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04 Jun
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The National and The County government of Nandi shares platform in bid to promote trade and investment.

The Kenya industrial research development institute(KIRDI), Western Region Centre is currently hosting a stakeholder round table discussion and later, a familiarization tour of the facility. Gracing the occasion is the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprises Development, Hon. David Osiany who is in Kisumu for a three day official visit.

Also present at the meeting are the LREB CEO and Secretariat; LREB County CECMs in charge of Trade and Industrialization(Trade Pillar), Council of Governors (C.O.G) representatives, KIRDI officials, and the Kisumu County Commissioner.

The round table discussion is centered around trade promotion and investment development within the region, and inter-trade relations with bordering blocs.

The CAS has louded the bloc for the much it has done to bring counties together and formulating a trade policy that not only seeks to promote trade and investment in the region, but also provide linkages for its 14Million+ citizens to conduct commercial activities hence improved livelihoods.

The LREB Trade and Industrialization pillar lead CECM Jacob Tanui in his address briefly gave an overview of the current status and projects ongoing in the bloc and the future plans the bloc has towards promoting investments and increasing trade volumes within and beyond the bloc.

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23 Mar
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Promotion of fair trade is a key mandate for the department of trade, investment and industrialization. Through the weights and measures subsector, the department achieves this through Ensuring use of uniform system of units of measurements in trade; Regulating the manufacture, sale, use and repair of weighing and measuring equipment for use in trade; Regulating sale of goods and services in terms of quantity and quality; and Protecting consumers against misdescription and misrepresentation in the sale of goods and in the provision of services across the county. It also seeks to protect consumers against counterfeit products.

The department is currently undertaking verification and stamping of weighing instruments throughout the county. Initial verification is usually done to new weighing equipment that have never been stamped before including new weigh bridges, pumps, scales among others. Periodic or Subsequent verification is done annually to equipment and instruments already in use. A certificate of verification is then issued. The team is deployed to every sub-county.

Thereafter, inspection is done to enforce the requirement of weights and measures Act Cap 513 and the Trade Descriptions Act Cap 505. During this exercise, the county weights officers check and seize equipment in use that have not been verified.

The team also enforces the sale and labelling of goods around business premises to ensure they are done as per Act Cap 515 of Weights and Measures.  In ordinary trade transactions, the law ensures that during the sale of any commodity in loose form, the quantity delivered to the purchaser is not less than the quantity contracted and paid for. This legal control on the performance, accuracy and use of weighing and measuring equipment saves consumers from huge losses thereby contributing to the protection of their purchasing power and hence to their ability to purchase more.

Sadly, it has been witnessed a number of times in some shops and butcheries across the county whereby the consumer gets less the quantities they pay for. Such cases have been reported and action taken against them. All Nandi County residents are urged to be vigilant and report such acts to the county department of trade through the toll-free number 1548 to ensure fair trade is conducted in Nandi.

The law requires every package to carry thereon, or on a label securely affixed thereto, information on name of product and address of the manufacturer or packer, number of net weight or measure of the goods in the package, and in some cases the date marking showing the last day, month and year by which the goods may be sold. This information should be conspicuous, legible and prominent so as to be readily seen and understood by a prospective purchaser. Consumers are encouraged to be bold enough and inquire on such information as a right before purchasing. Let’s be proactive and promote fair trade.

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12 Mar
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The County Government of Nandi through the department of Trade, Investment and Industrialization is working towards ensuring that the Traders and Entrepreneurs within the county are being sensitized on the regulations of selling and supplying alcoholic drinks.

The department held a sensitization meeting at Mosoriot in Chesumei Sub-County whereby they educated the Traders on ways of adhering to norms and regulations stipulated on selling and distributing alcoholic drinks.

The CECM for Trade, Investment and Industrialization Jacob Tanui told the Mosoriot Business Community that it’s the county mandate to protect and ensure that their businesses do run well as well as adhere to the code of conduct of selling alcoholic drinks.

“Our principal mandate as a department is to protect the business community, we urge you to cling to the code of conduct governing the sell and distribution of Alcoholic drinks,” said Tanui.

Tanui further asked them to clasp to the covid-19 protocols to avoid suspension of the business permits as well as the closure of their business premises.

Also in attendance was NACADA’s officer Scola Komen; who urged the business community to be Keen on whom they are selling alcoholic drinks.

This is after studies showed that children below the age of 18 are consuming alcohol more than people at the age of 18 and above.

“NACADA’s main objectives is to ensure proper and regulations of Alcoholic drinks and Drugs such as cigarettes are not sold to the persons below the age of 18,” she said.

#Execessive consumptions of Alcohol is harmful to your health.

#Tuga Tai transforming Nandi County.

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19 Feb
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Traders at Kobujoi on Friday last week were elated following the official launch of Kobujoi ESP Market by H.E. the Governor Stephen Sang. Completion works for the project began in 2018 and is now ready for use.
The market was built under the Kenya Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) by the National Government in 2010. However, the ESP programme elapsed before the market was completed.
The County Government of Nandi, through the Department of Trade, Investment and Industrialization therefore undertook the completion of works for the Fresh Produce Market. This project facilitates traders to sell their wares in a clean, safe and a conducive environment. The market is up to modern standards with proper market amenities.

The location of the market is ideal and is serviced by a well maintained road network. It is the biggest market in Aldai subcounty and serves a huge population and brings together traders from the neighbouring Kisumu and Vihiga Counties.

Speaking during the launch, the Governor reiterated his commitment to ensure economic growth of the county through provision of market infrastructure as part of his agenda to map Nandi as an investment destination in the region.

Traders and residents at large welcomed the project as it will spur trade activities in the area.

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24 Feb
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County Government of Nandi, through the Department of  of Trade Investment and Industrialization opened the Lessos Market that will help in creating job opportunities and uplifting living standards of people living at the O’lessos and Lelwak Wards.

Governor Stephen Sang who launched and opened up the new market stated that the market will help in growth of urban centers so as to spur economic growth.

“I am glad that  we have opened up Lessos market which will provide economic opportunities in the region.We are still uplifting facilities at the market including ongoing construction of market stalls,” said Sang.

Governor Sang officially opens Lessos together with Trade CECM Jacob Tanui.

Sang urged the residents to make good use of Lessos market so as  to improve their livelihood. He pointed out that in the current world, business is the greatest employer and this can be achieved through self-employment.

He urged both the young and women to us the opportunity in improving their life standards. He asked the residents to come up with ways they can put the market area to use on a daily basis instead of waiting to use it only on market days.

Governor Sang and CECM Trade Tanui buying goods at the newly opened Market.

CECM for Trade, Investment and Industrialization Jacob Tanui, thanked the governor for supporting the establishment of Lessos market.

CECM Trade, Investment and Infrastructure Jacob Tanui accompanying the Governor during the launch.

He promised that the government, through his department will construct a modern ablution facility for the market as well as take care of waste management within the market.



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31 Jan
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Ol’lessos Center To Have New Open-air Market By End of February

Members from the Olessos Traders association visited the county’s Trade office to plan ways in improving businesses in the area as well as plan on the opening of the new market within the area.

Joseph Keter chairperson of the Traders association, addressed various issues affecting the business persons within the area and would love the county to look into the matter.

Committee members from Olessos Traders Association paying a courtesy call to Director of Trade Phelisters Maiyo

Keter who paid a courtesy call to  Philister Maiyo Director to Trade, informed her that they wished the county to look into creating business opportunities as well as mentorship programme for both the youth and women in various business activities that increase their niche.

Maiyo promised the members that she will look into the matters being raised and that the department will look forward in working with them to ensure that their matters and urge are being looked into.



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10 Jan
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A New Dawn For Lessos Business Community

Lessos Trading Centre residents and business community converged yesterday at Ruki Resort to engage in a public participation aimed at electing new market committee, following a petition by stakeholders praying for fresh election of Lessos center market committee since the committee in place was elected 21 years ago and not representative

The election was held under the provision of Urban and Cities (amendments) Act 2019, establishing urban areas including municipality town or market centers and management of these urban areas. Various stakeholders and business categories were represented including land owner, retailers/wholesalers, mama mboga , boda boda operators, bar owners, hotel owners, jua kali /auto spares dealers, matatu operators, special groups and gender.

From each category one candidate was nominated except land owners retailers /wholesalers, jua kali/ auto spare dealers, categories each from which two candidates were nominated, making a total of 13 members and 2 co- opted members

In an election presided over by the Deputy director for Administration Philister  Maiyo, Joseph Ketter was elected as the chairperson and  Richard Cheror as vice  chair. Maiyo made it clear that according to law a market center  is managed and governed by the county government and therefor pointed out that the area ward administrator is a member of committee representing county government as stipulated in the Act .The deputy director explained the functions of the committee as stated in the act which include overseeing affairs of the market center, facilitating and promoting trade development, promoting market infrastructural development, implement applicable national and county laws, promote safe and healthy environment as well as function outlined  in the first schedule of the Act. The exercise was the first ever carried out under the Urban Areas and Cities (amendment) Act 2019 and is expected to replicated across the county.

Accompanying the deputy director were trade development officers Christine Cherotich, Amos Saina and Philip Kogo.  Also present was Job Koech, Ward Administrator for Lessos, Elly Melly, Ward Administrator Chepkunyuk, Lucy Ruto Ward Administrator Nandi Hills, James Serem , Chief Lessos  Location Sammy Songok Assistant Chief Lessos Sub location and Wilson Kosgei Sub county revenue officers among others.

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02 Nov
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Plans are underway for the County Government of Nandi to set up an export processing zone (EPZ) in Kibigori, Chemase Ward of Tinderet Sub-County. Mid this year, a team of officers led by CEC for Trade, Investment and Industrialization Jacob Tanui met Principal Secretary for Mining John M. Omenge at the Ministry of Petrolium and Mining, offices in Nairobi where they had discussion with regard to relocating Twiga Chemicals Limited from the land to pave way for establishment of the EPZ.  Tanui said that Governor Stephen Sang is willing and eager for the Special Economic Zone to be set up in the area. He further stated that Nandi County under the leadership of Hon. Stephen Sang was the first county to launch The Big Four Agenda and he wants the project to be part of the Agenda.

Accompanying the CEC, the Chief Officer, Trade and Investment, Feisal Mohammed said that the County Government has already budgeted Kshs 8 million to start the works on the EPZ land. He went further to ask the Principal Secretary for guidance on how to solve the Twiga Chemicals land issue. He was thus concerned about the timeline in solving the land issue of the project since the budgeted amount might be redirected into other activities.

Member of County Assembly for Chemase ward Hon. Hillary Koech commended the decision by the county government to set up an EPZ in his own Ward saying that the project will be life changing to the people of Chemase and the county at large. He added that there is need for an immediate solution on the land. He further stated that the politics will be involved in solving the land issue of the project.

Twiga Chemicals Limited occupies a small section at the center of the 8.82 acre piece of land but the county government wishes to make use of the entire piece by establishing the Export Processing Zone.

Responding to the county officials, the Principal Secretary said that he will convene a meeting with Twiga Chemicals Limited where he will engage alongside County Government of Nandi. Hoping that Twiga Chemical Limited will be willing to be offered an alternative land, he promised that The State Department will copy to The County Government of Nandi all the correspondences that they engage with Twiga Chemicals Limited.

He went further to advised the County Government not to re-allocate the budgeted money for the project saying that a solution will be found soon. He confirmed that he will be holding a meeting with selected Principal Secretaries to discuss issues about manufacturing and the land issue in Chemase will come up for discussion.

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01 Nov
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Farmers from Nandi County will soon have their own markets where they will sell their farm produce directly to consumers, cutting off the traditional value chain that is replete with middlemen.

This borrows from international practice where most cities have farmers markets that supply produce direct from the farms to the consumers.

Upon its operationalization, the markets will contain sections for fresh produce, Beef, fish and poultry products, dairy produce and a grains sections.

The markets will provide temporary selling space for different farmers on a day-to-day basis, others lease out permanent shops that are operated by individual farmers who take the space on a long-term basis.

The markets are Kaptumo, Kobujoi and Maraba sale yard. The county department of trade is ensuring that the facilities have the necessary amenities required such as water and toilets before having them fully operational.

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02 Jul
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Nandi residents have been urged to register their plots and pay land rates to the County Government.

Addressing a stakeholders forum that brought together residents and Baraton Business Community at Baraton trading center, Trade and Industrialization CEC Jacob Tanui, his Finance counterpart CPA Alfred Lagat and Trade Chief Officer Feisal Mohammed said that the County Government of Nandi will soon start mapping both registered and unregistered business plots in Nandi in a bid to increase revenues from land rates.

Finance & Economic Planning CECM CPA Alfred Lagat addressing Baraton business community

At the forum, the public was also sensitized over the Kapsabet Municipality, Baraton being part of it. Kapsabet town received a charter as a Municipality. The municipality is directly involved in the development activities within its boundaries.

The Trade and Industrialization CEC Jacob Tanui expressed concern that majority of Nandi residents evade land rate payments and revenue, a trend that he termed as unfortunate.

The stakeholders forum was part of a series of public engagement forums held for various opinion leaders to enhance collection of revenues, tax, land rates and land registration in Nandi County.

Finance and Economic Planning CEC CPA Alfred Lagat urged members of the public to desist from cash payment and pay their parking fees, single business permits, advertisements, land rates, daily market cess through Paybill Number or Account Numbers provided.

The Chief Officer for Trade Feisal Mohammed who was also present emphasized the importance of land registrations and payment of land rates.

Land owners are asked to pay for their land rates on time to avoid accummulation of debt and penalties that come through.


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