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03 Dec
30 Nov
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Former Drug Addicts and Brewers Graduate to Better Ventures.

The  CECM for Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare, Wilson Taiy Officiated the closure of a one week workshop for Drug and Substance Abuse Addicts that was organized by A-Kili Foundation, a Community Based Organization which advocates against drug and substance abuse in Nandi County.

The one week exercise was held at Itigo Primary school grounds in Chesumei Sub-County and brought together addicts, former brewers and  rehabilitated alcoholics who were sensitized on the effects of drug and substance abuse.

The Taiy challenged them to venture into other profitable ventures into other businesses that will earn them a decent living 

Other stakeholders such as NACADA- North Rift Region, Local Administration and Church leaders also participate in the rehabilitation exercise.

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24 Nov
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A first time visitor to Nandi will be fascinated by the variety of landscape, plants and animals.

The attraction sites include the breathtaking Chepkit waterfall, Uson Cliff, Tereno waterfalls, Chepng’isir waterfalls, Bonjoge game reserves, and the Nandi rocks, the holy waters at Mberere, the picturesque carpets of tea bushes and the vast forest cover.

The county is a sleeping giant strategically positioned to tap into the Western tourist circuit.

Nowhere in the Rift Valley is more spectacular than in the hilly and cool county of Nandi. Here, it unwinds into endless hills and gorges that make for very stunning scenery. Nandi County has a rich history and a rich set of attractions that make it ideal for someone looking for something a little off-the-beaten-path in Kenya.

The Nandi Rock

Also known as the Monkey Rock, Nandi Rock is located in the Nandi South area in the border between Kisumu and Nandi. Nandi Rock is one of the main natural tourist attractions in Nandi. It is an elevated rock outcrop on the escarpment that gives visitors a good vantage point from which to see the surrounding beautiful landscape that includes the Nyando Valley, the thousands of hills that make up Nandi and the sugarcane plantations below on the Nyando sugar belt. It is a popular destination for many hikers and trail walkers. If you are looking for some outdoor excursions with the bonus of spectacular heavenly views, this should be a must-visit site on your Nandi County itinerary.

Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare CEC Wilson Taiy

Scaling the Nandi Rock is not just adventurer’s must-do in the Western Kenyan tourism circuit. For many kids growing up in the Kibos, Nandi South and Miwani area, it is often a rite of passage to scale the Nandi Rock and enjoy the beautiful views below. The hills around the Nandi Rock were once heavily forested. Today all that is left is bare rock but the scenery is still simply awesome.

Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare County Executive Member Wilson Taiy together with the Tourism Chief Officer Beatrice Chemurgor made a visit to the site with an aim of inspecting and identifying ways in which the site can be improved.

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13 Nov
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A new program  targeting to provide care to the elderly in Nandi dubbed  AGUI- KOGO Caring Services  has been rolled out in various Sub Counties with the latest been  Kaptumo in Aldai Sub County .

The CBO  which was founded in 2011 with an aim of offering medical care psychological assistance to elderly persons to meet their  Socio economic development needs.

The County Government of Nandi  is offering support to the program through assignment of Social welfare officers  to assist in coordinating and facilitating activities of the program.

Among the activities of the initiative is free medical check up, recreational sports , interactive sessions, exhibition and sale of entrepreneurial Artifacts.

156 senior citizens participated in the event held in Aldai.

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20 Sep
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The Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare have have conducted capacity building sessions for beneficiaries of  free sewing machines under the Endeleza Jamii Mbele programme for women and PWD groups in the County.
The exercise aimed at preparing the beneficiaries with the technical know- how before the distribution of the sewing machines later this Month during the launch of Governor Stephen Sang’s Big 4 Agenda, an event that will be presided over by Deputy President William Ruto.
The program aims at creating hundreds of employment opportunities and empowering the affirmative action groups in the county as part of the key pillars in the realization of the both the county and the National and County Government big 4 blue print.
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22 Aug
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Branding Nandi County

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any institution or organization. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets and builds credibility and trust.

The County Government of Nandi held a consultative meeting with officials from the Brand Kenya. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the way forward regarding the branding and marketing opportunities for Nandi County which includes the county branding index and the Mark of identity.

Speaking during the meeting, the Ag. County Secretary said that, when the County Government presents itself in a professional way, and when there is social proof that its products and service are quality, prospects will have trust and feel more comfortable getting services.

Ag. County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang while chairing the meeting.{PHOTO /PATRICK YEGO}


The CECM in charge of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare Valentine Chumo emphasized that branding Nandi gives the county a desired impression so when people see it, they instantly think and feel what you want them to think and feel. She added that Nandi County has a huge potential that can only be realized if the right marketing strategy is adopted.


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10 Aug
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Nandi County celebrates The International Youth Week as opportunities for the youth are unveiled by Governor Stephen Sang

Unemployment is an alarming challenge that has seen educated youth waste away in so many struggles due to the limited job opportunities. The annual graduations that are highly celebrated, be they certificates, diplomas or degrees carry a lot of joy for excellence only for them to mutate into anxiety and restlessness soon after due to the limited job market. Youth end up taking any available opportunities to make ends meet.
The County Government of Nandi through various departments is intentional in addressing the challenges facing the youth in Nandi County.
As the International Youth Week comes to wrap up, the county government is set to unbundle the opportunities that seek to improve the state of the youthful population. The Department of Public Service has unveiled 400 internship opportunities for the youth across the county. This is in line with Governor Stephen Sang’s manifesto that pledged to create internship opportunities for the youth so as to enable them acquire the necessary skills and experience as they enhance their professional growth.

The opportunities that do not require any past working experience is open to any youth with a certificate, diploma or degree from a reputable institution. This will ensure that skilled and deserving youth who may not have had an opportunity to work after their schooling get a chance to work and acquire the required experience as they also serve Nandi County. The interns will be paid a stipend of between Ksh. 8,000 and Ksh. 12,000. Applications can be done through <a href=””/> .

The Department of Education on the other has also opened opportunities for 800 ECD teachers whose successful applicants will have an opportunity to serve for at least three years. The opportunities are spread across all wards in the county as listed in the advert here

Among other opportunities set for the youth on this day include enhancement of the 30% Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. Most youth with start-up companies lack capital even after winning the tenders thus affecting the quality of works done. In a bid to bridge this gap, the county government is set to sign an MoU with Youth Enterprise Development Fund so as to increase the uptake of tenders by youths in the various county departments, and linking up with institutions that provide youth friendly loans for LPOs and LSOs.

On to top of this, the county government is heading towards Performance Based Contracting that enable the youth organize themselves and benefit from the County Government’s funds for maintenance of roads in each ward by performing tasks such as bush clearing, drainage opening, installing culverts etc. Contracts under this program will run for a period not less than 1 year and not more than 3 years.The youth has a role in protecting the environment.

The Department of Youth in conjunction with that of Environment is set to offer youth opportunities to benefit from being engaged in planting trees, establish nurseries and supply the seedlings to the county government under an agreed framework.

Among other programs are entrepreneurial training and start-up support, sponsorship for training and acquisition of technical skills and opportunities for scholarships and sponsorship’s based on talent where the county government will identify, exploit and support in the development of youth talent while engaging stakeholders who can extend scholarship opportunities for such talents.

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