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07 Feb
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Pwds’ empowerment in Nandi County.

“Disability is not inability,” people with special needs in our current society have often been misunderstood and marginalised by others.

Many of them have been disadvantaged in so many ways that they cannot lead normal lives because of their condition .

People with disability face many challenges once they are identified as disabled either mentally, or physically challenged.

Some of these challenges they face include; their inability to access education ,Schools previously constructed are not friendly to them. Many schools do not have the capacity in terms of human and infrastructure to sustain such children.

As a result, they are forced to remain at home as their peers are progressing with their lives.

Empowerment Kits handed over by the Deputy Governor and Chief Officer Social Welfare.

This in turn limit their access to opportunities in the society.

Challenges faced by people with disabilities are numerous. Inability to freely move around is the biggest challenge as it comes with physically suffering.

Inability to access government services like finances, tenders and employment opportunities. Many are turned away because some people believe that they cannot deliver.

It is against this backdrop that the county government of Nandi has intensified its activities in a bid to empower them.

Provision of assistive mobility devices like Trycles and wheelchairs is top of this initiative.

Pumping resources to schools that cater for such people is also another move taken by the Government. This will improve their ability to develop themselves and access basic services.

The county has also ensured that people people with disability are given money to conduct their activities either as a group or individually .

This is a means to also empower them financially as they can employ themselves and others thus leading a normal life.Since many of them cannot get employment elsewhere, such opportunities are best for them.

Tender opportunities in the county have been made favorable to people with disabilities. The current administration has made a policy that atleast 50% of all tender opportunities are awarded to youths, women and people with disabilities .

This move has accommodated them as many fall in these categories.This has helped them feel that the Government is concerned about them as opposed to the previous years.

A lot of sensitisation is being done all over the county to encourage people with disabilities to come forth and get assistance.

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03 Feb
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The greatness of A people is manifested in their sports excellence. True to its slogan, “The source of champion”, Nandi County is known for producing gallant Legendary men and also women who are heroes in a wide range of sports from field events to athletics.Women are part of the large sports excellence in Nandi and its story cannot be completed without them.

Pamela Jelimo, a great woman who hails from the rural Nandi County has dared to challenge the wold of sports through her splendid and unheralded prowess in athletics. She is a record holder of many world marathons including being the first Kenyan woman to ever win gold medal in Olympic games a great inspiration to the underrated women excellence in sports.

She achieved a feat by winning the Beijing marathon at an early age of 18.

Janet Chepkosgei during a win in the 2012 Olympics

Another woman close to Jelimo is Janet Chepkosgei, a legend in her own right who has smashed and set records all over the globe and her name is well engraved in the hearts and minds of athletics lovers . Her historical win in Osaka, Japan Olympics is unforgettable where against all odds, she emerged the winner beating her competitors who are seasoned runners.

Women Athletes represent many other sports in Nandi who have showcased their talent to the world. The county government supports such talents especially among women and motivate them to fully flex their potentials and soar and climb the ladder of athletic excellence. Empowerment of sports women shows the government’s commitment to support them.

Athletics is not the only sport that women in Kenya and Nandi excel .Nandi has produced many unsung heroes who have gone international to become professionals in their careers. The county government has always intended to help sports women in molding a career out of a sport. It is slowly realizing this by establishing a sports camp where they can be mentored.


Pamela Jelimo celebrates her win during the 2012 Olympics games.

The county has lived up to the spirit of creating heroes out of talents and capabilities of its population. Women who had been previously overlooked are now seeing the light and their stars continue becoming brighter as they aspire to be counted among legends of sports. Surely, sports is the undisputed heritage of the people of Nandi men and women.

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03 Feb
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Nandi county is well endowed with conducive weather conditions that allows its population to practice meaningful agriculture. Agriculture is so diverse and all rounded .

However, as one traverses through the county, one will realize a wide range of crops that define agriculture of the county.

Tea plantations in Nandi hills and Tinderet Sub-counties form the major tea growing zones with numerous tea factories. Some of them include Kapchorua, Nandi Tea, Dl koisagat and Mbogo Valley.

All of them contribute in tea processing and exportation. Their flavors are known worldwide. Nandi, being in the great rift has many hills upon which these tea plantations seat. This gives a wave-like green belt impression.


one of the finest tea plantation in Nandi with splendorous harvest.

Beautiful scenery of the many tea plantations across Nandi gives the county a magnificent look that defines it. The attractiveness and splendor forms a serene natural environment that the county prides itself in.

Plantations combine with many natural and planted forests across the county gives it a breath taking sight that is comparable to a green carpet.

The green matter that is profound in Nandi is the basis upon which its Agro-tourism is grounded. The cool environment coupled with many tourist sites scattered across the county makes it one of the most attractive places to visit in Kenya.

Agro tourism is an emerging sector of tourism whose development can greatly transform the economy of a rural county like Nandi. Anyone touring the county will surely get a unique life long experience on how agriculture and environment come in harmony, blend and effortlessly give a unique geographical landscape.

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03 Dec
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December 3 marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD). Today, the County Government of Nandi joined other agencies and civil society organizations to celebrate “a day for all”, highlighting that disability is part of the human condition and a manifestation of diversity in our societies.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Promoting the Participation of Persons with Disabilities and their Leadership: Taking Action on the 2030 Development Agenda.” In line with this, the county government of Nandi is focusing on the empowerment of PWDs for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development.

The County Government of Nandi aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development and to increase awareness of the situation of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

While leading residents in marking the day, Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot said that in order to build a more accessible environment for persons with disabilities, culture should be promoted in the society, and the public should be aware that disability is not farfetched and can happen to anyone in any time of their life.

“Our main goal is that people with disabilities lead an independent life with effective participation in the community and to be able to work and have a normal life like other citizens,” she noted.

Through the Department of Culture and Social Welfare, the deputy governor donated empowerment tools including sewing machines, salon kits and wheel chairs.

“It is our objective that persons with disabilities are empowered to fully and equally participate in Nandi county’s development process, so that the Sustainable Development Goals are realized not only for persons with disabilities, but also by and with persons with disabilities,” said the deputy county boss.

Present at the event were County Government and National Government officials.

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31 Oct
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The County government of Nandi through the department of Tourism and Social Welfare is committed to restore and conserve the local culture and natural heritage.

It is in this regard that the County Government and the National Museums of Kenya signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at conserving and restoring cultural and natural heritage in the county.

The MoU was signed by Governor Stephen Sang and the Director General National Museum of Kenya, Dr. Mzalendo Kibunja.

The MoU aims at revamping and conserving historical sites and monuments across the county beginning with the Koitaleel Museum in Nandi Hills Sub County.

Speaking after the signing of the MoU Dr. Mzalendo Kibunja expressed the need for locals to exploit opportunities provided by tourism to realize revenue and make Nandi a desired destination.

On his part, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang urged residents to selfishly guard their Environment so as to attain the set goal by ensuring high standards of cleanliness as well as initiate safety and security in their areas.

Governor Sang called on the National Museums of Kenya to return Koitaleel Samoei’s skull and spears currently on display in the British Museum, that were taken during the country’s colonial period.

“These are crucial aspects of our historical and cultural heritage, and every effort must be made to bring them back,” said the governor.

In the agreement, the parties agreed to build up and nurture research and documentation of the heritage through exploration, studies, mapping and profiling activities, and to involve local communities in their heritage conservation and management through community engagement activities.

Other activities are developing a cultural festival for the county specific themes annually, community engagement workshops and identification of youth heritage managers to head the cultural tourism efforts.

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15 Oct
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The victory by Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge affirmed Kenya’s prowess as a nation of champion athletes.

Nandi County, the home of the Worlds fastest human being Eliud Kipchoge, is located in a tiny corner of Kenya where most of her world beating distance runners hail form, is the perfect location for a unique and exceptional athletics experience. Offering top expert coaches like Patrick Sang and a supportive group of runners including some of the best-known names in long distance running, it is a venue guaranteed to offer you not only the running holiday of a lifetime but leave you literally breathless.

Run alongside Nandi athletes for a hair-raising as you train in endless dirt trails with majestic views across the Great Rift Valley. Immerse yourself in the unique culture among the Nandi communities in the Rift Valley that makes them to produce such great athletes.

Visit, Chepkiit Waterfalls, the Nandi Rock and the historic Koitaleel Samoei Museum and Sheu.

Kapsabet, a quiet rural town in the Great Rift Valley, is known as the ‘The Source of Champions’ has become increasingly attractive to foreign tourists.

Our county’s impeccable weather conditions, which favour long-distance running, have drawn professional athletes from the national teams of Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, China and Great Britain, among others, who have all serially pitched camp in Nandi County in search of the “Eliud Kipchoge” magic.

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30 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi have donated foodstuff to the family of Evaline Cherotich, a mother of 8 children in  Chesunet village, Kilibwoni ward after fire razed down their house a few days ago.

Food, blankets and matresses were offered to support the family by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social welfare.

County Executive Committee member for Tourism, Culture and Social welfare Wilson Taiy  led the team so county Social workers  in supporting the family  where he said  that the County Government has an  elaborate program for supporting victims of Disaster in the County .

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21 Mar
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80 people living with disabilities in Terik Ward Aldai Sub County  have been assessed in  bid o establish the nature of their disabilities and  enable the County the Government  to plan the for their welfare .
The rigorous exercise involved Health workers, VSOS ,Social welfare officers and Sub County
officers , whose agenda was to assist the PWDS through a procedural exercise up to examination
by the health officers.
‘’Disability in our society is a great concern , Nandi community are very reserved and
most people have not yet comprehended what Disability is.

Most families still hide their disabled children from the public and act which is retrogressive since it prevents them from accessing any assistance.

Chief Officer Social Welfare Phillip Towet said his Department have taken into considerations the statistical assessment of all PWDS in all the 30 wards.

The National Council for persons living with Disabilities is mandated to formulate and implement
policies that are geared towards mainstreaming persons with Disabilities into National economy
and builds up an enabling environment for persons living with Disability to operate effectively and

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21 Mar
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Nandi County boasts of Huge Agro Tourism that can be tapped to make the County a preferred choice for Agro – Tourists. The Vast green sheets of Tea plantation attracts you to the hilly serene Nandi Hills which is located in the Western  part of Kenya .

Placed high up in the hills you will find Nandi Hills with these fabulous tea farms. A visit in this magic area is a must and will make you fully appreciate the how Mother Nature gifted us with of Kenya, from the tea nurseries , planting, maintaining tea tables  popularly known as the green carpet, plucking , pruning and finally a visit to the Tea Factory itself  where you will get to see the whole process of tea processing  is a great Tourism Experience.

Nandi Tea Estates are among the largest Tea Farms with, over 1,047 acres of Mature Tea with fuel, exotic  and indigenous Tree plantations cover. the County Government of Nandi through the  Department of Tourism, Social Welfare and Culture is working closely with the several stake holders in order to promote Agro Tourism initiatives.

Chief officer Tourism says that  the unique scenery brought about by these beautiful tea plantations posits a great opportunity to Nandi is attracting both local and international Tourists where they present a great experience like no other.

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20 Mar
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The county government of Nandi through the department of trade, investment and industrialisation has established a County liquor Licensing and Control Directorate through an act of the County Assembly which was enacted recently to control the production, Sale and Consumption of alcoholic drinks within the County.

According to Administrative Officer of Alcoholic drinks Control William Melly, the Directorate  have also developed procedural regulations that guide liquor businesses in the County.

The objectives of the directorate is to Protect the health of the individual in the light of dangers of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, protect persons under the age of 18 years from negative impact on health and social development from exposure to advertisement of alcoholic drinks, protect consumers of alcoholic drinks from misleading or deceptive inducements and inform them of the risks of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, protect the health of persons under the age of 18 years by preventing their access to alcoholic drinks, inform and educate the residents on the harmful health, economic and social consequences of the consumption of alcoholic drinks, adopt and implement effective measures to eliminate illicit trade in alcohol including; smuggling, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting, ensure fare and ethical business practices related to production ,distribution, promotion and sale of alcoholic drinks and among others reduce and mitigate the negative health, social and economic impact on communities resulting from production, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

The directorate is also expected to issue licenses this year as inspection reports await approval. As part of licensing process public participation was done concurrently with inspection and most of the reports were submitted to the directorate.

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