Turkey nationalist felt appreciated for taking part of the race and stated that she looking forward to work more extra hard to the likes of Immaculate Jepkurui who came in first followed by Brenda Jepleting and Roselindah Jepketer as third.

In the mens 10 KM senior, 3 international athletes participated in the race. There were two from Bahrain and one from Botswana.

Emmanuel Bor slammed to take the lead as he was closely followed by Solomon Biwott with 4 seconds ahead whereby Biwott couldn’t let Silah Kiptoo take his position by leaving him 48 seconds behind.

The officials chose number 1 to 12 from the above races to represent the county in the regional championship that will beheld at Eldoret Sports Club in Uasin Gishu County on January 26.

The team will be led by Robert Ng’esirei as the head coach and will be helped by Hosea Sanga as the team manager to represent the County at the Regional levels.

Tanui asked the Athletes to take note about doping and ensuring that they read the rules and regulations on the same on the just released 2020 doping rules.

“Any athlete who evades to take tests when being asked to by the anti-doping officials, just know that a ban will follow your where ever you’ll be,” he said.

Tanui added that the athletes should know which drugs are being prohibited as well as to know which ones to avoid when Ill. He further reteriated that they should always notify the doctor that they are athletes so as to avoid the prohibited drugs.

He later thanked everyone who participated in the race and wished the team all the best in representing the county.

The race also had former athletes such as Janet Jepkosgei who was present during the race.

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17 Dec
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The increased population rate of youths in the county and the country at large has resulted to high demand for jobs.

This course has however left youths in the verge of involvement in drug abuse,crimes and violence.

This on a brighter side can be prevented boing youths in constructive and productive activities such as Agri-business, livestock farming and sporting activities this way youths acquire skills to start up productive activities that will be of much benefit to them to be their own dependants.

Nandicounty government through the department of Sports Youth Affairs and Arts is in the forefront to ensure that our youths become successful and good ambassadors of our county in line with this the department has come up with useful programmes to sensitize youths to set up groups and come up with proposals that will be of great importance and impact positively on them.

The department has acquired 100 welding machines and 14 tool boxes to be given to youth groups of 30 wards in the county this will enable the youths start up businesses and a jua Kali industry to manufacture products and place them in the market for consumers this will be of great importance to our county.

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09 Dec
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County government of Nandi Department of Sports, Youth Affairs and Arts has been on the forefront in embracing persons living with disabilities through organizing Sports activities involving persons living with disabilities,events such as Paralympics,deafalympics,deaf volleyball this event has seen many people living with disabilities come out in large numbers to nature their talents.In the recent organized sports activities by the Sports ,Youth Affairs and Arts more than 100 participants participated the event aimed at bringing them closer making them feel part and parcel of our community,county and the country at large the event took place at showgrounds in Kapsabet Nandi County,champions got awarded with trophies and were so happy feeling appreciated,they also urged the county government to be organizing such events and many more that would also see them improve their living standards and it is through such events that talents are realised,champions are made and heroes recognized.As we all know diasabiliy is not inability !

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01 Nov
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Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) have a proven track record of identifying leakages in the flow of public resources and catalyzing improvements in financial management and utilization.

In a bid to develop PETS capacity among the youths in Nandi and to scale up their research efforts, the county government of Nandi through the department of Sports, Youth affairs and Arts in partnership with Ford Foundation is undertaking a two days PETS training.

The training is meant to amplify the voice of the youths and user-citizens by giving them an empirical tool to demand, on behalf of end-users, improvements in governance, management, and delivery of services, at least from the standpoint of resource provision and the reduction of financial waste.

One way of improving service delivery, by keeping both governments and service providers accountable, is through the monitoring of budgets and efficiencies in public spending.

PETS, when used, offer an opportunity to carefully monitor specific programs or public spending in targeted regions. This brand of accountability strengthens the voice of citizens and focuses the discussion on problems that may be micro-level in nature, or specific to a particular region of a county.

Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys are tools in a methodology used to track the flow of public resources (including human, financial, or in kind) from the highest levels of government to frontline service providers. PETS first identify a research objective, and then employ an extensive mapping exercise in order to understand the flow of funds through the different levels of government. Once the resource flows are mapped, budget data are collected and analyzed, and often complemented with a facilities survey and qualitative research.

PETS – derived lessons can help the youth build credibility through knowledge-based constructive engagement with governments and seek feasible changes on the local level.

The training is being undertaken by Ford Foundation in the three youth-led and women-led counties in Kenya: – Nandi, Kirinyaga, Kitui, Bomet. Nandi elected the youngest governor in the country.

Present during the training exercise was the Programme Coordinator Steve Kiprop.

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