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Phoebe Jeruto March 4, 2020


The National Treasury and Planning is mandated to ensure effective national and county development planning.

It is by doing so as to provide overall policy guidelines, building staff capacity and extension of technical support to the counties in preparation of regional, county and local plans which are all linked to Kenya Vision 2030.

Today a team from state department of planning led by Elizabeth Wamalwa visited the county for consultative discussion with the planning stakeholders.

This was for the purpose of guiding and harmonizing national and county development planning within the county.

These brought together directors and other representatives from the national government led by the County Commissioner, Chief officer and economists from County department of Economic Planning and the county directors.

Elizabeth Wamalwa, Economist from state department of Planning training on the guidelines.

The National Treasury and Planning is currently focussing on giving guidelines for all counties to conduct Mid Term Review(MTR) of County Integrated Development Plan(CIDP) 2018-2022 which will help in assessing performance and ensuring accountability.

Furthermore, to guide counties in developing sectoral plans.

The 10 year sectoral plans will guide on the long term budgeting and development in the county.

It will focus on issues concerning economics, administration, socio-cultural, demographics, environmental and natural resource management.

A team of economic experts at Nandi Flame Restaurant during a session with the county commissioner.

In his address, the Nandi County Commissioner  Olaka Kutswa, pointed out that the national government is joining hands with the county in the move towards developing these the sectoral plans, keeping in mind the need to map and align the county plans into the national economic blueprint and even further to the global priorities.

Olaka Kutswa, Nandi County Commissioner addressing the team.

According to the Chief Officer for Economic Planning, Felix Sambu, the county has developed sectoral working groups and currently working on Monitoring and evaluation handbook that would aid in tracking development in relation to the planning objectives.

Felix Sambu, Chief Officer for Economic Planning speaking during the meet up with economic experts.

While receiving these guidelines from state department of planning, Mr. Sambu furthered that the county together with the planning and development stakeholders, will be undertaking a midway strategic review of the Nandi CIDP.

This review is a reflection on the progress made so far in implementing the programmes as spelled out in the development plans.

Mary Kemei, Senior Economist in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation in the county.

“This review will give a report on the achievements realized, challenges faced, lessons learnt and even stating the commitment going forward. The report will thereafter be presented to the all the stakeholders and as a result, the review will be of much benefit in tracking and enhancing the successful implementation of the plans,” added Mr. Sambu.

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