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Phoebe Jeruto February 24, 2020


In enhancing continuous, effective and result oriented delivery of Service to the citizens, there is need for all the stakeholders to commit themselves by setting targets and working towards achieving them.

For the realization of this, there should be regular assessment to track progress against the set timelines and objectives.

This is achieved through Performance contracting and appraisal system which is a tool for performance Management, clarification of objectives and evaluation based of available results.

Nandi county adopted this tool in 2019 and established performance contracting unit.

This performance contracting process entails the signing of contractual agreement to execute a service according to the terms agreed upon, within a set period of time, with a stipulated use of resources and in accordance to specific performance standards.

This therefore ensures good performance and reporting at every level this translating to the general achievement of County’s objectives.

Today this unit held a meeting with the CECs, Chief officers and the County Directors to check on the status and progress of achieving the targets set.

This regular assessment is done on quarterly basis thus allowing for close monitoring of performance by these officials.

The same is also cascaded down to all other county employees through performance appraisal system.

Speaking during the meeting, the County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang, pointed out that performance contracting is key in public service management and that it has helped in spearheading the timely achievement of both individual and departmental goals.

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