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Faith Songok October 3, 2023


The big question in County Governments’ management of facts and statistics of the public needs, through accurate capturing and description of what is important and of urgent resolve, has most often faced the challenge of simple processing of information and structuring the presentation of the continuous emerging needs of the public to ensure continous momentum of aligned and impactful results.

This is based of the challenge of the diverse nature of needs of the public interests.

It is in this light that the County Government of Nandi as an active participant of Open Government Partnership (OGP) and as a top affliate of Kenya OGP participated in the OGP Global Summit Roundtable debrief convened by the office of Prime Cabinet Secretary, PS Foreign Affairs, Dr. Singoei. The core engagement was to pull in senate pivotal role in diffusing the noble values of openness and accountability in counties’ governance.

Senator (Dr ) Khalwale Boni sharing action points on the role of senate in open government.

The action points for the meeting looked towards incorporating opportunities and identifying emerging needs, with focus towards the overall need for more support to local governments to uphold values of accountability, openness, transparency and inclusivity.

Chief Officer ICT and E-Government and Nandi OGP Point of Contact, Mr Jonathan Misoi represented Nandi delibelarations in the delegation.

Chief Officer ICT and E-Government Engaging in the Discussion.

County Government of Nandi is currently implementing commitments featuring open governance values,: fiscal openness through its run of public participation activities, civic engagement established through the open data desk that can be accessed through and the Nandi County Call Centre (Toll Free Number: 1548), a 24/7 point of engagement, performance contracting on integrity and service delivery accountability through the open contracting and public procurement.

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