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Faith Songok February 17, 2021


The County Government of Nandi holds in high regards the immense contribution, co-operative societies play in the economic and social growth of its society. As a key feature of transformation, the County Government is committed in ensuring that cooperators in Nandi are served efficiently through effective co-operative governance.

With co-operative societies as instrumental tools for development, they are occasioned by mobilization and organization of people and their resources into structures that will grow their investment return capacity. In consequence therefore is the crucial obligation to source for good cooperative leadership.

The newly elected officials tasked with continuing the agenda of Afya SACCO Nandi North branch.

It is in this mandate that the department of Agriculture and Co-operative development is tasked to ensure there is efficiency of operations in cooperative societies, a crucial determinant of the beneficial value capacity it offers. This can only be realized by effecting compliant governance through incorporating a transparent, vision oriented and eligible leadership.

Afya SACCO Nandi North branch members turn out to vote for new officials.

It is to this consideration that on Wednesday, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative development oversaw elections of officials of Afya co-operative savings and credit society limited(SACCO), Nandi North branch and ensured the election was conducted in accordance to law.

Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer, Madam Bismeth Maleya overseeing the elections.

As stipulated in the provisions of society’s bylaws; upon expiry of term of office of elected representatives, the society is authorized to conduct elections to seek fresh leadership to continue to the society’s agenda. The election of new leadership provides for flexibility and modern representative democracy which allows for equal participation and fresh insights into a common goal.

Afya SACCO member voting his cast into the ballot box.

Overseeing the compliance was Emgwen Sub county cooperative officer, Madam Bismeth Maleya.

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