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30 Sep
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People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) in Nandi County, are set to be trained on various skills in order to improve their living standards and be self-reliant.

The training program will equip persons with visual impairment with skills and opportunities in ICT. The goal is to equip the visually impaired with relevant and practical technology skills required to compete in the 21st century and connect them with decent job opportunities and entrepreneurship.

The training will take place at the newly constructed Empowerment Center at Chemundu, Chemundu/Kapng’etuny Ward in Chesumei Sub-county.

The PLWD Empowerment Center will also benefit all categories of people living with disabilities in Nandi.

“Training such people to use ICT will enrich their ICT knowledge, their ability to use the internet, their reading of daily newspapers, their use of ‘Digital Talking Books’, their ability to search job information and will also help them to acquire the skills needed to do certain work. The objective of training is to increase ICT literacy and employability of people,” said Dominic Tulo, Deputy Director for Gender and Social Welfare.

To support the center, The Kenya Society for the Blind (KSB) has donated ten desktops, fusion screen reading and magnification software, type-ability softwares, portable USB speakers and Logitech headphones.

While receiving the donations, the County Secretary Dr Francis Sang MBS appreciated the donations of the devices to the center. “The donations are as per an MoU we signed with the Kenya Society for the Blind in December 2020 on our working together to better empower the visually impaired in the county,” he said.

The Department of Tourism, Gender and Social Welfare has developed and implemented social welfare measures within programmes to mitigate the unique challenges of needs not met for vulnerable groups, i.e. orphans, vulnerable children, persons with disabilities, the youth, elderly and women.

The County Government of Nandi has been availing resources to PLWDs across the county. Through the department of Tourism, Gender and Social Welfare, it has been able to supply 343 tools of trade, among them salon kits and sewing machines, to support disabled people earn an income and be able to sustain their livelihood.

Besides the tools of trade, the county has largely majored on assistive devices where it has been able to supply over 5000 assistive devices which includes wheelchairs, canes, walkers, mobility cards and crutches in the last four years.

Present during the donations were Samson Waweru, Chairman Kenya Society of the Blind and other officials.

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30 Jun
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Nandi County recognizes children’s rights, fights for their space and has always championed for child protection to ensure that their rights & dignity is upheld.

It has championed for this through the Toll Free Call Centre 1548 where members of the public can call and raise issues surrounding child protection. The call center has also raised awareness on child protection through outbound calls and SMS to the general public.

This comes in timely as the African continent celebrates Day of the African Child, 2021 themed “30 years after the adoption of the Charter: accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for children”.

The county is partnering with Childline Kenya (116) in creating awareness and optimizing access to child protection services as well as strengthening response to reported cases. Child Helpline 116 – Kenya

According to Emily Bett, the Call Centre Manager, Nandi county call centre has in the recent past handled over 50 cases of child related issues. She calls upon the citizens to protect children’s rights and make use of the TOLL FREE 1548 adding that the County Government of Nandi is always ready to listen and handle any issues raised.

We celebrate Kenyan Children.

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19 May
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800 Households in Nandi receive Kitchen Garden Parks.

County Government of Nandi through the Department of Tourism Culture Gender and Social Welfare, partnered and signed an MOU with the Church Christ of Later Day Saints, whereby they provided Kitchen Garden Parks to over 800 Households of vulnerable groups within the county.


The distribution of the Kitchen Garden Parks will be shared within the 30 wards and each ward will have 27 beneficiaries , and the sub division will be done in the entire six sub counties.
The programme targets person’s with disability, widows, widowers and the aged.

It is expected among the groups of people apart from disability, even widows/widowers, those who are critically ill and the old.

The groups recieved beans , maize seedlings, indigenous vegetables, DAP and CAN fertilizers.

Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei graced the event by flagging off the consignment with the help of CECM TCSW Wilson Taiy , CECM Education Grace Sugut , CO, Scholastica Tuwei , and entire staff of TCSW.

“We want to thank the Church of Christ Later – Day saints for agreeing to partner with the County Government of Nandi in helping these groups and with this gesture it is importance to note that service to humanity is service to God “, H.E Dr. Yulita said.

Elder Dominic Kogo of the Church of Christ Later Day saints said, “it was an honor to be in Nandi to support the vulnerable and they will continue partnering with County Government of Nandi.”

The exercise of distribution will conducted by social welfare officers drawn from all sub counties in the next few days it will reach all the beneficiaries.

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10 Dec
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Department of Tourism Culture, Gender and Social Welfare hosted a Team of Delegation Led by CS Labour and Social Protection Samson Chelugui, Governor Makueni Kivutha Kibwana, Directors VSO, NCPWD to celebrate International Volunteers Day and Persons with Disabilities.

The theme for the celebrations is, ‘Building back better towards disability that is inclusive, accessible and sustainable Post Covid -19 World “and to “thank volunteers for the Action that was showcased during this period of volunteering during Covid -19 crisis.’

The partners of the event were Partners for Care, Bethany Kids, Kenya Society of the blind, Voluntary Service overseas and Ncpwd.

The Event of the day was characterized by H. E Stephen Sang signing 3 MOU’S.

The first MOU was between VSO and Nandi County, where it indicated a clear policy framework of volunteering of youths in Nandi County, the second was between Kenya Society of the Blind where they committed themselves with Nandi County to have a cordial relationship, to always support Nandi with White Canes and the third was International Cancer Institute where County of Nandi will partner together to fight Cancer Disease.

“We must provide Pwds ‘with assistive devices, and by the signing of Mous ‘will a clear mandate of supporting people with disability. I want to urge National Government towards the next year 2021 no to Tax Pwds’ and by so doing will be doing the right thing to the disabled in our society,” H. E Stephen Sang said

During the event, H. E Kivutha Kibwana was awarded to be the National Goodwill Ambassador of Volunteers in Kenya.

“We must build a culture of volunteering in Kenya and at the of the end of the day, we will build a National volunteering Program,” he said.

The guest of honour of the Day CS. Samson Chelugui graced the event by lamenting that he encourages everyone to be part of the volunteering team.

“I want to encourage everyone to join to a be a volunteer and to see clear data for volunteers countrywide and by these, we will be building patriotism in Kenya. We are together Pwd and as a Ministry, we have laid a clear policy framework to mitigate PWD during this covid -19 period,” said Chelugui.

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10 Dec
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High-quality child care keeps children safe and healthy. This care and protection is key in their growth and is therefore everyone’s responsibility to enhance a safe and conducive environment for their well-being.
The county government of Nandi is committed to providing a conducive environment for the care, protection, and growth of children to achieve their potential in life.
It’s putting in many efforts especially in creating awareness on child protection and reducing their vulnerability, especially during the current long academic breaks. It is also partnering with different agencies to ensure their safety of the Children is enhanced.
Given this, today the county government signed an MOU with Child-line Kenya on awareness creation of child protection services. Childline Kenya is a National Non-governmental Organization whose mission is to promote children’s rights and enhance child protection in Kenya.
It also focuses on building the capacity of children and their guardians in advocacy on child protection as well as identifying and reporting the various cases of all forms of child abuse.
The same will also be achieved through the county toll-free call center 1548 where the public can report any cases at any time and will receive a prompt response.
Besides providing a safe environment for children, the public is therefore called upon to be vigilant about any arising cases of child abuse and report them.

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01 Dec
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Nandi county partners with ” Irip Gaa” Group of professionals to empower the Girl child.

The Department of Tourism Culture, Gender, and Social Welfare in Partnership with ‘Irip Gaa’ Foundation Group of Ladies drawn from the entire North Rift, together visited Tindiret Constituency Soghor / Soba Ward to talk to the girl child to raise their voices, and to empower the young girls of Tindiret to dream of what they wish to achieve in life.

Nandi County has had one of the highest Teenage Pregnancies during these Covid- 19 Period, and due to these the County Government has laid down measures to curb these menace, and together with ‘Irip Gaa’ they will achieve.

Irip Gaa, are a group of Professionals Led by Cabinet Secretary Lands Farida Karoney, Deputy Governor Yulita Cheruiyot, through this initiative they came up with Mentorship Programs for the girl child and to support them mentally, spiritually, and Morale Support.

With them, they took Sanitary Pads to support them and teach them the importance of avoiding early Pregnancies.

“Nothing comes on a silver plate but requires hard work, commitment, and self-control. I want to encourage each one of you to maintain a high level of esteem to beat and achieve your goals and dreams,” said Ms. Karoney.

The DG asked the girls not to be lured for sex in exchange for sanitary towels or any other need they want.

“You should never allow anybody to lure you into something you don’t want, you have a bright future ahead for yourselves, don’t ruin it by getting Pregnant,” DG, Dr. Yulita said.

Chief Officer Tourism, Culture, Gender, and Social Welfare Jemurgor advised the girls that Education is the best weapon and equalizer in society and that they need to work very hard and focus on their dreams.

Women in Leadership, lead by mentoring girls in their society, and as ‘Irip Gaa’ it is their number one objective. The group is expected to continue Mentoring Girls in the entire North Rift.

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11 Nov
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County Government of Nandi partners with Equality Africa Now to fight for safe spaces for girls.

Today Community Health volunteers and Social welfare officers of various sub-counties held a capacity building exercise on safe spaces for women and girls in partnership with Equality Now Africa.

The estimated cases during this Covid 19 period, show that every day 10 women are being raped in Kenya.

The 2 Day Workshop was officially opened by H.E Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Yator, who said that there are rising cases of teenage pregnancies in Nandi, and it’s about time to stop it.

The Sexual offense Act 2006, Stipulates any person who attempts unlawfully and intentionally commits an act which causes genital organs, attempted rape, and is liable upon conviction for imprisonment for a term which not be less than five years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for Life.

The County Government of Nandi is making strides in addressing sexual and gender-based violence in our County, this is a response to recent statistics that reveal the alarming level of human rights violations especially on our children.

As a county, we have hence adopted a multispectral approach in dealing with this menace because we believe each one of us plays a very critical role in securing the future of the young generation.

During the workshop, Florence Machio the officer in charge of Equality for Africa introduced the importance of providing equality for children.

“Through our own office, we have sent our teams to check on families living vulnerable conditions within the County. we are targeting the little children and building capacity on the Local Leadership,” she said.

Ms. Machio said that people who violate children are not strangers: the culprits are people whom we know, we must talk to our kids at a young age.

She further stated that society needs to protect children, and CHV’S and County Leadership of Nandi must know the Sexual offense Act 2006 at their fingertips.

“We endeavor to enable victims of SBV to speak up and let their voices be heard and as County of Nandi we are ready to lead from the front”, she added.

CEC Tourism Wilson Taiy together with CO Jemurgor Tourism Culture, Gender, and social welfare were also present at the event.

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09 Mar
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Nandi county joins the country and the world in celebrating the International Women’s Day commemorated on 8th March of every year.

In an event, held at Kapsabet Showground, this year’s theme: “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights” brought together women leaders, groups and foras from the entire county.

Among issues ironed out in this event included advocacy for two-third gender rule, social and Economic empowerment, fight against gender- based violence and support for People Living with Disability.

Women and ladies at Kapsabet Show Ground, celebrating the International Women’s Day.

Speaking during the event, Nandi County Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot Mitei, congratulated women for their contributions and accomplishment in transforming the world through entrepreneurship, education and even in leadership.

As she continually empowers women through Korge Arise program, she urged them to work in groups for their social and economic growth. She further promised to champion gender equality and advocate for women rights.

The CECM for Tourism, Culture and Social Services, Wilson Taiy highlighted that the department through its welfare section has always prioritized on women support, empowerment and development.

Through its partnership with other departments, it has achieved this through a number of initiatives ranging from training, support programs such as Inua Mama &Inua Jamii, provision of sewing machines and salon kits among others.

CECM, Wilson Taiy giving his remarks at Kapsabet Show Ground.

The Chief Officer for Gender and Social Services, Scolastica Tuwei added that the department is tirelessly working to uplift the social and economic status as it journeys towards recognizing and appreciated the role of women in the society.

Chief Officer, Scolastica Tuwei Speaking during the event.

Among other partners present were: National Government ministry of Youth and Gender in charge of Affirmative Action Fund, Chepsoo medical services, Eastern Produce Kenya, Rural Women Peace Link, Alexandria General Hospital-Kapsabet, Nandi Tea Factory, Kisii University, Afrinov-North Rift and Huduma Centre-Nandi.

Women receiving free medical checkup at Chepsoo medical boot.

According to Dr. Nyarombe from Kisii university, the institution has been partnering with the county government in training women across all Sub-Counties. He added that the same program is in progress and the institution is offering self development training programs to women courtesy of the County Government of Nandi.

A group of sub county women representatives.

#Transforming Nandi.

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07 Feb
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Pwds’ empowerment in Nandi County.

“Disability is not inability,” people with special needs in our current society have often been misunderstood and marginalised by others.

Many of them have been disadvantaged in so many ways that they cannot lead normal lives because of their condition .

People with disability face many challenges once they are identified as disabled either mentally, or physically challenged.

Some of these challenges they face include; their inability to access education ,Schools previously constructed are not friendly to them. Many schools do not have the capacity in terms of human and infrastructure to sustain such children.

As a result, they are forced to remain at home as their peers are progressing with their lives.

Empowerment Kits handed over by the Deputy Governor and Chief Officer Social Welfare.

This in turn limit their access to opportunities in the society.

Challenges faced by people with disabilities are numerous. Inability to freely move around is the biggest challenge as it comes with physically suffering.

Inability to access government services like finances, tenders and employment opportunities. Many are turned away because some people believe that they cannot deliver.

It is against this backdrop that the county government of Nandi has intensified its activities in a bid to empower them.

Provision of assistive mobility devices like Trycles and wheelchairs is top of this initiative.

Pumping resources to schools that cater for such people is also another move taken by the Government. This will improve their ability to develop themselves and access basic services.

The county has also ensured that people people with disability are given money to conduct their activities either as a group or individually .

This is a means to also empower them financially as they can employ themselves and others thus leading a normal life.Since many of them cannot get employment elsewhere, such opportunities are best for them.

Tender opportunities in the county have been made favorable to people with disabilities. The current administration has made a policy that atleast 50% of all tender opportunities are awarded to youths, women and people with disabilities .

This move has accommodated them as many fall in these categories.This has helped them feel that the Government is concerned about them as opposed to the previous years.

A lot of sensitisation is being done all over the county to encourage people with disabilities to come forth and get assistance.

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03 Feb
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The greatness of A people is manifested in their sports excellence. True to its slogan, “The source of champion”, Nandi County is known for producing gallant Legendary men and also women who are heroes in a wide range of sports from field events to athletics.Women are part of the large sports excellence in Nandi and its story cannot be completed without them.

Pamela Jelimo, a great woman who hails from the rural Nandi County has dared to challenge the wold of sports through her splendid and unheralded prowess in athletics. She is a record holder of many world marathons including being the first Kenyan woman to ever win gold medal in Olympic games a great inspiration to the underrated women excellence in sports.

She achieved a feat by winning the Beijing marathon at an early age of 18.

Janet Chepkosgei during a win in the 2012 Olympics

Another woman close to Jelimo is Janet Chepkosgei, a legend in her own right who has smashed and set records all over the globe and her name is well engraved in the hearts and minds of athletics lovers . Her historical win in Osaka, Japan Olympics is unforgettable where against all odds, she emerged the winner beating her competitors who are seasoned runners.

Women Athletes represent many other sports in Nandi who have showcased their talent to the world. The county government supports such talents especially among women and motivate them to fully flex their potentials and soar and climb the ladder of athletic excellence. Empowerment of sports women shows the government’s commitment to support them.

Athletics is not the only sport that women in Kenya and Nandi excel .Nandi has produced many unsung heroes who have gone international to become professionals in their careers. The county government has always intended to help sports women in molding a career out of a sport. It is slowly realizing this by establishing a sports camp where they can be mentored.


Pamela Jelimo celebrates her win during the 2012 Olympics games.

The county has lived up to the spirit of creating heroes out of talents and capabilities of its population. Women who had been previously overlooked are now seeing the light and their stars continue becoming brighter as they aspire to be counted among legends of sports. Surely, sports is the undisputed heritage of the people of Nandi men and women.

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