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09 Nov
By: Faith Songok 1


The County Government of Nandi is in its continuous task of extensive road maintenance and improvement, with the aim of enhancing accessibility and connectivity across various wards within the county. The initiative encompasses a wide range of activities, including road grading, gravelling, dozing, and spot improvements, and covers roads in several key wards.

Gravelling in Process.

The roads in focus include the maintenance of Nderio-Ndekeriat Road in Terik Ward, grading and gravelling of Mugundoi Road, as well as the dozing of Bitabkeben Road in Kaptumo-Kaboi Ward. Similarly, dozing work has begun on Rubet Road in Kurgung-Surungai Ward, while the Kapsoen-Kaptebengwo Road is undergoing grading.

Initial stage of grading road to restore surface and drainage attributes.

Additional works involve the grading and gravelling of Kabolebo-St. Matthew’s-Maraba Road and the Tuyobei-St. Matthew’s Road. In Songor-Soba, the Lord King-Kiptebes primary road is undergoing grading, while the Murguywo Road in Koyo Ndurio Ward is set for grading and gravelling.

Residents of Kaptumo-Kipletito are witnessing the grading and gravelling of their road, and a significant focus lies on the Katanin-Nyigoon-Kapchotara-Kapmotong Tarmac Road, which is also slated for improvement.

In Ndalat Ward, spot improvement work has commenced on the Ndalat Centre-Nyigoon-Mumetet Road, enhancing its quality and safety. The Kogame-Himaki Road in Chepkunyuk Ward is undergoing grading and gravelling, while the Danger-Kechire Road in Kiptuiya Ward is seeing substantial improvements through grading.

In Nandi Hills Ward, the Kapnana-Cheptililik Road is being graded and gravelling work is also being carried out on the Cheptililik-Kaptien Road.

The road works extends to Kipkaren Ward, where dozing work is actively taking place. Furthermore, the Mosoriot TTC-Kapnyamisa Road is undergoing grading and spot improvement, while the Mosoriot-St. Francis Girls-Kapkinyasain Road in Lelmokwo/Ngechek Ward is receiving graded upgrades.

Dozing of road to expand and level the surface.

The Namgoi Shell-Kamatargui Road in Kapsabet Road is also part of this extensive initiative to enhance road infrastructure and connectivity throughout the county, whereby it is being graded.

The County Government of Nandi is demonstrating its commitment to improving infrastructure, accessibility, and the overall quality of life for its residents through these significant road improvement projects. These efforts are expected to ease transportation, and enhance the overall well-being of the local communities.

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31 Oct
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The Chief Officer for Transport and Infrastructure David Koech along side Kaptumo/Kaboi ward Member of County Assembly Hon Isaack Mosbey presided over the commencement of dozing of Bitabkeben Mobon road in Aldai Sub county.

Chief Officer Transport and Infrastructure David Koech on site over the commencement of dozing of Bitabkeben Mobon road in Aldai Sub county.

While addressing the residents before the commencement of the works CO Koech affirmed that Governor Sang’s administration is keen on ensuring that all roads across the county are being worked on to ease movement and transportation of goods.

He said the road is primed to open up the area for development.

Dozing of Bitabkeben- Mobon road in Aldai Sub county.

On his part Hon Mosbey assured the residents that they are working closely with department of Roads to see that all roads within the ward are being done, “We are working hand in hand with the department of Roads to make sure that our roads are passable”, said Mosbey.

On their part the residents appreciated the move by the department to open the new road sighting that the move will ease movement of goods in their area, “We are certain that the dozing of our road will result to easy transportation of our goods,” said one of the residents.

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23 Oct
By: Duncun Keter 0


Various road works are currently underway addressing key routes, to ensure smooth connectivity and accessibility.

Chief among these initiatives are the grading and graveling efforts on the Kundos-Murguiywo-Koyo Road within Koyo Ndurio ward, along with the Maraba Bridge-Lengon River Road and St. Mathews-Tuiyobei Road.

Road works in progress.

Within Emgwen Sub-county, significant progress is being made on the grading and graveling of the Kaboen-Kariebu Road and the Underit-Kipture Road.

Grading and gravelling of roads.


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17 Oct
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County Government of Nandi, in collaboration with the World Bank Group through the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project KISIP 2 project, is providing supporto the county’s plan to upgrade Mosoriot town and improve Informal Settlement in preparation for the anticipated El-Nino rains scheduled for October to December 2023.

County technical officers from Roads and Infrastructure working in collaboration with the World Bank Group on the KISIP 2 project, as they prepare Mosoriot town and Informal Settlements for the upcoming El-Nino rains, scheduled from October to December 2023.

To ensure the county’s readiness for the rains, the Chief Officer of the Department of Finance and Economic Planning, CPA Priscah Muigei, visited Mosoriot Informal Settlement. Her visit aimed to assess the progress of the ongoing engineering projects for infrastructural development and guide residents in prioritizing projects within the allocated budget for the settlement.

CPA Priscah Muigei, Chief Officer of the Department of Finance and Economic Planning, offering valuable guidance on the progress and prioritization of infrastructure projects in Mosoriot Informal Settlement.

During her address to the SEC and GRC settlement leaders and county government officials, she emphasized the importance of their support for the project, which is expected to enhance Mosoriot’s business environment and living conditions.

Mr. David Koech, the Chief Officer of Transport, Public Works, and Infrastructure, also expressed gratitude to KISIP and the Settlement committees. He pledged the department’s full support to ensure the project’s success and urged settlement leaders to leverage construction opportunities for the benefit of the local community.

Mr. David Koech, the Chief Officer of the Department of Transport, Public Works, and Infrastructure, discussing the department’s full support to ensure the project’s success.

The KISIP 2 Nandi CPCT, led by Coordinator Mr. David Kemei, called on settlement leaders and the technical team to ensure that the work adheres to high standards. He committed his team to work diligently to benefit the residents of Mosoriot settlement and address any challenges that may arise.

The KISIP 2 project aims to construct Bitumen roads with drainage and walkways, toilets, floodlights, water kiosks, street lights, and social halls.

The meeting was attended by Chesumei Sub County Admin, Ward Admins, Area Chief, Assistant Chief, County Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Environmental Officers, Land Surveyors, Social Safeguards Officers, and SEC & GRC committee members. #ContinuedTransformation

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04 Oct
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We are committed to partnership with all government stakeholders in ensuring that Nandi county residents access and deliver their farm produce to the market in good time.

The CECM for roads, public works and infrastructure Eng. Drice Rono joined his Kisumu Counter part, Salmon Orimba in accessing Miwani- Cheptuin-Chepkulon Road that is to be surveyed, opened, graded and gravelled jointly by the two counties in collaboration with Kibos Sugar Company Ltd.

CECM Roads, Public Works and Infrastructure County Government of Nandi, Eng. Drice Rono(right) and CECM Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure County Government of Kisumu, Salmon Orimba at site.

The Road is key to sugarcane farmers in Kemeloi /Maraba ward and part of Chemelil/Chemase ward.

A Section of Miwani- Cheptuin-Chepkulon Road that is to be surveyed, opened, graded and gravelled jointly by County Government of Nandi and County Government of Kisumu, in collaboration with Kibos Sugar Company Ltd.

“On behalf of the county government of Nandi I wish to convery our gratitude to Kibos Sugar Company for the noble idea of opening up this road which will majorly assist the Nandi resident to easily access Kisumu City and transport their farm produce easily said the CECM Eng. Drice Rono.

On his part Kisumu County CECM  thanked area residents for coming out and accept to give way to the new road.

We look forward to a better relationship with our neighbouring counties.

CECM Roads, Public Works and Infrastructure County Government of Nandi, Eng. Drice Rono(far right) and CECM Public Works,Roads and Infrastructure County Government of Kisumu, Salmon Orimba (second from right) together with team gaining insights from the Plan.

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02 Oct
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Drainage Improvement to Enhance Sanitation and Mobility

In a bid to enhance sanitation and streamline transportation, County government of Nandi has embarked on a major project to open up and clear trench drains in Kapsabet Town, while expanding its interconnected street roads network.

The primary focus of the project as at now, is to bolster the drainage network, ultimately reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rains and promoting cleaner streets especially with the loomering Elnino season in October.

Clearing and Improving of Drainage Networks.

Additionally, a comprehensive expansion plan for the interconnected street roads is underway, aiming to alleviate congestion and improve overall mobility.

Expansion of Interconnected Street Roads.

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28 Sep
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Nandi County Department of Roads and Infrastructure Commits to Enhancing All Weather Access Roads.

The Department of Roads and Infrastructure is committed to improve access to basic services for the nandi county residents recognizing the pivotal role of infrastructure in driving the economy forward.

Steered by Waziri Eng Drice Rono and Chief Oficer David Koech, the Department is carrying out a continuous exercise to ensure all-weather accessibility of roads across the County.

In Emgwen Sub- County, roads works are ongoing on Samaritan- Dumpsite road, which has long been an eyesore to the residents, and is finally receiving transformation that it requires.

Meanwhile, In Tinderet, significant progress is being made on the Chief’s office- Chelambut Kipyaor road. Grading, gravelling and compaction are giving shape to this vital route.

On-going gravelling of Chief’s Office Chelambut-Kipyaor Road in Tinderet Ward.

The ongoing projects stand as county’s resolve to overcome weather challenges that pose stress to accesiblity due to quality of roads.

On-going compaction of Chief’s Office Chelambut-Kipyaor Road in Tinderet Ward.


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26 Sep
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Kenya Roads Board and State Departments Unite for Promising Policy and Planning Initiatives In Counties.

In a significant stride towards enhancing transportation and infrastructure development in Nandi County, the County government of Nandi, represented by Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Roads and Transport Department Eng. Drice Rono, participated in a crucial consultative meeting with various state departments.

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM), Eng. Drice Rono in Consultation with Members of the Caucus.

The meeting, focused on Policy and Planning, highlighted several positive developments that promise to improve  county’s road network and overall transportation infrastructure.

Noteworthy highlights of the meeting was the commendable progress made by the Kenya Roads Board (KRB). KRB outlined its plans to allocate funds from the Road Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF) directly to counties, including Nandi. This allocation aims to bolster road maintenance efforts at the local level, ensuring that county roads receive the attention they deserve.

Another critical aspect discussed during the meeting was the Road Inventory Conditions Survey (RICS). Armed with this information, the county can prioritize and plan road maintenance and construction projects more effectively, addressing critical areas first.

Consultation In Progress


Additionally, the meeting delved into Road Classification and Road Sector Investment Programme(RISP) which seeks to channel investments into key road projects in Counties, ensuring that the transportation network continues to improve and meet the needs of residents.

As Nandi County continues to make strides in transportation and infrastructure development, these positive outcomes from the consultative meeting pave the way for improved roads, enhanced safety, and a commitment to sustainability in Nandi.

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25 Jul
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Rural roads infrastructure maintainance and continuous improvement remains a key concern for the County Government of Nandi.

Led by CECM for Transport and Infrastructure Eng. Drice Rono and Chief Officer David Koech, the sector seeks to
improve accessibility and ease movement of goods and services for county residents.

Several roads which have not been passable in the past in Tinderet Ward are being improved to the required standards. Gravelling is ongoing on at Taachasis-Kaplamai road together with spot improvement of Kaplamai-Chebisas Road.

In Kapkangani ward works are ongoing at Kiborgok Center -River-Kiborgok Loop road where Grading and gravelling is on course. Kamobo showground Road and Kamobo Forest Office Road has ongoing grading and gravelling works.

Gravelling is also underway on Koita-Kimogoch Road in Kabisaga ward while in Kobujoi ward, there is spot improvement of Chebilat-Chepkebuge Road. Several other roads are lined up of upgrade in the entire county.

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19 Oct
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The County Department of Transport and Infrastructure through the Public Works section is charged with the role of providing expertise, supervision and routine assessment of all construction works in the county.

It’s offering these services in both public and private utilities whether industrial, residential or for commercial purposes. This is to ensure that construction regulations are adhered to and the quality of work is maintained at all levels.

This section is achieving this with the development of proper designs & plans, regular site visits & continuous inspection of all buildings under construction as well as routine assessment of buildings currently under use.

Today the Engineers from Public works witnessed the handing over of new Form Two(2) Block at Kapsabet Boys High School.

New Form Two Block at Kapsabet Boys High school

Among other construction works under their supervision include all county government projects, County Assembly offices, schools projects, ACK Kapsabet Diocese Plaza and private business premises.

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