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Faith Songok July 1, 2022


In order to improve methods of negotiation and conflict resolution prone in cooperative decision making structures, and applying to issues of public concern, the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development is keen to sustain the Alternative dispute resolution framework to support the operational resolve-capacity of its farmer co-operatives.

On Monday, Sub County cooperative officers and cooperative managers sourced from the Nandi Cooperative Union, together with stakeholder link from National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA), held a year review of progress on matters conflict and resolve of disputes since the inception of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) desk in Nandi on July of 2021.

Director Co-operative Development, Mr. Stalin Koech leading the review.

The review was marked with extensive coaching built on challenges cited from foregoing resolution dynamics and sharing of proven effective methods tested on the field.
In the performative year, the directorate of cooperatives has resolved over 12 notable cases amicably.

The department is keen to ensure farmer cooperative institutions which are human centered businesses, are built and sustained through preventing and amicably resolving conflicts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution framework is a conflict resolution initiative that settles dispute without litigation in that it allows involved parties to identify mutual satisfactory solutions without facing a tribunal.

It is an effective management tool for cooperatives as it is developed from the shared principles of cooperative values of self-help, self- responsibility, equity, equality and solidarity.

NCBA CLUSA Country Director, Ms. Lydia Omamo speaking at the forum.


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