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Peter Koima June 9, 2022


In fulfillment of the requirements of Section 130 (1) and (2) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 and Standing Order No. 216 of the County Assembly, the CECM for Finance & Economic Planning CPA Alfred Lagat on Wednesday delivered the highlights of FY 2022/23 Budget to the County Assembly highlighting THE COUNTY BUDGET POLICY AND REVENUE RAISING MEASURES FOR next FISCAL YEAR.

Presentation of Proposed Budget to the County Assembly.

In his statement, the executive member reiterated the government’s commitment to implementing and completing priority programmes under the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2018-2022) and the County Annual Development Plan (CADP 2021-2022) to achieve the aspirations of its inhabitants while taking into account the need to optimally allocate the scarce resources to high impact programs during the plan period.

CECM Finance and Economic Planning,CPA Alfred Lagat.

The CECM revealed that the government has undertaken several targeted strategic interventions to achieve a resilient and sustainable economic recovery including:

I) Completion, equipping and operationalization of ongoing capital projects and in particular infrastructure projects with high impact on poverty reduction, equity and employment creation, these include: Hospital Complex with Mother and Baby Unit at KCRH, Nandi Cooperative Creameries (NCC) at Kabiyet, Nandi Textile and Apparel Unit (NATEX) in Mosoriot and Eliud Kipchoge Modern Athletics Training Camp in Kapsabet and Nandi Coffee Mill in Tinderet.

II) Equipping with requisite equipment the complete yet not operational projects relating majorly to health facilities, ECDE centres, water projects –distribution lines, power and water connections among others.

III) Settling of pending bills and bringing them to minimum possible levels.

IV) Consideration has further been given to interventions supporting Post-Covid 19 recovery as indicated in the socio-economic recovery and re-engineering strategy including disaster, emergency preparedness, Youth and Vulnerable empowerment programmes such as the Nandi County Youth service.

The proposed budget is was anchored under 8 broad pillars geared towards;

1. Improving Access to Health Care Services
2. Cushioning and Modernizing Agriculture
3. Improving conditions of Road network for increased investment and business
4. Investing in Sports, Youth and Vulnerable Groups
5. Promote Tourism, Culture, and Social welfare
6. Ensuring effective and efficient Public Service for Growth
7. Environmental Protection, Water and Natural Resources
8. Creating a Conducive Business Environment

On revenue enhancement and management, the county commits to maintain a strong revenue effort over the medium term to enhance revenue collection. To achieve this, several measures have been proposed in the Finance Bill, 2022 submitted together with Estimates for fiscal year 2022/23 for review and approval by the County Assemby.

Some of the proposals include; enhancing revenue collection, strict compliance measures, adoption of revenue enhancement best practices, use of IT systems for collection and enforcement, improvement of parking sites, enhancement of property rates collection, expansion of revenue bases, maintenance of the revenue collection and management.

The proposed budget estimates submitted to the house for consideration was received by the house deputy speaker and Chepkumia MCA Hon. Wilson Sang. CPA Lagat requested for the earliest possible approval of the budget which is necessary to achieve economic revitalization and fiscal consolidation. He further requested the assembly to deliberate on the budget and promptly give its approval. #TransformingNandi

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