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Faith Songok December 9, 2019

Cooperative Movement in Nandi

In these past months, the cooperative unit through the department of agriculture and cooperative development has been involved with cooperative societies attached to the agricultural sector in its aim of working closely with them in formulating, planning and designing viable projects and programs for the improvement of their economic and social status.

To name but a few:

Matters cooperative governance and management were addressed through sensitization and education training programs. It organized and partnered with other key shareholders in ensuring farmers are informed on the benefits of cooperatives and on good cooperative practices. Nandi tea investment cooperative society, Nandi county dairy farmers union, Coffee growers cooperative societies, Nandi cane growers are among those who benefited.

The unit also ensured cooperative societies benefit from projects that are in alignment with their economic activities. There is the Nandi cooperative creameries that will see milk producing primary cooperatives in the county benefit. Also a partnership with Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme (KCEP) to install commercial maize warehouses in respective sub counties.

The government secured representation of the county at the national level by overseeing elections of delegates to the Cooperative Alliance of Kenya. The delegates are to ensure interests of cooperative societies in Nandi are lobbied for and met at the national and regional level.

The County Government of Nandi through the department of agriculture and cooperative development is not shying away from achieving its transformation agenda of promoting value addition to the agricultural sector through facilitation and support of cooperative societies in the county.

Please feel free to visit the website to access full and detailed information on the above mentioned engagements and other key initiatives of the cooperative unit.

Dr. Bernadette Tiony
CO, Cooperative Development

Starlin Koech
Director, Cooperative Development

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