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15 Oct
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The victory by Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge affirmed Kenya’s prowess as a nation of champion athletes.

Nandi County, the home of the Worlds fastest human being Eliud Kipchoge, is located in a tiny corner of Kenya where most of her world beating distance runners hail form, is the perfect location for a unique and exceptional athletics experience. Offering top expert coaches like Patrick Sang and a supportive group of runners including some of the best-known names in long distance running, it is a venue guaranteed to offer you not only the running holiday of a lifetime but leave you literally breathless.

Run alongside Nandi athletes for a hair-raising as you train in endless dirt trails with majestic views across the Great Rift Valley. Immerse yourself in the unique culture among the Nandi communities in the Rift Valley that makes them to produce such great athletes.

Visit, Chepkiit Waterfalls, the Nandi Rock and the historic Koitaleel Samoei Museum and Sheu.

Kapsabet, a quiet rural town in the Great Rift Valley, is known as the ‘The Source of Champions’ has become increasingly attractive to foreign tourists.

Our county’s impeccable weather conditions, which favour long-distance running, have drawn professional athletes from the national teams of Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, China and Great Britain, among others, who have all serially pitched camp in Nandi County in search of the “Eliud Kipchoge” magic.

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30 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi have donated foodstuff to the family of Evaline Cherotich, a mother of 8 children in  Chesunet village, Kilibwoni ward after fire razed down their house a few days ago.

Food, blankets and matresses were offered to support the family by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social welfare.

County Executive Committee member for Tourism, Culture and Social welfare Wilson Taiy  led the team so county Social workers  in supporting the family  where he said  that the County Government has an  elaborate program for supporting victims of Disaster in the County .

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21 Mar
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80 people living with disabilities in Terik Ward Aldai Sub County  have been assessed in  bid o establish the nature of their disabilities and  enable the County the Government  to plan the for their welfare .
The rigorous exercise involved Health workers, VSOS ,Social welfare officers and Sub County
officers , whose agenda was to assist the PWDS through a procedural exercise up to examination
by the health officers.
‘’Disability in our society is a great concern , Nandi community are very reserved and
most people have not yet comprehended what Disability is.

Most families still hide their disabled children from the public and act which is retrogressive since it prevents them from accessing any assistance.

Chief Officer Social Welfare Phillip Towet said his Department have taken into considerations the statistical assessment of all PWDS in all the 30 wards.

The National Council for persons living with Disabilities is mandated to formulate and implement
policies that are geared towards mainstreaming persons with Disabilities into National economy
and builds up an enabling environment for persons living with Disability to operate effectively and

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21 Mar
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Nandi County boasts of Huge Agro Tourism that can be tapped to make the County a preferred choice for Agro – Tourists. The Vast green sheets of Tea plantation attracts you to the hilly serene Nandi Hills which is located in the Western  part of Kenya .

Placed high up in the hills you will find Nandi Hills with these fabulous tea farms. A visit in this magic area is a must and will make you fully appreciate the how Mother Nature gifted us with of Kenya, from the tea nurseries , planting, maintaining tea tables  popularly known as the green carpet, plucking , pruning and finally a visit to the Tea Factory itself  where you will get to see the whole process of tea processing  is a great Tourism Experience.

Nandi Tea Estates are among the largest Tea Farms with, over 1,047 acres of Mature Tea with fuel, exotic  and indigenous Tree plantations cover. the County Government of Nandi through the  Department of Tourism, Social Welfare and Culture is working closely with the several stake holders in order to promote Agro Tourism initiatives.

Chief officer Tourism says that  the unique scenery brought about by these beautiful tea plantations posits a great opportunity to Nandi is attracting both local and international Tourists where they present a great experience like no other.

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20 Mar
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The county government of Nandi through the department of trade, investment and industrialisation has established a County liquor Licensing and Control Directorate through an act of the County Assembly which was enacted recently to control the production, Sale and Consumption of alcoholic drinks within the County.

According to Administrative Officer of Alcoholic drinks Control William Melly, the Directorate  have also developed procedural regulations that guide liquor businesses in the County.

The objectives of the directorate is to Protect the health of the individual in the light of dangers of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, protect persons under the age of 18 years from negative impact on health and social development from exposure to advertisement of alcoholic drinks, protect consumers of alcoholic drinks from misleading or deceptive inducements and inform them of the risks of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, protect the health of persons under the age of 18 years by preventing their access to alcoholic drinks, inform and educate the residents on the harmful health, economic and social consequences of the consumption of alcoholic drinks, adopt and implement effective measures to eliminate illicit trade in alcohol including; smuggling, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting, ensure fare and ethical business practices related to production ,distribution, promotion and sale of alcoholic drinks and among others reduce and mitigate the negative health, social and economic impact on communities resulting from production, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

The directorate is also expected to issue licenses this year as inspection reports await approval. As part of licensing process public participation was done concurrently with inspection and most of the reports were submitted to the directorate.

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13 Mar
By: Evans Kipchumba 1


The Nandi are part of Kalenjin ethnic group found in East Africa. They traditionally lived and
form majority in highland areas of the former Rift Valley province in what is today Nandi
County. They speak the Nandi Dialect.
Ugali ; a meal made of cornmeal, millet or sorghum is Nandi staple food and they also cook
vegetable such as ‘’ isakiat’’, ‘’sochot’’ ,’’ chepkarta’’ to serve with ugali.
Nandi favorite meat is roasted goat meat , beef or chicken/while their popular beverage is
‘’mursik’’ , a fermented whole milk that is stored in special gourd (sotet) prepared using itet
(selected stick).
‘’Sotet’’ is the Heart of kalenjin community especially the Nandi sub tribe and to preserve their
culture they use it to serve their fresh milk (keanik) and mursik. Mursik is a traditional milk that
is an integral part of the Nandi culture and heritage. Mursik started way back more than 300
years old as a way of preserving milk.
‘’Mursik’’ is traditional fermented milk made from cow or goat milk and is fermented in a
specially made calabash (sotet). The sotet is lined with soot from specific trees (itet) which is
burnt and inserted inside to give an appealing taste ready to be served when chilled with ugali.
‘’The Nandi people believed that the burning stick (itet) added to the milk strengthens the
bones and is one of the reason why the community feeds to their local runners.This has been
taken to be a secret behind the endurance and their speed.
Mursik is also used in feeding breastfeeding mothers as it is believed to restore energy in the
body of the mothers and infants.
The Nandi people also believe that Mursik is used to restore lost appetite especially among the
sick persons and in the provision of body building substances that help the person to get back
to normal condition.
Mursik contains fewer calories or fats makes one physically fit.this add to the secret behind the
common appearance of the majority being slender.
Department of Tourism Culture and Social welfare promotes indigenous culture of Nandi by
letting the whole World Learn about our Tradition and the ‘’Sotet’’ brands the County as it is
part of the logo of County Government of Nandi.
Mursik has been embraced for years by the Nandi Community and it has been used as a form
of identity in cultural events and athletic championships. Culture story…..

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09 Mar
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International Women’s Day.
International women’s day is celebrated March 8
th every year, its main focal point is to champion for
women’s right. It is 1910 that the movement all started. Today the world globally celebrates the social,
economic, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call for actions for gender
The theme of this year is “Balance for Better” ad with that the County Government of Nandi through
the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare joined the rest of the world in celebrating this
noble day.
Participants and stakeholders from various institutions attended the event and we had over 10 primary
schools and secondary participating in the event. Corporate companies, Eldoret Hospital, Reale
Hospital, and beyond Zero joined the event.
The day started with athletics 1 KM Cross Country from class 4 girls to the elderly women where the
champions were given presents .The department of Tourism, Social Welfare staff also participated in
the race, through these sporting activities , it builds creativity and and inspiration in women..
“In addition guests at the event encouraged fellow women to always champion against drug abuse
and always remember to celebrate our women legends in Nandi ‘’.
‘’ We are celebrating women and gender mainstreaming but it’s unfortunate that our society today
still looks at the physicality of a woman, and not the intelligent of a woman” CO Beatrice Jemurgor
said. She further condemned the rape cases happening in Nandi County.
Chief officer Social Welfare Mr. Towet said “lets stand together and support the girl child and always
find ways to celebrate them every day.
CEC Mr. Taiy said “we want to celebrate women who have refused to be inherited and as a
Department we tell our women and daughters to follow and pursue their dreams and never be
intimidated. Rape never existed in our culture Nandi and such acts happening today should be
condemned forthwith.
Nandi County will be celebrating these event yearly and in the near future , it will taken to the sub Counties.

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21 Feb
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The International Mother Language Day is an annual celebration observed across the world on 21st February to create awareness on linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

The day was proclaimed by UNESCO on 17th November 1999 in its General Assembly and has since been observed annually to promote peace and multilingualism.

This year’s theme is ‘ Indigenous Languages Matter for Development, Peace and Reconciliation’ and coincides with the year 2019 being declared the International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYL19).

Today the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare organized a panel of Nandi language/ culture experts who participated in discussions on issues of indigenous language usage, preservation and promotion.

Speaking to the panel the CECM for Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare Wilson Taiy encouraged parents to find time to teach their children to speak their mother language despite their day to day tight schedules resulting from either business or employment.

Present in the forum were the CO for Tourism and Culture Beatrice Jemurgor, Director for Culture Isaac Sargoi, Kaburwo Council of Elders Benjamin Kitur, Reverend William Kosgei Director AIC Christian Literature Department and Dr. Amos Magut from Kisii University.

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31 Jan
By: Raymond Kemboi 1


Youth, women and people living with disabilities practicing poultry farming will receive chicks from the county government. Supporting this value chain is aimed at ensuring these special groups earn a decent livelihood.

 The program which will be rolled out for the second time  after another successful distribution of 15,000 chicks in the previous financial year will see an increase in the number of beneficiaries from the previous 15 groups to more than 50 groups based in the County with  more than 200,000 chicks.

According to the Chief Officer In charge of  Social Services Philip Towett, The County Government is calling for proposals from the Three categories interested in County Government’s support.

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17 Jan
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Nandi County is endowed with tourist attractions ranging from wildlife, rivers, waterfalls and geysers among others yet to be exploited such as breathtaking landscapes, to hills ideal for hiking, campsites and trekking.

Bringing Nandi to what Mother Nature has endowed her with and encourage each resident from all walks to visit and enjoy.

The success of Nandi County as a tourist destination relies on a coordinated approach to the planning, development, management of it as a destination. The county department of Tourism works closely with other sector and agencies in promoting tourism activities in the County

One of Nandi’s touristic destinations is the breath taking Kapsegeron Waterfalls.

Kapsegeron waterfall is situated in Kapnyeberai location, Kilibwoni ward 5 kilometers off Kilibwoni-Lessos road a place around Terige.

The potential tourist attractions include; a camp site and the water geysers.

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