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Phoebe Jeruto May 14, 2019


As a county Administration, we are keen on ensuring the welfare and capacity of the employees is taken care of considering the need for quality service provision in all the areas of service delivery.

Today the County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang the CO Public Service, Grace Sugut together with the CO for Education and Vocational training, Daniel Sang held a consultative meeting with Officials from Trained Eye Teachers Association ( TETA) to discuss on the welfare of ECDE teachers in the county.

Having discussed the various aspects of improving the teachers welfare, the team also deliberated on the appointment of heads of ECDE stations. These heads, who are going to be in charge of both pre-primary 1 and pre-primary 2, are going to be a link between their centres and the county through Ward Education Officers.

Such initiatives will boost service delivery as governance and management is devolved down to the ECDE centres. It also allows for ease of monitoring performance to ensure the staff perform their duties as expected.

The team from TETA, led by the Chairman Kennedy Koech, Keino christopher and Esther Jepng’etich congratulated the efforts by the County Government in supporting learning in the ECDE centres. The initiative include employment of ECDE teachers and the ongoing construction of the classrooms in all the wards.

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