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Cornelius Kipkoech June 20, 2019


The County Executive Committee Member For Finance and Economic Planning CPA Alfred Lagat on Thursday Presented Ksh 8,133,676,476 2019/2020 Budget estimates at the County Assembly of Nandi.

Recurrent expenditure in this 2019/20 budget estimates amounts to Kshs. 4.6 Billion translating to 57% of the total revenue, composed of the Personnel Emoluments amounting to Kshs. 3.135 Billion which translates to 39% of the total budget estimates while 18% goes to the Operations and Maintenance amounting to Kshs.1.5 Billion.

Development expenditure as per these budget estimates amounts to Kshs. 3.493Billion translating to 43% of the Total Revenue which is above the 30% threshold, hence complying with the Public Finance Management Act 2012.

The departments with high budgetary allocations this financial year include; Health and Sanitation with 32.1%, Agriculture and cooperative development 11.8%, Administration public service and
E-government 9.0%, Lands, environment and natural resources 7.9% Transport and Infrastructure with 6.9%.

Additionally, the County Assembly has in this budget been allocated 10.4% of the total budget where Ksh. 200,250,000 is allocated as development to facilitate the completion of the County Assembly Complex.


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