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Phoebe Jeruto July 22, 2021


County’s Economic Planning Section is shifting it’s efforts to monitoring performance and results as it journeys towards effective implementation of County Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (CIMES). This result-based monitoring, tracks outcome and its impact thus ensuring prudent use of resources, data-based reporting, transparency, openness and effectiveness in project implementation.

The county department of finance and economic planning in partnership with state department of Planning held a workshop on M&E capacity development and policy coordination. The meeting brought together Chief Officers, Directors, Sub-County &Ward Administrators and departmental economists who are the major stakeholders in project implementation.

In this forum the stakeholders managed to assess the current status of County M&E, check the progress of CIMES implementation, transition to the electronic M&E System and sharing of data and drafting a road map towards a successful M&E in FY 2021/2022.

In his address, the chief officer for Economic Planning, Felix Sambu said that results based M&E ensures quality project implementation, openness and citizen satisfaction. He added that the department is underway in digitizing M&E through the roll out of electronic County Monitoring and Evaluation System(e-CMES).

The Chief Officer for ICT and e- Government, Jonathan Misoi pointed out that the county is progressing towards digitizing all government processes and now focusing on M&E with the intention of creating an opportunity for openness in project implementation.

“This system enables timely tracking of data, status and progress of projects and programs across the county. It also allows shearing of data and thus enhancing an informed citizenry which is Nandi key commitment in achieving open governance,” added Mr. Misoi.

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