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22 Nov
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The recently launched Nandi Digital Marketplace has registered its initial success in spurring the digital economy in our county which has generated interest for partnership from players within and outside the County. Today the County received a delegation from the County Government of Kakamega who are on a mission to Benchmark on Nandi Digital MarketPlace.

County Government through the Department of Trade, Tourism, industrialization, and Enterprise Development, developed a business-to-business digital marketplace that helps farmers to sell their products directly to consumers to enjoy 100% profit and avoid exploitation from brokers.

Speaking during the engagement the Chief Officer for ICT and E-Government Jonathan Misoi said that the digital market has bridged the gap between traditional markets and the digital economy and it has also allowed local businesses to thrive in the online marketplace. He also encouraged the officials from Kakamega to join the Global Open Governance Partnership to automate service delivery in their backyard which will greatly improve performance within the county.

Chief Officer ICT and E-Government, Mr. Jonathan Misoi speaking on the transitional market and its enormous market reach benefits to the economic well-being of traders.

While going through the developed systems, Kakamega County Chief Officer for Cooperative Development Emmanuel Kariuki, lauded Nandi County on its commitment to automate their services, he said that they are looking forward to execute the same strategies in their County.

Kakamega County Chief Officer for Cooperative Development, Mr. Emmanuel Kariuku outlining the strategies they have learned from Nandi, pointed towards realigning and expansion on their action plans.

Nandi has managed to automate the following services County Call Centre, Nandi County Digital Marketplace, Digifarm and Gigicow, Asset and inventory system, County Monitoring and Evaluation System (CMES, and Nandi County Data Desk among others.

Present at the meeting were Trade, Tourism, Industrialization, and Enterprise Development Chief Officer Benjamin Kiprotich, Kakamega County ICT and E-Government Chief Officer Phanuel Musasia, Cart ‘n’ Shop Director Joseph Wambugu, and Digital Market Technical Officers amongst others.

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31 Oct
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In a bid to create more space for the growing small-scale traders, the County Government through the Department of Trade, Tourism, Industrialization, and Enterprise Development has started the process of reviving Kamunyaro market in Soiyet, Nandi Hills Ward.

In light of this, the department held a public participation forum at the grounds to gain insight into the public’s perspective and concerns regarding this initiative.During the session, members of the public expressed their concerns and needs regarding the revival of the market, emphasizing its pivotal role as the mother of the surrounding markets.

Public participation forum at Kamunyaro market.

The revival of the market will not only create more space for traders but also increase business and in consequence revenue compilation for the county, as well as create employment for the residents.

Kamunyaro Market is known from the ancient days as one of the oldest and biggest market which started in the early 1980s. The market attracted many traders since the Eastern Produce company used to pay tea farmers at their factory and Kamunyaro was the closer market.

Resident giving her views on the revival of Kamunyaro market.

Speaking at the event, Trade Development officer Mr. Amos Saina promised the residents that the Department is going to set aside funds for construction of market stalls and fencing of the said market as the core concerns raised among others.

Present at the meeting were Nandi Hills MCA Hon. Edwin Kemboi, Nandi Hills ward Administrator, Area Chief, and staff from the Departments amongst others.


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19 Oct
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County Government of Nandi under the Department of Finance and Economic Planning in collaboration with Open Institute, has trained data collectors drawn across the 30 wards.They will assist in mapping health and education facilities across the county, and the exercise will commence on Thursday and run for three days, utilizing the Sabasi Survey tool.

The selected data collectors undergoing training on the data collection manual for the Sabasi survey tool.

Sabasi is a survey tool that is used both on mobile and a desktop, that aids in simple data collection and is part of the greater ecosystem of Open County/Data Desk developed by Open Institute.

A section of the selected data collectors following through the training brief.

Speaking as he opened the one-day workshop for data collectors, the County Executive Member for Finance and Economic planning CPA Hillary Serem applauded the open institute for working closely with the County Government to develop a data desk which has helped in improving planning and decision-making in the County Government.

CECM Finance and Economic Planning CPA Hillary Serem engaging with the selected data collectors on training.

He also said that the Economic Planning Directorate uses data in their day-to-day operations to enhance the county’s reporting, performance and meet departmental goals.

Present at the meeting were Chief Officer Educational and Vocational Training Joseph Kipchumba, Open Institute Operations Director Benjamin Charagu, Head of Statistics Mercy Kogo amongst relevant department officers.

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19 Oct
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The Department of Trade, Tourism, Industrialization, and Enterprise Development and Kapsabet Municipality, through the Chamber of Commerce Nandi Chapter, held a consultative meeting with the Asian Business Community living and operating within Kapsabet, to air out concerns on matters affecting their day-to-day business.

Representatives of Asian business community in Nandi in consultative talks with County Government of Nandi and Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) on their business outlook.

The discussions revolved around the daily concerns of local business operations including distributor licensing,heavy goods staging, waste management, hawking regulation,and parking facilities.

Municipal Manager Mr. Richard Ngeny commended the Asian community for their invaluable contribution to Kapsabet’s economy. He emphasized how their businesses generate essential revenue, which, in turn, supports collaborative efforts towards enhancing the local business landscape and strengthening the community’s ties underlining the symbiotic relationship between the Asian business community and the local government.

Kapsabet Municipal Manager, Mr. Richard Ngeny presents certificate of KNCCI membership.

“The Asian community’s businesses in Kapsabet play a big vital role in generating revenue for our county, which we consequently channel towards maintaining and improving infrastructure within the municipality” He said.

Mr. Ngeny further affirmed that the county government is committed to providing a friendly business environment for all traders within the county.

Present at the meeting were Managing Directors Kinjaal, Sheraton, Kapsere, and Kapsken Supermarkets; Chairperson Chamber Nandi Elly Chepkwony; Director Enforcement Mr. Rotich; and Trade Officer Yvonne Chebet, amongst others.

Officers from County Government of Nandi, KNCCI and representatives of Kapsabet Asian community in consultation.

Kinjaal, Kapsjen and Sheraton were awarded with certificates as members of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI).KNCCI acts as a powerful advocate for its members, representing their interests at governmental and policy levels. Becoming a member of KNCCI additionally offers a multitude of advantages for businesses in aspects such as facilitating valuable business networking opportunities, and access to vital information, including market trends and trade opportunities, aiding in well-informed decision-making.

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26 Feb
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The County Government of Nandi has embarked on a plan to renovate and improve all markets within the county. This is to ensure that traders operate in a secure, accessible and hygienic spaces to conduct their businesses.
Today, the Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Trade, Tourism, Industrialization, and Enterprise Development, CPA Alfred Lagat, visited Mosoriot market and bus park. During the visit, he engaged with the Center and Market committees and agreed on how this is to be actualized.
He informed the stakeholders that the County Government has developed a formula where every shilling collected from the traders is to be ploughed back to improve market infrastructure across the county.
Mosoriot is set to be the first market for this implementation. The same will be replicated across all markets in the county. The projects shall involve redesigning, provision of sanitary services and enhanced security. #ContinuedTransformation
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25 Jan
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Boda Boda Sector Support Initiatives

The Boda Boda sector in Nandi County has greatly increased employment for youth and has significantly contributed to the growth of the country’s economy. The County Government of Nandi has pledged to support the sector through various initiatives.
Governor Stephen Sang, EGH has emphasized the importance of forming and joining Sacco’s during a meeting with sector leaders, as it is the most secure way to access government support.

He added that, collection of revenue is key in running government projects and hence agreed with the sector leadership on resumption of bodaboda stickers, as it will also enhance sanity in management of the sector.

The county has 25 designated bodaboda stages in Kapsabet town and each has a unique numbering system. A colour coding system was also used previously to distinguish operators in different sub counties.

Nandi CECM for Trade, Tourism, Industrialization and Enterprise Development CPA Alfred Lagat assured the riders that the department will provide them with office space for easy coordination and management. He also urged the operators to form associations and take advantage of government machinery offered to such associations through MSEA. In addition, Loan schemes including the enterprise fund will also be established to boost up the sector.

Other issues that cropped up during the meeting including security and street lights were addressed by CECM Administration, Public Service and ICT, Isaiah Keter who assured the operators of full support in their welfares.
Traffic police officer, Ms Linda urged the operators to observe traffic rules citing that with strict adherence to law, the number of accidents will go down by far.

In attendance where CEC Finance and economic planning CPA. Hillary Serem, Municipal Manager Mr Ngeny, Head of Revenue Nicholas Biwot among others. #ContinuedTransformation

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19 Jan
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County Partnerships for Trade Development

Traders play a crucial role in the county’s economic development, but the nature of their work/hustle can sometimes be demanding and taxing. In light of this, the government, through its departments and agencies continually seeks to provide support to those in the industry.
On Wednesday, the leadership of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Nandi chapter met with the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Trade, Tourism, and Enterprise Development CPA Alfred Lagat to discuss ways to support traders and improve the state of commercial centers in the county.
The discussions cantered on waste management, regulation of hawking business, security, response to fires and tragedies, plot rate waivers, the establishment of an enterprise fund, capacity building for traders, parking spaces, and issuance of licenses.
CPA Lagat highlighted plans the department has in place to improve conditions of county markets, including the ongoing demarcation of parking spaces in town, re-organization of the town in a bid to eliminate shanties, and designation of hawking spaces.
The CECM revealed that the county is also partnering with KIRDI and MSEA to provide training to traders on product development, and is also developing an e-soko platform for online marketing of goods in the county. It is also planning to deploy trade ambassadors to other counties to seek market opportunities and linkages for Nandi products.
He noted that the Alcoholic drinks control directorate and fund is being utilized for rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts.
He further revealed that an enterprise fund is being established to create upwards of Ksh 200 million from diaspora remittances to be availed to traders as loans and LPO financing in partnership with KCB bank.
The county also plans to partner with KNCCI to organize a business gala and dinner in March, which will include exhibitions, round table engagements, dinner and an award ceremony. #ContinuedTransformation
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31 Oct
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Nandi CEC for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech has urged women in Nandi County to form groups to enable them benefit from the various government development projects.

The CEC Member urged women to seek information on county and national government opportunities and also take part in public participation forums such as the budget making process.

Ruth said women should also come together and register companies where they shall be able to apply for tenders.

She said 30 per cent of the tenders are allocated to women, youth and people living with disabilities.

The CEC said both the county and the national government are committed to ensure that marginalized groups such as women, youth and the disabled access opportunities that will enable them realize their full potential.

In her part the CEC nominee for Education, Sports Culture and Youth Affairs Scolastica Tuwei said that social and economic empowerment through various development programmes is paramount for a community’s development.

She said the participation of women in social and economic areas have helped in poverty eradication programmes.

She also called on the youth to form groups in order for them to benefit from the hustler fund from the national government. She further called on the boda boda operators to form or join Saccos.

They were speaking jointly during the opening of Joyful Women Organization (JOYWO) Offices in Kapsabet Town.

The County Government of Nandi is committed to all efforts made for the advancement of women, especially in the economic, social and cultural areas. The County is convinced that the advancement of women is one of the primary points of allowing society to create an atmosphere conducive to development.

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05 Oct
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The County Government of Nandi has established 32-Unit market stalls at the open air market in Baraton. Open air markets are usually a beehive of activity teeming with vendors and consumers.

It is for this reason that the County has ensured proper hygiene and sanitations are put in place. Sufficient water supply, toilets and an organized waste disposal management were provided to ensure the market meets its needs.

There is a high mast lighting system at the market hence trading activities can run till late hours. Upgrades and modifications to sections of the market are still on-going.

In a public participation exercise held on Tuesday the residents applauded the operationalization of the market and further requested for additional stalls and a market shade.

Addressing the residents during the meetup, the Municipal Manager, Mr. Ngeny, assured the residents of enough security and general facelift of the market. He commended the traders for the recent increase in trading activities and promised to follow up on addition of stalls as requested.

Mr. Ngeny further urged the traders to form a Market Committee for easy coordination with county government. Present during the public participation were Chesumei sub-county administrator Mr. Kemboi, Chemundu/Kapngetuny ward administrator and officers from Trade department and County Public health office.

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04 Oct
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The County Government of Nandi in partnership with Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA) is in the process of operationalizing the MSE Sector plans.

MSEA is a State corporation under Ministry of industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development mandated to promote, develop and regulate Micro and Small Enterprise (MSEs) in the country.

MSEA is working closely with the Department of Trade, Investment and Industrialization in linking MSEs with markets through Exhibitions, establishing and operationalizing worksites for Jua Kali artisans, capacity building for MSE traders and mobilization of registered associations to utilize machineries provided by the government.

The county has constructed Industrial Development Centres (IDC) worksites in Nandi Hills and Kobujoi which are in use while others in Chepterwai, Kurgung, Lessos, Kobujoi and Maraba will begin its operations before long.

The partnership calls for MSEs to form and register associations each with 35 members in order to benefit from these IDCs and industrial machineries which, will be fully owned by the association. The MSEs in agri-business sector can also be provided with cold storage facilities for perishable goods.


Ms. Wilter Moraa from MSEA North Rift region, in a meeting with the department technical team, mentioned the areas of cooperation to include research and capacity building of MSEs in Nandi. It was agreed that it is their joint duty to mobilize MSEs in Trade, Service, Agri-business and manufacturing sectors to form these associations.

She further stated that MSEA is working with Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) to provide Business Development Services to Youth-owned enterprises and granting financial support to promote their businesses ventures.

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