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Joyce Mutai January 25, 2019

County Develops Water Master Plan

County Water Master Plan being developed by County Government of Nandi in partnership with Water Sector Trust Fund will play a key role in provision of clean and adequate water to the community.

The plan which is being reviewed by officials and stakeholders of various water utilities across the County is reviewing a number of key areas including population of Nandi, Agricultural and Industrial activities to be undertaken, Forest cover, Management and sustainability of water projects.

Objectives of Water Master Plan is to increase water coverage across the County, reduce distance covered to get portable water, ensure conservation and protection of natural resources and to also make maximum use of 2500 ha of land to be irrigated.

Currently, only 250 ha of land is being irrigated.

CECM LENRCC Mr. Baliach emphasized on the need to have a comprehensive plan. “The plan should give a clear picture of water sources available in Nandi to ensure continuity and longevity of our water projects” he said.

WSTF will soon commence the second phase of funding a number of Water projects including Lelmokwo, Kimng’oror, Kimatkei, Cheptil and design of Kobujoi water projects.

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