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Faith Songok December 4, 2019



The County Government of Nandi joined the rest of the world in celebrating international day of persons with disabilities.

It is a day of optimism that looks towards the future and creation of an environment whereby a person is not characterized by their disabilities but by their abilities.

The county government through its department of agriculture & cooperative department has been an inclusive contributor in ensuring PwDs’ social development goals are achieved in the county.

The Boresha Jamii na Kuku is one initiative that saw PWDs among the special groups in the county who benefitted from the program.

This initiative was inspired by the cooperative to allow them to form enterprises on poultry production, which saw a significant contributor to financial empowerment to farmers.

PwDs are encouraged to create their own enterprises through cooperatives with the objective of social inclusion opportunities such as this.

This will promote equality of opportunity and help break the barriers which disabled people face in taking their place in society.

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