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Faith Songok January 31, 2020


The county government of Nandi through the department of ICT and the department of Agriculture n Cooperative Development, on Thursday, led Aldai Ward Administrators through sensitisation and training on NandE- Farm system.

This is a continuation of the strategies put in place to esure the system is implemented at sub county/ward levels.

NandE- Farm has integrated 2 platforms, DigiFarm by Safaricom that supports service delivery to crop and livestock farmers and DIGICOW by FarmTech company that supports the dairy farmer.

The platform will facilitate effective and quality service delivery. The farmer can request services by dialing a toll free USSD code, get extension services at subsidized cost, access proper records of services enrolled, get quick access of information. It also provides for training and dissemination of information, timely provision of critical services, marketing of agricultural products as well as sending timely reminders to farmers.

In their role to ensure service delivery at the ward level, the agricultural officers are expected to sensitize the farmers on the above functions and benefits of the platform.

They were trained to use the system to:  register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view agro- dealer payments, create and view orders plus viewing the product list.

They are also mandated to maximize on the system to establish, implement and monitor farmer and cooperative performance management at the ward level.

In addition, they should ensure farmers at the ward level are registered to cooperative societies for them to achieve the full benefits of these services provided for by the platform.

Every ward will be assigned one gadget to their two ward agricultural officers to facilitate the process.

The training was held at Aldai NG- CDF conference hall.

In attendance was the trained county government technical team and the Safaricom team.

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