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Phoebe Jeruto January 20, 2020


Kapsabet municipality is undertaking developmental Projects within its area of coverage through improvement of infrastructure so as to enhance economic growth and improve the livelihoods of the people. It is doing this through Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) Conditional funding by world Bank. The Municipality received it’s first funding and the selected projects are underway.

The Projects were tendered and awarded to two companies, Vella limited and Southpole Construction Company. Vella limited taking tender lot one comprising of: construction of Non-motorized transport (NMT) facility from Namgoi to Kamobo; storm water drainage along the NMT; extension of sewer line in Kapsabet town, Kamobo and Namgoi areas and the construction of Ablution block at Kapsabet bus park.
On the other hand, Southpole Construction company took up the construction of Juakali and fabricated shades in Kapsabet, Namgoi, Chebarbar, Barton and chepterit; extension of street & security lights and installation of high masts within the municipality.

The Projects Technical Committee today met to discuss on the status and progress of these projects. Simon Mwale who is the Supervising engineer, highlighted that according to the inspection report, Project status by Vella limited is at 15% and southpole is at 38% . The Project manager, Joseph Odenyo, added that the contract period has expired and works are behind schedule.

The committee therefore recommended for the extension of the contract period by two(2) months and that the projects are expected to be complete by end of March 2020. The Municipal Manager, David Sum, calls upon the Contracted firms to further their efforts and meet the timeline or the contracts get terminated.

Also present in the meeting were:A Munyua from county legal counsel, James Meli the director for environment and Dominic Tullo in charge of social safequard.

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